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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Exterior and Body

crewcab4x4crewcab4x4 Posts: 4
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
New to this forum, but not to forums, so here goes.......

I curently have a 2005 Silverado K1500 Crew Cab 4x4, and would like to replace the grille assembly with the 2006 Grille Assembly. Is this possible, will the mounting points line up? How difficult is it to take off the old grille assembly? I already have the grille assembly, have painted the ears and inserts white to match the truck, now I would like to put it on my truck. (I work in the auto supplier/manufacturing industry, so I got the grille for free, if it won't work, then no harm no foul) :) :shades:

Is there somewhere I can go to online that would give grille removal instructions, or can somebody give me the Readers Digest Condensed Version?


  • I recently bought a new 07' Chevy 2500HD Silverado 4x4 crew cab with the sunroof option. On the 07' pickups, the sunroof shade is basically a mess screen and does not provide any protection from the sun, it shines right through it. I have contacted and haven't received a satisfactory answer so far. The only remedy my dealer has come up with so far is to tint the sunroof glass a dark tint or go to an auto upholster and have them replace the mess shade with a solid piece of vinyl material to match the interior of the truck. Since this is a roll up type of a screen on the 07's it's totally new and unique to this vehicle unfortunately. I think this is a faulty design by Chevrolet and believe they should be the ones to resolve this problem and do a factory recall or what ever to replace it. Is anyone else out there finding this a problem and if so what are you doing to solve it?
    Other than this issue I love the truck.
  • I bought an 06 Silverado Crew Cab LT3 in April and I have the same sun roof. I thought it was odd that GM only put the mesh screen in rather than a solid piece. Although they indicated that other customers were complaining about the same problem, the dealer could not help me and I have not done anything to replace the screen. I've gotten used to the sunlight but sometimes in mid-day, it is pretty annoying and in the summer it gets very warm in the cab. I suppose a specialty detailer could retrofit with a solid material. GM should do something about this.
  • So apparently Chevrolet isn't going to correct this issue and they're leaving it up to the owners to come up with a solution for them. I don't understand why we have to pay to come up with a solution for what is obviously a faulty design by the Chevrolet engineers in the first place. I got a "guestimate" by a local auto upholstery shop that it would take 2-3 hours to remove the headliner and "screen" and another couple of hours to fabricate some sort of vinyl shade and then an a additional couple of hours to re-install the headliner at $70/hour plus material. So you can see this would be a rather expensive fix, all out of my pocket!!!! :mad: The other rather "Mickey Mouse" solution would be to have them make some sort of board covered in the same material as the headliner. That would then have to be Velcroed onto the glass portion somehow to hold it between the glass and the "screen", this solution will cost about $150. And if I really wanted to use the damn sunroof I have to remove the board and throw it in the back seat and re-install it after I'm through with the sunroof which is absurd! I still can't believe that this design ever got out of the "idea" stage before being thrown out. I would suggest that the Chevy engineers take a 07' Silverado with a sunroof outside and see how ineffective and useless the "screen" really is. My dealer basically told me the same thing, take it to a specialty shop and have them fabricate something, but they weren't going to pay for it. I should have known that before spending $43K and made that "fix" a part of the agreement before signing the deal.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I have to agree that a lack of a good sunroof sunshade would be really annoying. Especially when you live in a hot summer state like Florida or Arizona.

    I had numerous vehicles with factory installed sunroof over the years, but all of them either had a solid metal sliding sunroof panel with headliner trim underneath, or a glass panel with a solid sliding sunshade. One exception was my 95 Nissan SE V6 pickup which had a factory installed flip up manual glass sunroof. It had a mesh screen moulded into the bottom of the panel, but there was also a solid sunshade, which attached to the glass panel and could be manually removed.

    GM should have provided at least such a sunshade panel. This panel requires that some fasteners be attached to the glass panel bottom for attachment. In case of my Nissan there were two slotted fasteners in the front, and two locking type fasteners in the back.

    I have an '06 Silverado Z71 crew cab, but it does not have a sunroof. Now I am glad it does not.

    My suggestion would be to buy a factory sunscreen for the '95 Nissan SE pickup from a Nissan dealer, and then adapt it with some fastening system to use on your sunroof. It cannot be that expensive. Unfortunately, I do not know if it would fit properly without trimming.
  • The project took about 20 minutes total, and the grille mounts were identical to the ones on the truck already.

