Honda Passport Electrical Problems

bobseedlockbobseedlock Member Posts: 3
My '97 Passport appears to have some weird electrical problem. At random times, the battery indicator will start to move in sync with the turn signal or show a drop with any other pull on the battery (lights, radio, etc.). More than once, I've been idling in the driveway with nothing on and when I pull forward on the turn signal as if to initiate the bright lights, the engine dies. The car has no problem starting. The alternator has been replaced once. Does anyone have any suggestions or starting points?


  • jafettigjafettig Member Posts: 2
    I have somewhat the same problem you do. I have a 98 passport and at night when I push on the brakes the headlights and the dash lights dim almost completely out. It also does this when I us the electric windows, rear defrost, and when I turn on the heater. Also when I put the car in first gear and start driving my cd player turns off for a second and turns back on. It also does this when the anti-lock brakes activate. Its got a new battery and alternator. If anyone knows what I could do to fix it let me know THANKS
  • jafettigjafettig Member Posts: 2
    i have somewhat the same problem you do. I have a 98 passport and at night when I push on the brakes the headlights and the dash lights dim almost completely out. It also does this when I us the electric windows, rear defrost, and when I turn on the heater. Also when I put the car in first gear and start driving my cd player turns off for a second and turns back on. It also does this when the anti-lock brakes activate. Its got a new battery and alternator. If anyone knows what I could do to fix it let me know THANKS
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    I have an 87 HOnda that starting losing the headlights, etc when then brake applied or turn signals used. Turned out to be a loose connector in the mess of wire harnesses that are around the steering column. Suggest you check all connectors you can reach. If the contact is not solid, the extra current can draw down the circuit
  • jboyle2jboyle2 Member Posts: 1
    The backup lights come on when I shift into 3rd gear on my 1994 Honda Passport, are there any adjustments for this, the info in the manual is meager at best. I have disconnected the switch but would like the lights to come on when I'm in reverse.
  • countryboy53countryboy53 Member Posts: 1
    Passport all of a sudden just quits. Would not start back. Left sitting over night and then it cranked right up. Any idea what the problem might be?
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    I discovered a strange problem. I had a plastic bag of clothes in the back of my 96 Passport that I was taking to the church to donate. The bag and several pieces of clothes had melted into the carpet. when I lifted the carpet I found were the carpet and padding had burn up through to the clothes. Has anyone had this problem????
  • 955rodeo955rodeo Member Posts: 4
    I have this 1995 Rodeo that for the most part has been running well except lately I am having this intermittent problem of the dashboard lights and taillights not working. The brake lights work, the turn signals work, and the headlights as well as the high beams headlights work just fine. Its only the taillights and the dashboard lights that intermittently do not work. Anybody have the same problem and any idea what it may be?
  • mgibbmgibb Member Posts: 1
    I have had the intake valves replace because they were cracked, new spark plugs because they were still the original ones, and had it hooked up to a machine at the shop that is used to clean out all the gunk that may be lurking about. I bought this car from a one owner who never drove it. It is a 99 with 58000 miles on it. When I first got it everything seemed fine. After a few weeks I noticed that it was not starting right up, sometimes it would take two or three tries. On one occasion after I turned it off I smelled gas. Took it in to the honda shop, they hooked it up to a computer. We found that the intake valve or it's casing had a crak, bare with me, I'm not good at shop talk.
    So we replaced this thinking it was the problem. Still had issues, so we replaced the spark plugs, seemed alittle better but a few days later it would just click when I turned it over, after a few tries it would start. Back to the shop, needed new starter. Thought it was fixed, wrong, it turns right over but again sometimes it will take afew tried sometimes it will start right up. I find that if it does start right up I need to gas it right away or it will shut down. Had it hooked up to something that blows out all the crap gunking up. Still having the same issues. The guy told me that the computer is showing nothing. We are not sure what to do next. Any suggestions? I'm ready to give up!
  • jhalfjhalf Member Posts: 1
    1997 Passport, 164250 on odometer...driving at 65 w/ cruise ON, when cruise cuts off, speedometer begins to bounce between 65 and 0 mph, and the odometer is only registering a fraction of the actual mileage. Anyone know whether this is a mechanical or electrical type pblm or a solution to pblm. Also, I've had a strange elec. pblm. where my stereo would uncontrollably turn on and off with bumps in the road and then the next time you start the car, no pblm. to be seen. Any help there??
  • bob8672000bob8672000 Member Posts: 2
    1995 Honda Passport, V 6, 1150,000 miles.
    Sometimes radio goes on and off intermittently, rear defrost don't work.

