2002 Lincoln Blackwood (luxury crewcab)

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for four years....what an embarassment. They should also change the name since wood will no longer be used on the sides or in the bed like it was supposed to. Repair costs would be too high.


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    bed to short to haul sheetrock or plywood, better
    to customize F150/250 long bed with Navigator front end. LOVE THAT FRONT END THOUGH....
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    it's still a damned Ferd.
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    to be beautiful...to each his/her own I guess. ;)
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    with the solid cover, twin doors for a tailgate and lighted bed was a neat idea, saw the show truck. How much of that will make it into production?
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    For ONCE I'll agree.....well almost. LOL!!

    I LOVE the truck, I also LOVE the Navigator. That DOHC, 32 valve 5.4 screams almost like my Cobra motor(and your Mark VIII motor, oby.)

    Where I'll disagree is with your plywood/sheetrock comment. Unless those tailgate doors don't swing down you'll have about 2 1/2' of material hanging out the back as opposed to 1 1/4' with a regular short bed. No big deal.
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    Another truck geared towards a market full of people who would probably rather haul lumber home from home depot on their own backs than scratch up their bed. Seems to me like Lincoln is asking a question nobody really answered: Who will build an expensive, overly complex, gimmicky pseudo- picjup truck with just about all the utility sucked out of it and then charge a premium for a Luxury nameplate? I can't even see how it will be moderately useful in truck-like applications, considering its whopping 7.6 inches of ground clearance. It's not even possible to add a bed extendor, meaning the bed will be forecer limited to what, 5.5 feet?
    And there's so much attention payed to the styling of the inside of the bed that I bet noone will want to ding it with heavy cargo. It's a navigator with the top of the cargo bay sliced off, and if it succeeds it's one piece of evidence that goes to show car buyers tend to have more money than sense.
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    DRywall I hauled last week in my shortbed Chevy was about 4 inches INSIDE the tailgate edge...(down of course).....so what's that?...a foot or more hanging out of the actual opening?

    Swammee says you will never see hauling done with one of these anyway.

    - Tim
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    The following is not for the faint of heart, wimps, KABOYS, wussies, sissies, non-athletic types, candy [non-permissible content removed] office workers with dainty fingers that do not work out or exercise,
    or anyone afraid to get dust/dirt in bed, for the
    true truck person (like me), items to put in truck to go trucking around or trucking off are:
    cement bags, manure, miniture golf clubs, picnic
    basket, boxing gloves, tool box with switch blades, brass nuckles, ninja stars, pup-tent,
    flares for the AAA towing people to see,
    spare laundry cord so a Chevy can pull you and
    the Dodge next to you out of the mud/sand/puddle of water....etc

    "SISSIES DRIVE CARS" bumper sticker on my
    ole '80 GMC HEAVY HALF pickup of years past...
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    In response to more money than sense. Some people are in business for themselves. They have employees who do " the dirty work". The owners sometimes need a vehicle to take small to medium sized items to a jobsite. The also need a vehicle to schmooze the customers in. Hard to do in a well worn work truck. Why not buy, insure and license only one vehicle instead of two. ( A work truck AND a nice car). A realtor could do their job in a '79 Country Squire. Not a real sign of success. Thats why they drive thier Lexus' and MB's. Would I consider this a work truck? More of a 1/2 ton Town Car with a bed. It would serve somebody's purpose.
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    A contractor wanting to impress future clients may do well driving them around in such a vehicle versus driving them in a Lexus, MB...the Blackwood
    would be an extension of his success....
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    I was basing the #'s on the bed size, forgetting about the tailgate being down. With that said I'd guess if you were inside 6" with a 6 3/4' bed with tailgate open you'd be hanging over about 9" with the Super Crew style bed. No big deal.

    I don't know, maybe I'm getting Amora er.. I mean old! LOL!! It's one thing not to like Luxo barges and I still don't care for them but when Ford AND GM start putting 300 horsepower plus motors AND Lincoln and Cadillac interiors in vehicles that can do a fair amount of hauling(8000 lbs towing) I sort of want one. I really think the Super Duty is great but after sitting in a Navigator it felt a little spartan. My wife did make the comment that we'd thrash the leather after boating. Neoprene seat covers I guess!
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    as the truck of choice here in the Detroit area amongst...The Detroiters!

    - Tim
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    I'd guarantee you I'd haul s^!t in a Blackwood. Heck, when the wife was joy riding in the truck I needed some sand for sand blasting some Bronco parts. 2 80# bags of silica fit in the Cobra trunk! People thought I was from East L.A.!!

    Oh Yeah, I just got back from the gym and I want one!!
    Navigators, Escalades, Blackwoods may not be for everyone but I think they're cool!
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    Buy yourself some wet okoles....should do just fine and in assorted colors. and yes, you are getting old...LOL!! Do you know what wet okoles mean?
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    Have the samples from wet okoles. I'm about to pull the trigger for a set for the Cobra...God I hate leather.

