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Ford Expedition Transmission Problems



  • Once I take off in my exp. the OD light will start blinking and after getting to about 2500 rpm's my tranny will slip and and then I can move to nuetrel or to 2nd gear and it will go again. There's is no vibration nor clunking going on. I was told it could be a bad ignition problem, can this be possible? Or what can i do to fix it?
  • wnixwnix Posts: 4
    I have taken my '08 in for the clunking and they tell me they can't find anything wrong with it. Did you specificalls ask for the flash and what about the downshift to first gear? I had an '07 and had major problems and finally traded it for the '08 in August. It ran great and totally different than the '07 until about December. Now I feel like I am back in the same vehicle!! I wish they could eliminate 1st gear all together!! Please let me know your suggestions.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    I requested to drive with a technician before I brought it in. Once he saw what was happening and I asked him a few time "do you hear this? Do you feel that?" They called the hotline and reflashed the TCM and PCM. They referred to TSB 082207. Performed Operation 082207A.

    This made a big difference. There is still a slight bump when coming to a stop. But it's very slight and is normal for these cars. I was having a BANG when coming to a stop when the tranny shifted from 3-2 at around 10mph.
  • Hello, I have a 99 EB 5.4. I have never had to use the selector knob to shift the transfer case into 4 hi or 4 lo. I bought 2 new rear tires because of a incoming snow storm. As I leave the lot everything is normal. I take the highway ramp, and all of a sudden, I get a hard shudder from underneath the front end. I have been 4 wheeling in my jeep and have manually shifted a 4x4 t case, so I know the feel of 4 hi offroad.The 4x4 selector knob was still untouched & I was on the street, I head back to the tire place, the the service guy said after test driving it, he felt it was due to new tires on the back, and the all wheel was trying to compensate for them. I bought 2 MORE tires, no change. I had my expy towed 200 miles home, and my mechanic visually checked it and removed my front driveshaft as a temporary fix. Has anyone had or heard of this happening? It feels like you are driving in 4 Hi after you get up to about 35 mph, and then it randomly happens after the 1st trans shift.
  • Today while driving I noticed my O/D Off light come on. I also noticed my vehicle was leaking reddish/pinkish fluid which I would assume is transmission fluid. I have figured out the exact spot where this is leaking from. Also though while driving later I had problems getting the vehicle to move from a stop in drive. I had a light come on about Check Electronic Throttle Position. Is this all related to the fluid leaking into the engine? I am afraid I need to get a new transmission. I know nothing about vehciles and don't want to get taken by somebody. Has anybody had a similar problem?
  • bwanapetebwanapete Posts: 15
    I think that if you follow the instructions in the manual for checking and filling the transmission with more fluid, your transmission will work just fine. Mine started doing what yours did, and I was down more than a quart. Filling it solved driveability, though I have not yet done anything about the leak. I doubt that any of this is related to the Check Electronic Throttle Position message, but I do not really know.
  • boffinsboffins Posts: 2
    We're seriously considering purchasing a used 2006 EB 4x4 with about 34K miles on it. The car was previously a rental in Hawaii and then was sold at auction. A new buyer in WA purchased the car and only owned it for 8 mo before trading it in--he had brought it in to the dealer because the car was misfiring and stalling (at a cold start and on the highway). Supposedly faced with a $2000 repair, he traded it in for a compact (although who only buys a car for 8 mo?). The dealership made the repairs (and has given us copies of the work done), but we're wondering is this engine problem likely to be a long-term problem, or will it most likely be fine for the long term. If it matters, coil #4 was replaced as well as the cam phasers. It also looks like a couple of gaskets and the camshaft sensor were also replaced. Otherwise, this is the only time this vehicle has been in the shop since its first owner. The Ford warranty expired in January. This will be the only vehicle we have that we can fit all 4 kids (in carseats!) in so reliability is key. Thanks and we look forward to your advice!
  • SInce new we have experienced slipping problems with our transmission. From a dead stop, the vehicle will jerk couple times before going. When trying to accelerate, the accelerator can be depressed all the way down and the vehicle won't go any faster. We have taken the vehicle in many times and was first told the computer needed to get used to our driving. Now they say that cannot replicate the problem to get a code. They also cannot visually inspect the trans because Ford's policy requires them to get a diagnostic code before repairs can be made. Anyone else having this problem? :mad:
  • With the problems we are experiencing with our 2008 Expedition, think really hard about it. I traded in my 2007 Honda Pilot for the Expedition because of the same carseat issue as you and I've been facing nothing but problems. I have taken my vehicle in several times and still cannot get the problem resolved. We are now at the Lemon Law stage. We have also mentioned to Ford that there is a safety issue as I was almost involved in a serious accident with my newborn in the vehicle. Thank goodness the other vehicle reacted to avoid the accident. The dealership here in Hawaii is on my side but their hands are tied due to the policy setforth by Ford Motor Company. When children are in the mix, it is my opinion that Ford is not a good choice. I should have listened to family and friends who advised me not to go with the Ford Expedition.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    I don't believe mine ever had a trouble code. I just called and made an appointment describing that I was getting a delayed 2-1 shift and occasional hard/harsh downshift out of o/d, plus the occasional clunk when coming to a stop.

