Ford Expedition Transmission Problems

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While driving recently, the "off" light on the overdrive switch started blinking. After driving a little farther the service engine soon light came on. I just finished changing the oil and filter but the problem still exists.

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  • clupercluper Member Posts: 4
    can anyone give me information on changing the TCC solenoid on a 2002 expedition?
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    I have a FOrd Expedition 99 EB and the identical thing happened to me today. I was just wondering if you fixed this problem yet. If you did could you please tell me what part did you replace. Was it the TTC solenoid??? Thank you very much for any information.
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    Yes it was the TTC solenoid. My mechanic order the part but after it came in, it was the wrong one. ($40.00) He looked up the VIN # to get the right one. As it turns out, the one I needed was just over $200.00. Luckily, he had the very same trans. from a wreaked expo and only charged me $65.00 for the used one. He installed it over a week ago and everythings working fine. He even gave me the same 1 year warranty on the used part!! Good luck.
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    I have a 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, 5.4 liter Triton V-8 with 165,000 miles. It is clean with NO problems of ANY kind since I bought 2 months ago, as a matter of fact the car was driven from Boston to washington d.c with no problem. However, yesterday I noticed some little resistance in its movement and today the truck refuses to advance or reverse and people says it is the transmission. I checked the transmission fluid and there was a fluid in it, however the engine oil level was very low, so I immediately added some engine oil and trans fluid but the truck still will not move forward or backward. In order not to cause further damage, I had the truck towed to my mechanic and who also says that since the truck will not moves, it must be a trans problem.
    I just added a remote start security alarm system, crime stopper, and a dvd player on saturday and the trans problem start on sunday... could there be some kind of connection or is just a coincidence?

    I am just wondering if it could be something else or maybe something that does not require another trans, or maybe there is something else that can be tested or checked on the truck before buying another trans, and if the need be that I must buy a new trans, if there is any suggestions, advice or any helpful hints, tips.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  • ayakataayakata Member Posts: 14
    I have a 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, 5.4 liter Triton V-8 with 165,000 miles. It is clean with NO problems of ANY kind since I bought 2 months ago, as a matter of fact the car was driven from Boston to washington d.c with no problem. However, yesterday I noticed some little resistance in its movement and today the truck refuses to advance or reverse and people says it is the transmission. I checked the transmission fluid and there was a fluid in it, however the engine oil level was very low, so I immediately added some engine oil and trans fluid but the truck still will not move forward or backward. In order not to cause further damage, I had the truck towed to my mechanic and who also says that since the truck will not moves, it must be a trans problem.
    I just added a remote start security alarm system, crime stopper, and a dvd player on saturday and the trans problem start on sunday... could there be some kind of connection or is just a coincidence?

    I am just wondering if it could be something else or maybe something that does not require another trans, or maybe there is something else that can be tested or checked on the truck before buying another trans, and if the need be that I must buy a new trans, if there is any suggestions, advice or any helpful hints, tips.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    I have the same Expy as you do, and I believe that from experience that yes you will soon need service to the trans. I bought mine in October 2004 from a leasing company( company service records were complete) and within the first month the trans completely failed. It started out slowly, but soon I noticed that the trans fluid was filled with metallic particles, and was dark, and burnt. I had to wrangle with the leasing company to get a compromise on a replacement trans for around $600.00 There seems to be something endemic with the transmission types used, and possibly the yearage and mileage of these units. If possible try to get a completed replacement instead of a repair. Yes I tried everything including prayer, but prayer and a cheap replacement did the trick.
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    Thanks Mr jackbp for your reply. I just wish I knew a little bit more about these trucks before I bought one. Yes I tried everything especially when dealer told me that it will cost me $3000 for a new trans and labor, but with a prayer I got an outside mechanic who get me a used trans with 90 days warranty for $1000 and get paid $500 to put it in.

