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Ford Expedition Transmission Problems



  • ghost28ghost28 Posts: 1
    Exact same issue! 07 was the first year making the EL, and apparently Ford doesn't know how to actually fix a problem. This car is a fricking lemon, as we've had the car into the service shop at Ford no less than 14 times in 3 years. the lurching/jerking of the transmission is an issue that we've had since the beginning, but Ford attributes it to different drivers with different driving styles. BS. Ford is giving the run-around on this issue, and every time we bring it in, it costs $250 and they don't fix the problems. Someone's gotta know what the issue is...
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    You should have lemon lawed it after 4x. Now if you don't sell it, you can't blame anyone for further headaches. And don't take that the wrong way, I agree, it's a horrible design. Get out of it!
  • nathaliecnathaliec Posts: 3
    Thanks so much for the feedback and sorry that I didn't post a follow-up until now, I totally forgot to. I hate when people do that :)

    So I didn't drive my car the rest of the day and made an appointment at the dealership for the next morning. My husband drove it to the dealer's and I followed in his Focus and there was NO problem. No sluggishness, no tachometer getting stuck on 3000 RPMs at 35 MPH, nothing. The service guy said they would still drive it around to check it out and kept it the whole day. They didn't find anything wrong with it. They supposedly drove it "all over the place" and nothing was wrong, they couldn't replicate the problem. I asked if they had hooked it up to the computer and he said they had and nothing had come up, that they even drove it while hooked up to the computer and nothing had come up. He didn't mention the TSB that you mention and that I saw posted in other threads, btw. He told me that the initial "bump forward" is a standard feature of that transmission and absolutely normal. I had to let it go because that guy was getting on my last nerve... I've been driving my car for 3 years (I put 60K on it) and I know perfectly well that it's not "normal" because it just started doing that. On the upside they didn't charge me anything, but I should have written down my mileage before leaving in the morning because I don't believe for a minute that they "drove it all over the place". 1) They would have charged me something if they had spent as much time on it as they claim and 2) when I picked up the car, it was stifling hot in there, like a car that has been left in the sun the WHOLE DAY. Not like a car that had been driving all over the place just about an hour prior as he claims.

    But I haven't had the problem reoccur since then so I'm keeping my fingers crossed? I'm driving 2 hours out of town tomorrow so hopefully I won't get stuck somewhere!

    Otherwise I haven't had any problems with it (apart from a darn tire pressure sensor getting ripped off when I had a flat and I won't pay over $300 to get it replaced so I have a permanent "tire pressure sensor problem" warning) and I love driving it.

    I did experience the rattling in the transmission when I would brake down to 10 MPH or less and try to negotiate a driveway in the very beginning and I saw that there had been a TSB that seems to address this, but it hasn't happened in over a year now. I thought it had been my imagination until I read about it in a post here.

    Good luck to everyone else. If your mechanic finds a solution to this problem, let us know!
  • nathaliecnathaliec Posts: 3
    Hi Nick012, I'm just seeing your response today, for some reason I didn't get an email telling me about your answer.

    I appreciate your feedback and I will bookmark the info in case I have more problems in the future. No, I didn't have any "misfires on my coil pack" before, it's the first time I had a problem with the car. My problem was a little different, I think, in that I didn't have a problem getting to 40MPH (apart from the fact that it felt sluggish when going from neutral to drive, I kept on thinking that I would stall in the middle of the intersection) but it caught on after a couple of seconds and then would go to 35-40 MPH but then wouldn't switch into a higher gear and I didn't want to drive it any faster for fear of damaging something. I didn't have any warning lights or warnings flash at all.