    (Today installed new battery, then tonight it went from 13.8 volts charging to 10 volts charging + the battery light and brake light came on, the AC/ Heater fan blower motor stopped working all at the same time.)

    What do you think?
  • sblack71sblack71 Member Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem. Did you ever find an answer?

  • bobseedlockbobseedlock Member Posts: 3
    Not exactly. However, I disconnected the cables from the battery posts, completely cleaned the posts and the inside and outside of the cables and connectors, and this seemed to help. I believe that there are still unresolved mystery electrical issues hidden somewhere within the recesses of the dash, but for now, I keep my fingers crossed at all times in regard to this car.
  • unclwayneunclwayne Member Posts: 1
    I'm workin on a 1994 Honda Passport.. HAd some wierd electrical problems... they all started when I was rolling down the highway in a rainstorm at night and literally turned on every electrical device in the vehicle.. I noticed my battery was draining.... I saw the post that suggests a poor connection... I have not installed a new Alternator... I used a volt meter and measured the installed battery at 12.25 and as soon as I start the car... with nothing on just the motor running the battery measures 11.6 volts... with the car running the alternator should provide about 13 to 14 volts at the battery... in other words, the alternator should run the car, and provide a boost back to the battery. I'm thinking my alternator isnt kciking back the 14 volts to the battery that it should. Any comments appreciated. Unclwayne.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I agree with your diagnosis. It's likely either a bad connection or a faulty alternator. But there is a third possibility: the battery is old and cannot adequately take a charge.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • mysticbuckmysticbuck Member Posts: 5
    Driving down the road Honda just quits. It will crank but wont start. Took it to the local repair shop and they said that it had something to deal with the wiring from the fuse to the fuel pump itself. They said the fuel pump was ok its just the wiring that's bad. Also when they had it on the hoist and had it connected to the computer it would run fine, but once off it would just quit. Anyone have any idea on what this could be or if something else could cause this type of problem? Also does anyone know where the wires run and where i could possibly get a wiring diagram? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • brown703brown703 Member Posts: 8
    I have a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo V6 which is the same as honda passport. I have an issue very similar with the fan blower not working and the brake and battery light on. Alternator was replaced...still not charging..battery tested ok....I was advised to use a factory alternator instead of OE reman. I have one on order as of 3/29/08. I hope this is the solution otherwise I have been told to look to the PCM (power control module) for the problem!
  • bob8672000bob8672000 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 Honda passport and have noticed that the alternator and or battery is the suspected electrical problems in most Honda Passports and you should loosen the alternator; then make sure the electrical plug is properly and tightly plunged into the alternator.
    If this doesn't help go to auto zone and they will check your alternator for free.
    \You may notice the radio cutting off intermittently and many other strange things happening to your Honda passport or Isuzu Rodeo. I hope this helps.
  • brown703brown703 Member Posts: 8
    As I have stated in nearly every instance like this...Not to knock Advance Auto and/or Auto Zone...but unless either one can give you an original new factory alternator, you will continue to have these problems. Whatever reason in the reman's the voltage regulators are no good. The blower for the fan is grounded to the engine control module via the voltage regulator. And if the voltage regulator is bad... well there you have it. A reman alternator will test great at about 15 on the bench, however if you test the same alternator while it is in the vehicle, it will show as bad!
  • ufchamp87ufchamp87 Member Posts: 1
    Ok so my 95 Honda passport runs great, just 2problems! 1. When driving for moderately long distances (c30 miles) or so the check engine light comes on, it's not steady though it shuts off if i am not accelerating however every time i accelerate above approximately 10MPH the check engine light returns and usually stays on until i take my foot off the gas for after about 5 seconds....any ideas? 2nd concerning my radio (original stock) only the passenger side front speaker plays audio constantly and the other speakers seem to respond with clips of intermittent audio when traveling over hard bumps or the volume is turned up loud and even then speakers only respond intermittently? And suggestions?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated, thanks NUR
  • msmith2156msmith2156 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 94 Passport. This all started after having new tires put on front. The Rear Anti Lock Light came on as did the brake and check engine lights. Temp guage went full hot, Radio quit, Blinkers Quit. Thought I had thrown a belt, got out checked under hood all OK shut the hood got back in and all lights were normal heat guage came back to normal and ran fine. The next day it happened again and again went away. I did find one ground connection bad as well as the positive terminal connector on the battery. changed both, Problem solved, until I started home from work, and it all happened again. It kept it up all the way home off and on.