    Now, upon getting the truck back I noticed it was very low at the back. The mechanic mentioned that this was due to the air suspension and he said I should have turned it off before getting the truck towed to them but he said he had turn it off and back on that within days the car will rise back to normal height,( it is been a week now) however the car rides was so bumpy and shaking that I took the truck back to the shop the next day. The mechanic told me that there is nothing he can do to the truck and suggested that I should take it to the dealer so again, I went to the dealer where they told me that the air suspension pump has shut out and therefore I will need a replacement along with relay and 3 valves, total price $1500.
    Right now, I am just fed up with the truck and all the expenses, I mean how can a common tow cause the pump to shut out completely to the point of replacement? it is suspension today, who knows what tomorrow. I believe something as simple as turning off suspension switch should not that much, anyway I am on my second prayer for miracle. Any idea, suggestions and advise will be greatly appreciated.
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    Is the "Check Suspension" light on? Did you check the switch that turns the inflation pump on and off? It is located in the front passenger footwell, on the right side wall up under the dash. Did you check the associated fuses?
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    Yes sir, the check suspension light is on, I check the switch and switch on and off couple of time with no luck. They told me all the fuses are okay, that the problem is that the pump is burnt out and the relay is bad.
    I guess I must come up with $1500 to replace the pump.
    Thanks and God bless
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    Sorry to hear about that. I had a coupler fail under the hood last year, but the pump still worked. When it failed, it sounded like the air brakes on a truck going pffffft, and down went the back end. Fortunately it was only a $150 repair, and the dealership got us right in because we were visiting town and had to leave the next day.
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    Thank you. I have my truck at the dealer now, will be picking it up tomorrow.
    Have a nice wknd.
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    Have had my new Expedition EL in the shop for the last month trying to figure out what is wrong with transmission. Picked it up for a few hours 2 times and brought it back for same problems even though they said they fixed it. Bought it in November. Trying to work with ford on either a replacement or refund but they want me to pay for taxes, all fees and mileage put on vehicle. Would be about 2-2.5K. I don't feel I should be penalized for buying a lemon. OK HERE'S My QUESTION.... Has anyone else been having problems with theirs. Feels like it is slipping also mine had a bolt put on wrong from factory that led to breakdown and fluid all over the back of truck.
    Thanks for your help.
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    I've had my 07 Expy EB EL for about the time frame and have had only one minor issue with the DVD player of all things and that was taken care of quickly. I posted this in another forum but here goes. I live in the Alaska interior with temps in the winter that dip around -55 degrees. My vehicle even sat outside over night several times. Zero issues with the tranny or anything else but the DVD player. Several buddies have old and new Chevy's suburbans which many of had tranny issues with the cold. a few buddies with 07 F150's and their trucks have had no tranny issues at all. This is my first Ford vehicle, I was VERY leery at first, but the truck has done so well given the harsh conditions, I'm not trying to beat the Ford drum, cause Murphy's law says as soon as I post this my Expy will spontaneously cumbust, but the new Fords I've seen up here have done real well. I'd purchase again if I had to...Sorry about your problems, hope Ford takes care of you, our dealer up here has been decent. I'll ask around to see if anyone else in my unit has had any tranny issues....We all just came off deployment and went out to reward ourselves....hence all the new vehicles.....
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    My 2000 expedition just started jerking/bucking as I give it the gas. Most noticeable when starting up a hill giving it the gas to maintain current speed. Seems to be a drivetrain issue - not an RPM issue.

    I have had a check engine light on for a few weeks. Ran that code and its the EGR and all associated with it. So far have replaced everything associated with the egr - am going to remove EGR & try to "clean" it, reset the computer codes,, and then replace the egr if cleaning doesn't fix check engine problem.