    As I stated in a reply a little below, the next morning my car was running fine and has been running fine since, a week ago today. I still took it to the dealer's but they couldn't find anything wrong with it and the computer didn't return any problems. So at this point, I'm kind of hoping it won't happen again or if it does, I'll be close to the dealership so they can see what I'm talking about (fat chance with the hours they keep :).
  • fsteilfsteil Posts: 3
    I may have posted before about the jerking when stopping... I had that problem on my 07 and I took update sheet, I found on Comp in and they updated the codes in trans...That took care of the problem...Smooth stopping now....I was still under warranty 36000 mi.....If you need I can locate sheet I gave them.....
  • pagtarappagtarap Posts: 10
    fsteil sir, I have the same problem with the 2010 ford expedition model can you send me a copy of the update? thanx
  • ceegee3ceegee3 Posts: 1
    My 97 Exp has @265000 miles on it. I am the second owner and have had it for about two years without issue. I love my truck and need the space most of all! For the past two weeks I've had some thumping/shaking in my tires when I go over 60mph and when I have been accelerating from a stop, there is hesitation before going to 3rd gear...revs to about 3500 before switching. I thought the thumping was the tires but from reading here I see it might be something else. This morning it started sounding like a lawn's loud and slow...especially when I accelerate and the RPMs are not moving. It sounds like it's coming from the front driver side area. Any suggestions/ideas?
  • well my 2002 expedition's (wife's) transmission thunks at around 50 m/h and makes a grumbling noise at around 60 m/h but not all the times mainly does it after a while from driving it, at start up is ok and at a high speed does good but if we go trough a speed limits of 50 and 55 m/h the tranny will keep on doing the thunking untill we get out of that speed limit range by the way the truck has 112k mile on it, I don't know if changin transmission fluid will help out? can someone give me a hand on this "please" :cry:
  • luvakluvak Posts: 1
    Our 2004 Expedition started jumping out of gear. Took it to dealer, 3 hours later and $100 bill, we were told transmission problems and needed additional appoinment to check skid pan. We removed and checked it and indeed there were chunks. After talk with dealer manager, car towed to dealership and on the computer again, removed skid pan and given obscene quote (even though we were described as long time loyal customers). Got quotes from Independent shops, considerably cheaper, only to discover that transfer case was also destroyed. I'm guessing I might have had to sell some kids in order to pay for it at the dealer. This car has not been driven hard and meticulously maintained and serviced. It only has 62,000 miles on it and in checking, this does not seem to be an isolated incident. In talking to Ford they offered no sort of assistance only a "have a nice day". Will be trading this car in the future and it won't be for a Ford!
  • Could anyone send me a copy of the TSB or the TSB number. Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    edited September 2010
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide has TSB summaries as does the NHTSA.
  • jane40jane40 Posts: 1
    Hi! Today, after hesitating quite a while and reviewing all the info on this forum I finally went to the dealer. The problem with our car, Ford Expedition 2006, accellerated weird. When you pull up, it would shift from 1 to 2, but not accellerate in 2 and directly shift to 3. So when you pull up hard enough it doesn't matter much, because than the speed/RPM is high enough to continue accellerating further in 3rd gear. But when you pulled up slow/normal it would be difficult to pull up further because the speed/RPM is to low for 3rd gear to really pick it up and continue accelleration. At high speed the car was fine. When slowing down the gear didn't shift down until full stop and you heard a big clunck or sometims some rough noise/grumble slowing down.
    At the dealer the "Transman" joined me with a testdrive and was pretty sure he knew what the problem was: a valve (there are 8 of them) on the bottom part of the transmission should be broken. It would take about 4 hours of labor and $100 on parts to fix it. Well ....ok! When I came back that afternoon it was fixed and we did the testdrive again and it was working fine again. Indeed one valve was broken and he replaced all of them. Costs altogether: $580 incl. tax
    I am kind of happy my car drives normal again and I don't feel like something is falling down from my car (the clunck) when I come to a stop.
  • I recently purchased an 06 Expy King Ranch with 58000 miles. Upon driving to Florida this week, we noticed a hard downshift out of/into overdrive. Went to a dealership, turned off the car, went for a test drive with service manager and nothing. Started driving again, same thing. We took the car out of OD and then the advance trac warning came on and the engine light came on. Now when driving at low speeds it sounds like a plastic playing card is in the spokes of the right front tire. Great. :mad: Any answers out there? I've seen posts that say it is as simple as a reflash or as complicated as a torque converter. We have no shifting problems at low speeds/gears and thankfully we don't seem to have the engine fail issue either. Yet. Thank God the car is CPO.
  • 2006krap2006krap Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I am an owner of a 2006 Expedition with 59,087 miles and just had to replace the tork converter and pump on the transmission. Does this sound right? Thanks Fords!!!!! I also just replace a rear hub assembly. Did I buy a lemon or what? Is it even worth going to Fords and complaining? Something has to give. This cost us almost 2,000 dollars. I just talked to another ownerof a 2008 Expedition. She is replacing her transmission as well. I think there is a problem here?!?!?!? It started out as a thump upon exceloration from a complete stop. thump sounded like it was coming from the rear end of the car though. I know that sound carries so this just blew my mind. I do not think I will own another Ford vehicle again. I am so sad. Why is Ford's the only one who does not offer a bigger warranty? 3yr 36thous. miles. What kind of krap is that? Are they trying to tell us to bewarre of their products? GM and Chrysler all give longer warranties.
  • My transmission is slipping. I checked the fluid and it was way low. What kind and how much should I put in? There was none registering on the dip stick.?
  • The manual should tell you what type to put in, if you don't have one you can download it from the Ford Fleet Services web site. How much depends on how much is missing, you should probably get it in for a complete tranny service and evalaution - sounds to me like there is a bigger problem here than just the need to top it off. You need to find out why it is down so much.
  • I have a 2007 Ford Expedition E.B. 5.4L. We had a big snow storm here (Michigan) yesterday and while was driving into work (4A) my transmission acted like it came out of gear then clunked back into gear. When this happened my check engine light came on and a wrench appeared on the display. I took it to the local dealership and they told me that the air filter housing was open and it was allowing air and water into the transmission. That was there diag. I am a ex mechanic and they said that no trans flush was necessary. I fail to see how the air filter housing has anything to do with the trans. Is there a vent tube or valve on the trans that will allow this to happen? Can anyone here give me a reasonable answer?
  • i see its been a while since you posted it and am new to this but my expedition is doing the same exact thing as yours could you tell me what was wrong with your vehicle? thanks
  • The term "sunshell" your being told about or may have heard is probably what is really called a sun gear. A sun gear is a part of the mechanical set-up in an automatic transmission called the planetary gear set. Gears spin and rotate around the sun gear, thus giving it the terms sun gear and planetary gears. Automatic transmissions have from 1 to possibly 3 or more planetary gear sets, depending on how many forward and/or reverse gears the transmission has. In your vehicles case, it probably has 2 planetary gear sets in the transmission. It is possible that a mechanical defect in the transmission (planetary gear set) could cause a clunking noise due to the amount of high weight and stresses the transmission undergoes. If the planetary gear set is the cause of the noise, and it was confirmed with a good diagnosis and repaired properly, the noise should be gone. Otherwise, there is most likely something else wrong with the vehicle and another proper diagnosis should be performed to see what is really wrong with the vehicle.
  • lew67lew67 Posts: 1
    Our 99 is not running all that well. This morning it seemed to be ok, but my wife just took it out to go shopping. The spedometer is way up past our actual speed and the 4x4 won't engage. Any ideas? Do we need a new tranny or is it in the transfer case?
  • labadidalabadida Posts: 1
    Good Morning, I recently had a transmission colling line rust through while driving my truck. It started to slip while in drive, I pulled over and found the problem but I made a mistake and put a quart of Dextron III in for replacement. It continued to slip while I drove it home which was about 5 miles. I found the broken line and replaced both as the other cracked as O was putting in the broken one. I drained all fluid from TQ converter and pan with Mercron V and now it will only shift into reverse. What would be the next step in repair for this vehicle? Any advice would be appreciated, I am capable of most any repair work but have not rebuilt a transmission before, only replaced one on a RWD Volvo.
    Thanks so much, Noel
  • klpjrklpjr Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Expedition Limited with about 116,000 miles on it. When coasting at about 45 mph, only giving enough gas to maintain 45 mph, the transmission makes a clunking sound until accelerate to a higher speed. When I accelerate, there is more intense clunking until I accelerate out of it. The clunking only happens when there is little load on the transmission when coasting. Othen than this, the transmission is fine.

