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Honda Passport Electrical Problems



  • i recently bought my 96 passport, and am expiriencing some frustrating,expensive problems of a persistent recurring nature.....The erratic idle,hesitation,and stalling.I have had to replace just about every engine management control device under the hood.......started with the EGR,then came the IAC, the MAP,theTPS and finally the MAF, The check engine light came on and the codes list grew, after replacing all these things, (the only part that wasnt replaced new was the MAF,now i have the check engine light back on and all the symptoms have resumed.....Ive read a few of the threads, and it seems this is a common malady,with answers that indicate ground issues,however the only ground strap that ive noticed an issue with is the passenger valve cover to fender, and im not expiriencing any of the usual symptoms of serious ground faults(stereo whine,irregular voltages,or corrosion at major electrical junctions/connections) so if anyone has some advice (besides getting rid of this truck),please do reply,as any insight is greatly appreciated. Also I had the 4wd actuation system completely go out and had to replace the solenoids,and vacuum acutator,and all vacuum hoses,it works great now, but the indicator light stays illuminated constantly, (which Ive learned to ignore),i thought that was a ground issue,but ive traced all the wires and have found nothing that is lacking integrity,Otherwise this is a great riding/handling truck,that is quite comfortable
  • 2000 Honda Passport. Having electrical/transmission trouble, and wonder if the two may be related. Have performed voltage test on battery and alternator and get 12V when off on battery, and 11.6V when running. From what I've read that means faulty alternator, though I have cleaned alternator connection (got 14V for a while, but no longer). Anyway, could transmission problems be related to alternator issues? Could the voltage regulator be the culprit? Bad ground? I have seen a lot of good posts on this site regarding these issues, but haven't seen too much with transmission problems (and it has been flushed recently). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hello, I have a 2001 passport V6. when the headlights are on, the drivers side turn signal stays on. I replaced the turn signal and stop lights on that side, no change. Now, when I turn on the driver side blinker...every light blinks, even the license plate lights...can anyone help?
  • cj9113cj9113 Posts: 3
    I am so glad that I found this web page cause it saved me a lot of money. I had the same problem and when i read your problem i went and got the relay and yes that was my problem also. Thank you, Thank you
  • gauchuotgauchuot Posts: 1
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    weird light/electrical problem by steve297
    Feb 28, 2010 (4:44 pm)

    Hello, I have a 2001 passport V6. when the headlights are on, the drivers side turn signal stays on...... ...can anyone help?]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]


