Are these tires properly mounted?

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I recently replaced had two tires replaced on my wife’s 2006 Toyota Corolla. She complained that they looked a little flat. The air pressure seems okay, 30 psi, but they do seem to bulge at the bottom. They also seem a bit further back on the rim then previous tires we have had. I can see maybe a pencil’s width where before it was maybe half that. Does anything look like a concern? Thanks!


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    Sorry, I was tied up on something else. Besides, this will now be the third time I've answered this question (other websites!) and the only reason I am posting here is in case someone else needs the answer to this question. So here goes.

    Those tires are properly seated. What you are looking at is the difference in lower sidewall shape between 2 different brands.

    Besides, there is enough force due to the inflation pressure, that even a little bit of driving will cause the beads to fully seat.
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