    What does wet okoles mean?

    My guess is something to do with Huevos!!!???
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    an Island term.....??

    Last time I was there the locals could be pretty wierd!


    - Tim
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    means bottom.... but when used with a certain expression, most of the time it means

    a horse's ***
    a jack***
    an ***hole
    *** = okole

    So if ever in the islands and someone calls you that....well now you know...LOL!!
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    from the Islands just did!

    - Tim
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    Some posts have been hidden because they are off topic. For the benefit of those that are here to discuss the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood, lets please continue with this subject. Thanks. ;-)

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    being that it's the year 2000 and the truck is a 2002 model....
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    I you desire to drive this elegant and very
    beautiful looking wanna be sports truck in ELA
    change steering wheel to chain type, add fur covering to rear view mirror, neon lighting to
    fender wells, replace with DAYTON wire wheels,
    replace the hot sticky leather interior with red
    velvet uphostery, add the velvet dingle berry
    hanging balls about the interior of cab and
    tint window black and you will fit in...
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    ...."First Gearrrrrr....second gearrrrrrrr!!"


    - Tim
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    You forgot about the hydralic suspension. How else can you go "bouncing" down the street...LMAO!!
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    hydraulic not hydralic
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    Oh YEEAAAHHH hydraulics should fit in the cavernous bed....how about fender skirts and
    baby moon hubcaps with 6" wide tires???
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    I get the feeling the people who actually use trucks for what they were designed to be used for are a bit more practical than that and probably would be reluctant to spend several thousand dollars more for a gussied up Supercrew. You all have my pledge right now: The foot will be in the mouth if anyone can find me pics of a Navigator hauling anything other than luggage and personal possessions.
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    drug money laying on side of freeway and there is
    enough to buy a Blackwood, I will surely without
    a shadow of a doubt haul items from Local home
    builder stores, lumber yards, xmas trees,
    nurseries, auto wrecking yards (to and fro),
    plus luggage from lady/guy friends that were
    thrown out on their ear by their ex-lovers in
    addition to hauling their small pieces of
    furniture..anything that would fit behind my
    Candy Apple green customized BLACKWOOD....
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    look great on the back to go along with those moon wheel covers...LOL!!
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    Trucks too nice, expensive, and fragile to do anything trucks would normally do are really cool
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    and neat too....
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    "and fragile to do anything....." That's a silly comment since it's basically an F-150 underneath.

    Your first 2 observations are a matter of opinion and ability to pay.

    The guy who owns KbarS here in Vegas(A local early Bronco shop) just bought a 2WD S-crew. He's going to make it a pre-runner. Obviously personal opinion but I think a Blackwood would be a very unique pre-runner.
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    My understanding of a Pre-runner is an OFF road
    vehicle with two wheel drive that pre-runs a
    desert race course. Then again aren't all
    desert off-road racers 2 wheel drive? IE the
    Toyota Tacoma TRD. This in my opinion is a
    formidible, very cabaple truck with large 10 x 31
    inch tires, mild lift and very user friendly on
    LA freeways. There was an opening for a Pro/E
    Mechanical Engineer at the TRD facility in So. Ca.
    Main requirement was BSME with heavy experience
    in NC programming to work in suspension design.

    Sounded very exciting and challenging, need to
    study NC Programming....Pre-runner Blackwood
    would indeed be unique..
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    BOSS 429 in it....
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    There are classes of desert racers that are 2wd or 4wd. You're correct, Pre runneres are used (in races that allow them) to go out on the race course to "scout" the trails. For tree hugger concessions some events don't allow pre running. They aren't really the actual race vehicle but still need to survive some nasty terrain.

    There is a company called Fab-Tech that makes race quality suspension pieces; A arms, coil overs, shock loops etc. for Ranger and F150's (and other trucks) that I'm sure would get the Blackwood hauling some [non-permissible content removed] off road. Add an ARB air locker(rear end)......I'm drooling.

    Oby, the Boss 9 is awesome. The Ford off road race teams use either a stroked 351 or the factory backed teams use the 5.4 DOHC, NOT UNLIKE THE BLACKWOOD MOTOR!!!!! Belting out close to 800 horsepower that has to last almost 2000 miles at race speeds(last months Baja was the Baja "2000")

    I must digress, however, I would have to wait for some shmuck to take the big hit for me and get a 2 year old or so Blackwood that I guess would be around the mid 20's.
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    .....it's still a phucking phord.
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    dual Holleys ala 1968 MUSTANG 500 Shelby, not the
    '66 with Shelby 289 and 271 HP with the many many carbs, ahhh HELL go with a blown 460 taken from
    one of the "BIG FOOT" monster trucks..yes that will do it. A "Big Foot" monster truck for your daily commute, i gauarantee you may not have to
    be stuck in stop n go on the 91 freeway or
    the 60 here in beautiful LOS ANGEGELES....is there
    any other place???