    Is this a sign of something more serious to come?

  • gvidgvid Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same problem. It never happens in lower gears, but I have had it happen at higher speeds when there is no load and I increase the gas just slightly. It seems to be an "overdrive" issue. If I gas it aggressively, it will downshift with no problem. Let me know if you hear anything, and I'll do the same.
  • I have a 2006 ford expedition eddie bauer and when taking off it feels like it is missing a gear, then when slowing down it downshifts hard. I have replaced the spark plugs, changed the oil and filter, replaced the transmission oil filter since it has 60k miles on it. This was the original filter because the dipstick plug was still in the pan when I dropped it. I put the correct transmission fluid per the man. specifications. I cannot see the transmission going bad with only 60k miles on it. Is there some kind of sensor or vacuum line that I can check?
  • rebel_girlrebel_girl Posts: 1
    Hello!! I just bought a 2007 Expediton EL 4x4 in January 2011. I am now having the same issues that you have in this post. Have you found anything else out about this? What was the issue?
  • cheapdad0000cheapdad0000 Posts: 126
    I have the same problem on my 2005 XLT. At 40-45 it shudders, if I force it to downshift then it moves into the next gear as expected. Also, drove with overdrive turned off and problem goes away, so makes me think its something to do with the overdrive.
  • cjsarizonacjsarizona Posts: 1

    Each year as it gets hot I notice that my Expy runs very hard and sluggish. It is almost as if the truck was switched into 4Xlow (exaggerated) and it sounds like a large commercial truck in terms of engine rev and noise. Very noticeable difference from winter experience.