    Who knows what this could be? :cry:
  • paulpjp1paulpjp1 Member Posts: 1
    down next to your left foot is a panel. 1 screw and then pull it of. the problem is the relay in the center. there is 3 relays the dash tailights and liciense plate light relay is the center relay
  • msmith2156msmith2156 Member Posts: 3
    Turned out to be a faulty ground located on the Firewall directly behind the engine. Connections were Red Hot and melting down the plastic. Took the factory clip thing off put connectors on the wires and attached directly to the firewall. All problems solved. Runs like a dream once again. :blush:
  • craigtmohrcraigtmohr Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Passport with 102K on it and the other night I was turning on my headlights and the wipers started going. I messed with it a while and figured to pull out the dash light fuse and everything was ok except I had no dash lights and if I used my wipers the dash lights would come on as if the wiper motor was generating power to the lights. I replaced the fuse and everything seemed to be ok again until last night. It did it again, but this time the spray nozzles went off as well. I think the problem may lie in a short in the dash illumination wire that goes to the wiper switch. Does anyone have a suggestion of what to do?
  • billylopezbillylopez Member Posts: 3
    I have a '96 Honda Passport.How can i turn off and reset the check engine light?
  • tabadie1tabadie1 Member Posts: 1
    the power door locks stopped working. i have checked the fuses, all are good. what else should i check?
  • knewmanknewman Member Posts: 5
    hey fellow sufferers. i want to like my 96 passport, but i just can't go on with this issue.

    sounds like hondas & rodeos had issues with their grounds, and maybe some other connections. though i'm a mechanic, i hate chasing electrical problems up and around body panels or drivetrain. nightmare.

    my car, which i haven't seen one like it here, loses a ground belonging to the THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR(wants to die and lope at anything less than 1000rpm), the IDLE AIR CONTROL SOLENOID(before i blocked it off, it would idle way too high,...1500-2500), and occasionally the TRANSMISSION ACCUMULATOR (thumps into 2nd gear).

    my problems are specific to outside temperature. around 20-40 degrees F, as soon as the car warms up and takes sensor readings, it all goes screwy.

    if i continue to drive awhile, it stops if ambient temperature is near the 40 deg range or higher. if it's colder, the problem goes on and on, even after sitting off for a while. also, however it runs when i shut it off, that's how it runs the next time i start it.

    anyone found the faulty wire that does this??? crikey.
  • retiredusn1retiredusn1 Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem but mostley after I shut down. Turns out that the wiring to the pump corodes. There are two connections on mine, one at the tank (have to remove rear wheel to reach) and one running down the passanger side rail. You can reach or move the wires from the rear tire well. The connectors have a real corosion problem.
  • retiredusn1retiredusn1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 97 passport 4 wheel drive, that whin I first start moving the transmission goes in and out of gear several times. I have been told that there is a relay or sensor somewhere that may be the cause. Does anyone know where such a sensor may be located or have any other clue as to what may cause this?
  • seeker10seeker10 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. I decided to change the battery, so I noted the battery terminals were in no good shape, so I changed both, and the problem was gone since that.. Note use a good battery terminals like copper or audio gold plated type
  • knewmanknewman Member Posts: 5
    boy, it sure sounds like all of these issues are similar. so what if it's not always the same device that geeks. some of us have "this" on the fritz, others have "that".

    it just sounds like the electrical system in general needs to be addressed. YOU SHOULD ALL KNOW THAT 12 VOLTS (or sometimes as little as 1/2 a volt) ISN'T MUCH POWER TO OVERCOME A BAD CONNECTION.

    i'll list what i know (and what i''m going to fix):

    1) the grounds on both sides of the motor that have a sorry little clip onto the engine or fender. these just tie the body to the motor. there's either 2 or 4.

    2) the 3 relays, i think they're in the driver's kick panel. they're notorious for corroding. i'm going to clean them all up and jam vaseline (anti-oxidant) into the connections.

    3) sounds like some of you need to look at other connections, like the fuel pump's which is accessed after removing a rear tire? or replacing the alternator?


    i'm going in, ...kevin
  • josh361josh361 Member Posts: 1
    Im having that same problem now. i was wondering if you knew what those connections were called or how i can find them to purchase? the connection running down the passenger side looks good but the other connection the wire running to the back of it looks like it had been clipped a little and is showing the wire under the plastic covering. if i wiggle may may not turn on most of the time it dont. Now just stuck and frustrated and ready to set fire to the whole car itself. Can anyone help PLEASE.!! :confuse:
  • knewmanknewman Member Posts: 5
    problems solved. the wife is driving her passport again!