    returning to Blackwood topic immediately..

    obyone, Iam glad you agree 105%....re 428
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    or take the 460 from Starsky and Hutch's Gran
    Torino GT and put in Blackwood and add
    appropriate options/upgrades....
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    doesn't have factory air. A must in driving LA freeways...also hard to find gas for a truck with an alcohol motor....nitro methane may be easier...LOL!!
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    My point is that if I hire a house painter. He has to have a neat vehicle or I won't use him.
    If I hire a auto detailer, I want his truck to be REALLY nice. I want my customers to see my truck and know that my work is of the same caliber. I have a '99 Expedtion, fully loaded. I haul a 14' flat bed trailer with air conditioners on it 3 days a week. The other 2 days, I'm driving potential customers to my job sites to show them our work. I do this in my Expedition with leather seats. 1 vehicle, 2 different uses. All with NO bed. This Blackwood IS a specialty vehicle after all. It is not going to do EVERYTHING, but what it does do it will do it in style!

    phucking phord, chitty chevy. Same iron, different badge.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ..some customers may look at the truck and think..

    "hell...I am paying for this!...how much does he make?"

    - Tim
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    Cool post. I wish you hadn't responded to cornk0hb. I wanted to see how many times he'd say it before he got a response. Sort of like Stuart on MAD TV......."Look what I can do!"

    Amora, I grew up in Santa Clarita (Newhall) they filmed a lot of stuff around there; CHiP's, Dukes of Hazard and some scenes for Starsky and Hutch to name a few. I remember watching that Torino coming down the street(San Fernando Rd.) huffing away, not even being able to spin a tire!! I think it had a 351M motor(maybe 150 HP ?)and my Chevy friends were laughing their.........Those studio sound guys can make anything SOUND fast.
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    coolcontractor: I bet lots of scamming contractors count on people who go "wow, he drives a nice car, which means he makes money, which means he's in demand, which means he does good work." Could I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge If I took you to see it in a Lexus?

    modvptnl: if you think it's a silly comment that's your right. I'll rephrase it and say I
    would not pay over 50 large for an image vehicle and then dirty it up and dent it all over by putting it to work. Maybe ther are others who would, but not me. The F-150 is a pretty nice looking truck to begin with, I'd rather get one nicely optioned with nice looking rims than get one with that butt-ugly Navigator grill grafted on.
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    But I don't think customers expect you to show up in 'the Lexus of Pickups'. At least that's how I think. As long as my roofer/contractor/house painter shows up in a nicely maintained, late model work truck I am quite satisfied. Now it's the guy who drives up in rusted out '81 Ford Esquire station wagon with a trashbag for the rear window, expired tags, and the ladder rack on the roof that I get leary about. As for finding out whether he is qualified, I supposed rather than worry about what he's driving I'd do stupid little things like, Ohhh, Idonno, getting recommendations from trusted friends, checking with the better business bureau, etc... you know, doing my homework before figuring out how to spend my money rather than worrying about which one has the shiniest truck.
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    it's still a Ford...
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 645
    you're absolutely right. That's why I say you might as well just buy the Ford and save money.
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 645
    but i am not about to get embroiled in a Ford vs. 'whatever obyone drives' argument. Been there, done that.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    You still driving that ranger? And no I wasn't looking for an argument on the Ford vs. It was more like stating an opinion. Owned Lincolns before. They were one of the reasons I bought Nissan 300ZX, Maxima, Acura RL. But when searching for a full sized truck. Well, couldn't bring myself to buy a Toyota since they don't have one yet?
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    Considering you said 2 different things I'll agree with your latest comment. Not about beating up a 50k truck, about buying one in the first place.

    I have no qualms offroading my 30k truck or thrashing my 50k boat in rough water. My vehicles are meticulously maintained and I run them hard.

    I couldn't buy a 50k truck though. I'll wait for a few lease returns.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think the Lincoln grill looks cool.
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    The main thing that stands out to me on the Lincoln trucks is the DOHC 4 valve motors. I have a '97 Cobra(I beat on that too!!) and I really like they way they sound and feel. And the interior on the Navigators is a BIG difference over the regular Fords. I again agree that the new price may be too steep for me.

    I also remember that POS Lincoln Versailles(sp?) that was nothing more than a Granada with 300lbs. of sound deadening and rear disc brakes. I think the Lincoln trucks have a few things that you can't get on the Fords. Is it worth the price diff? Probably not but they are unique.
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    Remmingtons fit great on Ranger, speedo off only
    2 mph. Tires are tucked in wheelwells nicely and
    make truck handle much better. They had a treadwear rating of 400 and speed rated to 112 mph. Cheap too


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