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89 civic si: best motor for the car

sidrvr89sidrvr89 Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Honda
which is the best motor to put in a 89 civic si? i want to push 400 hp at wheels after all is done, and im not using nitros. i got about 5000 to spend on this motor/tranny swap. everybody seems to think theres is the best, but i want a no b.s. answer on what would be the best setup for the hp i want. or if theres any other motor that would work. i like origonality. i dont really want to put a motor in just because "its the easiest". ill work harder just to have something very few others have.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,591
    I don't think you have nearly enough of a budget to get that kind of power.

    Here's your dream car already built for you (see link below) but as you can see, it would cost you way more than that---along with a prodigious amount of expertise.

    I think you could build a fast motor with turbos and cams and headers, etc, but not 400HP at the rear wheels....

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  • yea thats a bad car. it only cost 6000 for that i can afford that. no i dont want it at the rear wheels. its a fwd car and will stay that way. and like i said i want a bad [non-permissible content removed] motor that not everybody else has
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,591
    Oh...DUH...i meant "at the wheels"....well I hope that article inspires you and maybe gives you some ideas on how to go.

    I think the important thing is TO PLAN your project very carefully and talk, talk, talk to people who have actually DONE what you want to do.

    There's nothing worse than going in only half-planned, and having to back out again with an unfinished car or being way over budget.

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  • Hey Im looking into a swap for my 89 civic hatch as well. Ive been looking into the H22 and have yet to see many in the 89 hatchback. My buddy just dropped one in his 89 crx which I believe the engine bays are the same size. As far as building it with 5 grand. I put some stuff together with a turbo kit and just for the motor and fully built internals it was looking to be around 5,000. Here is the set up im looking into

    GSR Tranny
    Chipped P28 ECU
    Stage 2 Crower Cams
    Crower Rods
    JE Pistons
    JE Ring Set
    Darton Sleeves
    Hasport Motor Mounts

    as far as the harness is concerned still looking into that. This list alone is going to run you 5 grand if you look in the right places. you are looking at least another 1500 to 2000 to build up a turbo kit.

    So all in all you are going to be spending more like 8,000 to put down the kind of power you want.

    The reason I picked the H22 is the best power is in the mid RPM range where as the B series tend to get there power in the high end range. Either way these are good swaps. But for the uniqueness I would say H series
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    And do not forget to upgrade your tires, suspension, and most importantly your brakes after an engine upgrade.

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