    IT WAS THE GROUNDS. i replaced/fixed all the grounds in the engine compartment,...and....presto-fixo!

    (2) grounds coming off either side of the engine, from valve cover to fender.
    (1)ground from a fuse block to the fender on driver's side.
    (2) going from battery to alternator and down to the passenger motor mount.
    (2) connections going to the same ground on top of the intake manifold; front bolt; driver's side; out of a harness.

    i just used a couple of electrical connection kits i have for general use on cars. i had to replace a couple of sections of wire that were'nt long enough after cutting the bad connections off (make sure you use the same gauge or bigger).

    i think that's all. all of the WIERD STUFF went away. i still have a malfunctioning IAC(idle air control), but apparently that is a separate problem.

    if i had to go under the chassis to fix wires, i'd probably solder the wires together. i'd do butt joints; press the clean exposed wires into each other like interlocking fingers, then solder. no stupid press in connections, cut them out. then tape, or use shrink tubing (don't forget to slide the shrink tube on BEFORE you solder!)

    good luck gentlemen, kevin
  • mkey9776mkey9776 Member Posts: 1
    I just replaced the battery on my 96 passport and when i connected the battery terminal the alarm started to go off. I don't have the clicker and i need a way to cut off the alarm. I tried to find a fuse to pull to disable it and then connect the battery but i can't seem to find the correct one. If anyone has had this problem and knows what to do please let me now. Thanks.
  • johnnyraygunjohnnyraygun Member Posts: 1
    When I went to turn my car on the brake, gas and battery light on my dashboard are lit. I have a half tank of gas, my parking break wasn't deployed and my battery is pretty new. Also my heater/ac won't work even on full blast. What could this be? Is it possibly just a fuse issue or is it shorted wires? Is there an easy way to test it if it is? :cry:

    Oh, I have a '94 Honda Passport. Thanks.
  • msmith2156msmith2156 Member Posts: 3
    I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a bad ground. Standing straight in front with the hood up look back on the Firewall in the center. there is where the ground connections was on my 94. Replace the connectors and make sure this gizzmo is tight. It cured my problem, then I promptly sold it and bought me a new CRV, which is one of the best cars I ahve owned in years. By the way my 94 passport had 265000 miles on her and I still got $2000.000 for her.
  • mhumphrey1mhumphrey1 Member Posts: 1
    OK. I have a 1995 Honda Passport (113000 miles). About 4 months ago, I had a problem with the brake light and battery light glow dim. The fan on the A/C stopped working. I took it to an electrical specialist. They replaced the blower and the fuse box (I think). Everything worked fine. NOW the lights are coming on dim again and will go bright when I press the brake down hard. Tonight the check engine light came on but goes outs intermittently.

    From what I have read on this thread, should I be looking at a voltage regulator or a bad ground wire? Any other ideas?

  • tjgsmithtjgsmith Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 passport also that did this. I found out this is somewhat common. The lock/window buttons are one piece, you can just unplug them and get a new one. I couldn't find any at the junkyard - they were all taken. I found the best deal at You can talk to a real person also. I can send you the part number if you need it. I plugged the new one in and everything is great. I am not a mechanic or expert so take my advice as such ;)
  • shekire4shekire4 Member Posts: 9
    I have a 1997 Honda Passport which has been acting strange. The brake light and Rr. ABS light are on. Then the check engine came on. Now the battery light is on.
    The battery light has been blinking on and off. This evening my honda died on me right in the middle of the road.I had to call someone to come and jump me off. I had only drove it just a little piece and it died again. I finally made it home but just barely before it died again. I plugged my Actron code reader in and the code was P0153. Does anyone know what this code is? And could anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this problem?
  • bobseedlockbobseedlock Member Posts: 3
    How old is your battery? I experienced similar types of problems with my '96 Passport until I replaced the battery.
  • max1955max1955 Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2001 Honda Passport 4Dr 4WD with 6cyl MPFI that has started shutting off randomly. sometimes when you hit a stopped bump, Sometimes when you brake hard, most of the time when Idling the reduce power light will come on and the throttle is non responsive. we shut it down (if Still running) and re-start It Idles roughly and will stall again. have to re-start 2 or 3 times before will finally run for a while. It has recently been to the shop ( not a dealer) for transmission repair. I am wondering if the shop failed to reconnect the ground wires from the engine to the fenders and fire wall? could that cause the problems I described?
  • jimbakejimbake Member Posts: 1
    Hello, our passport's driver side power windows suddenly stopped working. The passenger side windows both work (for now?) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • curiousitycuriousity Member Posts: 1
    k, so this '01 passport check engine light keeps coming on. then the car tries to die. like it wants to stall. it does stall or stop running when the air gets turned on. any ideas on what to check?
  • yarddog3yarddog3 Member Posts: 1
    My mechanics are stumped and said they cant help me. For some reason my passport picks different times not to crank. There is no pattern and if the car sits overnite it will crank. I have had the car to the mechanic several times and it never fails it crank..Tonite we went out to eat(about 45 minutes) and it wouldnt crank..I called AAA with a wait of an hour. After 30 minutes I tried to crank and it did...If I get someone to jump it off it will crank...This is really frustrating...
  • grandpagatorgrandpagator Member Posts: 2
    You wrote: down next to your left foot is a panel. 1 screw and then pull it of. the problem is the relay in the center. there is 3 relays the dash tailights and liciense plate light relay is the center relay.