    They had it for a full day and reflashed the ecm that controls the trans and it has pretty much been flawless ever since. The reflash was done around 30k miles and I now am close to 50k w/o issues. Once in a while I'll still get a harsh downshift out of overdrive, but it has only happened maybe 2 or 3 times since the reflash last July.

    The 07's have a TSB for the reflash, don't know if it applies to 08s. So far I'm very happy with my 07 Expedition. My previous Suburban didn't mess around with bad shifting, it went all out and puked a whole transmission at 45k.
  • My boyfriend bought a used 1998 ford expedition 2years ago. To say the least there has been several problems and a lot of money spent on this vehicle. Just yesterday the truck started shaking as we accelerated in speed as well as declining in speed. We thought it could be the transmission or lack of transmission fluid but there is 3/4 of fluid in there. We don't know what the problem is and $$$ is short is there a possiblility it could be a wheel alignment problem because the wheels do need to be realigned or maybe air needs to be put in the tires. I'm not a car expert but this is the only vehicle we have and we cant afford for something real serious to be wrong.... :confuse:
  • mlh2mlh2 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out what was really wrong with your expedition? We are now having the same problem. It is giving us the same code, but the mechanics say it is anything from the selenoid to torque convertor or maybe neither. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • 02ex02ex Posts: 2
    I have an 02 Expedition - 5.4, 4x4 - the speedometer needle is jumping all over the place - when i start it while still in park the needle jumps around sometimes it buries itself at 100mph - while i am sitting still. I had a mechanic run diagnostics on it yesterday and ended up replacing three sensors - one at the end of the transfer case near the trans, one at the back differential and one on the top of the trans - if seemed fine yesterday but today the needle still jumps around and when you come to a stop sign it dies. I drove it around the block all was okay till i stopped and turned the motor off but left the key on - the needle jumped around buried it self at 100 and then the motor died.

    has anybody seen this problem - after a google it seems it may be common but i cant find a solution.
  • 02ex02ex Posts: 2
    I have an 02 Expedition XLT - 5.4L, AWD [with 4x4] and a dancing sppedometer needle. when you turn on the key the needle begins to jump all over the place, regardless of whether you are in park or driving down the road. When shifting from park to drive there is a slight jerk - driving donw the road the needle jumps all over the place and then when you slow down there is a surge right before stopping and the engine dies - with the key still on and the engine off the needle jumps all over the place - dances between 85 and 100 and then stops

    when i go to start it it takes a few tries and then does it all over again - sometimes the 4x4 light comes on - sometimes the OD light comes on -

    a mechanic did diagnostics yesterday and told me it was sensors - he replaced 3 of them - one at the back differential, one at the transfer case near the trans, and then one on top of the trans - it seemed to work fine for the short drive home but then today it died several times when excelerating and or stopping.

