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    Need a little help here...My wife just purchased a 2005 coup limited crossfire..It did not come with navigation....any recommendation as to what we should get without making the car look cheap...we love our roadtrips..thank you Gary ..san diego
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    My son just gave my wife a Garmin that he received for free by applying for some credit's a lower model I'm sure....but seems to do just about everything you would need it to do....we attached it to the windshield of her HHR....seems to hold a charge for a long time & cord only needs to be attached when charging. There is something to be said for having it in the line of site / not having to look down / ......although, since they talk to you....maybe line of site isn't important.???
  • ggregsonggregson Member Posts: 4
    Thank You for the information...Our other vehicle has a Nav.system and we have become very spoiled....We would like to find a In Dash system...have not checked on a price with Chrysler..maybe they have something new....GARY
  • ggregsonggregson Member Posts: 4
    Needing a little help...My wife and I just purchased a 2005 Crossfire limted...however it did not come with a Navigation system...Would really like a Stock in Dash...I have not contacted the dealership as of don't know if they are available...Is there anyplace else that might offer these for sale?..looks fairly simple to install....thank you gary san diego
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    Does anyone have a good suggestion re windshield replacement. I have been quoted nearly $400 !!! HELP!!
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    Newbe Here
    I looked at an 08 crossfire convertable today and it had the navigation system installed. Does anyone know if this system is good? Also I noticed there was a navigation disc that had to be inserted into the system, looked like it went in the same place where you would put a CD to play. If you are using the navigation system can you still play a CD on the radio?
    I`m trying tto decide if he navigation system is worth the extra thousand. Would an external system be better?
    Thanks for the information.
  • ggregsonggregson Member Posts: 4
    I took mine out and put in a real Cool Kenwood Nav/Dvd..with pop up 7inch screen..worth the price...Not sure if you can play a CD and Navigate at the same the way the Crossfires are so Bitchen...get and have fun...GARY San Diego, Ca.
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    You need to have the cd inserted to program your route. Once the route is calculated, you can remove the cd and insert a music cd. If the nav system needs the nav disk, it will tell you on the display on the screen.

    The nav CD's were originally released in 2004 and have not been updated since. The system works very well but does not show a map. It will tell you when to turn and there are arrow indicators for the direction. Once you get use to the system, it is quite good. Worth an extra $1,000.00, I don't think so. It was in my car when I bought it and I continue to use it.
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    Is there a way to hear the Nav voice & not have to listen to the radio?
  • eganderseganders Member Posts: 8
    Yes. I don't have a manual handy at the moment, but you can
    1.) have only the NAV in operation.
    2.) You can set the unit to adjust the volume of both the NAV voice and the radio / CD volume when NAV announcements are made.

    It's all in the manual. If you don't have one, google it. They're on the net.
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    OK, I printed a copy off the net......have to dig thru 110 pages....I'll find it eventually.
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    OK, it's the OPT hardkey, then the TP multifunction key.......then you will only hear the Traffic announcements & the Navigation announcements. To go back to hearing the radio or CD.....just hit the TP button again.
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    You are going to get Wilma all confused !
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    Does anyone know what Kenwood model this might be or other similar models that are compatible? I'm having trouble finding an in-dash nav/dvd/IPOD unit that is compatible and of course places like Best Buy say nothing is. Any ideas or something with those features or at least some of them?
  • eganderseganders Member Posts: 8
    There has been extensive conversation on another forum about what to swap the stock unit with, etc. Google it.
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    I was told today that my eastern region CD was defective. I purchased the car new in 6/05 & have never been able to figure out how to use the GPS. I have tried it on occasion, but could never seem to get it to work, despite following instructions. My son is a professional pilot & understands complex avionics, but he could not get it programed. Since I seldom take this car to unfamiliar addresses, I just let it go. I took it by the dealer today for an oil change & mentioned it casually to the service writer, and he said it may be covered by my extended warranty. The verdict came back defective disk. I was told the cost of a replacement disk was $1400.00. It's probably been defective since day one. Anybody know how I may get a replacement at a more reasonable price.?
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    I purchased an '05 crossfire and am missing the western disc and living in UT now I kinda need that disc but do not need the eastern disc, would be willing to trade.
  • cathengrcathengr Member Posts: 2
    On there is a thread that has a downloadable set of both east and west discs. You can make your own replacement disc. I created an East disc and it worked. Post is in Audio, Video and Electronics section, dated 9-21-2008 by Mike-in-Orange. Good luck.
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    I have an 06 crossfire and was wondering if we can update the navigation CDs that comes with it. I live in the East coast. I went to & saw a navigation CD for $800.00! Could a new set of updated navigation CD cost that much? If anyone out there has any suggestions, pls HELP!!!! thanks
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    I have a deposit on a 2008 with 5000 miles on it. I was wondering if the nav unit is available or of any use. does it look the same as the original radio. I put a deposit over the phone but didn't actually see the car in person but did see pictures. Maybe it has the Nav. It does have the cd 6 speaker AM FM data upgrade. Any help would be great! Ron
  • cib1974cib1974 Member Posts: 2
    My husband & I think that the nav system is about 70% reliable. It sure could use some upgrade though. Based on my experience, the nav system will lead you to your destination making use of old routes in your area. My other vehicle is an ASPEN 07 & they get their GPS updated on a yearly basis as it is created by NAVTEQ. The other thing is, why are we still limited to a CD player, I wonder? Over-all I hope yoy enjoy your crossfire. It's very reliable & kudos for the low milleage.
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    Does anyone know where the TP button is? Somehow we muted the radion and now we can't get the volum back. Thanks
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