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Ford Excursion vs Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon XL - The battle of the titans



  • liquidlabliquidlab Posts: 23
    I ordered my 01 Yukon Xl 3/4 ton with the 8100 Vortec in May.
    The dealer already had all the informations,options etc,in it's computer.
  • polsenpolsen Posts: 25
    For what it's worth, Four Wheeler mag this month released their best buys and liked the sub over the fords.
  • css3css3 Posts: 6
    The same magazine like the Hugo and the corvair!
  • retractretract Posts: 13
    Magizines rarely agree on favorites because of the huge $'s spent by the manufacturers, but in the case of the Ex vs Sub it has been all GM. It's a shame because Ford has spent so much on their outdoors theme ads that you would think it would buy them a few kind words about the EX.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    Buy the new Honda odyssey its better then either the excursion or the suburban and has about the same amount of room, in addition it:

    Handles better
    Brakes better
    Smother ride
    Accelerates faster
    Allows access from the front to rear seats so you can get to the crying baby
    Costs less
    Has more on demand cargo room
    Gets better gas mileage

    Why would anyone buy a Burb or excursion?

    They believe it looks better.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    This is a global economy better get used to it.

    Ford is no longer strictly American.

    I hate to admit it being an American but the Japanese make better cars.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    I looked at all the posts Mako28 had it right.

    If you truly need an SUV then enjoy. Most do not.

    In any event when I compared the Excursion to the Suburban (Did not buy either) I thought the Suburban was much better.
  • css3css3 Posts: 6
    This was in USA TODAY ...Today
    The SUV least likely to roll over is the Ford Excursion.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78

    I mentioned the HO because it was in my evaluation process along with the Suburban. We liked the Surburban over the Excursion.

    We liked vans better. We evaluated the vans and came up with 3 HO, Windstar and Sienna.

    I did not give a thought to one being a Japanese headquartered company and one being a US headquartered company because it is irrelevant in today's global economy. I was overly broad in my statement that Japanese cars are better. The comment should have been limited to year 2000 cars under $22,000.

    Cab companies buy fleets based on a cheap bulk purchase price. The car companies do this so they can say their car is the “Best selling in America”. Many Non-US manufactures do not have the plant capacity to meet the Cab companies needs at the prices they are looking for.

    In any event this is the wrong forum to discuss this subject is there another forum? If not feel free to start your own and I will gladly continue the debate.
  • jgeisiiijgeisiii Posts: 2
    I have been looking at the local dealers in my area. All seem to be on their last few 00 Suburbans. They say it will be Sept. before they get the new ones, but can't tell me about changes in options. Does anyone know of any different options being offered for 01. The only models I have seen on the lots here have been the solid color LTs. Where are all the flavors, ie: two tone paint schemes, etc. Are they just ordering the high-end units to maximize profit?

    Does anyone know a dealer in Va, NC or SC that works off invoice vs. this "fair market value" number?

    Lastly, where did the tailgates go? I always liked the idea of extended deck space or a seat.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • More info on next years line of engines

  • jogibajogiba Posts: 27
    You must have had a 5.7L (350cu in)small block in your Suburban or a bad 454 big block. I have a 454 in my 34' Coachmen motorhome and it runs 75mph all day on my trips to Florida from NJ.The 2001 8100 Vortec (496 big block) and Duramax 6600 diesel will be the engines of choice for towing the biggest travel trailers with the Suburban,Yukon XL,2500/3500HD pickups and 3500 Vans.
  • bowtiebillbowtiebill Posts: 17
    I don't understand. You must have a very long torso as I am 6'3" also and have well over an inch to spare above my head. I can understand at 315 that you may have a little problem with shoulder room but at 190 I have way more than enough. I too question the towing abilities you quote. I have a boat and trailer that weigh about 5000 pounds and my 1500 Burb (5.3 liter) without a locking differential or trailer package (bought a Hidden Hitch class III receiver from JC Whitney and installed it myself) pull that thing up and down the hills and up the boat ramp like it's nothing. I too think the new 8100 available from GM will flat knock the socks off anything, including the 10 cylinder, that Ford has to offer. But the main thing is that you are happy with your purchase and it fits you. That's great. Just hope you didn't pay anything near MSRP as they are now offering big time discounts since they can't get rid of them.
  • We bought a 1999 Suburban LT, after years in two consecutive Ford Explorers - the Suburban is cheap and incomplete. Ford offers so much more in standard interior and comfort, it's unbelievable. The Suburban seat is too short and to narrow, the seats pitch forward, so that you feel as if you're falling out, the arm rests are set so that only a child can make use of them. There are certainly no extra amenities. After less than a year of driving it, I'm ready to go back to a Ford.
  • agoldenagolden Posts: 1
    when I travel I usually have two to four horses in tow. We also require room for a lot of STUFF when we travel. I just returned from a 1200 mile trek through the North Carolina mountains and can report the following experiences. Fuel consumption: The PSD achieved 15.59 mpg city, 16.23 amazingly through the mountain roads.
    Some of which were single lane dirt roads climbing at such a rate I had to use 4WD for the climb. And finally, 22.26 mpg highway at 55 mph. This trip we did not have a horse trailer in tow. Why 4x4? As I explained earlier, I pull horses in the Carolina mountains over interstate, paved two lane, steep paved, gravel and dirt roads. And at times, no perceived road at all. For these conditions a 4x4 is a must, regardless of the vehicle type. I am happy to report after this last 1,200 mile journey, I experienced no bongs, bangs, clangs, clunks, clinks, dings, giggles, pings, rattles, squeals, squeaks; you get the idea, or any other type of noise. While I do have to negoticate some challenging terrain at times, I do not go "off-roading" with the Excursion. That's not what Ford built it for or why I bought it. I hope you enjoy yours as much as my family and I have enjoyed ours.
  • pribcopribco Posts: 3
    Am considering replacement tires for 4x4 1500 Suburban. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Not Firestone - haha

