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Buying car for Tax Credit

nowhr2runnowhr2run Member Posts: 2
edited November 2021 in Deals
I do not need a new car, but because of a hefty tax bill next year; I need the tax credit ($7,500-potential $ 12,000). I am looking into a VW TD.4, Rav4 and any other car that has a tax rebate over $7,500. Both of cars are priced on line over MSRP. The car's MSRP prices are between 40-45 K.

The Toyota people seem arrogant as to the price and are not very willing to talk price. I haven't contacted the VW people, but it looks like there is a large inventory of the ID.4.

I plan on waiting for the last week of December to purchase the car. I figured that the dealers will be hungry.

I am accumulating weekly prices for the cars to see if the price is changing and if the inventory is the same or if they are selling the cars.

I am seeking opinions as to how to get the best price by the end of the year.



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