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2007 Honda CR-V Rear Main Engine Problem

norm27norm27 Member Posts: 3
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Bought car 12/23/07. Oil on floor 12/30/07. Took car to dealer & tentively diagnosed as above. Only 200 miles on odometer. Waiting for parts. Any others with same problem.


  • norm27norm27 Member Posts: 3
    Purchased 12/23/06. On 12/30/07 noticed oil on floor & took it to nearest
    Honda dealer, not the one I bought it from as I did not want to drive too
    far not knowing the cause of the leak. Tentively diagnosed as rear main
    engine seal leak. Dealer rep told me NOT to drive it home to wait for the
    parts to come in as I might experience other problems. Parts to be ordered

    The rear main engine seal was replaced on 1/4/07 and on 1/6 I found oil on
    the garage floor. This repair was done by the closest Honda dealer not the
    one I bought the car from. Which dealer do I go back to for further repair
    in order to possibly qualify for replacement or money back under the Lemon
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    Based on past experience, once you start warranty work for a specific problem I believe other dealers will tell you to return to where the work was first done.

    At some point you might be justified in giving up on them. But not yet, imo. I had a similar problem with a 4-day old 1998 Accord. After a week to get parts, the problem was fixed permanently. I replaced that Accord with a new CR-V. Good luck.
  • habalanchehabalanche Member Posts: 57
    I would suggest contacting the dealer you puchased from and advise them of what has happened.I'm sure they would want to take it in to look at it,to avoid any bad reputation with their clients.
  • crvowner3crvowner3 Member Posts: 4
    I got my 2007 CRV on 12/21/06, by first week of Jan 1st I notice the first leak. I had under 300 miles on it, I was on the first tank of gas. Took it in to selling dealer. They said it was dry as they got closer to the suspect rear main seal. They cleaned up the motor and sent me home with instructions to call back if problem continued. Also I have had it in for a TPMS ( tire pressure monitoring system) light that stayed on. They adjusted the tire pressure and turned off the warning light. It's back on. I have newspaper under the car to soak up the ever growing oil leak and I have an appointment on 1/23/07 to get it looked at. Wish me luck or a knowledgeable service department!
  • norm27norm27 Member Posts: 3
    They fixed my leak and said this was the cause,
    the rear main seal seal is pressed into the rear of the engine,the inner circle of the seal is where the crankshaft
    goes through the seal (this is the sealing portion of the seal).it appeared when the engine was assemblied
    gasket adhesive used on the oilpan had got onto the crankshaft where it contacts the seal,thus the leak
    hope this explains it ok,if not e-mail me back or call me
  • brianjandreaubrianjandreau Member Posts: 67
    I'm picking up my CRV this week. Is there anything I can / should do before driving it off the lot to make sure the CRV I get doesn't have this problem (or any other one)?
  • crvowner3crvowner3 Member Posts: 4
    I got my 07 CRV in again ( second time), the oil pan gasket was replaced. It is still leaking when driven. I have an open appt. for another try to fix it. I have great confidence in my repair department. They are working with me on the problem, but a new car should not have an oil leak!
  • crvowner3crvowner3 Member Posts: 4
    I got my car in for the third time. They went all the way in and replaced the rear main seal. It stopped the leak so far. Now I need to check out the differential problem that is popping up big time in some CRVs. Lots of input on that problem right here in this forum.
  • sanjubsanjub Member Posts: 1
    I bought 2007 Honda CRV on 24th Dec, 2006, found oil leak within 1000 miles. Took it to the nearest dealer, with two attempts of oil pan gasket replacement - issue still remains the same. Finally, two days back, took it to the dealer where I bought the car, they are suspecting problem with main seal leakage. I'm waiting to hear from them now.
  • jimragojimrago Member Posts: 2
    I bought 2007 Honda CR-V EX-L w/NAVI on 27the Dec. 2006. Noticed oil on floor in garage yesterday, only 1240 miles on car. Took car to Honda dealer, they said it appears to be leaking between the engine and transmission. Couldn't get appointment until next week.
  • crvme3crvme3 Member Posts: 140
    Does anyone have an assessment yet to the extend of this leak & how many vehicles may be affected? Anyone know thru VIN #s which vehicles are suspect? I also have an early 2007 CRV EX-L (P/D date Nov./2006) have approx 2000 miles on car & up to this point no leak!. I check underneath as well as driveway daily. Thank's in advance. :confuse:
  • ebainesebaines Member Posts: 2
    I just picked up my CRV and drove it home from another city. In the morning, I found some oil spots in my driveway. The CRV is now sitting at the dealer waiting to be checked. It only has 200 KM or 124 Miles.

