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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Exterior and Body



  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    For the record, I have the NEW body style, extended cab Silverado, NOT the Silverado classic. I Still love my mesh screen, especially now that its mosquito season!
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    If you want a sunshade, and NOT a screen, you have to order the 4-door cab model. This allows enough overhead room for them to install the flat/solid shade.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Oh good, I thought I had lost all that time discussing the "classic" model.

    So the screen for clarification is only on the extended cab, the Crew-cab has the traditional cover?

  • I thought it was pretty clear that I was talking about the 07' (Classic, the one before the body change) "CREW CAB" when I started this discussion about the “mesh sunscreen”. I didn't look at the extended cab model and so I can't vouch for anything on it. If jhansen27 has the 07½ (new body style) "EXTENDED CAB" and it too has the "mesh" roll-up type sunscreen (aka mosquito screen), then apparently Chevrolet has them in both the crew cab and the extended cab models of the Silverado’s still.

    I like the earlier posting about using duct tape on the sunroof, I think he's on to something since the grey color of the duct tape would blend in pretty good with my head liner color. I should have thought of that before spending the $100 on the upholstery shop “fix”. Oh well!

    I would just advise anyone who is remotely thinking about purchasing a 06’, 07 or 07½ crew cab or extended cab Chevrolet to thoroughly check out the sunroof and the mesh sunscreen. The service manager at my dealership, told me that he has had several complaints about the “mesh” sunscreen at their small dealership. But Chevrolet told him and me that they weren’t going to do anything about the sunscreen at this time. That is my only gripe about the Silverado, other than that, it’s been a great truck.
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    I looked at two NEW body style 07 trucks when I made my purchase. The 07 Texas Edition, that I currently own, and the 07 LTZ model. The LTZ, included a different style dash with a full touchscreen navigation system, and woodgrain trim. It also had a solid flat pull-out sun shade, and no screen. The LTZ had been on the lot much longer than my truck, mine was manufactured in Feb 07. Hope this clears up any questions. JH
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yeah the LTZ and SLT packages use the interior of the Yukon/Escalade/Tahoe rather than the Pickup interior. That is probably why they get the solid cover for the roof. Guess you gotta pay to play.

  • I'd love to go check out the trucks in person, but I'm in Korea until June and GM doesn't sell over here. So, it sounds like if I order an '07 NEW BODY SLE1 extended cab with a sunroof, I will get a mosquito screen and not a sunblock - right?
  • Are both of these models you mentioned either crew cab or extended cab models? Maybe I should also mention that my 07' classic crew cab also has the totally worthless DVD player (thrown in for those long road trips I guess). My truck wasn't ordered, so I had to sort of take it with the options it had on it (unless I wanted to wait for 2 months and order a new one). I wish I were closer to the Chevy dealer so I could go over and confirm every possibility of what truck combinations gets what "mosquito" screen and why if there is a difference. I may have to do that just to satisfy my own curiosity, if I do I will certainly post it here.
    You may want to wait until you get back in the states before ordering a new Chevy, unless you can get that information on line somehow to avoid the "mosquito" screen problem. Good luck!
  • nascar57nascar57 Posts: 47
    I just received my 2007 Silverado LT1 Crew Cab about a month ago. I ordered it with a sunroof. The sunroof in my pickup has the solid shield that can be pulled out to entirely block the sun from coming in the cab. I have not seen a roof on an extended cab yet, so cant say for sure. But my pickup also does NOT have the LTZ/Suburban like dash, it has the pickup dash and there is no mesh screen at all. Very awesome option!!
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    I think Mike cleared it up for everyone. The LTZ and SLT packages have the solid shade (as found in the Yukon/Tahoe). Looks like everything else will get the "Standard" screen if you have a sunroof. A little 5% limo tint does the trick quite nicely. You can still open the glass if you want bright, as well as getting the benefit of a screen. I think GM's only fault was not making it clear what the actual purpose of the screen was.
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    You are correct, you will get the screen. Its not so bad, see my above post.. J~
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well I feel we have accomplished something here at least. My time has not been wasted! It also makes sense that the up-scale versions get something for their cash :)