    In the winter, no problem, the truck is normal. Having the AC on/off does not influence the problem and the temp gauge indicates no difference in temp from summer running or winter. Always runs smack in the middle of temp gauge.

    I live in AZ so it does get very hot here but it just seems the vehicle is working so much harder than it has to. Any ideas if this may be related to the tranny?
  • Hi There,

    I'm having the exact same problem that a few people already described in the post. I have a 2004 Expedition XLT with 128,000 miles on it and just started to experience this problem as well. Like everyone else, seems to only be happening in Overdrive. Please let me know if you've found any info about the problem and how to fix it. Thanks.
  • klpjrklpjr Posts: 2
    My brother, who drives a 2006 Super Crew and had the same problem, suggested I take my Expedition to Autozone and have them check the ignition coil packs. One or two of them could be misfiring. This translates into clunking and jerking when accelerating.

    I plan to to take it to Autozone and have them check my coil packs for free when I have the time. They also, apparrently have them for half the price of the dealer.

    Thanks :sick:
  • sutton5sutton5 Posts: 1
    I have experienced the same jerking problem with my 2005 Expedition. I took it to my local Ford Dealer who stated: It's PROBABLY the "special" spark plugs and "special" wire. They announced a whooping $821 price tag to replace the plugs and wires. They say it is a slight intermittent misfire that causes the jerking. I bet you can guess what I told them to do with their "special" plugs and wires.
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 339
    By special if they mean specific to your truck, they are correct. There are three parts to the plug system - wires, COPS, and plugs. Four parts if you count the rubber boot over the COP. A COP from the dealer is around $90. You can buy a set of 8 on ebay for less than that. From what you got quoted, it is more likely a plug change and just wires when in fact it is the COPS and boots on the COPS that go bad. You should use the Motorcraft plugs. If by chance you break a plug doing it yourself you will have wished you paid the $800. Especially if you break #4 or #8. There is a reason Ford suggests a tool for taking out the remanants of broken plugs.
  • russel8russel8 Posts: 1
    "Hi i get a chattery feel ,when i take off and give the truck a little more than normal gas.I have changed the magnetic solenoid cluster before because of slippage .1999 ford ex.eddiebauer 5.4 help please .
  • Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to let you know that I was finally able to get my car fixed. After driving my car with the problems described in previous posts for about 3 weeks, and talking to Ford as well as my own personal mechanic, we figured it was a Coil-on-plug that was the problem and causing the engine to missfire.

    I have 128,000 on my car and the coils have never been changed (although the spark plugs were changed at 100,000). FINALLY, after 3 weeks, just as I was about to order coils and plugs, the check engine light came on and indicated a missfire in cylinder 5. Instead of just replacing 1 plug, I decided to replace all 8 since the other COPs would probably start to fail soon after.

    By buying the parts myself (I bought 8 accel coils on Amazon, and Spark plugs from Kragen), I was able to save a TON of cash. Part cost = $200, labor cost = $300 from my mechanic. Total cost = $500. By buying the parts myself, I was able to replace all 8 plugs and coils for the quote that Ford and my mechanic gave me to replace 1 plug. I guess the average consumer is able to buy parts cheaper through various sources (Kragen, Amazon, the internet) than a mechanic or ford can from their own supplier.

    Car runs great now and I'm very glad I did the research through this forum as well as others out there to diagnose the problem.

