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Cadillac Escalade



  • I cannot believe every single GM 1/2 & 3/4 ton truck has disc except the most prestigious two; the Denali & Escalade. How stupid is that? Why have these two been left off the updated chassis list when the price would certainly reflect they had all the best stuff. It is silly & has cost many sales.
  • Are the wheels you have for sale the factory wheels as equipped on Denali and Escalade?
    e-mail me: [email protected]
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    I don't get this whole SUV thing. Why do 90% of the people who drive SUV's do nothing but drive them on the street? If this is all they're going to do with them, why buy one? Why not buy a car or a minivan? They're a lot less expensive and get a lot better fuel economy.

    I especially don't get these SUV's that cost 40+ grand, having leather interiors and all sorts of other pricey luxery options. If I'm going to spend that much money on a vehicle, I'm certainly going to use it for its intended purpose. You wouldn't spend 45 grand on a new Corvette and then take it four wheeling, would you? Then why spend that much on a SUV and do nothing but drive it on the street?

    And by the way, ALL SUV's are overpriced!
  • SUV's are high off the ground, give the appearance not only of wealth but also power, and just plain are more fun than luxury cars. They allow better traction that any sedan, and have roomy, top notch interiors. Maybe you think all SUV's are over priced, well your in the wrong topic, this is for people who can afford 40 grand. I'd like to compare the luxury and comfort of any SUV you buy to one here. and No one is stopping you from going out and buying an off road vehicle, in fact, car buyers usually make cars for a wide variety of interests and buyers. WHAT A CONCEPT!
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    You'll never be able to compare the SUV that I buy to anything on this site, 'cause I' ll never buy one. I don't have a need to do any off road driving, which by the way, is what SUV's are made for. I do all of my driving on the street, which is NOT where an SUV belongs (unless there's a foot of snow on the roads). If I'm going to spend 40 grand on something to drive on the street, it's going to be a vehicle that's made to be driven on the street, like a Corvette. And I'd still get 25 miles per gallon. Try that with an SUV. Does a Corvette not give the appearance of wealth and power? Sure it does, and if there's ANY SUV that's as much fun to drive as a Corvette, I'll eat my shoes!
  • king1king1 Posts: 5
    Try towing a 23ft boat with your Corvette. Then put 4 dive tanks and three suitcases along with four people in your two seater. !!!!!!!
  • So you don't tow a boat congratulations. Sheesh, such useless drivel about situations totally unlike your own.
  • I don’t get why everyone is so easily bent out of shape. We all purchase what we want and enjoy. Neither a Corvette nor a large SUV are "practical" transportation. I tow a very small amount of time that I am driving my SUV. On the other hand I would suspect you are not pushing a Corvette to the limits of its potential most of the time.

    Lets all breathe deeply and relax.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    I'm just sick of this whole SUV thing. Most people don't need one or use them for their intended purpose, they just want one because they think it makes them part of the "in crowd". If you're gonna do it, why not do it right and just buy an 18 wheeler?
  • I have had a few vehicles in my 16 years of driving,
    '74 Ford Ranchero
    '72 Mustang
    '70 Datsun B510
    '77 Chevy LUV pickup
    '82 Mustang
    '87 Integra
    '88 Legend
    '95 Pathfinder
    '97 Pathfinder
    All of which have served me well.
    The SUV is by far the most versatile vehicle I have owned. I am able to tow either my boat or Jet Ski while hauling camping gear inside. I can pack five people comfortably to lunch. I don't worry if I am going to make it to work or not because of the weather. I love the view of the road that the higher position offers. I had the chance to drive my parents '95 Taurus over the holidays and it is not a bad vehicle, however it was a little disconcerting to me to be that low and small. I am now in the market for a full size pickup or SUV to better tow the boat over the pass. As for most people not "needing" them, most people don't "need" most of the things they buy and never have. I actually find it very strange that people care so much what other people purchase. Maybe I am just too laid back but whatever floats your boat is just fine with me. I have had a love affair with cars for as long as I can remember and most if not all of the things I have done to modify and customize them have not been needed. The cars have had seats in them that don’t get used much of the time. The vehicle will travel much faster then I need it to most of the time. The truck's had bed's on them that didn’t get used all that much. I honestly hope you are happy with whatever you drive, I just wish you would grant others the same.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    I don't care what other people drive, unless it effects me, which this SUV craze does. People can say what they want about what's causing gas prices to be so high, but it's the fact that everybody and their brother has to drive an SUV or pick-up that's driving up gas prices. Because of these gas hogs, our nations fuel demand is on the rise, thus the higher gas prices. Fact is, our nation's crude oil consumption was on the decline until this SUV craze started. I'm sick of paying these stinking high gas prices! If people want to drive their gas hogs, then let them pay the high prices. Why should I be penalized when I'm driving a fuel efficient car? I shouldn't be.
  • I would respectfully disagree with your statement that gas prices are high.