    It looks pretty good.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Any before/after pics?
  •[email protected]@.59de4522

    Go to link it has before and after pics of truck.
  • do you still have your 2005 grille, and if so do you know if it will fit on a 2003? the corner of mine cracked and broke off. Let me know if you can help
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    To those who have posted previously, please do not take this as a direct attack, and please try to understand my overall message. The notion that GM should be responsible for alteration of the Silverado's sunroof shade material is simply ludicrous. First of all, the purpose of a re-call is to correct vehicle MALFUNCTIONS, or safety items. Obviously, this is not a safety item (if you're concerned about a sunburn on your head, buy a hat!). If the amount of ambient sunlight that passes through the shade is in excess of your desired limit, I see no malfunction other than your failure to adequately inspect the vehicle prior to purchase. On a side note, re-calls cost manufacturers millions of dollars, thus driving the cost of vehicles higher, and in turn costing all owners their hard earned dollars in the long run. So, that being said, no, I will not pay for your new sunroof shade, nor should any other proud American car buyer. Fix it yourself, or sell your vehicle. I purchased the LT2 model recently, with the sunroof option. Nobody held a gun to my head or forced me to purchase the vehicle. In turn, I am quite pleased with my purchase.

    This is just a sad example of our peoples "its someone else's responsibility" attitude. People PLEASE take responsibilities for your own actions, as it will make this country a better place to live, and maybe someday re-claim the "balls" we once had. :mad:
  • erich1965erich1965 Posts: 33
    I agree....yes, the mesh is a poor design, and obviously GM agreed since the new 07's have an opaque sliding panel. But if GM were to accomodate EVERY little design quirk or personal dislike, where would they be? That is why dealers have showfloors and allow test drives, so the consumer can look at them and try them before spending their $43K. Because you overlooked this is NOT GM's fault. I would simply take it to your local Ziebart and spend $100 on the darkest tint available which will make it almost opaque, especially in combination with the mesh screen.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    There's no pullshade on the Moonroof? That's the oddest thing I've ever heard of! Every car I've owned for the past 15 years that had a moonroof had a pullshade on it! I don't think the manufacturer is responsible for fixing it, however I would not get the moonroof if that's the case.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    Acuras and Honda has moonroof as a standard option and has the "experience" in this area. However, ever noticed over the years how many GM vehicles have had a moonroof? Obviously GM doesn't have the experience nor expertise in this area. Perhaps the will include the shade in future moonroofs, learning from their mistakes.

    Ever seen a Cavalier with a moonroof ....ROTFLMFAO!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm going to have to disagree with you. I believe GM is pretty experienced as almost all Caddys and Oldsmobiles in the 70s and 80s had em and they had a shade!

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    That could be true. I owned a '76 Cutlass Supreme with no moonroof though I remember some with landau roofs did have that option. Course being 20-30 years ago can't remember offhand if they had the shade.

    Could it be that it was so long ago that GM forgot about it? Nah, more I think about it the bean counters figured not including the shade will save several million more so since the moonroof isn't included on most trucks.
  • I’m sorry but the sun screen issue isn’t about balls or malfunctions or taking personal reasonability for this issue, it’s about a poor design and trying to get GM to own up to it and correct it. Yes, you’re correct I “could” wear a hat all the time in the truck if I wanted to block out the sun. And yes, it’s my fault for not more thoroughly checking out the sun roof feature before signing on the dotted line. My excuse for that is that it was an overcast day out (rare here in central Oregon) and it was late in the afternoon, so during the “test drive” the sun wasn’t really an issue as it wasn’t shining through the clouds. I suppose you would say I should have come back on a sunny day then to test it out. The only reason I even got this stupid sun roof option to begin with is because it is the only way I could get the “home-link” package. Interesting that GM conveniently packages stuff that you don’t real want with stuff that you do want, they’re not stupid, just lousy designers. I still think GM should have come up with a solution for the problem. And before you say well suck it up and take care of it yourself, I actually did just that this week for a quick $100. But I didn’t tint the glass as was suggested by one posting, because then I would never be able to see through it should I actually want to.

