Looking for feedback. Starting the research now for a new luxury performance compact SUV.

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What I am looking for:

- Decent performance - both acceleration and handling
- New tech - yeah, I like the big infotainment screens, ambient lighting and unneeded gadgets!
- Comfort / luxury - panoramic sunroof, power seats, cooled seats, etc... not all deal killers, but the more the better.

The options I have right now that I like are as follows:

1) 2019+ Porsche Macan - This would ore than likely have to be a base model with Performance Plus options, but I may be able to find a 2019 S model within my budget also.

2) M-B GLC AMG 43 - This car has pretty much everything I need, but used versions are right around or slightly over my budget.

3) Wait for 2023 GLC (not AMG) - Performance would be lacking compared to other options, but this is a new version of the GLC with new large central touch screen / new tech.

4) 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio - Getting a slight face lift and likely a new infotainment system and larger screen. Stelvio's meet the performance Id like but the tech was painfully lacking.

5) New M-B GLB AMG 35. Boxy little SUV with good performance and looks (IMHO).

6) 2018 or older Porsche Macan GTS or Turbo - would be lacking in tech but performance will be incredible!

7) Genesis GV70 3.5T - Not sure now much I like these yet. I need to drive one, but the reviews they are getting are stellar and I think it may be worth exploring.

I'm not a BMW or Audi fan - just personal preference, but other options might be considered.


  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 49,675
    the Genesis is very nice. Don't snooze on the 4 cyl turbo on that either.

    and put an RDX on your list. Should fit all your wishes.

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  • MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 233,780
    I test drove the GV70 2.5T a few weeks ago. They are nice vehicles. A friend of mine went with me, who owned a Macan for a short time. He liked the Genesis a lot.

    Lots of tech, and 300HP from the 4-cyl engine is not too shabby.

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  • jacothedogjacothedog Member Posts: 3
    stickguy said:

    and put an RDX on your list. Should fit all your wishes.

    My current car is a '19 RDX SH-AWD Tech package - just doesn't do it for me.
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    You might be surprised at how well the new CX-50 with the turbo motor fits all your needs (the 'Turbo Premium Plus' trim).
  • jacothedogjacothedog Member Posts: 3
    texases said:

    You might be surprised at how well the new CX-50 with the turbo motor fits all your needs (the 'Turbo Premium Plus' trim).

    Good value for the money, but not comparable to the cars I listed above.

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    A Porsche, definitely; I like the Stelvio but I'd probably pass due to my concerns about Alfa's long term viability in the US market. The Jags are pretty but too pokey for my tastes.

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    I am going to be a little biased because I love Porsches, but for CUVs the Macan is incredible especially if you get your hands on a GTS model. Porsches are generally lacking in technology and that is something the company is changing in the newer age, but if performance is your main go to then Porsche all day.
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