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My 2005 Crossfire was delivered last March 2006. When delivered the East navigation CD was missing. The dealership (Johnson Chrysler, Fort Pierce, FL) delayed on dealing with the problem and was soon taken over by another dealer. The new dealer says its an issue with the old dealer (which no longer exists), Chrysler corporate will not get involved (they say its between me and the dealer I bought from) so I will have to shell out $239 for a new set of CDs to get the navigation system to work. Any ideas how I can resolve this?


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    Joslyn....I can make a copy of the East CD for you for free if you like and send it to you or post it on a site for you to copy. I have both, just bought a new 2005 Jan 13,2007...pretty crazy huh? $34995
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    That would be very kind! Please email me at [email protected] so that we can work out some details. Your kindness will not go unrewarded.
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    I have the same problem with my crossfire, except that in my town there is not an official chrysler department. Could you send me the link too please?
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    Did it work? i tried to copy this CD from a friend. could do it! how did you do it? wow. would you please share how you did it or used! thanks you
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    I still haven't got the disc set. I suppose the discs can be cloned with nero or similar programs. What did happen with the cds copied from your friend's disc set? It didn't work?
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    Just bought a used Crossfire $19,999 13,000 miles. It too was missing the East CD, what's up with that. Any how if you could help me out with a posting that I could copy it would be very much appreciated. I've tried bit torrent sites and nothing is available. thanks,
    I will post them on when i get both disks
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    Ya its easy after all, just remember to make a data disk . (was my problem)
  • violanteviolante Member Posts: 3
    i have a copy on my hard drive. Give me your email, i would be happy to send it. I cant get over the value on this set of CD's NUTS!!!
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    Thank you very much. Yea I kinda went into shock over the cost my self, and why only the east going missing? Oh well. E-mail address is [email protected] .Will that large of a file go into an e-mail? Thanks again
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    I hope someone is still out there. I bought a 2005 Crossfire today, used and got the run around about there being no Nav CD's with the car. Is there anyway I can get a copy of these disks?
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    email me directly at [email protected], I may be able to help next week.
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    No CD's. But no manual either. Basically, how does the NAV system work? Does it use voice prompting? Maps? Displays? What's it do? I don't need great detail - just a real brief description of how it works so I know what I'm getting.

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    You put in one of the NAV CD, either West or East US, press the MAV button and use the rotary dials to enter a destination address. The unit then gives voice directions and indicators on the display. No maps though. The only problem for me is the default voice is female and my brain filters out directions from a female voice but as far as I know you can change it to male. Never did that yet.
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    Excellent. Thanks joslynch.

    It it easy to put in your destination or whatever with the rotary dials?

    Do you have to shut off the tunes to use the NAV?

    Incidentally does the stereo hold more than one CD at a time?
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    Putting in destinations is just OK, you have to start with State, then the letters of the city until it finds it, then the address etc. It's quite slow. The unit takes only 1 CD so you can only use the radio when the NAV is in use, but it does alllow you to use the radio and the voice directions break in. I think you may be able to take out the CD when it has created a route but I have not tried that.
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    I've been told that the NAV is a bit on the lame side, but if I didn't know where I was going, it sounds like it might be worthwhile.

    However, from what you're saying, it doesn't sound like it's useful for kind of a "where am I now" locator.

    Maybe just the radio and a separate add-on GPS would make more sense?
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    Can you please include me on the link for the East Coast CD? Email is fesenjoon(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    Thanks guys; I really appreciate it.

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    I purchased my Crossfire. According to the NAV manual, once you've created your route, you can remove the NAV CD and replace it with an audio CD for listening while the NAV still works using the routing you created.

    The way the NAV manual reads, if you add on a CD Changer you might be able to leave the NAV CD in place and still have audio from other CD's in a changer - but that concept wasn't totally spelled out in the manual and I don't have a changer and haven't tried it.
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    Just bought a 2006 coupe, I thought it had Sirrius radio in it but I cant find in a dealer know nothing
    Any suggestions
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    I purchased a 2005 Crossfire with a NAV system. Both CD's and the manual were included. Every time I put a request in for a new location, the system ask that I put in the NAV CD. Does your do that? Is there a way to load the entire CD into the system without using the CD's each time the location is changed?
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    Yes, mine does that too, depending on how far apart the destinations are, though I have had it memorize a few destinations. As far as I know, there is no way to load the entire CD into memory so you won't have to load it again. If you want to listen to CD's and keep the NAV CD loaded at all times, you'll need to get a CD changer.
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    I've been following this discussion with interest, because I use the Nav system in in my 2005 Crossfire Limited Coupe all the time. The system is NOT hard to use, it's just that the documentation is so crappy. It will take you some time and there is a lot of "discovery learning" involved, but once you get the hang of it, it really is a great system. Since the Crossfire system has little or no visual display, it has a much larger vocabulary most automotive systems I've had experience with. It gives you a lot of verbal information and does so repeatedly as you near a waypoint, and gives you verbal info of what to expect after you make a direction change.

