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Mazda 5 idle shake

winniekingwinnieking Posts: 10
edited April 2014 in Mazda
Is a slight shake at idle normal for 2007 Mazda 5? I can feel it in park or in gear at stop light. Not sure whether to take it to the stealer. Also feel slight shimmy under my seat between 55 and 80 mph. Two wheel balances and it's still there. Everything else is great so I'm hesitant to make a stink.


  • I have had the same slight shake at idle. I spoke to the dealer and he had no idea. I just figure it is just poor electronics and injectors (just an fyi it goes away with 94 octane gas) and put it out of my mind. as for the shimmy there was a recall for selected cars regarding the engine mounts at about 55mph.
  • I'll try the 94 octane. Searched the threads and someone mentioned they replaced the ground wire to a heavier gauge and it fixed the problem. I'll give that a try this weekend and re-post. Engine mount recall? I'll have to look that one up. It may have much to do with the rough idle as well. Thanks for the post. It's kind of nice to hear "problems in common" so I don't feel like I'm going at it alone.
  • An ever so slight shake at idle only.

    Can you describe the shimmy you refer to.
    I'm not sure exactly what a shimmy is.
  • Basically the car shakes a bit between 50 and 80 mph. I called it a shimmy because it's not as if the steering wheel is shaking, but rather the entire vehicle under me. We have been driving a Toyota Highlander for two years which is smooth as silk at any speed. I would expect the same from Mazda.
  • Okay. I don't have the car shaking, perhaps
    it could be a front end alignment issues though
    that would appear as a vibration in the steering

    I do have your first problem where the car idles non-smoothly sometimes.
  • Two times today it gave a nasty little jutter while first accelerating from a stop light. A quick blip of the pedal brought it right back - felt like it would have stalled though. Could the car be idling too low? Is it even adjustable? I would think it's computer controlled. Anyway, pissed but thrilled with the car at the same time.
  • "Searched the threads and someone mentioned they replaced the ground wire to a heavier gauge and it fixed the problem. I'll give that a try this weekend and re-post."

    Did you try it?

    I found that it idles perfectly smoothly in park but
    in drive (with the brake on) there is a small shudder
    every now and then. Your situation sounds worse.
  • hey where is this link re the replace ground wire. which ground wire.
  • mazda5lover, "Mazda5 Owners: Problems & Solutions" #1064, 13 Jun 2006 2:55 am!keywords=allin%3Amsgtext%20limit%3A.ef90f58%20ground

    Try the link above. If no good, navigate to "Vans & Minivans" section of this forum, then "Mazda MX-Flexa/Mazda5", then look for thread 1064 through 1066.

    Have not had the time to try this - it's too darn cold!

    Good Luck
  • spicesevenspiceseven Posts: 1
    #My Madza 5 gave me the uneven dling at the lights, then died whe I tried to take off. I took it in but am not sure what was done. It had to do with a computer? :D
  • winniekingwinnieking Posts: 10
    Yeah, they re-flash the computer with a kind of software "update" which brings things like timing, advance, air fuel mixture, etc. back to tolerable levels. Stalling from a start is gone, but shake still there.
  • 8aa2ym8aa2ym Posts: 16
    If you have an Auto Tranny with torque converter lock (Overdrive), you can experience this rough idle. A dragging power steering pump or other accessory can also contribute.
  • pdatspdats Posts: 2
    Hi I recently purchased a Mazda 5 and am noticing this same problem, When the engine is cold it vibrates periodically (sometimes the vibration feels like a thumping almost) when the car is stopped and idling. I'm curious as to whether this is actually a problem worth taking in to the dealer ? Since there are some veteran Mazda5 owners here, I would appreciate a little help here.
  • When I first bought mine last year I also noticed this iddle shake. I asked my buddy that works for Mazda as a tech and he told me that it was totally normal operation on these 2.3L Mazda engines because of some sort of intake shutter valve that acts sort of like a choke on the older vehicles. Mine also had a broken right motor mount that was replaced under warranty and it certainly helped a lot. It seems to be a known problem because there is a TSB
  • I would take it to the dealer, as any other car it has some bugs, but this is a brand new car so should not do that (I own an 06 and 08, and they see all 4 seasons, never had an issue when on idle)
  • there was also a fix that several had felt removed the idle shake and that was the beefing up of the main engine grounding wire.
  • Where is the engine's main grounding point???

    The wire that is on the driver side inner fender structure is NOT the main grounding point for the engine, it is the grounding point for the battery.
  • pdatspdats Posts: 2
    Thanks for the input. I will take it in to the dealer and have them look at it. It will be due for its 3k oil change and service soon, so I'll hold out for another couple of weeks before taking it in. I'll also take this information about the engine mount and the grounding wire along because I guess I'm not totally sure how competent these folks are... :confuse:
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