    I’m just curious if you bought a can of tuna fish, a TV you name it, and you got it home and it was obvious that it was spoiled or just didn’t work correctly, what would you do? Would you just say “Oh shucks the darn thing just don’t work right I guess I’ll just live with it.” I think not! I think you would do just as I’ve tried to do and that is to get the problem corrected. Maybe a “recall” isn’t the correct terminology, but what ever I think GM should be responsible and have the “balls” to make sure the “sun” screen is actually shading the driver’s eyes from the sun before someone has an accident as a result of it. And if GM wanted to do a recall to replace all of these worthless sun screens, so be it. If they wanted to just replace the screen for those “whiners” like myself that is their prerogative too. Maybe I should have bought a convertible instead of a pickup then I could have all of the sun I wanted.

    Other than the sun screen issue I still love my Chevy diesel.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You bought a 30-40k truck and didn't check out the features?

    That would be like buying a house on a lake at night and not realizing there was no dock!!!!

    Guy, I'm sorry but you are plain old wrong, you should have checked it out before signing for it and if you didn't like it could have bought a Ford or Dodge or Nissan or Toyota!

  • So based upon that scenario I guess I should have turned on every light, every knob or button on the radio, every possible lever that does anything, rather than have some expectation that it would work without me physically checking everyone of them! I think the normal person would "assume" (I know that makes an [non-permissible content removed] out of you and me) that since there is a glass panel (sunroof) in the roof of the truck and that there is "normally" (at least in my experience, I have never seen a sunroof installation except possibly some after market installations which doesn't include some sort of method to close it off totally) some expectation that if there is a cover for the sunroof, that it does in fact close it off, not just slightly close it. I don't know if you have one of these sunroof screens on your sunroof, but I would suggest you stop by a Chevy dealer and sit in one on a bright day and see how ineffective they are! For all I know maybe you’re just a GM "plant" and you're just trying to defend their poor sunroof screen (actually more like a mesh screen) design.

    As for the options of vehicles, sure that was a possibility, but I liked the Chevy best. And you very right, in hindsight I should have checked it out before signing for it. Or at least made it part of the signing agreement that it was corrected. But I still think GM should do something to correct the problem. Someone said the newer version (07 1/2) doesn't have this mesh screen anymore, so obviously GM figured out it was ineffective and changed it.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    OK. I'll bite. What was your $100 solution?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Nope you don't have to check to make sure everything works as it should. That is not required, however the Moonroof does work as intended, there is no "malfunction" in the moonroof as it was designed. Now if it leaked then it would be a malfunction. I could see you as one of the people who would buy a car w/o a rear defroster and then cry that you can't see out the back of the car on a frosty day. Or someone who would complain about a plastic rear windown on a convertible car instead of a glass one.

    "GM Plant" haaa hardly, I'm not a big fan of American car makers mostly because I usually get burnt in terms of reliability on them.

    As for you not buying a Ford, Dodge, Nissan, or Toyota pickup because you "liked" the GM one, then you have to take the bad with the good!

  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    Looks as if I really stirred up nthe hornets nest on this one. First off, for those who followed by bashing GM for the absence of a "screen", you should do your homework before posting comments. There IS in fact a screen, which is currently the source of debate. My suggestion, if you do not own, or intend to own the vehicle, find another forum.
    As for my own experience, I life in southeast Texas, and certainly see quite a bit of sun. The shade, in my opinion, is more than adequate. Later models (such as mine) still have the semi-translucent shade. The 4-door cab model has the full cover which blocks all light. I think this has something to do with the amount of available space in the headliner between the extended and 4-dr cab models.
    Anyway, Im glad to see that people agree you should pay attention to what you buy, before you buy it. And no, Im not a GM employee either. I am in the military, protecting your freedom to complain about your "crappy" sunroof shade.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I see, so this issue is only in the extended cab versions? I am considering a 2500HD Crew Cab, either way I'll check it out before signing, especially if it will bother me!

    Side note, I work 3 blocks from Ground Zero, so I'd like to personally thank you for your efforts in protecting my Freedom!

