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Toyota Corolla Fuel System Questions

new2toyotanew2toyota Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Hello all. Newbie here, so please forgive me if I make any errors.

I took delivery of my new '07 Corolla S on December 2, 2006. I have 4981 miles on it as I type this. Yes, I'm a heavy commuter and opted to go with a Toyota based on hearing from many people that a Toyota would last me through all the abuse I'll put it through.

Since I've purchased the vehicle, I noticed I've had occasional problems filling the vehicle up. Often times, it'll click off indicating a full tank when I've only pumped 1/2 a gallon in it. Considering I fill up 2-3x a week, this was starting to get old. Yesterday, however, the same clicking-off issue occurred, followed by about 3 gallons of gasoline spewing out of my gastank while filling up. It never clicked off to indicate my tank was full (I was on 1/2 a tank and when I finally got the pump out of the car, 10 gallons had been dispensed). I was completely covered in gasoline, the panel under the gas hole was saturated in gasoline and I was standing in a huge puddle of gasoline. I was beyond furious and right away called the gas station manager to come clean the mess up and he went absolutely bolistic on me demanding I move my POS out of his gas station. I left and called my dealership to inform them of what just happened.

I immediately brought the car to them and they are unable to figure it out since there are no bulletins on this issue. So much for general auto repair knowledge. They tried to pump more gas into the car, but of course it was totally fine for them.

My dealership is requesting I bring the car back to them when the tank is close to empty so they can fill it up and see if they have the same problem.

Has anyone else had this happen to them with the Corollas or any other Toyota brand in the past couple of years? Is anyone else experiencing any fill-up issues (other than low gas mileage)? Any mechanics in here that have any clue as to what's going on?

Thanks in advance!


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Not Toyota, but may be helpful all the same. Check out the string of messages beginning here: mmciver, "Mazda Protege5 Owners Maintenance and Repair" #1055, 5 Dec 2006 5:18 am.

    Let us know what happens.
  • I just got one of these cars recently too but I have yet to have a problem like that. I used to have that problem with my last car at certain gas stations so that may be an issue. I do have gas milage problems though so I'm about to take it in for that. There's no reason for them to say it's supposed to get 38/31 and I'm getting 31/24mpg. Pretty crummy huh?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Check out this discussion: Corolla Real World MPG Numbers to see what others are experiencing.

    By the way, welcome to CarSpace! Feel free to email me if I can help you find anything.
  • thanks for the info and links.......and for the welcome.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let us know if the Protege information helps you out. Sure sounded like the same issue to me.
  • The gas spewing issue has resurfaced and I brough the car back to my Toyota dealership. They are replacing the gas tank because they said the valve is remaining open when filling up instead of closing.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hope that takes care of it. Keep us posted.
  • trekker4trekker4 Posts: 3
    We purchased a 2007 Corolla 5 weeks ago. 92% of the miles are driven on the highway and it is only getting 27 m.p.g. The service people at the dealership say the computer is learning how we drive and to wait until 10,000 miles to be concerned. They also said the sticker is government measures and the dealer is not allowed to change the sticker numbers. But the sales people verbally say the mileage is supposed to be 30/38. I asked why not just buy a used car then and forget all this "hoping it does what they say" stuff. They do not have and answer as to why our other cars(Honda,BMW,Volvo) and others we know do not have this "break- in" period. The manual even says there is no break in period. No one mentioned you will get the sticker mileage EVENTUALLY. We asked them to write down for us what the gas mileage we should be getting and when, but they just avoided the issue.

    FYI They do not seem to know how to operate or repair the "new" remote/locking system. The car has been in their shop 7 times for a key remote and locking system that only works intermittently. They have it kept twice an entire day for that. And it still does not work properly.

    Good luck with yours!
  • langjahrlangjahr Posts: 3
    I hava a 2007 corolla le and at 10.5 gallons my fuel light comes on. isn't the tank 13 gallons? also does anyone have any knowledge of cold air intakes for my car, I saw one k and n that said 11 hp gain, is it worth it or should I just stay stock? thanks in adv.
  • dkeaniedkeanie Posts: 16
    I have the same problem with my 95 model the warning light comes on and I have only got 277 miles out the tank, when I filles up it took only 40 litres and it is a 50 litre tank, is it not safe on the engine to drive with 10 litres left in the tank?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,445
    The light comes on at the reserve level, leaving you with 2. 5 gallons or so after the light goes on. If the light went on the minute before you ran out of gas, that wouldn't be so useful.

    11 HP from a Cold Air Intake? Oh, yeah, PROVE IT. If you look at how your air filter is set up, it is already sucking air from the outside. I don't see how much colder it'll get with the new $200 air intake.

    What you might notice is a bit better throttle response and more noise that makes it sound faster. I'd guess a couple of HP at wide open throttle is all you could hope for. They say 11, I say 3, so let's split it at 7 HP at wide open throttle and very high engine revs AND a very cold day outside.

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  • I own a 1992 corolla. When the car is just sitting there idling, it is a little rough. If you bring the rpm up slowly, the car revs up fine and smooth. If you gun the throttle, it acts like it is running on 3 cyls. sorta cuts out about 3000 rpm I guess.

    when driving the car, it is rough upon acceleration and starts bucking about 35mph.
    would this have anything to do with injectors? Its going to get a tune-up this weekend. should I look at anything else?


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