    Could the jerking feeling from the trani/drivetrain have anything to do with the egr?? The engine rpm stays stable - no cutout- during acceleration. The vehicle just bucks/shudders ...If I bury the gas (in frustration) the jerking seems to be a bit less.
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    I just spent 2.5 hours at the dealership negotiating an awesome deal for a 2007 limited expedition with all the bells and whistles. since they didn't have the exact model the dealer took my trade in and gave us a loaner tonight. I drove it 15 miles in to town and then the transmission began to slip. I would be at stop signs and would lay into the accelerator but wouldn't budge an inch. Then as I would cruise and try to accelarte from 20 - 30 the transmission would act as if it was slipping. Really concerned as this is my first time buying a domestic car. Tommorw I thin I am going back tot he dealer and asking for my old car back and drive down to the nissan dealership for an armada.
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    Yes, We have had the same problem. What did they say was actually wrong with it? All I get is thats the way they are and they can't fix it. No one will even physically check the transmission. They just drive and say oh well. I also have issues with the traction control system. I will be driving down the road and it will go on by itself. Feels like you lost all brake control. Everytime i drive it to the dealer and they can't figure it out. Very frustrated!
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    My 2007 Ford Expedition EL 4x4 has been having issues with the traction control system. It comes on by itself when its not needed. But if you press the button to activate it nothing happens. It is very startling because it feels like you have lost brake control. Has anyone had this happen?image
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    I purchased my 2005 last year it had about 19,000 miles about a month or two of having it it started making a clunking noise when you brake. So I took it in and of course it wouldn't make the noise. They did check the brakes and all was fine. Two days later the noise was back. This time they heard it. I got my truck back in 2 days. I was told there was some loose bolts and something with the differential. They claim to have fixed the problem. I took my truck back at least three more time to no avail. I got on the Ford website and e-mailed customer service with my problem. They have had my truck for 2 weeks now. I was told it was the sunshell inside the transmission. I have asked several mechanics what a sunshell is and no one seems to know what that is. Has anyone ever heard of a sunshell. For all who lives in California there is a Lemon Law if you take your car back for the same thing at least 4 times. I will be taking advantage of this once my truck is returned because I know that noise will still be there.
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    My 2005 was returned to me on the 20th and on the 21st it was right back at the dealer. They assured us that everything was fine. The noise was back but louder. I bought a lemon not an expedition. Is anyone having this same problem?
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    I have had the same problem. It's been in once and they "fixed" it but the problem was back 2 weeks later. I am so frustrated. Am putting the truck back in this week. It's so hard not to have a car so I have put off the return service on my vehicle. What has been your final result?
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    I have a 2007 EL loaded. First problem was backing my boat into my garage. Slight hill on driveway, engine would lose power and even roll forward a bit...could floor gas, but barely raised RPMs. Later happened backing out of steep driveway at lake...the last was the best. Pulling boat out of water, same thing only forwards...lost power and began to roll backwards INTO THE LAKE...stopped just short of the water going over the bumper. took it in once, no answer, going in Monday..I won't bring it home without something being fixed..assuming transmission....anyone else??
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    I have a 2004 Expedition 4.6 and for the life of me just can't find the automatic transmission drain plug. Does it have one?
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    i have a 1998 ford expedition, and i was driving, and the check engine light was blinking. i pulled over, checked my oil, and it was low, i put in 4 quarts of oil in, the truck turned on, was running smooth at idle, but as soon as i put it in gear, it jerked a little. it continued to sputter, shake, as i accelerated, but once i let go of the gas, it ran smooth, the check engine light appeared and stayed on.. i drove it home, but on the way home, every light i was at it tend to sputter and shake as i took off until about 2k rpm's. the engine sounds fine, and i doubt it is the engine. do you think you know what is going on with my car.
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    My 2004 Expedition just had its tranny fail at 48,000 miles
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    Check engine lights have nothing to do with any vehicle system other than emissions related items.

    The low oil condition was probably not what was causing the light to come on.

    A flashing check engine light usually means a very serious condition that could result in damage to the cat.

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    Just lost mine at 70,000.
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    GREAT! I have a 2007 Limited Exped. Same problems. I told my husband it was hesitating upon acceleration the very first day I drove it. Nope, that is just the larger engine, I was told. I was stopped at a stop sign on an enbankment and when I went to pull out, entire vehicle shut off. Nice huh? Today, sitting at red light, went to accelerate, start jumping like when a belt is slipping on something. Going in shop tonight!! Has anyone gotten a resolution to their transmission issues??
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    Just for your info, the 2004 and the 2007 Expeditions have different transmissions.

    I'm just interested if to know if Johnf had his transmission serviced as required in the manual.

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    There is a TSB for that problem. Let the dealer know.

