2022 Pathfinder 4WD or AWD?

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I have a Nissan Frontier V6 4WD and a Kia Sorento AWD. I know the difference in 4WD & AWD.

Pathfinders used to have (true) 4WD, but the 2022 description isn't clear. I'm looking for a 4WD SUV for travel on a highway that crosses a mountain pass. In my Frontier (with good tires and added weight in the bed), there are many times that I can travel at 35 to 45 mph safely ove packed snow in 4WD. The Sorento AWD, however, goes to all FWD at about 25 mph (as do many AWD SUVs that use the Borg-Warner) transfer case.

I called the local Nissan service department and the mechanic I spoke with didn't have a clue.

Anyone on this forum know the facts?



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    Here is an example of the ambiguous descriptions ...

    The technical platform under this promising appearance is still FWD-based, with a transverse engine, and it has the same wheelbase as the previous model. The V6 engine was also carried over (3.5 liters, direct injection, 284 hp, and 259 lb-ft/351 Nm of torque). But the big steps forward are: getting rid of that CVT in favor of a 9-speed automatic transmission provided by ZF and adopting the all-new Intelligent Nissan 4WD system with a 7-mode Drive and Terrain Selector.

    These modes are called Standard, Sport, Eco, Snow, Sand, Mud/Rut, and Tow. The name of the one you engage is displayed as a pop-up notification on the meter cluster. The 4WD system features direct coupling, allowing for torque transfer directly on the clutch pack using oil pressure. This function emulates what a classic lockable coupling would do, allowing for a confident and accurate start in low-grip conditions.

    OK. "In start" is where the question arises. What happens at 35 mph?
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    I don't have the answer. But, I'll guess once you get moving into 3rd gear, you'll be back into some sort of FWD/AWD mode.

    Nothing there sounds like true 4WD, to me.

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