    What to do?
  • Ok, here goes. When I am accellerating in my 06 Expedition under moderate load the transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd as normal, as the tach gets to between 2250 and 2500 RPM it tries to shift into 3rd. It will act as if it is shifting and drop 50 RPM or so and go right back to the same RPM at the same speed at least once before it actually shifts gears. It does this nearly every time, unless under very light load or heavy load during which it shifts fine. It has also taken to shutting itself off in traffic when decellerating around 30 mph. I have taken it in 3x and the dealership says there is nothing wrong. Grew up with a Dad who could tell you what was wrong with your car when you drove it in the driveway, this crap ain't right. Too bad because otherwise I love this thing.
  • 2001_exp2001_exp Posts: 2
    Hello, my 01 Exp. did the same thing when the windshield leaked during a heavy downpore of rain. the water got onto the electronic boards under the dash and caused all kinds of gage havoc and engine stalling. I got the windshield resealed, lost seal in 113F day in Denver, and had the cabin dried out .If your boards under dash got wet and not dried right away there could be corrosion causing the shorts that make the speedometer and other gauges flip out. When computer gets mixed signals from gauges it shuts down to prevent damage to engine.
  • 2001_exp2001_exp Posts: 2
    Is the check engine light coming on? It may be from a bad spark plug boot or two. my 2001 did that for a while with out throwing a code, then sometimes go away. eventually got worse and more frequent. I replaced all 8 boots for about $85 and runs like a champ. I have 163000 miles on this baby and have only replaced altenator @ 123000 mi and boots @ 161000mi. I have owned this vehicle since 23000mi. I promptly put synthetic oil in motor and tranny, get better fuel mileage, and the synthetic tranny fluid keeps the tranny cooler which saves ford tranny's! I recommend putting aftermarket tranny cooler on and synthetic fluid on all fords!
  • tawnya_stawnya_s Posts: 1
    I am also having this problem! This is my third Expedition and I have never had trouble until this one. The same problems you descibed and I have had it into the dealer(s) now 4 times. I have already contacted Ford and told them this is the last time or I get a new one. But the whole lemon law is a pain in the butt too! I have four kids and I am not happy at all with this. They have had my car all week and just finally got it to "act up" with a tech driving it home all week (350 miles on it) and the flight recorder on it. So now I wait too see what they "find". How's your issue?
  • wnixwnix Posts: 4
    I am still having the problem but have not been back to the shop. It is just such a pain. I don't know what to do. Let me know how your situation works out and what they decide to do. How long have you had your truck and how many miles???
  • stagalvstagalv Posts: 2
    I am totally new to this site but have found it interesting.

    I am now waiting on a tow truck to show up at my house to tow off my
    2006 Expedition Limited due to transmission issues. The truck only has 27,200 miles and just went out of warranty in the middle of May, only 2 months ago!!

    Of course I will speak to Ford directly about this to see if they will participate in the repairs but first thing is first. I need to find out what is wrong so it is going to the dealership for diagnosis.

    The problem(s) started when we noticed a light knocking sound coming from under the truck, then rough shifting and finally slipping out of gear while doing 30mph or so, reving up and then slipping back down into gear.

    I would appreciate any advice. Thanks,
  • stagalvstagalv Posts: 2
    As further input to my initial post:

    My car was taken to a dealership. They diagnosed the problem and don't know the exact cause but gave a rough estimate of $2500-3500 to fix it. I kept my cool, called Ford Customer Care (huh!), they reviewed my record and gave a final decision that there is nothing Ford will do to assist in the repair cost$.

    I was told that was their final decision and there is not further appeal process to Ford. This makes me very bitter. I buy American and look what I get. A transmission that only lasts 27,200 miles and then a company that will not even assist after the warranty just expired 60 days ago. I told them a Yugo would last much beyond that! Very bitter and I hate to say it but no more Fords!!!!!!!
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    That is very poor of Ford.

    I would look for a reputable transmission shop and either rebuild yours, or put a used one from a wreck. There are many of those transmissions out there.
  • dmb3dmb3 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 99 Expedition with the same motor, and I am having the same exact problem with my trans will only go in reverse, I was curious to see if you ever found out what the problem was or how you fixed it.... your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • I have 2007 Expedition EL and get the same thing, sounds like a rock hitting the underside of the truck, bangs in reverse, pauses before shifting gears. Been to 3 dealers and they reflash the computer and its goos for a couple of weeks, then the same thing. They also said its a new style transmission (magntronix or something). What else have you done?
  • Are you sure they followed this? Take it back.

