Best Way To Approach Early Lease Termination

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I helped my elderly mother buy a 2021 Tucson Value Edition AWD in June 2021. She has decided to stop driving. She leased it for 36 mo,15k miles/yr. Has 22 payments left.

Thoughts: — I need a new car & have the money to buy hers out of the lease outright, but I really want a larger car like a Santa Fe. I’d rather not have to buy her car and then sell it. I’m not happy that the 100k warranty is reduced after the original owner. That was NEVER disclosed.
— I assume we can pay off the remaining 22 payments plus any early term fees & the $400 Turn-In Fee (boo!) and walk away… but since the car is worth A WHOLE LOT more now than the residual value, is there any money coming our way?
— I did the Edmunds appraisal and got a CarMax offer of $27,400, but I don’t understand which of the Edmunds numbers I should consider to be the value of my car. It would be helpful to know what HYUNDAI FINANCE will basing the current value of the car on.

Suggestions on how to approach this early lease term are appreciated. I apologize for the length.
2021 Hyundai Tucson Value Edition AWD
Stellar Silver w/ Gray Interior
21,000 mi
Carpet Floor Mats
Cargo Área Carpet Mat
Rear Cargo Cover
Door Edge Film
Premiere Defense Sealant

Payments $277/mo
22 left = $6,093
RV= $15,867.60
Buyout $23,209.73 until 7/23
Purchase Fee- $300
Turn-In Fee - $400


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    1) Call the bank to find out the current buyout number (also, ask if this includes sales tax). Do not assume it is the residual plus the remaining payments
    2) Ensure that Carmax can actually buyout a Hyundai lease directly from the bank.
    3) If the answers to 1) and 2) are satisfactory, have Carmax buy your mother's car, directly from the bank, giving her a check for the balance.

    Hyundai finance isn't involved in determining present value of the vehicle.

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    Thanks a bunch!

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