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How to extend the life of my Trooper?

gator4evergator4ever Member Posts: 4
I sure am glad that I found this site. I need some advice and the way I figure who else but those among us that own and love Troopers.

Here is my situation: I own a 2001 3.5L 4x4, that now has 215,000 miles on it, I have gone trough 4 sets of tires, and 3 tranny fluid changes, one tune up plugs etc, 1 set of shock absorbers,1 serpentine belt, pcv vlaves,one water pump, I used Mobil 10w30 full synthetic oil, K&N Air fileters and K&N oil filters, and that is ALL.

I have never been back to the dealer and dont plan on it either.

I plan on keeping this Trooper for ever. Even if it means replacing the engine, tranny etc.

Can anyone give my some advice on something that I need to change that I may have missed?

Should I do another tune up? My mechanic keeps telling me to wait for the truck to start running rough or idling rough???

thanks to all


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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Above all, keep those fluids fresh and clean! Beyond that, stick to all of the factory recommendations such as maintenance of the cooling system and check all hoses and connections (brake lines etc.)

    At 215,000 miles it sounds like you're doing a lot of things right - way to go!

    tidester, host
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    boxtrooperboxtrooper Member Posts: 843
    Your timing belt is scheduled to be changed every 100K miles, I expect that if you changed your water pump you probably did the timing belt at the same time. At 215K you should be on your thrid timing belt.
    Have you changed the timing belt tensioner? I usually change the timing belt tensioner and water pump with the new timing belt. I am due foe my first timing belt replacement on my 2001 Trooper and if your tensioner has gone all 215K I think I might re-use my same one. Thank You BoxTrooper
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    gator4evergator4ever Member Posts: 4
    Thanks to both of you for your replies. I will ask my mech to change the tensioner.
    I am also changing the shock absorbers, timing belt, water pump, hoses, serpentine belt, cleaning the fuel injectors, flushing the radiator. And others if needed.

    What is your opinion on the tranny? Do you flush it and change the fluids?
    Differentials? mine is 4x4.

    I ALMOST sold my Trooper last week. Because I thought that I had to have a new pick up. My mechanic talked me out of it. I am glad that he did. I just hope that I can replace the engine when the time comes without to much hassle?
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    luvmytrooper01luvmytrooper01 Member Posts: 2
    I need major help with my Isuzu Trooper 01'. Like most girls we pretty much dont know anything about cars, and i am one of them. I took my car for an oil change and they advised me to change my air filter (im @ 51k miles). So i agreed. They charged me about $100 for everything. Well now...its leaking fluid. My guy cousin told me it looks like transmission fluid. OH and when i was driving, it sort of jolted forward, like the rpm went from 1 to 4 just suddenly. i have no idea what to do or what this means. Guys, i will really appreciate any help. i love my trooper.
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    paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Sounds like your transmission is slipping. Unrelated to the oil change or air filter. :(

    Get the fluid changed and flushed ASAP and hopefully it's just low fluid.

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    luvmytrooper01luvmytrooper01 Member Posts: 2
    Would that have been noticed while they were changing my oil and air filter? It was running perfectly until Sunday when I got those things done. The following day I noticed some leakage but didn't think nothing of it. My cousin's friend took a look at it and he said there's a crack in the transmission which is causing the transmission oil to leak :cry: this sucks because i had just planned a Vegas trip with sum friends. Are there any other suggestions or alternatives I can try? :confuse:
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    paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    What makes them think it's cracked?

    The only other possibility would be they drained the trans by accident, and didn't refill it completely.

    I would bring it to a different shop and have them check and refill the trans, perhaps even a dealer.

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    dsongcodsongco Member Posts: 1
    check your fluid level and should be on right level. check your manual maintenance. ;)
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    utfanutfan Member Posts: 4
    I've got about 229,000 miles on my '94 Trooper. I've just replaced most of the cooling system parts and just recently replaced the Timing Belts. However the tensioners weren't done... I wasn't asked... geez! Anyway... Replace ALL fluids yearly, with the exception of oil, done at 7 - 10k. All fluids should be Synthetic grade, with "Better than Average" filters. The cheaper the filter the sooner you change it.

    I'm getting about 18mpg average consumption. Better on the highway.
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    5dennis55dennis5 Member Posts: 5
    After 40 years in the auto industry, "IF IT ISN"T BROKE, DON'T TRY TO FIX IT !!!"..
    More people spend countless $$ working on things that aren't broken + make their auto parts shop or mechanics fat + rich beyond belief... I KNOW FIRST HAND..
    I worked on BMC, British Motor Cars, + never made more $$ than there..
    Go take a class at the local Community Collage + learn how to fix it yourself..
    That makes more sense than throwing $$ at another guy to fix stuff you can handle if you have the product knowledge.. Learn them + then you can be a pro like the folks who monitor this site... Right guys ??
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    joeisuzu2joeisuzu2 Member Posts: 1
    Isuzu is a wonderful company I had 94 rodeo as my first car, drove it about 65000 with out changing the oil. I was 16 and lesson learned, still that is a testament to how good they are. 2nd was a 92 pickup with the 2.3 l carbuerated (the last carburetor put in a production car in the u.s.a.) I installed satelites and delivered pizza in it for 7 years. Put like 400 miles a day on it, hard miles with 500 of tools and supplies in the back. At 625000 miles a drunk driver put izzy in a grave, it was a very sad time for me, I loved that truck, maybe not as much as my son, but sertainly as much as my dog, and I really love my dog, made him a custome safety harness for when he rides with me. Now I have a 01 trooper 4x4. The truck I had tuned up mpgs and it got about 35 doing 60 on I-75, the trooper only gets 18 on a good day but new job so not as much driving. I have a problem with my 4x4 check light flashing I've done some research and believe its 2 speed sponsors on the front end haven't located them yet but will update. Oil changes mean everything, this truck burns oil and doesn't like to run low so check it often. Make it your Sunday ritual. Gator4ever you can use the rag you cry into on Saturday(go dawgs). Check your fluids regularly to keep em toped off and you should be ok.
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