    Not sure if this is the solution for everyone's problems but it worked with mine. Good luck!
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    is this problem related to a certain model yr., looking to get new 2011 expedition EL. i check the chevy suburban engine issues too so now leaning on ford and hoping the 2011 already resolve the issue. anybody driving a 2011 expedition EL? any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • eb6eb6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Ford Expedition Limited with 72k miles. My extended 5yr/75k mile warranty just ended in December 2010. Last week I noticed my car whining when stepping on the gas. It makes a weird sound when in gear also but in neutral there it is quiet. The more i give it throttle the louder the whining sound gets. What is this problem? Transmission, planetary gear, torque converter, etc.? The dealer will only take care of 50% of the bill. They're charging me $800 just to drop the transmission and diagnose it. Anyone have or heard of this problem?
  • noryelnoryel Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 ford expedition eddie bauer all wheel drive 5.4 engine and when taking off it feels like it is missing a gear, then 50 to 60 Kph it downshifts hard also with clunking sounds, it feel you step on the break really hard and it will pull to the right then before it comes to a stop it will back to normal or you will feel the transmission shift dowm. I only have 98.000 click and we hardly used it. Please help. Thank you...
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Be happy they will pay 50%. My 2004 EXP XLT with 113,000 the truck just stopped going one day with no warning would not take off from a stop sign. Bearing failure within transmission gearset cost $2800 for a full rebuild. At least I now have 75,000 miles in which to destroy it again and get a free (ha ha) rebuild. Than it will only be $1400 per transmission.
  • zeev1zeev1 Posts: 1
    i have 05 expedition i drive really good and its shift nice, i get to over drive its dosent engage.
    its any body knows.
    please respond. thanks
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    It may be the O/D shift solinoid in the transmission is not working. Ususally the O/D off light will blink if it is an internal problem in the trans. Also check to see that you don't have the O/D off by pressing the button on the end of the shift lever.
  • I drive a 2007 Ford Expedition EL. It has been having problems "getting going" when I try to take off at times and its getting worse. This morning as I drove off the parking lot, it turned off and the engine sign turned on. After resting for 10-15 minutes (while I waited for roadside) I attempted to start and it started without a problem. I have also noticed that when and if Itry to take off from a stop, it "jumps" and the peddal goes all the way to the floor and then it "fixes" itself and I drive off. I have taken it in for this reason for fear I might get into an accident one day and was told there was nothing wrong with it. I am a woman and am easily brushed off at the dealership and would like any advice you have to give in order to arm myself with some knowledge when i go to dealership.
  • My 2007 with 87,000 miles just started doing this same shuttering at 45 mph. I can't decide if it's a transmission problem or a coil/ignition type problem. Anybody ever figure out what it was?
  • Could be either, at some point it should give you a CEL that can be read. Have you had the tranny serviced at the regular intervals? You should be just about due for your third service.
  • tcradotcrado Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    I recently aquired a 1999 XLT 4WD. It would shift noticably hard into the next gear and the person I bought the vehicle from said it had a "shift kit" installed. 6 months later, it was acting sluggish to get up and go. I knew something wasnt' right and turned around to go home, didn't make it. I loss all my transmittion fluid in the street. I can tear apart a manual transmission but have zero experience with automatics. I can do the labor if I had ideas on a direction to go. I can read a manual, then perform the task.
    Can anyone help me with a direction to go?
  • tcradotcrado Posts: 3
    I have silver slivers that are not magnetic. I lost transmission fluid and it was coming out of the torque converter section. What are the chances of the silver slivers are from the torque converter and if so, what are the chances the transmission is still in usable condition?
  • Replacing the plugs does fix the jerking problem you feel when coasting on the highway. Have a professional or dealer replace the plugs. The plugs on the Triton 5.4L break often. I had all but two plugs break on my 2005 Expedition 5.4L. Don't replace the plugs yourself unless you know what you are doing. I had to buy a broken plug removal tool to get my plugs out. The tool costs around $100 just by itself. I can see why the dealer charges $700-$800 to replace the plugs on this truck.

    Good luck
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    The problem is in the fact that the silver slivers have been flushed around the entire transmission system. They will eventually clog up the lines and cause other issues within the transmission. They are pieces of aluminum (non-magnetic) and usually the valve bodies are aluminum so you probably will be looking at a new or rebuilt transmission. You can try doing a fluid and filter change but may want to have a shop remove all the fluid instead of just the 5 quarts from dropping the pan.
  • my daughters ford expidition turns on ok, but when i put it in drive the engine shuts off. I have been told the transmission is messed up. The thing is that if i put it in gear while i step on the brake and gas at the same time the truck takes off just fine, but when i get to a stop sign or traffic light it shuts off. Could that be a sensor or is the transmission messing up. If anyone can help it would be very apreciated thank you.
  • tcradotcrado Posts: 3
    Thank you for your response. Very helpful.
  • I would like to know what was wrong with it too. My EXP is doing the same and I am going to start by changing the Auto Trans Control Solenoid. But I would like to know what you did to fix it.

    My EXP. is stalling when you give it gas at 35 to 50. The engine even backfires. If I mash it to the floor it run fine . But between 35 and 50 if you just give it enough gas to maintain speed it starts the jerking and the tach. falls and then jumps back up.
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