  • Some where the point seems to have been missed in this whole discussion.
    1) The sunroof/moon roof/whatever you want to call it (the glass) works fine and isn’t a problem. It goes up and back and doesn’t leak and functions just like it’s supposed to.
    2) The sunshade/sunscreen is made of an open weave mesh material that is on a small roller much like the old window shades. It pulls out and retracts just like it was designed to do. But it does not and I repeat does not block much of the sun coming in the sunroof. I wished I had a light meter to compare the actual difference between the sunscreen open and the sunscreen closed.
    3) I’m not sure exactly how long GM has been using this particular type of “mesh sunscreen”, but I understand it may have been since the 2006 model and possibly ended with the 2007½ model. I also understand that possibly it’s only in the crewcab models since there is more headliner area and they can also install DVD players behind it. I have not heard of any other manufacturers using this particular type of pull shade (there might be but I just haven’t heard of any).
    I think everyone should or does have the expectation that when they buy something be it a toaster or a pickup truck that everything will or should work as designed. Therein lies the problem, the design of the “mesh” sunscreen, it doesn’t function as a normal one would expect. It only partially deflects the sun! If this was such a good idea why wouldn’t car manufacturers have used this sort of sunscreen for the last twenty years or more with their other sunroofs? I can tell you because it ineffective as a sunscreen it doesn’t block out the sun from coming through the sunroof! It probably saved GM $5 (or less) per vehicles by not having used an opaque material, which by the way would have totally solved this issue. Of all the other vehicles with sunroofs I owned or sat in, they all had a “solid” or opaque material to close off the sunroof area, EXCEPT for my 2007 Chevy crewcab. So why change to the mesh sunscreen now. Like the old adage says “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

    I too would like to thank jhansen27 for protecting our right to complain about “crappy” sunroof shades. I salute you and hope you stay safe and out of harms way. Luckily for me I was too tall to be in the military during the Vietnam conflict. Maybe that’s why I’m complaining about Chevrolet’s “crappy” sun shade, because my head is so close to the roof.

    Oh and my $100 solution is pretty basic and not totally functional if you wanted to use the sunroof frequently. I had a piece of hard board upholstered with material to match the headliner color and then it is sort of sprung into place between the glass and the screen. It works, but surely isn’t perfect by any means. Maybe if I live long enough to need to buy another pickup truck GM will have figured out how to make a better sunscreen by then too! Sorry to have ruffled everyone’s feathers over this issue but seemed like there must have been a simple solution short of just “sucking it up and living with it”. That has been GM’s answer so far obviously.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Oh yeah however I believe it's only been the last 5 years at most that we've seen moonroofs in any pickup trucks, before that it was aftermarket sunroofs.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    on the Denali's you could have a moonroof only if you didn't order the DVD package. If you ordered the DVD you would've had to get aftermarket.
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    Thanks all for the salutes, it bas been a pleasure to serve the past 9 years. And Mike, I was actually deployed to New York Harbor for 9/11 (US Coast Guard)so I can share the same sentiment.
    Interesting point on the screen issue... After some research, it would appear that the sunshade, is in fact not a shade at all. Seems GM intended it to be a screen, functioning much like the screens in out houses. So, wanting to test my newest hypothesis, I opened my sunroof in the light rain, and was quite pleased to find that I didn't feel a drop. Now, I wouldn't suggest the same in a downpour, but you get the idea. It filters out debris and moisture, yet allows normal airflow, and as we ALL know, plenty of light.
    I am going to verify this with some GM folks I know, but I think Im on to their method behind their madness. And yes, even I plan to tint the sunroof darker, along with the rest of my windows! Thanks for a good debate. JH
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hmm perhaps it will keep bugs out if one were to camp in their truck?

    Speaking of NY Harbor, I'm looking out at it right now. Statue of Liberty on my right and the Brooklyn bridge on my left! Thanks again!

