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Toyota Tacoma Vibrations/Shimmy/Noises



  • hey anybody hear clicking sounds from the engine? I hear clicking sounds from the right side of the engine when facing the engine from the front? could this need valve adjustment or is this normal? my truck is a 4x2 '07 double cab w/ only 700 miles. help! thanks.
  • hey anybody hear clicking sounds from the engine? I hear clicking sounds from the right side of the engine when facing the engine from the front? could this just need valve adjustment or is this normal in every truck? my truck is a 4x2 '07 double cab brand new with just 700 miles. help! thanks.
  • trdman1trdman1 Posts: 1
    Well, I have a 2005 4.0l tacoma crew cab that has 59,000 miles and still ticks to this day. I have complained several times since owning the truck, and a service bulletin finally came out and they replaced the factory manifolds, which didn't solve the ticking issue. I'm finally glad to hear of another TRD owner who has noticed this issue. Good luck, and if you hear of anything drop us all a letter.
  • marcusxmarcusx Posts: 22
    You're not the only ones with ticking issues. Check out this thread here on the Tacoma ticking issue.
  • I have had to have the seal around my windshield replaced twice on my 05 Tacoma. I told the guy at the dealership that it was great that they were replacing it, but I told him I don't feel like bringing back every year for the same thing. Unfortunately since the toyota crew aren't the ones replacing the glass, they still dont know what the cause is...or so they say. So I just said "Alright, see you next year!" It's very frustrating that they won't just admit this is a problem.
  • I have a 2001 tacoma truck and whenever I turn on my turn signal it makes a horrible sounding loud annoying noise and I have to manually flick it up n down.........any idea why this is happening? :confuse:
  • brepeibrepei Posts: 10
    My 03 tacoma has 34k miles on it. I started feeling the vibration abot 5k mi. ago, at 40-55 mph. Thought it was coming from the front end but couldn't find anything loose.So I got new tires and still had the problem, only a little worse. Drove it a few k miles and had the tires rebalanced and checked for bad belts or any other problems, none showed up. Put rear on stands and turned rear wheels in drive to see if vibration was in rear of truck and it was there. So after replacing a questionable u-joint and having the drive shafts balanced the vibration still exists. I pulled the axle and checked the wheel bearings and they were fine. Still have the vibration and it seems more pronounced after eliminating anything which may be causing the problem. My next recourse probibly is the toyota dealer and some gigantic charge! Please help!
  • hey I am having the same problem I just purchased a 08 4x2 double cab and it's making the same sound from the same side and mine has 186 miles I took it in and they said that they can't find what is making the noise but it is not normal :cry:
  • brepeibrepei Posts: 10
    Has anyone ever replaced the driveshaft cv joint on a tacoma 4X4? If so, what were your symptoms?What caused you to think your cv joint was your problem?thank ,Brepei.
  • My 2003 Tacoma PreRunner has 36k miles on it. With the same problem. I bought new tires and made the problem worse. I just brought it home from the tire shop today. They reblanced the tires for the 4th time and looked everything over with a fine tooth comb and gave up. I feel it in the floor and steering wheel. The crazy thing is that it comes and goes. Please help number 2!
  • I have had this shake/vibration for over a year. In the last 2 weeks I installed new rotors, calipers, pads and rear drums. Today I got all four tires balanced. When I brake, the truck shakes real bad! I mean it's to the point where it's not safe to drive.The brake pedal does not pulsate. I know the rotors are not the problem. No leaks and no heat build-up.

    I have had lots of trouble with the Goodyear tires. In fact all four were replaced under manufactures defect over 1 year ago. Since then, I have had this vibration and when I brake, you hear and feel the truck shake . Is there a method to test if the tires are bad?
  • I've been having a rattle underneath the bed of my 2000 prerunner for the past few years, had the driveshaft replaced a couple years ago and seemed to go away, but now is back and seems much worse over the past few months... it seems to happen when the accelerator pedal is pressed just a bit but not too much and also now when you let off the accelerator pedal... that leads me to believe it deals with gears and/or rpm speeds... i've read numerous posts of the problem in this topic and the problems and solutions - read only group, but i have found no real solution within this discussion group. Can anyone please help me with my problem? It seems some people have just did this It'd be greatly appreciated. Anyone tried the below solution that had the problem? Thanks!

    From another page: "If it only does it when you let off the gas while you're driving, then you definitely need to lube up the zerk fittings on your driveshaft like everyone else has stated. I had this same problem a few months ago and went everywhere to try and got the problem diagnosed, every place I went to could not replicate the noise. I got fed up and bought a grease gun at Autozone, lubed up all the zerk fittings, low and behold my noise went away."
  • I had the identical problem on my 2000 Taco Prerunner. I too, thought it was brakes/rotors/calipers tires. They were all changed in the normal course of the vehicle, but it persisted. Before this shimmy ruined these, I had it looked at again, and it turned out to be a bad steering rack. (tie rod as well, but that comes with the rack). If you tool around on the forum, you will see this problem come up. It is becoming 'common' on 1998-2002 tacos. The rough idle when cold is pretty common too, most solutions are to move to completely synthetic oil Amsoil, as the idling seems to be that the oil bore holes in the engine are likely a bit too small.