    Look at this message, down a bit is a scan of the technical service bulletin that addresses the issue.
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    We had the same problem! Let your dealer know there is a TSB out for the transmission. The mechanic at our dealership (after numerous attempts of trying to re-create the problem weren't sucessful) decided to see if there was a TSB issued...and of course there was so he then UPDATED our computer chip software that regulates the tranny...took it home and of course it continued it after we left the dealer...took it back and the tech said they have to try to correct the smaller problem first so then he said the whole chip would have to be replaced...which costs Ford about $1100.00 and now the 2007 Expo runs like a have your mechanic check that out especially if it is still under warranty...
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    Thanks so much for your post...saved me TONS of time and aggravation with dealer. Once I said there was a TSB, they knew I was an informed consumer! They performed an upload program into my Expedition EL and so far so good. Transmission tech said that he has seen quite a few of these and only a few require the new part from Ford. My tech said if it continues, the next step will be to replace the part. I'm crossing my fingers!
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    I was just wanting to know if anyone can tell me if there is a TSB on the 2004 Expediton tranny? I have one that just went out at 40,000 miles. I am not sure about you guys but I am not happy with my ford right now or Ford Motor company for that matter. I guess since people don't die from tranny problems, Ford will never recall them. Help me please.
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    An owner may have more details but you can check for summary TSB and recall info with the Edmunds Maintenance Guide.
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    I have a 98 expedition 4.6l. Last winter I discovered that when I try to put in into 4 high or low it isn't engaging. The lights on the dash are lighting up as they should but the system is not engaging. I am being told it is problably the transfer case shifting motor. I wanted some more advice before I replace...Help..
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    We just bought a 2004 with 28,000 miles 5 wks ago. It's now back at the dealer for transmission problems (both upshift and downshift) and we're waiting to hear from the Ford rep. At first they couldn't duplicate the problem (sound familiar?) but we insisted that it is much worse than the slight clunk as referenced in the service bulletin. I can't imagine the clunk and hard shift on ice; you would think they would see this as a safety issue. Not picking it up until it's fixed! After reading this forum I guess we are in for a battle.
  • walsh66walsh66 Member Posts: 2
    Ours did not start with a clunk and hard shift, we now realize that it started months ago with just a strange sound. We are suppose to get ours back today, make sure that you do not pick it up until the transmission is changed. We were told there was nothing wrong with ours when it was still under warranty. Now that the warranty has run out it is costing us $2600 to have it replaced with a Jasper Rebuilt transmission. This transmission has a 100,000 mile warranty something >FORD WONT GIVE US. We do love our truck but not sure that keeping it is the right thing to do.
  • ipz2222ipz2222 Member Posts: 3
    t case shifting motor is a good guess, but it really needs to be diagnosed. Many transmission shops also work on t cases, I would ck there.
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    My 99 Expedition started doing the same thing. The blinking has been intermitent. It usually starts blinking when I hit 45MPH. I had the fluid drained/flushed and still get it. Today, I drove it to see if maybe it just needed to warm up more and drove for more than 20 miles without the light blinking and took it up to 70MPH and no blinking. Upon entering my neighborhood it started blinking again. Any ideas? I took it to the dealer and AAXXX, they both said the tranny needs rebuilding. It drives and shifts fine.
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    I too have had this problem with my 07 Expedition Limited. I am at my wits end with the dealer Champion Ford Corpus Christi, TX. My vehicle has been in the shop 4 times for this problem and they are actually telling me there is no solution at this time. Thanks to your comments I will be at the dealership tomorrow AM to bring them this new information. Hopefully they will fix the problem or my next step will be to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Leamon Law Department.
    Thanks again for your comments.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Member Posts: 42
    There is a new TSB out of the hesitation problem. Here it is.

    Printable View (68 KB)



    Publication Date: November 8, 2007


    2007-2008 Expedition

    This article supersedes TSB 07-14-2 to update the Service Procedure and vehicle model years. ISSUE:

    Some 2007 Expedition vehicles may exhibit a hesitation upon tip-in after braking to a stop and/or a bump while braking to a stop below 10 MPH (16 Km/h). This TSB fixes the bump while braking to a stop and reduces the incidence of tip-in hesitation when accelerating from a stop. Some 2008 Expedition vehicles may exhibit a bump feeling while braking to a stop below 10 MPH (16 Km/h). This TSB fixes the bump while braking to a stop issue.


    Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.



    The calibration update will help to improve this condition on 2007 vehicles. 2008 vehicles already have this feature incorporated. The harsh bump while braking to a stop will be eliminated. Several days of driving is required for the transmission to fully adapt.


    1. Install IDS/PDS or equivalent and ID the vehicle.
    2. Update the PCM/TCM calibration using IDS release 51.8 and higher or 52.1 and higher. This new calibration is not included in the VCM 2007.11 DVD. Calibration files may also be obtained at . Since the TCM cannot be independently reprogrammed, reprogram the PCM to ensure that engine and transmission calibrations are updated to the latest level simultaneously.
    3. Clear TCM keep alive memory (KAM) and adaptive tables.
    1. Using IDS:
    1. Open Toolbox.
    2. Choose Powertrain.
    3. Choose Reset KAM.
    4. Then Choose TCM.
    2. Using PDS:
    1. Choose all Tests and Calibrations.
    2. Scroll down the menu and choose reset TCM KAM.



    4. Verify that the transmission fluid temperature (TFT) PID is above 175° F (80° C). If it is not at 175° F (80° C), drive unit approximately 3 miles (5 Km) to reach temperature.


    5. Drive unit to perform adaptive shift strategy learn:
    1. Accelerate from rest with light throttle. The 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4 shifts must occur at engine speeds between 1300-1800 RPM.
    2. Continue to accelerate gently to 50 MPH (80 Km/h) so that the transmission shifts into 6th gear.
    3. Brake gently to a complete stop and hold foot on brake for at least 15 seconds.
    4. Repeat Steps (a-c) a total of five (5) times.


    Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage
    IMPORTANT: Warranty coverage limits/policies are not altered by a TSB. Warranty coverage limits are determined by the identified causal part.

    072306A 2007-2008 Expedition: Check Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Reprogram The PCM And TCM, Includes Time To Clear KAM And Perform Road Tests (Do Not Use With 12650D) 0.9 Hr.
  • neveragainfordneveragainford Member Posts: 3
    :lemon: Thank you so much for your information. The delearship is working on the problem. I have been driving a 2008 model Expedition, same style and let me tell you there is a huge difference in the way the automobile drives and handles itself from the 2007. I am throughly upset at the fact I was sold a defective vehicle at top dollar price.
    It is a shame Ford was not more upfront with me, even when bringing the vehicle back for the 5th time they tried to tell me that they were waiting for Ford to send out a TSB. It wasn't until I told them that I was blogging on the net and had downloaded other buyers complaints for the same problem and new there was an existing TSB for this problem. Only then did they take me serious.
    Thanks again for the information I will keep this as my secret weapon incase the problem is not corrected.
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    I am having problems with the transmission on my truck and every thing I have been reading has happed to me. I took my truck in three times to the Ford place and they said that no CODES came up and nothing wrong with it. But when I drive it from a stop it will not go into 2nd and I have to pull over and turn the truck off and start it to go on my way this has happed 5 times all at different times. And when I pull out of the drive way the tiers spins back . And now it is making a wining noise. NEED HELP!!!
    By the way it only has 26300 miles on it and I never pull anything with it.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Member Posts: 42
    Call the Ford customer service number in the owners manual. Tell them this is a dangerous situation and you have tried to inform your dealer and they are ignoring you. Be persistent but unemotional. If you can, video the truck acting up. Tell Ford you are aware of many TSB's for this transmission. If none of this gets you any response, look up your states lemon law and file the paper work. This wakes up Ford on a lot of cases. It doesn't cost anything and it doesn't take long.
  • drill1drill1 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks , I hope that Ford fixes the problems that people are having with the Expedition EL . People spend a lot of money for a new car and I do not have a money tree growing in my back yard. I hope to hear from other people if Ford did fix the problem or did they get a new truck and if so , how did you do it.
    NEED HELP!!!!!
    I will file paper work for the lemon law in S.A Texas.
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    I just experienced the same symptoms today and believe it would be something in the transfer case. What was the problem with your gearbox?


  • jas11jas11 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Expedition that I bought brand new. I have had it serviced at the dealer since then for all major services. I have 60,000 miles on it.

    The O/D (Overdrive) light started blinking. I manually pused the overdirve button and was able to shift the car in and out of overdrive, so it was working.

    When I tool the Expedition in for the 60,000 mile service I told them the O/D light had been blinking for a couple weeks. When they checked the codes they said it was a sensor on the transmission. Then they called back and explained that when they opened up the transmission they found metal chunks that were fairly large. They tore apart the transmission and replaced the torque converter and 4 clutch bands (I think that is what the said). They said the front clutch was burned up?

    I paid $1200 and picked the car up. Within a few miles.....guess what? The O/D light started blinking again. I called back and they said bring it in the next week. I did and now they found that the PCM is bad. What is interesting is that the same codes showed up the second time. The new PCM is covered under the 8/80k warranty.

    Now I have asked the dealer to consider that the damages that I paid for before were caused by the failed PCM. He disagreed (no surprise) and said that he has never seen a PCM cause transmission problems. Is that true? Can I get them to pay for part of the transmission repair? I think you call that "consequential damages" ? or something like that.


  • rhtransrhtrans Member Posts: 84
    Well John that is a hard question to answer because only the dealer knows what the codes were before and after. The only way a pcm can damage a transmission is not commanding sufficient line pressure rise causing clutches and bands to slip under throttle. other than that i can't see the pcm being the culprit. but Only they know what happened.
  • shg1545shg1545 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Expedition with 40,000 miles. The vehicle just underwent a routine service which included a transmission "service". Two weeks later the transmission starts slipping in drive (but not reverse). I take it back to Ford and was told the transmission is bad. When diagnosing the problem, I'm told the "forward clutch seal" went bad and will need to be replaced. The price quote I'm given is $500 for the "part" and $2200 total for labor. Is there such a "part"? If so, is this a reasonable price to fix the transmission?
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Member Posts: 42
    Yikes, for that price you could get your tranny rebuilt! I might get a second opinion.
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