  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Duct tape works very well and it is cheap. Never had a complaint with it.
  • So, let me make sure I understand...the new '07 body style extended cab Silverado DOES have a shade that blocks the sun and the old body style have the "screen" that doesn't block the sun? Just wanting to make sure since I'm wanting to order a truck with the Sunroof, but will pass on it if I can't close it off to the sun when necessary.
  • I would first suggest that you physically go check with your dealer to see if the new 07-1/2' (new body style) sunroof on an extend cab is of the mesh screen variety. If so, please be sure to take it for a test drive on a bright sunny day to make sure it's going to work for you. All I know is on the 07' (before the body style change) on the crewcab model, it has the mesh sunscreen and it's diffuses maybe 25% (at best) of the sun coming in though it.
    I would suggest that if your new truck does in fact have the "mesh" sunscreen, make it part of the deal/contract that the dealer replace it with an opaque vinyl material so as to make it effective. That was an option I was thinking about to do on my own, but it would have cost me about $500 out of my pocket.
    The only reason I wound up with the sunroof in the first place is because I was told I could not get the "home-link" package. This is the overhead console with the lights and the buttons which you can then program to operate your garage door remote, your gate openers etc. That was a feature that I've had on several Tahoe’s now and thought I couldn't do without.
    Bottom line make sure you go physically check the sunroof "mesh" screen out and see for yourself if it works for you. Good luck!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Wait a minute!

    All along we have been talking about the "Classic" 07 truck? There is a ton of time I've spent reading this thread that I'll never get back, not realizing it was the "Classic" 07 we were talking about! Jeezzzzzzz

  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    For the record, I have the NEW body style, extended cab Silverado, NOT the Silverado classic. I Still love my mesh screen, especially now that its mosquito season!
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    If you want a sunshade, and NOT a screen, you have to order the 4-door cab model. This allows enough overhead room for them to install the flat/solid shade.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Oh good, I thought I had lost all that time discussing the "classic" model.

    So the screen for clarification is only on the extended cab, the Crew-cab has the traditional cover?

  • I thought it was pretty clear that I was talking about the 07' (Classic, the one before the body change) "CREW CAB" when I started this discussion about the “mesh sunscreen”. I didn't look at the extended cab model and so I can't vouch for anything on it. If jhansen27 has the 07½ (new body style) "EXTENDED CAB" and it too has the "mesh" roll-up type sunscreen (aka mosquito screen), then apparently Chevrolet has them in both the crew cab and the extended cab models of the Silverado’s still.

    I like the earlier posting about using duct tape on the sunroof, I think he's on to something since the grey color of the duct tape would blend in pretty good with my head liner color. I should have thought of that before spending the $100 on the upholstery shop “fix”. Oh well!

    I would just advise anyone who is remotely thinking about purchasing a 06’, 07 or 07½ crew cab or extended cab Chevrolet to thoroughly check out the sunroof and the mesh sunscreen. The service manager at my dealership, told me that he has had several complaints about the “mesh” sunscreen at their small dealership. But Chevrolet told him and me that they weren’t going to do anything about the sunscreen at this time. That is my only gripe about the Silverado, other than that, it’s been a great truck.
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    I looked at two NEW body style 07 trucks when I made my purchase. The 07 Texas Edition, that I currently own, and the 07 LTZ model. The LTZ, included a different style dash with a full touchscreen navigation system, and woodgrain trim. It also had a solid flat pull-out sun shade, and no screen. The LTZ had been on the lot much longer than my truck, mine was manufactured in Feb 07. Hope this clears up any questions. JH
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yeah the LTZ and SLT packages use the interior of the Yukon/Escalade/Tahoe rather than the Pickup interior. That is probably why they get the solid cover for the roof. Guess you gotta pay to play.

  • I'd love to go check out the trucks in person, but I'm in Korea until June and GM doesn't sell over here. So, it sounds like if I order an '07 NEW BODY SLE1 extended cab with a sunroof, I will get a mosquito screen and not a sunblock - right?
  • Are both of these models you mentioned either crew cab or extended cab models? Maybe I should also mention that my 07' classic crew cab also has the totally worthless DVD player (thrown in for those long road trips I guess). My truck wasn't ordered, so I had to sort of take it with the options it had on it (unless I wanted to wait for 2 months and order a new one). I wish I were closer to the Chevy dealer so I could go over and confirm every possibility of what truck combinations gets what "mosquito" screen and why if there is a difference. I may have to do that just to satisfy my own curiosity, if I do I will certainly post it here.
    You may want to wait until you get back in the states before ordering a new Chevy, unless you can get that information on line somehow to avoid the "mosquito" screen problem. Good luck!
  • nascar57nascar57 Posts: 47
    I just received my 2007 Silverado LT1 Crew Cab about a month ago. I ordered it with a sunroof. The sunroof in my pickup has the solid shield that can be pulled out to entirely block the sun from coming in the cab. I have not seen a roof on an extended cab yet, so cant say for sure. But my pickup also does NOT have the LTZ/Suburban like dash, it has the pickup dash and there is no mesh screen at all. Very awesome option!!
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    I think Mike cleared it up for everyone. The LTZ and SLT packages have the solid shade (as found in the Yukon/Tahoe). Looks like everything else will get the "Standard" screen if you have a sunroof. A little 5% limo tint does the trick quite nicely. You can still open the glass if you want bright, as well as getting the benefit of a screen. I think GM's only fault was not making it clear what the actual purpose of the screen was.
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    You are correct, you will get the screen. Its not so bad, see my above post.. J~
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well I feel we have accomplished something here at least. My time has not been wasted! It also makes sense that the up-scale versions get something for their cash :)