    Thanks ever so much for this answer. You have saved my Isuzu Rodeo. When the taillights stopped working, along with the dash lights, I took it to the Dealer. They informed me that the only thing it could be, was theHeadlight Switch on the left side of the steering wheel. Est. Cost to fix, $1,200.
    Since your post, I have ordered another relay for $34.00 and have installed it. Everything works fine now. Never knew that there were relays under that panel.
    Thanks again.
  • leland7356leland7356 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Passport with a new battery, battery connections and starter but It still won't crank over. It has power to the headlights and dash and horn but not to the windows door locks or fan blower. I don't see any of the fuses that are blown. Would appreciate any input.
  • passportgirlpassportgirl Member Posts: 1
    I have a '98 LX Honda Passport that is 4dr 4 wheel drive. My car has been having some strange electrial problems. For a while when I used the turn signals it would blow out a fuse and when the car shifted into 3rd gear it would make a hard clunking noise & it sounded like the transmission was going to fall out. When I changed the fuse then everything worked fine. To avoid having the problem I just stopped using my turn signals. I recently had to have the car inspected and for some reason when they did the turn signals everything worked fine. Since it didn't blow out the fuse I used my turn signals all weekend. Then all of the sudden the power outlet didn't work. Then today the radio, clock and the dome light aren't working. When I checked the fuses the dome light fuse was lit up - even after the car was turned off. When I went to replace it the fuse blew again and still stayed lit up and it didn't fix any of my problems. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • caleb409caleb409 Member Posts: 1
    For starters, when we bought this vehicle used, all that was wrong was the timing belt had slipped. by the time we got the tools and parts to change the timing belt, the battery had went dead, so i had the battery de-sulfated, and made brand new again. after the battery was installed again, we noticed that somehow from time the vehicle sat, it developed a major short that was blowing the Main 100 AMP fuse. we went ahead and installed the new timing belt, but still have yet to find what is causing my short.

    when the alternator is disconnected, the short dissapears, but i do realize that this could possibly be because the alternator being disconnected causes the circuit to close to the rest of the componets. i had the alternator checked at autozone, and it tested good. tested at orielys, failed. so i bought a brand new alternator, hooked it up, and i still have the same problem. ive taken off all the covering on the wire going from the alternator all the way to the harness behind the main fuse box, and there arent any shorts or cuts in the wires, we've had the starter checked at autozone, it tested good, the wires that connect to the starter dont seem to be damaged, and ive also taken off every fuse in the main fuse box, then tried bypassing the main 100 amp with a 4 gauge wire while the alternator was connected, but there was still a short!! somebody please help me
  • gsharp11gsharp11 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Honda Passport that will not start. I have put 2 batteries, an alternator and starter and had the grounds checked. The darn thing keeps draining the battery and will not turn over. I am a lost for what to too with it next. I use this car to go back and forth to work and to transport my elderly mom to her doctor’s appointments. Wish I had the money to purchase something else but I don't. Please help
  • dmiah298dmiah298 Member Posts: 8
    I know it has been a while since your problem started, but just wondering if you got it fixed. I had a similiar problem with CEL and reduced power light. Took 3 mechanics and 7 months to diagnose properly and fix.
  • lraderlrader Member Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem. Once in every 80-100 starts, it won't start. Nothing happens when you try to start. We replaced the ignition switch and the starter relay. Also, the battery terminals. I always starts cold, in the morning, but sometimes when it is parked at an angle, or after getting gas a gas station, it won't restart. The only thing that sometime helps is to turn it to start, then turn the headlights on and off. It doesn't seem to help to pull it in and out of park to neutral. Did you get your problem fixed? Do you thing it's a ground? It usually happens when my wife is driving and she gets off work late at night out-of-town. She refuses to drive it until it's fixed.
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