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Toyota Tacoma Vibrations/Shimmy/Noises



  • 95tac95tac Posts: 2
    I have a 95 Tacoma and have always had the same problem. I have done all that you suggested and asked dealer techs about it. Seems there is nothing that can be done? Here are the two things I suggest to stop it from annoying you: turn your a/c compressor on while stopped and the drag will cause the engine to idle up and stop vibrating OR simply put the truck in neutral which takes the drivetrain drag off the engine and stops the shimmy-shake. It has always frustrated me but I have come to live with it. I hope someone out there knows the secret!
  • my 2007 tacoma trd 4x4 have the same problem, vibrates starting at 35 mph + I only have 600 miles ,I report the problem and the did balance the tires , guess what? still the same or worst, did they fix yours? they said it was out of balance and replace the rear tires, ">
  • brepeibrepei Posts: 10
    my truck is in the shop at this moment and the're still trying to figure it out, they replaced the rear driveshaft and this solved the serious clunking and constant vibration that had developed from the original 45 mph thru. 65,but the vibration that started it all still exists! I put the truck up on jack stands and put it into 2nd gear and sped up to 28 mph and the vibration started, I then removed the rear tires and tried it again( to eliminate the tires as a possable noise problem) and the vibration still exists, (When you remove the rear tires you must put a couple lug nuts on to hold the brake drums on) I then put the truck into overdrive and the vibration started at 45 and quit at 65. I then removed the rear drive shaft( mark the shaft somehow so you can match it up with the front shaft the same way you took it off) and the vibration started at around 50 and quit at 70, I then removed the front shaft and the vibration went away. So does this mean that the vibration is caused by the front shaft or is there a problem in the tranny (such as a bad torque converter) that only transfers to the frame and stering colume when the front shaft is connected? I told the service center if this is exceptable vibration then do the save test to a new truck and if it does'nt exist then it's not exceptable! I'll post when I find out the answer.
  • tcladtclad Posts: 3
    Toyota has not fixed mine. It is not the tires, they swapped out all 4 tires and it still does it. They say it is engine virbration and it all Tacomas with Off Road package do it to some extent. Mine is worse. I have had dtruck for 4 months.
  • am300am300 Posts: 1
    My 08 has what I would call a pulsating feel between 60-70 mph in drive line.This is only when applying power to drive, nothing when coasting at those speeds. I have had tires balanced and rotated by dealer and problem remains. Dealer now claims toyota is coming out with transmission mount fix that is supposed to correct problem, but I'm not buying that excuse. I've talked to toyota reps and dealer and believe I'm getting the old run around. I've seen others fight more severe problems with time and money only to come out on the losing end. My question is, Has anyone else had any similar issues, and what kind of resolve if any?

    08 v6 access with automatic and 4wd
  • scooter01scooter01 Posts: 1
    alsbikeparts: I have the exact issue going on. At times my 2000 runs very smooth, but then as I round a corner on the highway or turn a corner the vibration starts and proceeds to get worse. If I start a right hand bend in the highway the the vibration gets worse, it is then alleviated if I proceed through a left hand bend of the approximate same length. I too have swapped out everything up front and can't get rid of it.
  • eforsstromeforsstrom Posts: 5
    Could be a U-joint. Had similar in my 94, and it took care of it.
  • I have a 2003 Tacoma PreRunner with the exact same problem...Now on my second set of tires from Discount Tire. They just preformed a "road match" with the GSR9700 balancer that checks runout on both the tires and wheels and suggests the best tire position for each tire/wheel combination... It also places a load on the tire to check for roadforce defects... I guess it finds defects in the sidewall. They also swapped out one of the Bridgestones due to a roadforce value of 28lbs, whatever that means. Well, the problem is still there and, like you it comes and goes and it worse when you're crusing at highway speeds when the driveline is not under alot of torque like when you're going uphill... I'm convinced it is a driveline problem... probably the driveshaft, but the dealer states that is fine. It's a great vehicle, but it's no fun to drive anymore. Will let you know if I ever zero in on the problem.
