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Pontiac Grand Prix Heater blower relay switch

perplexed3perplexed3 Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in Pontiac
I need to locate the heater blower relay switch.My heater only works on 5 and have been told it is prob the relay switch.Any ideas where it's located and where i can find a manual showing location??? thanks


  • The blower resistor/relay is located at the front of the blower unit which is on the passenger side by the firewall. It is a very awkward spot. Have you checked the 20 and 10 amp heater control fuses by the glove box to determine if you are getting power there? These are what actually controls speeds 1-4 and are fed from the ignition circuit. If you are having a problem with the daytime running lights also you might want to check out the earlier posts from late december where it details that most likely the ignition switch is causing the problem.
  • edpoedpo Posts: 1
    I have a really strange problem. I turn my heater fan on high(although fan speed doesn't really matter) When I am idling in problem. I start to drive and accelerate, the air flow thru my vents stops (although I can still hear the fan is on high)But if I ease off on the gas pedal....air flow comes back again. Step on the air flow....ease off air flow comes back. It's the strangest thing. I hope someone has an idea. :confuse:
  • hello, i have dont everything blower motor, fuses resistor. i still have only 5 speed lights go off 1-4. need help its cold here with heater not working right..
  • Check the fuses next to the glove box that are for the blower and heat control unit. If there is no power there then you have a problem in the ignition switch and will need to replace it. I just did this on my car and it fixed the problem with the Blower not working on speeds 1-4 and the DRL going off when the heat was turned on. A word of caution if you do replace the ignition switch yourself, when you disconnect the battery make sure you have the security code for your radio or you'll lock it out and will need to go to the dealer to reset it.
  • My 2001 Grand Prix's blower does not run on any of the 0-5 settings when I leave my 50 deg garage. It has been 0 to 5 degree ambient in the morning. After 10 min all switch settings work although setting 5 does not seem to be full power, but it's close. Leaving work (15 deg ambient) it comes on immediately and all the switch settings work. If I shut the car off it will not come on for 3-5 minutes. When the blower is running, it seems to decrease speed when I turn or slow down. This has been going on for a week.
  • I took the car to the dealer and they found water had leaked throught the cowling under the windshield onto the fan motor and the resistor board. The fan and board both had to be replaced & the leak was resealed.
  • i had all the same problems you have had.
    1. blower fan
    3.heating control assy.
    now i still have problems with only speed 5 after putting all that in. you would never guess what it is now.

    the ignition switch, not key put, the wiring part in the steering colume. that runing me 100.00 tommrow i will be putting that in. so to say i had all the same problem but after doing 1 thur 3 i had found that ignition switch is the problem when only 1-4 dont work and running lights go off. so keep eye on that because this sucks. i have been fixing cars myself for about 5 years. some isnt easy but trying to track the problem. i would have never guess ignition switch, that is what starts the heat in the first place. have a great time... christy
  • the blower and resister are behind the glove box. I just replaced both and had the whole thing apart. You actually don't need to take the glove box out to replace either. Just stick your head under the passenger side dash and you will see the blower. IMPORTANT NOTE: your motor and resister are probably bad because of a water leak. Check the water leak thread for help on that. I'm in the process of fixing that myself. Water Leak read #16.
  • :blush: Thanks I think that makes sense I have also had problems with ignition sticking and not being able to get key out maybe this is all related in some way Thanks. For now still working on 5 but I am sure it will stop again. :confuse:
  • when you turn it on 1-4 does running lights go off. after a while 5 will stop. you can get ignition switch (wires not key part) at advance auto. but there is 3mm 5/32 tools you will need couldnt find 3mm or 1/8 so taken 5/32 put pieace of paper in 5/32 to make it fit as 1/8. good luck with being a woman i can do you can. christy from PA
  • bollmanbollman Posts: 1
    I have a electrical problem with my Grand Prix 2002. I replaced the blower motor and resistor about 6 months ago do to the known water leak with the seal below the windshield.
    The problem now is when I turn on the blower motor switch the car lights do not work, the car monitor on the console doesn't work, the seat heater doesn't work, and you have to manual turn the headlights on for them to work.
    Does anyone have any suggestion's on what might be going on?

  • I'm having the exact same issue with my 97 Grand Prix. I posted it under "1997 climate control problem". Its the strangest damned thing and the only thing I can even think is that its a vacuum line leak or check valve on the line. :confuse: The only difference is my air flow goes from the vents to the floor. Something is making the blend door in the dash move when I hit the gas... I'll let you know if anybody gives me any other ideas. Let me know if anybody does the same for you. Good luck!
  • christy10christy10 Posts: 19
    I had the same problem, and it wasnt the blower motor or resistor, it was the ignition switch wires, that controls the main heating parts. There is Orange wire in the ignition switch that was going bad. I would change that before going into other things it might not be. My lights wouldnt work and i had to turn manuel on. so i have had everything wrong with heat . I change the ignition switch and now it works great.
  • tiklirtiklir Posts: 1
    My wife's radio/clock display is so dim it can only be seen with a flashlight...I also noticed the blower switch just below the radio only works on settings 4 and 5. The 1,2,3 settings do not work at all. Any ideas?
  • I am glad I found you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a 2000 GP GT with 79k on it.