    Quote from the American Petroleum Institute.
    "Indeed, over the 1990s, the inflation-adjusted price of gasoline has been at its lowest levels since gasoline price data were first systematically recorded early in the 20th century."

    If anything I believe THIS is part of the reason that people are driving vehicles that get worse fuel economy. If prices were to increase people would have incentive to drive a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

    On another front, taxes are a huge chunk of why prices are at the level they are. Here in Washington we pay 23 cents a gallon.

    Another quote from API (on taxes)
    "The price for a gallon of gasoline includes 43 cents for taxes. The federal gasoline tax is 18.4 cents a gallon. The national average for state gasoline taxes is 22.6 cents a gallon; the national average for local gasoline taxes is about 2 cents a gallon."

    I would also disagree that driving a fuel-efficient car is punishing you. You chose to drive a more fuel-efficient auto to reduce your cost per mile of transportation.

    A key argument you bring is that the SUV craze is causing the increase in fuel prices. I counter that with the following:
    Why fuel prices have risen.
    Global increased demand:
    -Improving Asian economies
    -A return to more normal weather patterns
    -Reductions in supply.

    Non-OPEC supplies declined in response to reduced capital spending in late 1998 and early 1999, and OPEC supplies were reduced as a result of production quotas and a stabilization of Iraqi exports. The suspension of crude oil exports by Iraq (2.1 million barrels per day), which began on November 22, 1999, further reduces supplies, encouraging additional upward movement in prices.

    A detailed explanation of why fuel prices have risen is located here.

    I am truly not trying to be confrontational about this but I do not believe that your statement can be backed up with facts.
  • That is too funny...
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    The fact is, a large portion of the people who drive SUV's don't use them for their intended purpose, in other words, the only driving they do with them is on the street. They are wasting gas, and that's a fact! If this person travels to the mountains and tows boats on the weekends, that's fine. This is what SUV's are made for. For all of the times that these people are driving back and forth to work, or to the grocery store, etc., a car or a minivan would be a lot less wasteful. Fact, not fiction.
  • This in NO way controls fuel prices.
  • I agree that there are people that drive these vehicles that do not utilize them to the maximum extent of there capabilities. But I would also hasten to add that, as a person that "does" utilize most of the capabilities of my SUV, it is probably less than 10% of the total miles that I drive. I also need to get to and from work, the grocery store etc. and chose not to own multiple vehicles for specific purposes. To take your argument to an extreme, most people commute by themselves instead of taking advantage of carpooling, or even better, mass transit. Even less wasteful would be a motorcycle, bicycle and finally walking. If you are not doing any of these then you are being more wasteful than absolutely necessary.

    Bottom line for me in this discussion is this:
    It's obvious that our world (not everyone’s) is full of choices and we will not agree with some of the choices that others make, but we all should be extremely grateful that we have these choices to make.
  • Anyone have pictures or info on the 2001? Will it have a third row of seats, Northstar engine, night vision, built in GPS, and ABS disc brakes?

    Also, when does it actually hit the streets? I have heard dates ranging from this summer to February of 2001.
  • gtp9gtp9 Posts: 5
    Right now i just waiting like everyone else for just a little info!! In the meantime i put a order in for a corvette!! Anyone has info on the 2001 escalade keep us inform!!!!!!!!!!
  • Simply put, an SUv gives you options. Options you will never have with a "car"

    If an SUV only does two things, (1) help me see four cars ahead of me to AVOID an accident, or (2) keep me alive, in an accident, then the 40,50,60 grand is worth it.

    Now if my SUV does anything more than that, and it does, well, guess what it's all a bonus.

    You tabulate the cost of a hospital stay, and loss of limb, and work. Then ask yourself how expensive that $45k is.

    Ya, a corvette is one car I can't wait to get in an accident in. Sound paranoid, I've been through enough accidents ( from other drivers) to know of what I speak.

    I shared a room in the hospital with a guy that lost his leg in a non suv, and I asked him what his leg was worth...his answer, priceless of course.

    And I'm sure all of you crying about the gas consumption of SUV's are all driving the latest electric car.
  • jose13jose13 Posts: 11
    Well, I cannot (repeat can not) say that I use my truck for it's intended purposes. Most of the driving I do is to work (by myself, no off-roading) or going someplace or other with my girlfriend (no kids) I have a Tahoe, which is the least expensive of the 3 similar GM trucks. People sometimes ask me why I drive such a big car if I am not even careing for a family, and the answer is, "why not?" more importantly, I like it, besides, how many people buy sports cars and race them? (not just from light to light, but at a track) how many people buy pickup trucks to carry groceries? who cares, live a little.

