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Ford Excursion vs Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon XL - The battle of the titans



  • ssautterssautter Posts: 2
    We're looking for a San Antonio-area family that owns a 2000 Chevy Suburban to be part of the new Suburban catalog. Participation first includes an interview about your positive Suburban ownership experience. If you qualify, your family will be photographed in the San Antonio area or Hill Country during April 11-12-13 and compensated for your time. Please e-mail before noon on Monday, April 10 if you are interested.
  • I own a 99 K1500 'Burb with the 5.7 (350) V8, 3.73. rear, with limited slip.
    I'll be towing a Hi-Lo trailer this summer; it weighs about 4000 lbs. I know the Excursion could tow this trailer, no problem. Just wondering if this burb could tow it okay, OR the 2500 would be better.
  • I towed a 5500 pound boat and trailer with my old C1500 Burb many, many times with great results. Never knew it was back there except on very steep hills. Of course the 4WD is rated a little lower in towing capacity (presumably because the 4WD weighs more itself). I just towed my boat to the lake and back with my new 2000 C1500 Burb and I can't believe it but it towed even better. I didn't expect this with the new coil springs in the rear but the back end didn't sag one bit and the new four wheel disc brakes worked like a champ. This is the only thing that ever worried me in my old Burb because I had to disconnect my trailer brakes a few years ago. Just didn't follow closely. The new discs are great!
  • vcroesvcroes Posts: 1
    Well, I guess it is about time y'all heard my little story... I am the owner of the first and only Excursion in the Republic of Argentina. We bought it in Canada via email/fax (sight unseen) and shipped it via truck and RORO to Buenos Aires, Argentina where I am currently posted. Arrived safe and sound about three months after I ordered it. We've got the Estate Green PSD Limited 4x4, 3.73LS, skis plates etc etc, and let me tell you folks, this is one awesome vehicle. Most people think I'm at least half crazy running around in a rig this size in Buenos Aires, which is a city of about 12 million people with mostly European sized streets and diesel fuel at about $1.75/gallon (gas costs double that). My 5ft2 gal has no problem piloting our Fordzilla around the streets of BA with our four anklebiters... in fact the people here just love this thing, their mouths hang open in amazement and admiration. Here an Explorer is regarded as a huge (and hugely expensive, figure $40k+ for a loaded model) vehicle. The trailer-tow mirrors take a bit off getting used to but we haven't knocked off any cyclists' heads yet. The kids like saying "thunk" every time we pass one though!

    Only have about 1500 miles on it so far but very impressed... the sound and ride is trucklike but just what I want. Nothing like the rattle of the PSD on a cool morning. Highly satisfactory power and acceleration, cruising 140 kph is most serene if you know how to handle the old gal. I notice it is kinda thirsty at that velocity, but hey, places to go, things to do, people to meet, you know. I added a Poron reversing aid so far and am looking to doll it up with a few more goodies. Like a stonkin' airhorn that will blow the little BA cabbies right of their crappy little Peugeots and Renaults.

    Happy trails folks. All you Fordzilla drivers out there be proud you own the [non-permissible content removed]-kickenest 4x4 made. IMHO, hehe.

    Happy customer in Buenos Aires.

    p.s. All you Burb pilots out there, enjoy your ride. Different strokes for different folks and all that..... I am not the least bit concerned about the size issue, even my lousy Ranger (thankfully stolen) didn't fit in my driveway, let alone my garage! You want a 4x4 that rides like a Caddy, go for it! I like the mucho space behind the 3rd seat for all of our camping stuff. And GMC/Chevy diesels suck like a $500.... you figure it out.
  • hey folks, i just started a topic, #2593 i want to hear from people who have towing experiences with suburbans, i want to tow a 6000lb TT. what can you tell about what is best to pull with, a 1/2 ton 3/4 ton would a 1/2 ton-3/4/ton pickup do the same as a suburban? let me know what you know, thanks a bunch. also what is the best high-tech hitch to use?
  • dwh6dwh6 Posts: 10
    The only reason anyone needs to give as why they own a huge SUV is the following:


    I am fairly tired of people telling other people their choices are stupid. It is fine to have a debate, if the object is to understand. But the anti-SUV crowd (and now, it appears, the small-SUVs-are-ok-but-not-big-ones crowd) does not really care about learning at all.

