Is my car a lemon? Please help!!

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Hi Everyone,

While my title may be shocking I am truly stuck on what to do. I leased a second-gen 2022 H-RV Sport from a local dealership for about 4-5 months. I have noticed on a continuous basis that my car's infotainment screen just stops working. It keeps saying that the system has lost power and it needs to regain its location from satellites. This happens about every other day and can last anywhere from 2 minutes to about 30 (Please see the images). I also kept having my Apple carplay disconnect mid-drive and I guess re-connect via Bluetooth which results in the audio being distorted but, the image of car play still showing. At other times when I plug my phone in as I get into the car, the screen says that it was unable to start Apple carplay (Please see the images).

On top of this, my car will also refuse to start. There will be times in the cold, hot, rain, etc etc it doesn't matter if the car was sitting overnight or for 5 minutes the car will just randomly stop turning on. This issue occurs about 1-2 times a week. I have had it happen 3 times in one week.

Additionally, I have taken the car in for service about 4 times. Each time they were unable to find the problem or "solved it" only for all the same issues to reoccur in about two days. The service department recommended I change out my cable for Apple Carplay as they replaced the cable and it worked fine. The last time the car was taken in they believed it was a bad battery and replaced it. However, we are in a loop and are at square one. I at this point do not feel safe driving the car as it is apparent that there are electrical issues.

This brings me back to the current day. I walked into the dealership and talked to the general sales manager, as the salesman who I leased the vehicle from doesn't work there anymore. The manager stated I have 3 options.

1) Break my lease which will hurt my credit score
2) Trade the car in and get another lease, which would be much much more expensive. They also have zero Hr-v's on the lot and would take a couple of months before I get a new car. ( I currently pay $350 a month and put down $2,500 I know I am getting ripped off but, I am a college student and I needed a car during the height of the shortage of cars.)


3) Say that the car is a lemon and they would try to find a loaner car for me. The manager didn't know what the specific steps are and would be contacting the director of service to see what we would do next. He did tell me this much, they would contact American Honda and they would send a rep. The rep would look over the car and see if it qualifies to be a lemon. If it does they absolve the transaction and take the car back. For context, I live in NJ if you need to reference our state lemon laws.

At this point I'm stuck. I am a student and the winter semester is over in about a week, I commute daily to work and school and I need a car. The 30 min car ride to campus would turn into a 2-hour train ride. My ride to work would turn from 15 mins to about an hour. While the manager was nice I feel like I am straight out of luck these couple of days as everything is going wrong (not just with the car). Simply put I am too broke as a student to afford another lease. If anyone has gone through this process or something similar I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice.

Thanks in advance,


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    The cheapest way to get out of the lease will be to start the Lemon Law process. (assuming you are successful).

    It's either that, or keep driving it.

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    Don’t know if the images actually posted so here they are again.

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