    Have anyone have an answer to this issue... I have the same problem...
  • cj9113cj9113 Posts: 3
    My 96 honda passport lighter will not work, I have changed the fuse but it still will not work. Can anyone tell me what else can be wrong with it
  • fawkabrdfawkabrd Posts: 1
    I have a 99 honda passport its when i put it in drive it wont shift out of 1st..i can manually shift it it works fine. Had the tranny rebuilt and the guy said the wire that goes to the solenoids should be hot when the key is on.. its not..i checked it at the pcm and its not hot there either..tryed a different computer same thing.. any ideas.. thanks alot Darrin
  • shekire4shekire4 Posts: 9
    I have a 97 Honda Passport I just had a alternator put in.But, my battery and brake lights are still on.I drove it yesterday and it drove fine.But,today my battery wasn't keeping a charge.My battery was staying below 12 volts.Idrove it for a little bit this morning.When I got back home the battery was real low.After I turned it off I tryed to crank it back up.But the battery was too low.After I let it set for awhile I was able to crank it up.But, the battery is still below 12 volts.I have a new battery so I know it is not the battery.The alternator I got at Advanced Auto Parts.I found out it is a remanfactored alternator.I hope someone can help me out.
  • not sure if this will help at all....but i had an old mini-van that did same thing as ur far as the heater goes. On the firewall, inside the vehicle under the dash there is a slider thingy that engages as u change the heater settings. The part that connected it to the heat controls was snapped off....i replaced it and the heat came out from all the vents. Good Luck
  • shekire4shekire4 Posts: 9
    I need to change my bank2 sensor 1 on my 97 Honda passport. Could anyone tell me where I can find this oxgyen sensor.
  • shekire4shekire4 Posts: 9
    edited July 2010
    My brake light and rear abs are on but my brakes seem fine.Can anyone till me what could cause this please. I have a 97 Honda Passport.
  • mark260mark260 Posts: 2
    While on vacation with my 96 Honda passport I ran into some road flooding. The check transmission light came on and the car suddenly stalled out. I quickly was able to restart and the check transmission light went off. I just thought a plug wire got wet resulting in the stalling. After restarting, the AC and the blower motor stopped working. All the fuses and the relays are dry and seem good. I have a long 6 hour drive in plus 90 degree weather with 3 kids tomorrow, if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Mark
  • I see this is an old message but this happened to me also. the back window worked but couldnt get the front drivers side to roll up. My boss checked the battery and it had some corrosion on it. cleaned it off and the window rolled right up!!
  • Thanks for getting back, but the issue was already taken care of. It turned out to be the alternator. The car died on the way home from my vacation. Thank God it happened right in front of a car garage. The garage was closed but the owner was working on his own car and was nice enough to help me and my family out. He was a great guy! After he change it out the car ran great and the air conditioning worked again. Thanks again for getting back to me.
  • My 2000 passport has an electical problem of lights randomly working. Now the heater/ac fan won't work and I think it may be connected? Anyone know how to make the fan start working again? The heat/ac works fine.
  • my license plate light is not working on my 94 passport. i've changed the bulb,checked the fuse and the wiring underneath and can't find the problem. i'm sure it's something simple because all the other lights work. any ideas?
  • Same problem with my 2002 passport. It was a short in the wire harness behind the dashboard. Had to take the dash off. Two bolts from the stearing column had rubbed through the wire harness.
  • My 2002 Passport did the same thing. For me it was the bottom quick connect on the passenger side (right foot) behind the kick plate. The large white wire is the power in. It runs over to the fuse panel, but their is a splice behind the heater/radio in the main wire harness.
  • I had the same issue with my 96 Passport: the battery, brake, and 4WD lights came on and then a bit later the heater quit working. The problem is in the electrical system - either the battery, the battery cable, or the alternator.
    The easiest way to see if your battery is OK is to take your car to a reputable car parts store - they've got the equipment to check the health of the battery.
    Once you've verified or replaced the battery, check out the alternator by removing the battery cable while the engine is running. The alternator should have plenty of power to run the car, the lights, and the heater. If it dies right away, then you need to replace or repair the alternator.
    The alternator is fairly straightforward to remove - there is one bolt at the top and a bolt/tensioning screw assembly at the bottom. Remove the battery first so that you have more room. Loosen the lower bolt and then backout the tensioning screw to relieve the tension on the belt. Then remove the two bolts. The alternater should slide out with a bit of coaxing. Remove the connector and ground strap then pull the alternator out. Replace with new alternator in the reverse order as above. Note that the bolts are metrice, so use the appropriate wrenches.
    Good luck.
  • I recently bought a used 2000 Passport with an unusual problem. It drives very good most of the time, on problem days it starts by idling high, stopping becomes harder, I have to hit the brake harder for it to stop, the vehicle makes 3 attempts to lurch forward from a stopped position with the transmission in drive and my foot hard on the brake pedal then the engine dies, the Brake, Engine and Transmission lights comes on while this is happening. I put it in park and restart, all the lights go out except the Engine light which stays on for about 15 minutes then goes out. Putting the transmission in drive causes the vehicle to jerk a couple of times before it drives OK. When I stop again the process repeat its self. Its difficult driving in heavy traffic, the engine would stall a lot. Funny thing is I took it to Auto Zone and no code showing up when they checked. I bought it used from a Honda dealer who now tells me they don`t have the special tools required to service it and that I should take it to Isuzu, Isuzu tells me that it is probably the Computer and they can`t service it.
    I am now between a rock and a hard place, how can I resolve this? Any ideas?
  • konrad1konrad1 Posts: 2
    i bought a 95 honda passport 5 speed and would have probs with it when it would rain,carwash etc. I knew i had something getting wet but i had no clue what.Engine light would come on couldnt hold it at certain speeds and cruise and back up light s wouldnt work.I almost gave up on it until one day i was changing the oil and noticed the wiring was pinched in the steering knuckle.I opened the casing surrounding the wires and seen they were some if not all damaged and severd off i fixed the wires and everyting worked great.I just wanted passport owners to be aware of this as it might be a reoccurring prob
  • konrad1konrad1 Posts: 2
    if u have a trailer plug, might want to check it for a loose or broken ground or broken wires?
  • Hi. I was wondering if you ever figured out the "check engine" light problem? I have a 1994 Passport and it just started doing the same thing about 2 months ago and I don't know where to start checking for the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  • My 97 Honda Passport dim lights won't come on but.the bright lights do come on.
    I feel like there is a short somewhere Can someone tell me what I need to do.
  • my passport doesnt start, it will crank that's all, i checked the spark plugs, the main relay, all the fuses, there is gas injection, the injector are working i checked them with a led, don't know what else to do, i haven;t check the grounds yet any help would be very appreciated thanks
  • mysticbuckmysticbuck Posts: 5
    edited August 2011
    Not sure this will help but hope it will. I was driving my 94 Passport and it died just like if you were to shut the key off. All it would do was crank and crank and crank. At first I thought a fuel pump problem but I could hear the pump kick in when I turned the key. I changed all the plugs and coil packs, and wires, checked all the relays, fuses and all the grounds. It turned out to be the module that the coil packs sit on. I was lucky enough to have a auto parts store let me try a new module before purchasing it to make sure it was it. As soon as I turned the key, it started right up. I'm not saying that is was is wrong with yours, but I would check that. Hopefully this helps with your troubles. Good luck. The other problem I had in a similar way was the coil packs kept burning out. That was the voltage regulator that is built into the alternator. Had to replace the alternator. Good luck and let me know what you figure out.
  • I have a 2002 Honda Passport with 140,000mi and about a month ago the check transmission light would come on seemingly at random. It would come on only for about 1 second then turn off, when it came on the trans would usually make a really hard shift if I was accelerating and sometimes it would feel like I would lose power. Took it to Aamco and they could not re create the problem and the computer did not throw any codes. Lately the problem has been getting worse, now the cruse control light and check engine light come on as well and it seems to happen more when I hit a bump or rough patch of road. The lights still only stay on for about 5 seconds at the most, but whereas before this was only happening about once a week now happens sometimes as much as every few minutes that im driving. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Josh
  • My son has a 2000 Honda Passport and I replace the brake light switch but when i depress the brake pedal the fuse blow out which keep the vehicle from going into gear when i start the car. The Honda dealer said it was a Electronic Control Module and replace it but it continue to do the same thing.
    Is there anyone out there have a solution to my problem?
  • Car was running fine. I installed a new radio and finished getting dash back together and now the dash light always says I am in 3 regardless of where I put shifter. The car will sluggishly go forward in D 1 2 or 3 and up a hill forget it. It drives fine in L and R. I would think the electrical position sensor and wiring to be at the shifter which wasn't touched during radio install. I can't figure out why the car wont go anymore as it hasn't been driven during the install and was working fine beforehand.
  • Wait... I forgot something. I changed starter in this down time. Is there something I may have done under car to cause this?
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