    I own a Durango and wouldn't purchase an Excursion (primary because I get a DC employee discount!). But I don't put anyone down for their choices.
  • mariclemaricle Posts: 1
    I purchased a 4X4 1500 Suburban in January and currently have 7500 miles on it. Mileage results are as follows:

    Using the reformulated gas in Houston:
    City - 14.5 Mpg
    Highway - 15.5 Mpg

    Unsing the "normal" gas when on a trip
    City - 15.5 Mpg
    Highway - 17.5 Mpg

    My highway driving is usually about 75 MPH with the cruise control set.

    As a side note - my suburban hasn't had a single parking garage problem in downtown Houston - but about 60% of them could not accomodate the Excursion!!
  • protravelprotravel Posts: 19
    I got the Excursion Diesel 4x4 and on a day when I had more time on my hands getting to work, I played with the mileage. I filled up the tank, reset the trip computer and drove like I had an egg under my gas pedal.My goal was to see how far up the ladder I could go. Well. I got 19.2 city driving, stop and go for the 35 miles to work. Do I get that all the time, heck no, just wanted to see the possibilities.
  • I have about 2,000 miles on my 2WD PSD Limited Excursion. So far I have got a bit over 15mpg on all stop and go city driving. About the same as I was getting on my Aerostar with a 3L 6.
  • Well, as a new Excursion owner (V10 Limited), I was a little shell shocked when I rode in my buddie's new 2000 burb. In general, the ride is softer, the interior looks like a luxury mobile not a truck, it offered climate control front and back, LED displays, ON-Star computerized help and tracking system (wow - like the cadillacs), split bucket seats for the second row, easier access, comparable room, and more that I am sure I did not notice.

    To balance out things, I am sure my Excursion can tow my boat better simply because of its weight and length. Thats why I bought it.... BUT to all you staunch Ford vs Chevy people...give the Burb some credit. Its a great vehicle as is the Excursion. Truthfully, I probably would have bought the burb if I had known. My Ford dealer relative probably hates to hear me say that and I am sure he knows that the family discount he gave me kept me from looking elsewhere. SO people.... BOTH Burbs and Excursions are great!
  • retractretract Posts: 13
    I wrote a similar post to the Excursion topic back on March 20 and the Ford vs Chevy people took offense. I was lucky, I got to rent a V10 4X4 X for 7 days in the snow of Park City. On the 5th day I called back to my local Chevy dealer, (with whom I had been talking and had an invoice + $1000 standing offer) and ordered a 2000 Burb. I knew that I would not be happy with the X mainly due to how slow it was, how it handled rough roads, and how it wandered on the freeway. I loved it's size but it clearly needs some refinement. You can yell "it's a truck" all you want but it still should not have the 3 problems that I mention above.