  • I have a 2005 Tacoma Prerunner. This problem has haunted me since new. Now with 45K miles, I have had it into the dealer a half dozen times and they have balanced the tires and it helps BUT the problem is still there and will recur. A lead technician went out with me (this is a week after the did the road force balance again) and acknowledged the "Flutter". He knows what it is. It is road feedback. He showed me on one section of the freeway, the flutter occurred, on another it was nearly non-existent. Toyota KNOWS about this issue. I had the TSB spring replaced, it helped minimize it but did not cure it. The flutter is prevalent in all Tacomas from 2005 on up (with the exception of small 2 wd pickup). Also there is a know issue with the pop and a "lurch" with the Tacoma's Its the driveshaft, there is a bind in the rear end and affects the rear part of the drive shaft. Presumeably its the slip yoke or something that once cleaned and lubed, will cure the problem for several thousand miles but then returns. My hunch is that Toyota is NOT dealing with these issues until a sufficient number of complaints have occurred. You should CALL Toyota Customer care if you bought the truck new or under factory warranty ask to register a complaint. They are going to ask you how many times you have had the truck in for this issue. BE PERSISTENT, don't live with it. Ask the dealer point blank and ask them to be honest and if they have had other Tacoma's in with the same problem and express your displeasure and ask to see the Customer Service manager at the dealership and ask them to register a complaint as well on your behalf. You still must register a complaint with Toyota Customer Care, be sure to have your VIN ready. I would like to hear how others come out with this issue. I will try and post my outcome. I have been told once the regional representative comes in, I am to meet with him about the issue.
  • I have a 2006 Tacoma Prerunner 4dr TRD Off Road. Mine has vibrated since new. I notice it on the test drive, my dealer assured me that is was flat spots on the tires, and that it would correct itself by the time I got home. Well, it didn't. Initially I was really pissed and kept taking it back to the dealer to get it corrected. They balanced the tires. They changed the tires. They changed the tires again. They changed the rack and pinion. I filed a complaint with Toyota. The regional guy showed up and drove the truck with me, he basically told me that they would change and balance the tires again, and that was all they would be willing to do. They got it dialed in better than before, but now with just over 33,000 I'm really starting to notice it again....not sure if it's because my warranty is about to expire (I swore I would not own this vehicle beyond the warranty period). They basically wore me down. It takes time (away from work) to deal with these people. I just got tired of taking time off of work to argue with Toyota, who obviously wasn't interested in correcting the problem. Or they just weren't capable of fixing it. Anyway, I like the truck (my 4th - and probably last - Toyota truck), but it has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. Good luck.
  • Maybe a good Class Action Lawsuit would motivate them...I'm supposed to see the regional manager when he comes in. He won't wear me down. I won't put up with his non sense. I'll find his boss and then his boss. I was a Chevy guy, Chevy disappointed me after 20 years, I went to Toyota because it was highly praised. Now this? You are correct, all trucks EXCEPT the smallest truck has this flutter problem. You will notice it more on certain roads you drive then on others. Its Road Feedback. They know what it is. They don't want to own up to the problem and correct it until it costs them money. Sounds like North American mentality.
    I'm really disappointed. Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us.
  • I had the same problem. I tried many different tires and got the same thing. They put the truck through all the tests and it still did it. I just happened to be talking to a guy at the parts counter at the Toyota dealership while buying an oil filter. He said his girlfriend had the same problem and she put Michlen tires on and the problems stopped. I went back to the tire place and had them put Michelin tires on. The problem stopped. My Tocoma rides like new. I was told it all has to do with the side wall construction of the tires. That may not be true but I'm happy now. It amazes me that of all the people at Toyota service departments and different tire centers, nobody had an answer except a guy at the parts counter, which was a lucky shot for me.
  • Nah, guess what, I put MICHELINS on it after the Bridgesone Desert Duellers wore out....problem persists. Remember, I have an 03 4Runner Limited with 17" wheels, rides and steers like glass. I don't buy that business about the 17" sidewalls. Glad yours worked out, hope it stays that way.
  • Have a 05 Tacoma, 4 cyl, access cab with 55,000 miles that has just developed a front end vibration when coming to a stop. Have put the truck in neutral when slowing down but vibration is still there at any rpm. No vibration when starting up or while at speed, just when coming to a stop. New front tires and alignment just done. Anyone have any ideas? :confuse:
  • Toyota now has fix for this,Rear motor mount replacement will stop this
    vibration, Had mine replaced with heaver mount,Moter was vibrating
    at 20 mph.Call your deler new bullitin out on this.
  • Toyota now has fix for this,Call dealer about bullitin on this.Need to replace
    rear motor mount,With new heaver mount to stop motor from Vibrating at low
    speed Had mine replaced stoped vibration.
  • Replace rear motor mount Toyota has bulitin out on this, Replace with new
    hever mount,Stops drive line vibrations also.
  • This rear motor mount seems to be the best answer I've gotton so far concerning my vibration. Will let you know what my dealer has to say about it. :shades:
  • brepeibrepei Posts: 10
    Hi will: do you know if the bulleton from toyota about replacing the rear motor has to do with drive line vibrations? Do you happen to know what the number or title of this bulletin may be so I can refer to it when I contact the service maniger at our local dealership? thanks sam c.