  • Thanks for all the input. I'm officially no longer confused! Looks like a quick trip to a window tinter is in store for me once I take delivery.
  • I just wanted to clear up a few things concerning the “mosquito” screen. I went over to my Chevy dealer and found out some interesting things about the sunscreen. Apparently they started with the roll-up “mesh sunscreen” on the 06 year models and continued it on the 07 Silverado classic models (before the new body changes). With the new body style (they're now just called the Silverado) they apparently totally resigned and redid the support members of the roof and were able to move them back far enough to allow them to go back to a solid sliding sunscreen. So for the 07 Silverado’s you will get a solid sliding sunscreen on both the extended or crew cabs. They also changed the naming convention for the different packages and the LTZ is the old LT3 package. For some reason the LT1 and LT2 packages didn’t change their names. Someone mentioned a 07 Texas Edition has the solid sunscreen and apparently that is a custom aftermarket package that various areas do. We have a Northwest Edition and also a Remington Edition around here. And yes the 07 Silverado will come with the solid sunscreen even in the Northwest Edition!

    So if you have a 06 or 07 Silverado Classic your sunroof will have the roll-up type “mosquito” screen. The options for making it opaque and actually blocking some or all of the sun are to:
    1. Wear dark glasses and a big brim hat and ignore it while driving.
    2. Put duck tape over the inside of the glass.
    3. Have your sunroof glass tinted.
    4. Have something made to put in between the screen and the glass to block the sun.

    I hope this clears “everything” up about the Silverado Classic sunscreen questions. :shades:
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    Actually, no, you are incorrect. I OWN the LT2 Texas Edition NEW body style, and it has the screen, NOT the solid shade. There were other NEW body style Silverados on the lot (LT1, etc) with screens as well, the only one that had the solid shade on this lot was the LTZ model as I previously described. Be careful as not to mislead potential buyers. Again, I OWN and test drove these trucks. All in all, my best advice for people is to go look for yourselves.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    Sooo much confusion....makes you want to buy a Tundra......
  • I'm curious, is your LT2 Texas Edition either an extend cab or a crew cab model? I'm beginning to suspect that it's neither and thus the possibility of having the "roll-up" type of a screen. And I should have made a disclaimer in my last post that it is based upon information I gathered from my salesman and the sales manager at my local dealer here in Oregon. I did physically look at a LTZ crew cab and it definitely had a solid sunscreen. I also suppose there is the possibility that different regions get slightly different versions of the same model. So I totally agree with you, the best advice is to go look for yourself in your region!
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    My truck is as follows: 2007 NEW body style, LT2, Texas Edition, Extended Cab (with 1/2 doors). Leather interior, power sunroof w/screen, power sliding rear window, all power options, HomeLink, ONSTAR/BOSE audio (w/center console), performance suspension, 20" wheels, and towing package. Color is Black on Black w/chrome bumpers. (Its basicly the LTZ, but without the navigation system, and Tahoe dash.)
  • Well, I guess I will find out for myself in June when I take delivery of my 1LT Ext Cab w/sunroof. I placed the order this past Saturday. I doubt I will be disappointed.
    Thanks all..
  • guardian03guardian03 Posts: 12
    ">Found this picture of the sunroof on of an extended cab Silverado's sunroof.
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