2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid with a cold engine the engine starts up and runs choppy

EaglewingmdEaglewingmd Member Posts: 2
edited December 2022 in Toyota
I have a 2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid. With a cold engine the engine starts up and runs choppy, or tough, as if there is a misfire. One time I got a code which said that cylinder 4 was misfiring. I have investigated possible caseus and replaced all spark plugs. Same problem. The checked the coils and the misfire code did not move to another cyliinder. And I have replaced the Camshaft sensor. Nothing fixes it.
This happens with a cold engine, but it also happens at a stop light on start up, after and then the engine shuts down.
Although it doesn't happen 100% it's frequency is increasing. It is close to 80% of start ups.
Any suggestions?


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