  • Thanks for all the input. I'm officially no longer confused! Looks like a quick trip to a window tinter is in store for me once I take delivery.
  • I just wanted to clear up a few things concerning the “mosquito” screen. I went over to my Chevy dealer and found out some interesting things about the sunscreen. Apparently they started with the roll-up “mesh sunscreen” on the 06 year models and continued it on the 07 Silverado classic models (before the new body changes). With the new body style (they're now just called the Silverado) they apparently totally resigned and redid the support members of the roof and were able to move them back far enough to allow them to go back to a solid sliding sunscreen. So for the 07 Silverado’s you will get a solid sliding sunscreen on both the extended or crew cabs. They also changed the naming convention for the different packages and the LTZ is the old LT3 package. For some reason the LT1 and LT2 packages didn’t change their names. Someone mentioned a 07 Texas Edition has the solid sunscreen and apparently that is a custom aftermarket package that various areas do. We have a Northwest Edition and also a Remington Edition around here. And yes the 07 Silverado will come with the solid sunscreen even in the Northwest Edition!

    So if you have a 06 or 07 Silverado Classic your sunroof will have the roll-up type “mosquito” screen. The options for making it opaque and actually blocking some or all of the sun are to:
    1. Wear dark glasses and a big brim hat and ignore it while driving.
    2. Put duck tape over the inside of the glass.
    3. Have your sunroof glass tinted.
    4. Have something made to put in between the screen and the glass to block the sun.

    I hope this clears “everything” up about the Silverado Classic sunscreen questions. :shades:
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    Actually, no, you are incorrect. I OWN the LT2 Texas Edition NEW body style, and it has the screen, NOT the solid shade. There were other NEW body style Silverados on the lot (LT1, etc) with screens as well, the only one that had the solid shade on this lot was the LTZ model as I previously described. Be careful as not to mislead potential buyers. Again, I OWN and test drove these trucks. All in all, my best advice for people is to go look for yourselves.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Sooo much confusion....makes you want to buy a Tundra......
  • I'm curious, is your LT2 Texas Edition either an extend cab or a crew cab model? I'm beginning to suspect that it's neither and thus the possibility of having the "roll-up" type of a screen. And I should have made a disclaimer in my last post that it is based upon information I gathered from my salesman and the sales manager at my local dealer here in Oregon. I did physically look at a LTZ crew cab and it definitely had a solid sunscreen. I also suppose there is the possibility that different regions get slightly different versions of the same model. So I totally agree with you, the best advice is to go look for yourself in your region!
  • jhansen27jhansen27 Posts: 10
    My truck is as follows: 2007 NEW body style, LT2, Texas Edition, Extended Cab (with 1/2 doors). Leather interior, power sunroof w/screen, power sliding rear window, all power options, HomeLink, ONSTAR/BOSE audio (w/center console), performance suspension, 20" wheels, and towing package. Color is Black on Black w/chrome bumpers. (Its basicly the LTZ, but without the navigation system, and Tahoe dash.)
  • Well, I guess I will find out for myself in June when I take delivery of my 1LT Ext Cab w/sunroof. I placed the order this past Saturday. I doubt I will be disappointed.
    Thanks all..
  • guardian03guardian03 Posts: 12
    ">Found this picture of the sunroof on of an extended cab Silverado's sunroof.
  • I really don't think it's that big of a deal to be honest with you. I just had my window tint place put 15% on the sunroof so it took care of the problem in my book. I can understand where you are coming from in this post, but it doesn't really bother me that bad. To be honest with you, I kind of like the mesh shade, but that's just my opinion of course. I love the truck BTW.
  • I have recently imported into New Zealand a Silverado 3500HD dually and have had the misfortune to scrape and broken a small piece of the fender which is of course plastic. I would like to repair this myself as it is not a major job and thought that I could stitch the broken bit by using a soldering iron but it seems the plastic is too hard and does not melt enough to stick together.Is there any specific glue for this job?
    Once the broken bit is joined it would then be a simple matter to use some filler to produce a paintable finish.
  • jkmenojkmeno Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me how to get my tailgate down? I think it is catching on the right side of my tailgate. Also, is there any aftermarket parts I can buy for my tailgate. This is the 3rd time this has happened and my warranty is expired so I am not taking it to the dealer again. Thanks.
  • I have a 1995 shortbed stepside chevy truck. The latch on the tailgate doesn't work I have to use a wrench to open the tailgate. I have looked and I can't find a tailgate to fit my truck does anyone know how to fix the latch or does anyone know where I can get a new tailgate?
  • I'm sure Chevy will sell you a new one but it'll probably cost a grand. Suggest you try auto salvage yards. You may have to get it painted to match your truck color. May also be able to get the latch parts from salvage, much cheaper than entire tailgate. Good luck.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    What is catching? the latch? a bent hinge?
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