    Now the down side - The Burb that I ordered on from park City on March 7 is not here yet! They can't make them fast enough. It is due tomorrow. While the two Ford dealers within 10 miles of my house have 15 X's on their lots. BTW, I own a very good Ford - a 1998 Expedition so this is not an emotional issue with me as I like Porsches better than any Ford or Chevy - but that is the engineer in me talking.
  • I have to say that the new Suburbans do look nice. I opted for the Excursion because I wanted a Diesel and its a Ford (I know thats lame, but hey, that's me). I love the ride in my vehicle. I do not experience any wandering on the Freeway (may have needed to check the air pressure in the tires), and with the PSD this beast is anything but slow.
    To each his own. I'm sure you will be as happy with your Burb as I am with my Excursion.
  • retractretract Posts: 13
    I wish I could have driven a PSD!
  • protravelprotravel Posts: 19
    PSD VS V10, there is NO comparison, you think these trucks are made by two different companies.
    I drove the V10 and hated it. Drove the diesel and found it to be a whole different truck. Although still a truck.
  • soccermom9soccermom9 Posts: 1
    Lets face it we all love our Excursions but don't you ever feel like you might just side swipe someone & never know it? We have 4 children and I babysit 3 & carpool with 2. It is a party in our car everyday from school. We love soccer, dance and church. My brother in law and his family have a Sub. but really like our Excursion. I was told the first week I had it at the gas station it was nicknamed the ford valdeze.(ha ha). When I take it to the car wash the attendance fight to drive it. I still get people stopping me to see the inside of the car. I call it a car and I should call it the TRUCK. We have enjoyed this car for 8 months now and 10,000 miles later ( all city driving). This is our second Ford product and have enjoyed this Truck alot. We feel that we will run this into the ground which isn't hard to do in Southern California. We were the second family to own an Excursion in our little town and now there are just as many new Excursions to Subs. I really don't feel as though it is a size issue more than a convenience issue. I park farther away from other cars so I don't get dinged but I now have room for kids, equipment, diaper bags, and food to go. I think that when you have a big family you should be comfortable so when the frequently asked question comes up "Are We There Yet" you can say back "Sorry,your so far back there I couldn't hear you". Have fun in B.A. My sister and her family were there for a 1 year stay. Everyone enjoy what they have.
  • ldrldr Posts: 9
    For those wondering what kind of mileage one can expect on an Excursion with the power stroke diesel. Filled up (right to the rim) in central Massachusetts and drove straight through to Scranton, PA and again filled up (right to the rim). 263 mile trip took 13.228 gal. of fuel for 19.88 MPG. This is keeping it under 65 for the most part and not "getting on it". The truck now has 10,802 miles on it and the mileage keeps creeping up. Travel safe.
  • dwg1dwg1 Posts: 5
    The longest and most energetic posts I have seen, glad I took a look. Burb vs Excursion is in the eye of the beholder. Ford has a great product, I have owned several. Chevys are great products, I have owned several (the 93 Blazer was a lemon). I had a 99 Tahoe wanted bigger cause I am older and bigger and wanted the comfort. I now have a 2000 Burb and am happy, isn't that what it's all about,
    happiness. As a colleague says big wins Ford or Chevy. I read an article concerning small cars hit by large SUVs, only accounts for 5%, the rest of the small guys creamed was at the hands of larger cars, commercial vehicles, semi's and what ever else is left. SUVs get a bad rap cause they are
    considered rich guys toys and the small car owners feel slighted. I am not rich but comfortable and like the large feel of the Burb. We mainly use it for long distance travel which we do a moderate amount of. Mileage is 14 to 18, not great but good. The Excursion will not fit in my garage. But I like the look but like the Burb better. Our other car is a 2000 Honda Accord SE. If Honda built a full size SUV and I could afford it thats what I would buy. I found as I got older my tastes changed some for the better some not but I like big vehicles. What ever you want thats ok with me as long as you are happy. Weight wins unless you are hit by a semi so there always seems to be a bigger kid on the block but we don't have to pick fights just admire the other guys vehicle, compliment him on it you have made a friend. I really love original Shelby Cobras even a 289 HiPO
    would be ok don't need the 427 but thats really out of my league. Happy motoring, drive responsibly, live and let live.
  • sdjaamsdjaam Posts: 3
    I have a 8000# TT that I tow with my new EX. Until A month ago I was towing it with my 92 dodge van 2500. Now I realize that neither of these is a sub, but the effect is still the same in that a 3/4 ton will feel better in the suspension dept as compared to a 1500/ 1/2 ton reguardless of who make its. Of course now, everyone will tar and feather me for that statement, but I have owned and towed with chevy, dodge and ford. All of them had there good sides and all of them have had there bad sides. The main reason I purchased the EX is that all the chev dealers I went to did not want to deal. As a matter of fact, because of the experience that I had with them, I don't think that I would by another chevy any time soon. I also needed something that holds a lot of people (6 w/ 2 dogs), a canoe and bikes on top. The dodge has recently turned over 110,000 mi so I decided to retire it from towing. If your a hard core chevy man and plan to do a lot of towing, go with the 2500.
  • dwg1dwg1 Posts: 5
    I don't plan on towing, never have but I feel you are right #115. The 1500 will tow but not as well as the 2500. The EX is on the 250 frame so it should haul almost anything. I like the looks of the EX just didn't need the size. To each his on. I also had initial dealing problems with Chevy and GMC but stuck with my dealer i bought my 99 Tahoe from. A Burb finally came in and they gave us a decent deal, repeat customer loyalty does work sometimes. I feel Chevy got caught with too much demand and too little product and they all got greedy, chevy and the dealers. That could come back to haunt them. I am happy with my Burb and am glad your EX is working for you #115. It all ends up as choice for what ever reason. Besides the EX would not fit my garage and the Post Office would not give me a zip code for the rear of the EX. Happy motoring Ford or Chevy.
  • protravelprotravel Posts: 19
    Chevy got caught putting out a BAD product, and was playing catch up, an they still are. The too little product, was due to them trying to get it right.
    Which caused dealer shortage, hence absolutely no discounts, and the take the sticker price or leave it.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Are you talking about the new or old Suburban?