  • wifes trk has a vibration at highway speed that comes and goes. dealer has replaced tires and road forced them 4 times,then referred me to an authorized bribgeston dealer for 2 more balance and road force attempts. not much improvement! Took truck to dealer #2, put tires from an 09 trk on as test. Dealer called me said that my truck drove out exactly like the 09. nobody has been able to diagnose the problem even though the techs. have also noticed the vibration.Also have had the rear driveshaft replaced.To me the vibration is felt in the seats and also slightly at the steering wheel.after a depression in the road the "bounce" is more pronounced and then fades away. Any help in fixes?? :confuse:
  • Finally got my drivetrain vibration figured out and taken care of by Ft. Myer's Toyota at no cost. Seems that the universal joint was bad and it came under warranty limits so I was in and out of my dealership in an hour and a half after pigging out on sub sandwiches and coffee that they provide for all waiting room customers. Vibration is totally gone. :) Didn't need new mount, or tires. And the price was right.
  • okie147okie147 Posts: 2
    theres no way that ur motor mounts are whats causing the problem, if they were loose yes theyd cause a shimmy but only when u pin it. its a toyota the mounts arent the problem, its in the driveshaft, ur U - joints, hanger bearings, ball joints ect..
  • okie147okie147 Posts: 2
    dont listen to the motor mount guy thats a bunch of [non-permissible content removed]! ive owned every year toyota there is and toyota has just got cheaper over the years, my 91 pickup killed my 97 tacoma and i had a 85 that was better then both of these trucks although the 91 pickup never let me down even with 22" rims and i put over 100 000 km on them even on [non-permissible content removed] roads. ur problems in a drive shaft,cv,u-joint,ect. somehting along those lines, not motor mounts and if u think it is just open your hood pull the throttle and watch your engine ull see in a second. i had a 97 all it was was a hanger bearing i thought i had to redo my whole front end the shimmy was so ugly. just another piece of mind to whoever wants to read
  • I recently purchased a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 SR5 with 100000, V6. It is an excellent driving pick-up, I am very happy with it. I have recently noticed when I stop and I take my foot off of the break, I get a weird bump sensation, it does not do it all the time, and I notice it more prominently if I break hard, and take my foot off of the break. It shifts nice, no audible noise from the transmission, no wheelbearing problems. Shifts in and our of gear nice, by the way it is an automatic, no clunking, does not do it in gear while driving, only when I'm stopped taking my foot off the break to drive while in gear.
  • I just picked up a 2011 Tacoma 4 cylinder on 9-6-2010. I noticed between 60 & 65 mph a very slight shimmy. The truck does not appear to be out of alignment. Only 225 miles on it. I plan on tacking it back to the dealer to check it out. Has anyone had a similar experience and what to expect from the dealer?
  • Ruger, My 2005 Tacoma 2x4 SR5 Double cab does the EXACT same thing. Did you figure out the problem?? Anyone else on here have any idea?

  • I have a 2006 TRD 4X4 Double Cab that I bought used from a Toyota dealer as a "Certified Preowned." I noticed a slight shimmy around 5-10 MPH in forward or reverse. I assumed it was the tires and eventually (about 1.5years) replaced them. Surprise! The shimmy is still there. I took it into the dealer and the Toyota extended warranty refused to fix it because it was lifted. (it was that way when I bought it "Certified" with warranty) The dealer has been trying to fix it for almost 8 weeks now and can't figure it out. :mad: At this point they are just shot gun replacing parts. Here's what they've done so far..... Replaced the center bearing, replaced the drive shaft, replaced the rear transmission mounts, replaced the rear leaf springs, tried a different rear-end, removed the lift and put factory tires on it.
    None of that has resolved the issue. Only one thing resolved the issue. Removing the rear drive shaft and driving it on the front drive. And in some sort of, well I don't know, they have decided to obtain a lift kit with an angle to adjust the drive line angle to factory. (despite it still having the issue when the brought it to factory height with factory tires) :confuse:
    I have been telling them that I think it is the transfer or transmission, but they are refusing to look at it at this point.
    No, I am not a mechanic, and no I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express, but I think that the transfer and/or transmission should be looked at.
    Anybody have any ideas or wisdom? Any good lawyers want to take this on? LOL
    8 weeks in the shop is a bit excessive, especially because the loaner they give is a Corolla, which an 8ft ladder doesn't quite fit in.
  • rtm68rtm68 Posts: 1
    I have the shimmy/vibration problem noted in other posts on a new 2010 Tacoma. The problem didn't start until the truck had about 15,000 miles on it. The vibration happens at speeds above 25. Dealer tried alignment and balancing and the truck drives straight but the vibration is still there and it feels like the truck is fighting itself. With all the posts on this site, anyone tried sharing these with a dealer to get a response?
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