    I have been experiencing all the problems regarding the water leak (for a year or so) and the problems with the blower fan/resister board/daytime running lights.

    I shared this information with my mechanic, who was working his thru the problems to this.

    He's going to finish today, with the help of this info, and hopefully be able to keep the bill down a little.

    My car has had one other "sporadic" issue. The car would occasionally stall, typically during SLOW, RIGHT turns. I'm hoping that may be ignition related as well.
  • Just heard from mechanic, ignition wiring was the problem!

    THANK YOU!!!!!
  • bwies3bwies3 Posts: 1
    So I'm having the same issue with my '02 GP (fan doesn't work on 1-3/running lights don't work). Will the ignition wire solve both these issues? My mechanic is persistent in wanting to replace the blower motor. Is that necessary? Any idea on cost to repair the ignition wiring?

    Thanks in advance for the response
  • The ignition wires solved all problems with running lights and fan on all speeds < 5. I did not need a blower motor. Have them do the ignition wires first, then see. I don't think the cost was too much, I don't have my receipt with me.

    I printed off some of the earlier postings on this and showed them to the mechanic. They were amazed at the solution, they never thought the ignition wires would cause fan/running light issues, go figure.

    Hope it turns out well for you!
  • I had a question regarding a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix. When my sister turns the fan switch on 1-4 dont work but five does. I heard that it is the relay switch. Also, her right window switch doesn't turn the window down and the radio display "freaks" out then returns to normal.

    Thank you, Jesse
  • christy10christy10 Posts: 19
    hay, i have the same problem with my 99 ,and if me a woman can fix it i'm sure you can, it isn't the relay or blower motor, it is ignition wiring , when you turn the car on and 1-3 doesnt work and makes running lights go off then it is that, it takes about 2 hours to fix it and about 100.00 in the part from advance auto, or might be more at other auto stores and you have to order it , it is not avaiable that day you go in , also they want a deposit also, it looks hard but really i did, my husband is happy that he married a woman that fixs cars. good luck email if you have and other question..
  • christy10christy10 Posts: 19
    hello, do you have any running lights and if they go off when you use 1-3 they it is the no relay switch is fine just change the ignition wires in steering column, because when you turn the key the wires send a signal to heater to work and if it is shorting out the it will short out other things, being a woman it took me 2 hours to change an about 100.00 in parts so i know that you can do it. good luck email me with other questions.
  • I was told that it was a relay switch, I would rather spend that to fix it than a 100 dollars.... does any one else have an opinion on this?

    Thank you; Jesse Cutler
  • what does being a woman have anything to do with it?
  • craig32craig32 Posts: 30
    When u say ignition wiring, can u be more specific (e.g., what 's the part name that you ordered)?
    Also, can u give a better idea what things (other parts) had to be removed to replace/instal this piece(s).
    Did you use any carbooks (which) to guide you/were u able to test the wiring w. a voltmeter, before u determined it was necc. to replace it?
  • fluxcapfluxcap Posts: 8
    Wow, I am so glad I found this site. This problem came up about 4 years ago. I searched and searched but could find nothing so I had the blower motor and resistor replaced with no luck. Then I just said screw it and lived with the problems. Well hot weather is here again and I need a fully functional a/c, so I figured I would search again. I'm getting a new ignition switch asap. I found another site that may be helpful to anyone else with this problem. It has a step by step (with pics) tutorial on accesing this switch. here it is Thanks again to everyone who has posted for helping me find a solution!
  • craig32craig32 Posts: 30
    I have heard that this part is likely responsible for our current problem, namely the air cond./heater fan sporadically working/not working (on ANY speed), but can someone tell me WHERE it's located (on a 2002 Grand Prix/3.litr)?

    And how do u change it without a repair manual (seems the shop manual,..150 plus bucks, all that's available)?!
  • craig32craig32 Posts: 30
    Can anyone furnish the details of HOW you even GET to the blower , or it's resistor, on a 2002 Grand Prix the person that posted that it waas just a matter of looking under the passenger dash was WRONG(!), as there's covering under there!
  • craig32craig32 Posts: 30
    You Can"t just look undeneath,....there a covering there (so how/which part do u remove??

    Also, what year was the car u were refering to, & where is the resistor (same side as blower?)??
  • craig32craig32 Posts: 30
    But, u didn't say for What Model/or year, this pertains to.
  • christy10christy10 Posts: 19
    i have a 1999 grand prix, my blower motor and resistor is on passager sider up in dash you have a panel that you might want to take down to see it, and resistor is hooked in front of blower fan, email me if you have other questions.
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