    Explain BAD to the +90% of owners who love em and don't have any problems...
  • bowtiebillbowtiebill Posts: 17
    Sounds like you must be a Ford Motor Co. employee. As joelis said most Burb owners are extremely happy with the 2000 Burb. And I had several Burbs in the 92-99 year group and was extremely happy with all those too. I do believe Ford got some of the things right with the EX, better floor mats, swing-out rear windows, couple other minor things I don't remember. But WHO was playing catch up?? As I recall the Suburban has been around since the 30s or 40s and the EX came out in, oh yeah, 2000.
  • retractretract Posts: 13
    He only sees ford blue. I thoroughly tested an Ex because it was my first choice. I found it to be crude, although I did not get a chance to drive it with the PSD that protravel has. I find it hard to believe that a diesel would make the thing any faster or quieter. Remember that ford slapped the Ex together with the smallest budget ever used to bring out a "new" truck according to a ford press release. I believe it!
  • protravelprotravel Posts: 19
    I'm NOT slamming Chevy, only explaining, the attitude of Chevy dealers, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ATTITUDE and supply. Yes the Suburban is a good vehicle, as is the Excursion.
    And, yes the people who bought and were LUCKY enough to get a 2000 got good ones. Just passing on comments from other sites and Suburban builders far more wise than you or me, regarding supply of the Burb. Chevy had problems,work'd on the problems delay in shipping product, thus kept price at sticker or above PERIOD.
    Now you Chevy boys can get off your, my toys are better than your toys horse.

    And for your info bowtiebill the Excurion was based on the F250 and that's been around HOW LONG??

    My point exactly bowtie Chevy has been building "Burbs" since the cave think they could get it right by now.
    Now I am slamming Chevy thanks to bowties big mouth.
  • protravelprotravel Posts: 19
    Gee I don't know where I got the idea about Suburnbans being crap, OH I KNOW right here on Edmunds. Just a few posts, I didn't have all night to copy ALL the bad news. Enjoy your Burb.

    My Suburban experience has been the opposite. It's
    been terrible, and the reason I switched from GM,
    probably never to return, for example:

    In less than 50,000 miles on a loaded '94 K2500
    6.5L TD, the thing:
    Had four injection pumps;
    Several related pump wiring harnesses & black
    8-10 of those worthless Delco batteries;
    A bad seal in the rear differential because it ate
    grass (On a 4x4??? Can't Great Mistakes (GM) even
    get that one right?);

    large problem- the radiator failed. A mechanic
    friend fixed it for me, but it still cost $700

    The problems we
    have had mechanically have made owning our suburban
    a headache.First there was a problem with the
    front brakes.At 33000 miles and left front rotor
    needed to be replaced.A few months later, after...

    Beware of transmission troubles

    had a fuel pump replaced
    because it was "noisy"

    I have had a miserable experience with my 1996
    Suburban 4WD LT and frankly I am currently looking
    to replace it with something foreign....
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    You can go to any popular topic in this town hall and find bad news that someone has had. Protravel, you really didn't make a point, other than you might be a little touchy to ???