    The CDs are old (2004 was the latest update) and lack a lot of land area in places that have only recently been built up. They are also hard to find, and your Chrysler dealer won't have a clue what you are talking about. If you can get him to understand what you want, you can get the set for around $200. Once you get them, they can be copied and put the master away.
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    I just purchased a 2005 Crossfire with Navigation. It came with the east/west CDs, but no Nav User Manual. I think I have it pretty figured out, but I have a couple questions. First, I can't figure out if there is a way to change the settings from Kilometers and Meters to Miles and feet. Also, is there a way to put in an exact address or can you only Navigate to a street?
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    I just purchased a 2006 crossfire that had the disks but no manual. Is there anywhere I can get a manual? Chrysler has no clue about this, so I am stuck.
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    Thanks but didn't find any manuals listed there. I did find that I could get a manual from Chrysler Tech Center for $3.
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    Anyone know how to get the male NAV voice instead of the female? Thanks
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    Help! My West CD for my 2005 Crossfire is cracked. I was sure that this would be covered under warranty but am being way!! And the cost for the new set is ridiculous. Does anyone know a site where replacement cd's can be purchased. I wouldn't mind paying the price for the CD's from Chrysler, but they haven't been updated since 2004. Thanks so much.
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    I don't know if this helps you but, I have a West CD only that I received when I just purchased a used 2005 Chrysler Crossfire.

    I live EAST and don't have the EAST Cd.

    I'll trade you CD's!!!

    Let me know,

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    Is there anyone out there that has a CD Changer on their Navigation system? Was the changer a dealer option, did you connect a different manufacturer's changer (i.e., Sony), or if it must be one from Navigation Technologies Corp where did you buy it from?

    Just bought a 05 Crossfire SRT from a dealer with 221 miles on it, so it's virtually brand new. A big thanks to this chat forum - I'm going to copy the Navigation CDs onto my hard drive 'just in case.' :)
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    How much did you have to give for the 221 mile SRT-6 and was it a coupe or roadster?
  • ssuedessuede Member Posts: 4
    The 221 mile SRT-6 is a coupe, in black. She now has 775 miles on her. I paid just less than the Kelly Blue Book value. In fact, that was my bargaining tool - the dealership wanted a lot more.
  • zq8zq8 Member Posts: 82
    Well it would help others bargain on one if you could share the price that they took for it.
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    Hello everyone
    I just bought a 06 Crossfire roadster yesterday but as some of you, with no CDs for the navigation System.
    Then, I had a look at this website and forum and found that you could help me.
    So, could you please explain me how I could get those 2 CDs to have a navigation system operational onboard ?

    Thanks for your help .
    Nota : this car is just amazing !!! :)

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    I just sold a set on Ebay for 30 bucks........might be your best bet
  • ysaillourysaillour Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your help. I'm going to try.
    If somebody has another idea .....

    Enjoy your Crossfire.
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    Probably best to take it to the Crossfire Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion.


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  • martinzmartinz Member Posts: 2
    I have an East Coast CD for Crossfire 05 and need a West Coast. Will swap for an East Coast CD.

  • martinzmartinz Member Posts: 2
    I would be grateful for a copy of the West Coast CD for my 05 Crossfire.

    Please advise,

  • ysaillourysaillour Member Posts: 3
    Hello again everyone,

    It seems that sharing the CDs is possible. I don't have any map on CD to offer but If you are ready to share this software ...
    Do you think I could them from one of you ?

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    If you could send me a copy of the west coast and the East coast cds I would "Really" appreciate it.

  • cathengrcathengr Member Posts: 2
    Hi Marty,
    I have a West Coast CD but no East. Would be happy to swap.
    Hopefully you are checking posts regularly...
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    dear violante just bought 05 cd's either. what's going on. is somebody stealing them and selling them on ebay. yes i would greatly appreciate if you would send me an email. thanks abunch. Bill Fields
  • 67wildbill67wildbill Member Posts: 2
    sorry i didn't give you my email's iama67mopa[email protected]. thanks again Bill Fields
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    My east coast is destroyed but I think I can do a west cost one for you. If you come across an east cost send me a copy. [email protected]
  • palladino112palladino112 Member Posts: 2
    I can burn you a copy of a west coast CD if you can do the same for an east coast CD
    [email protected]
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    I have the original disks for both east and west. I would be happy to make a copy for any one that asks. What I do need is some information on how to make a copy. So far I have tryed all of the software I have to do this with out sucess. If you can advise me how / which software I will be happy to make and send you a copy.
  • eganderseganders Member Posts: 8
    If you can do it, the file you want to make would be an .img file (an image file). However the files are already out there on the Internet. Just Google for them.
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    Folks, please take this to private email.


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    The kind folks over at have been kind enough to post all Crossfire documentation including the ISO images for both West and East CDs: Click Here
  • ozark2ozark2 Member Posts: 16
    Just bought a new 2007 Coupe, trying to learn all about car. Anyone seen 150mph on their Crossfire? Any interesting "contests" on the interstate to tell about?

    Mine only has 300 miles on it, in my younger years had Mustang GT and Camaro Z28. Curious how this might compare. It's so dang quiet and a 6 cyclinder, can't imagine it will do that much.

    Happy driving!
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