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Dealership Won't Pay for Vehicle They Signed Contract to Purchase

debrdrdebrdr Member Posts: 1
edited February 2023 in Toyota
A Mitsubishi dealership in Tampa signed a contract to purchase the above vehicle on 9/15/2022. To this date my son has not received payment for the vehicle.

The background: my son's 28 year old wife collapsed and passed away. After four days of a hospital vigil practical matters had to be attended to. With one income now he could not afford to keep his wife's dream vehicle. I actually used this site to get the value of the vehicle and then received texts, calls and emails from various dealers wanting the Toyota. We chose the one who heard what we were asking, agreed it was reasonable and asked to see it to value it themselves. The Toyota was in pristine condition with very low miles. We agreed to sell it to them for $35,000. We waited in the lounge while they drew up the paperwork then they called just my son to sign the contract. Upon leaving my son told me that they told him it would be two weeks before they called him to pick up the check. They told him they had to get the title from the state first. While this sounded wrong to me, we were exhausted and relieved to have dealt with selling the vehicle.

Two weeks later and no check. Their excuses have run the gamut, the best being that the hurricane that his Ft. Myers trashed their office where checks are cut and something happened to the purchase paperwork, they didn't have it. He has been told several times that the check would be ready in two weeks. After the most recent promise when he called about the check he was told they didn't want the vehicle and were wondering why it was still there. Trying to speak to the General Manager is nearly impossible; my brother has tried to call to help deal with this situation and they won't return his calls. My son has contacted them by phone a total of 23 times.

Recently my son did go to the dealership to check on the vehicle and did meet with the GM. There are an additional 400 miles on it and several smallish scratches on the hood. The GM told him they weren't interested in buying it any more, the value at time of purchase is not what it is worth now. However they do have the vehicle posted on their website.

I refuse to have my son take the vehicle back and want them to honor their contract.


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