    Hope this helps.
  • nelz1nelz1 Posts: 1
    I have bought a new Tacoma v6 auto TRd sport quad cab and have been suffering from annoying driveline vibrations.
    The vibration has been there since I picked the truck up and is a low speed vibration when speeds are close to shifting especially at 20mph.

    If your in the market for a Toyota be AWARE corporate will not justify fixing the problem if it is not a safety issue!!
    There respone is that it is a CHARACTERISTIC trait of the truck.
    Good Luck if you buy a Toyota and have a problem....
  • Have you tried lubing the zerk fittings as people mention on this website? It's part of the every 30k recommended maintenance.
  • :confuse: I have a 2007 double cab Tacoma and hear/feel a deep plastic sounding vibration under the hood when I first start my truck and put in reverse. Now I have noticed it vibrates at a steady speed of 40 mph. It seems to be the flexible hose from the air filter compartment to the fender well for freash air intake. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this annoying noise? It seems better when engine is out of the high idle state. Thanks
  • It sounds like we are experiencing the same problem, we just described it a little different. Have you got any responses to your question on this? If you find out anything, please post or send me an e-mail to Thanks
  • tcladtclad Posts: 3
    I have 2008 Tacoma v6 TRD package 4X4 with same vibration (around 2000 RPM at any speed). Had truck for 3 months now. Reported problem before I had 20 miles on truck. Toyota says they are working on it, but also said it is characteristic triat. What can we do if they don't fix soon? Do Lemon laws apply if no safety issue? Is there a safety issue?
  • New calipers, pads, rotors, shoes, drums, front struts and tires. Still a vibration. I noticed movement in the driveshaft center bearing/isolator. Is this normal ? I'm at wits end with this. It might be my imaganition, but I am sure that the problem comes and goes and is sometimes worse than other times. Anyone have any suggestions ?
  • There is a Toyota technical service bulletin: NV006-07 dated May 07 2007 - warranty work is covered for 3 yr or 36K miles under the Toyota Comprehensive Warranty. Basically Toyota will reseal windshield molding but found posters on another site where they replaced the '05 molding w/ '06 molding and this eliminated the wind noise.
  • See my post #57, Toyota has a Technical Service Bulletin NV006-07 to address this problem
  • plm2plm2 Posts: 3
    I own a 97 Tacoma with a 2.4l motor.After coming to a stop,the engine idles down normally then seems to idle down a little more and after a few sec the idle drops to the point the whole truck shakes.There is no check engine light on.I have checked for codes and there are none.I have checked for vaccum leaks and cleaned the throtal body and IAC valve.I preformed a proper tune-up using factory parts.The plug gapping is correct and has a new PCV valve.If you step on the gas pedal slightly the engine smooths out nicely.The Haynes manual does not specify any way to adjust the idle.Is there any way to adjust the idle without interfearing with the electronic engine control? :confuse:
  • pnewpnew Posts: 1
    I have a 98 extended cab 4x4 V6 with a shake that I can feel really bad at 35-40mph. I have had several sets of tires and two sets of wheels and tires off a lot put on there with no change. How do you check the steering rack to see if that is the problem, because to tell you the truth I'm about to believe that either the toyota dealers around me don't know anything or don't want to fix the problem. Please help. pnew
  • jojiejojie Posts: 2
    i have a 2008 tacoma double cab and whenever I first start the engine and put it in gear i can hear a wierd noise - like an air pressure noise
    the dealer said it's normal and its just the ABS
    only happens when I first start the engine
    anybody have the same experience
  • I have a 2007 Tacoma double cab and wrote a post in here about it. I could not take it any more and found the problem myself. It is the flexible rubber hose coming off of the air filter going to the fender well panel for fresh air. I removed it and have not heard the sound again. I have been meaning to report it to Toyota. Mine only did it at high idle, in gear, then I noticed it at around 40 MPH. Hope this helps you with your noise problem. Russell (
  • I fought this problem on my 2005 for over a year. Dealer could never repair, the high pitched noise at highway speeds. By chance when washing my truck and looking at the w/s seal I just happen to notice that where the black trim strip on the roof meets the seal (my case drivers side) had a slight gap and could be pushed down slightly.Apparently @ speed wind was forced into the very slight gap causing the high pitched noise. I lifted up slightly on the trim piece where it meets the w/s and injected a small amount of silicone adhesive. Noise gone and has not returned to date. Hope this helps.
  • I have a 2001 Prerunner and had a squeal noise happen when I decelerated when I was at highway speeds. It troubled me for nearly a year.....sometimes it would do it, sometimes not. I took it to the dealer and the mechanic told me it was body rubber noise in the bed, nobody on the forum pages knew what caused it, I checked all wheels, brakes, etc. I FINALLY FOUND IT! On the Toyota Prerunner there is a split drive shaft with a "CARRIER" bearing on the cross member. However, there isn't a place to lube it. I attached a needle fitting to to my grease gun and pumped grease into the rubber boot on the carrier bearing, AND IT HASN"T SQUEALED SINCE!"
  • The prerunner has a split drive shaft with a carrier bearing at the cross member. Add a needle attachment to your grease gun and lube the carrier bearing by injecting grease through the boot. It stopped the squeal noise in mine.
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