    TSB 08-22-7


    2007-2008 Expedition

    This article supersedes TSB 08-4-13 to update the Issue, Service Procedure and remove the production fix date.
    Some 2007-2008 Expedition vehicles may exhibit a bump feeling while braking to a stop below 10 MPH (16 Km/h). This procedure will improve the bump felt while braking to a stop.

    Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.



    1. Install Integrated Diagnostic System/Portable Diagnostic Software (IDS/PDS) or equivalent and ID the vehicle.

    2. Update the Power Control Module/Transmission Control Module (PCM/TCM) calibration using IDS release 57.8 and higher or 58.1 and higher. This new calibration is not included in the VCM 2008.9 DVD. Calibration files may also be obtained at the website. Since the TCM cannot be independently reprogrammed, reprogram the PCM to ensure that engine and transmission calibrations are updated to the latest level simultaneously.

    a. Verify that the TCM shows 8L1P-7J104-AC (8L1P-7J104-BC for 2008 vehicles built after 12/3/2007) part number after reprogramming is complete.

    b. Select the following from IDS, Tool Box, Powertrain, OBD Test Modes, Mode Level 9 Vehicle info, TCM Cal Part Number.

    3. Clear TCM keep alive memory (KAM) and adaptive tables.

    a. Using IDS:

    (1) Open Toolbox.

    (2) Choose Powertrain.

    (3) Choose Reset KAM.

    (4) Then Choose TCM.

    b. Using PDS:

    (1) Choose all Tests and Calibrations.

    (2) Scroll down the menu and choose reset TCM KAM.




    4. Verify that the transmission fluid temperature (TFT) PID is above 175 °F (80 °C). If it is not at 175 °F (80 °C), drive unit approximately 3 miles (5 Km) to reach temperature.


    5. Drive unit to perform adaptive shift strategy learn:

    a. Accelerate from rest with light throttle to 15 MPH (24 Km/h), remove foot from accelerator pedal.

    b. Brake very gently to a complete stop (allow at least six (6) seconds).

    c. Repeat Steps (a-b) a total of five (5) times in the dealership parking lot or similar setting.

    d. Accelerate from rest with light throttle ensuring that the 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 shifts occur at engine speeds between 1300-1800 RPM.

    e. Continue to accelerate until you achieve 50 MPH (80 Km/h) or the 5-6 upshift.

    f. Brake gently to a complete stop and hold foot on brake for at least 10 seconds.

    g. Repeat steps (e-f) three (3) times.

  • Fellows,

    I appreciate your help on a 98 expedition which causes aloud banging noise from the transmission area while under hard acceleration. The fluid is clean and filled correctly. The truck shifts fine and drives fine under normal acceleration, but when you try to give gas in order to pass or get off in a hurry from the pack the trans. does some serius banging.
    Thanks, GK66
  • jdotjdot Posts: 1
    hi, i have an 01 expy. and the truck will not go into gear unless i crawl under the truck and un-plug the tranny position senser wires, witch does not bother me as much as the fact that the truck wont start again when you shut it off, unless you crawl back under the truck and plug the wires back in............ has anyone ever had this problem, and if so what did you do to fix it. thanks alot in advance for your help
  • I also have this problem! I went to Lemon Law Arbitration and the Ford Rep totally lied and the Judge believed him. I have since put Ford on Notice of a Dangerous and Defective condition. By doing this, I have put Ford on the hook if this condition creates an accident. So, if anyone does get into an accident because of this condition, you can now sue Ford because of me.

    Please feel free to do this yourself. I only have 6 months left on my lease and I too will never again buy a Ford product. Between myself and my husband we have owned approximately 8 Ford vehicles. If this is the way they treat loyal customers, I don't want any part of it! :mad:
  • So the Ford rep totally lied: what did he say?
  • I have an 06 Expedition XLT that will not rev up past 3500 RPM's. It happens while in park or driving. I was passing a car on a two lane road when I first noticed it. Once it gets to 3500 it feels like a governor is in place and it will rev between 3000 and 3500.

    Any ideas on what would cause this?
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