    I think people have stated the obvious here already. Both vehicles have their good points and bad points as stated, and its up to each individual to decide which "good points" are more important for them to have.

    Personally: For Looks - I think the EX looks mean, and dressed up with the right accessories, would look awesome. For Driving comfort - The Sub wins hands down, it drives like a car.

    I would have one of each in my garage if that was possible, (but I don't think the EX will fit...).
  • dwg1dwg1 Posts: 5
    I had a 93 4 runner, great car, under powered but dependable but small inside, I have grown. Liked the looks of the Tahoe, bought a 99 no problems except the infamous resonance at high speed for me low for some, still a mystery. Wanted the extra space and the 4 wheel disc brakes (great brakes) the side air bags and the new look. I like the EX but didn't need the size. I swore off Chevys after a worse than lemon 93 blazer with a fuel injection system that defied repair (5 complete fuelinjector assemblies) Chevy had no clue. Thats when I got the 4 Runner, what a great change for the better but as I said too small for a large driver. The Tahoe was nice and big but you had to give the brakes a prior written notice to stop. Now a 2000 Burb thats over one month old with less than 200 miles, mostly for distance travel. Time will tell for the Chevy as I am not a locked in bowtie owner. As someone said horror stories are everywhere it's the luck of the draw. I also bought a 2000 Honda Accord and if they built a full size SUV guess what I would buy.
  • bowtiebillbowtiebill Posts: 17
    Sorry for getting you all excited but I was just responding to your harsh put downs of GM. Yes, many dealers are getting sticker for Burbs. Good for me, keeps my resale value up. Many dealers (like mine) are selling for at or very close to invoice. Just depends on whether you have to have it now or can wait six weeks like I did.

    And where did this F250 thing come from, I thought we were talking about Burbs and EXs not pickup trucks. I don't care what platform it was based off of. That's like saying when the Caddy Evoq comes out next year (based on Corvette platform) that Caddy has been in the sports car business since 1953. Not very good logic, Professor Emeritus.

    I'm sorry you had problems with your Burb, but not every vehicle is going to be perfect like the 15+ Burbs I've owned. And I agree that as long as GM has been making the Burb is should be the perfect vehicle and it isn't. That upsets me too because I think there are things on the older model that are better than this one. But the problem is that the marketing folks are asking the wrong people, not you and me. And Ford does the same thing.
  • protravelprotravel Posts: 19
    Apologies also from me, not touchy, I just got caught up in the mine is better than yours syndrome. Again I wasn't making "harsh" comments about GM. I was responding to a prior post of WHY GM was getting sticker and not budging. The problems at the plant were real, but as I stated NOT a problem, in the product, just in the AMOUNT of product.

    A lot of us Excursion owners first went to buy Suburbans, but were horribly turned off by the attitude of GM dealers. I personally went to four local Suburban dealers to purchase a Suburban sight un-seen and prior to driving one, and the attitude was the worst I have ever seen from a dealer.

    My logic on the F250 is, that the Excursion is nothing more than a F250 which has been around for a long while, and time-tested. Answering, I think your post of "how long Excursion has been around (intimating first year truck). In other words as you explained the suburban has been around a while I was explaining so has the Excursion in rationale. Yes the "Excursion" is a first year truck, but the only part that is first year is the body panels from the front seat back. The diesel engine is a hearty time tested International, delivered to
    Ford., so even Ford can't screw this engine up.

    Yes the Suburban does drive like a car, but I wanted and needed a truck. I drove the Burb and it felt too dumb'd down from the Burb I owned in the past. My opinion, too much car feel.
    Again both trucks are great, and both companies build great trucks and lemons. I think it does come down to the particular "Feel" each driver wants. Mine being a more harsh truck feel. Others enjoy the softer car ride. When I want soft car ride, and I do mean soooooofffft. I drive my wife's Lexus.
    Safe driving to all.
  • protravelprotravel Posts: 19
    Forgot to mention, Suburban is playing with a (6) door Suburban. The back two doors are over the rear wheels for easy entry to the third seat. Also the 2001 GM diesel will be the strongest on the market, made in conjunction with Izuzu.
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