    I thought Honda was one of the best. I guess not.
  • ebainesebaines Member Posts: 2
    Just got the bad news. It's the rear main seal! Seems like this should be a recall.
  • jimragojimrago Member Posts: 2
    Dealer resealed oil pan, then replaced oil pan. Now they want to pull the transmission to inspect the rear main oil seal. My CRV has been in the shop since 3/18.
    Still waiting on diagnosis.
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  • crvowner3crvowner3 Member Posts: 4
    Whatever you do don't let them "drop the transmission to get to the rear main seal"! On the third visit mine had that done and to this day it doesn't sound right. I'm negotiating for a replacement. a lot of people with these oil leaks are getting replacements authorized by Honda Headquarters.

    The guy that told his service center they couldn't drop the transmission while the car was in his name got a replacement.
    The sequence is similar. First they'll check it out and tell you that sometimes there is oil on the motor from the factory. Second step they replace the oil pan gasket. Then bingo, they have to drop the transmission to replace the rear main seal and possibly some other bolt inside the engine.

    My service department is great, but my engine doesn't sound like a tight new engine. It's got a low hum like a motor that has lost compression.

    There are several websites that have input from owners that have this problem.

    Good luck! Keep us posted as to your progress. We don't have to get nasty but we all need to stand up for our right to a new car that performs like a new car!
  • dreamchaser321dreamchaser321 Member Posts: 24
    You shouldn't drop let the dealer drop the transmission because it'll never be the same again. They SHOULD offer you a replacement for a problem of that magnitude. It's really risky to let them do that to your brand new car!
  • crvme3crvme3 Member Posts: 140
    A fellow poster listed this site in another forum... gives a good picture of what this discussion is about & it's location on engine
  • dblackburn1dblackburn1 Member Posts: 2
    Yes, Had rear main work done, the grinding noise is gone but I have a burning rubber smell now. Maybe i now have a leak in the seal. Any comments?
  • joshuagjoshuag Member Posts: 92
    We bought the CR-V in June 2008 and now have 9,000 miles on the car. The car developed an oil leak within the last month. We brought the car into the dealer and come to find out it was the rear main seal. The engine and transmission had to be removed to fix the problem. With a honda I never dreamed I would have a problem like this, and I now see that many other people are having the same problem. Is it re-call time?
  • nothappy22nothappy22 Member Posts: 1
    What happen with your CRV?
    i have a 2009 CRV with 3000 miles and there is leakand the dealer said it was the drain plug. Well it was not ,, i told them if it is a leaky seal i don't want the car anymore. we will see what happens
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    Good luck in getting satisfaction. But did you notice that one full year separates your post from the previous post. This issue doesn't seem to be anything other than a very rare defect.

    I drove my new '98 Accord home from the dealer and found oil on floor the next morning. Not happy, to say the least. The seal between engine and transmission was bad. It took 4 days to replace, but the dealer provided a loaner car and gave me several free-service coupons. The car never had another problem in 10 years.
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    People are moaning about Toyota quality, but I think Honda has slipped worse with too many big problems. We have a CRV and really haven't been impressed by it, It seems cheaply made with little things always going wrong. Haven't had the big AC failure yet, knock on wood, but we've had lots of different rattles, leaking windshield washer, power window issues and premature discoloring in the interior. It also dents easily like a tin can in parking lots. Don't really care for the RAV-4 either as it is obsolete with the dumb tailgate and spare tire set up. Not sure what we'll replace it with.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    Get a Chevy. It will make you love your CR-V.
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    Get a Chevy. It will make you love your CR-V.

    Funny you say that, we were considering the new Equinox. However, then I looked at the reliability of the previous Equinox which got me to thinking about the GM cars I owned in the past - next!
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