    Yes, a big suv is convenient, but to be honest, the only thing that I have carried in the tow hitch has been a bicycle carrier. and the truck came equipped with the towing package (that bicycle really weights you know)

    Lastly, yes I have owned cars as well, 2 camaros and a T/A and my next buy will probably be a car again, (this is the 2nd consecutive truck I've owned...having owned a Blazer previously) yes,almost all Chevys (my mom used to work for a local Chevy dealer) Well, my point (which I was though was going to be short and sweet) is that people buy cars and trucks for reasons other than their intended purpose. Imagine how boring driving would be since simple little corrolas and cavaliers would be what 90% of the people really would need.
  • I bought a 99 Escalade this past November and I Love it! Before my purchase I went to the 1999 Spring Milwaukee Auto Show and looked at all SUVs. After sitting in all of them I really liked the Escalade. I read all the reviews and then test drove almost all of them. I know critics like to point out that the Cadillac is nothing new. But it had the best ride, the most room, most comfortable seats, looked the best, had by far the best sound system, the Onstar System, and It didn't have the highest price. Now I know the critics say it's nothing but a overpriced GM Tahoe
    but it's funny that when I test drove the Tahoe it't didn't drive or feel like the Cadillac. I have to say I don't let critics pick out my home stereo speakers (My ears did that.)And I didn't let a critic pick out my SUV. If you are going to buy an SUV you owe it to yourself to check out the Escalade. (I just went to the Chicago Auto Show and nothing I saw made me think I made the wrong choice.)

    Escalade Lover!
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    I agree with the above post. However, I feel that the current 2000 Tahoe is a bit superior to the Escalade now that it has been totally redesigned. The Tahoe now has 4 wheel disc brakes and improved suspension and frame isolation - not to mention automatic climate control options. I find it absolutely amazing that American SUV's still have drum rear brakes! I think it is a shame that the Escalade has to wait till 2001 to get the improvements that the lower line already has - very strange, you would think the Escalade would have the improvements first! I also wish that the Escalade had a choice of interior leather colors such as grey or charcoal and did not have the chrome wheels or at least had the option of non-chrome.

    Hopefully the 2001 will debut early!
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    makes you happy.

  • crlcrl Posts: 3
    oops wro
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Cadallic SUV----now there's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.
  • mbml55amgmbml55amg Posts: 57
    Good spelling there Mac !
  • I've been driving a 97 Ford Expedition for nearly 3 years now and it's time to upgrade... this time I want more! I have test driven every big SUV out there and I'll be picking up my 2000 Escalade in a few days. I can't wait!!! It is the sharpest SUV on the market. I'm very surprised that I'm interested in a Cadillac (I'm only 32 and single), but they are obviously trying hard to draw in a younger crowd.

    One question... why don't they offer temp climate control? That surprises me... Oh well... I'll deal with that... actually, it won't matter, I'll just call On Star and ask have them adjust the temperature... hehe (just kidding).

    I can't wait... I can't wait... I can't wait... oh yeah... best news yet... I'm paying less than $44k... whatta deal!
  • krob1krob1 Posts: 3
    I've been reading all the comments, good & bad about the Escalade, "it cost's too much" "it looks like the Denali" "it's not worth the money" I was the very proud owner of a 1994 Grand Cherokee Limited which I believed was an excellent SUV, but I recently stepped up and bought an Escalade. My Jeep cost $32,000 new in 1994 & I paid $44,500 for my Escalade and I can truly say I see where the price is justified. The ride of the Escalade is unmatched, the room in all the seating compartments is very comfortable as well as the storage space, the ammenities are numerous and the truck just plain rides like a dream ! If you're looking for all the comforts of a car in an SUV Escalade is the truck for you ! It's a real head turner !!!!!!
  • baller1baller1 Posts: 1
    Anyone know when the 2001 is coming out. The current Escalade is a great truck, but the planned chassis, engine, brake, interior, and other changes will surely make it even better. Normally new model years are available by mid to late summer. If that is in fact the case, we should at least be seeing what's in store by now. Right?
  • I recently emailed Cadillac about the 2001 Escalade. The only information they gave me is that it would be based on the new GM SUV platform, feature the 6.0 liter V-8, and would begin production in January of 2001. I found some additional information on Motor Trend's site stating that it would wear distinct sheet metal and boast leading edge technology to separate it from the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon. They also state that the 6.0 liter will produce between 330-350 horsepower, making it the most powerful full size luxury SUV on the market, and the suspension is expected to feature electronic ride-damping and level control.
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