    Try Michelin LTX
  • I recently leased a 2000 Ford Excursion, V-10, Limited....took it on a trip to Savannah and day (8/7) took it to the car wash....f'in died!!!! they had to push it out...after several attempts to get it going (cooled down, started..ran 1 mile..died, repeat) we had to have the thing towed...been at the dealer for 3 days...they say it is a crankshaft solenoid problem...bad design, Ford is about to issue a recall...1800 vehicles affected....the vendor of the "new design" has "just shipped" 700 new parts to Ford, but the dealer "isn't sure if they will get an allocation"...sounds like the inventory scam eh?....In any event, I have a $34,000 limited (if you paid more you are a fool, however, only slightly more so than I because I got one too :0 )

    In any event, no you believe this?????? My wife is driving a Taurus (compliments of Ford and I had to pound them for it) with our 4 kids for a time to be determined.............anyone else have this problem?

    Should have opted for the Suburban....faster, more nimble, smoother power, better gas (although believe it or not, I got 15-15 1/2 mpg@75mph avg with a V-10, air blazing.........and weighs approximately 2,000 lbs less....go figure.....

  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    This seems to happen very early on. I was at the dealer getting a cargo net for my Expedition and they had a customer in there who was not a happy camper.

    Apparently this same thing happened to him as he was driving his new Excursion off the lot after delivery. Ouch!

    At that same time, there was a 2nd customer on the phone apparently trying to get his Excursion delivered to him out in the country somewhere, but the service guy was trying to explain to him that they could not get the truck going, same problem.

    This was at a large Minnesota dealership. I don't want to mention the name, because they have treated me very well.

    I am becoming more content with my decision to get the Expedition instead.
  • If your going to tow the ford Excursion is the way to go.For comfort and ride Yukon XL.I have a Yukon XL love it.My friend has a Excursion he loves it.To each his own.......But the Excursion is BIG and BIG is what you need to tow.
  • I checked out the PSD in the Excursion, and for the XLT it was about $40,000 for the limited it was $43,000. Where did you, accesstoo1 , find a Limited for only $34,000, even if it has the V10? I know that the PSD adds about $4000 to the sticker, but the dealer here in Everett WA did not believe me when I told him of your purchase price. He claims that the PSD XLT cost him $38,782 and with his quote "low markup" is only asking $40,000.
  • kbonekbone Posts: 1
    We just bought our 2K Excursion and love it. Has any one had any problem with the Firestone ATX
    tires on the Excursion?
  • 390gt390gt Posts: 17
    kbone, double check your tires. I believe the Ex. has Firestone Steeltex either A/S or A/T. They are also used on the Superduty. I have read that the the version used on the Ex. is the "D" rated version with 8 plys while the Superduty uses the "E" rated version with 10 plys. The Ex. version is supposed the ride smoother. My question is the version on the Ex. up to the task for towing and would it be more prone to sway.?
  • 6ofus6ofus Posts: 2
    My husband and I are in a quandary as whether to buy a 2000 GMC Yukon XL 1500 SLT 4x4 or a 2000 Ford Excursion Limited 4x4. Please give us serious pros/cons on each of these vehicles and only if you've done considerable driving in one or the other or both. I know there are die-hard Chevy and die-hard Ford fans and while I respect that, that's not want I want to know. What I want to know is what you like/love about each vehicle. What kind of problems you've had (and please don't tell me the gas mileage sucks, it's hard to manuever, it doesn't fit in the garage. I've been driving a Ford E150 Coversion van for 5 plus years and the gas milegae does suck and you do have to be conscientious in driving any vehicle but especially, I feel, when driving one of this size).

    We will NOT be doing any regular towing, I am not looking for status, but I do have a family of 6 (with three child seats to contend with) that I need safe, reliable transportation for. We have looked at most and test drove a lot of minivans (Odyssey, Windstar, Caravan, Town & Country, etc) but have you ever tried putting three car seats in one of those and then fitting in two adults, one preteen and any kind of luggage, it's nearly impossible, and for us, it is out of the question. The only other vehicle I would consider is a Toyota Landcruiser but since a $40000 GMC vs. Ford is stretching the budget, a $50000 plus vehicle is out of the question, but the Landcruiser by far has the look, luxury and reliability record I would love to have.

    So here we are at the crossroads. We have our finances in order and are ready to buy today if we could only do two things. #1, make our decision and #2, find one at the price we are willing to pay after doing much research @ edmunds, autobytel,, etc. As much as I hate to say it, the almighty dollar might actually play into the final decision, who's willing/has more room to play with the figures?
  • jackp3jackp3 Posts: 1
    I recently went through the same choice. I have a 94 GMC suburban with 220k miles on it and was generally pleased with it. My first thought was to buy a 00 or 01 GMC Yukon XL but I ended up with the Excursion.

    I also do very little towing but wanted the room for my work, sales, and for my passion, hunting. The 1500 Yukon XL has an easier ride but I very much love the feel and ride of my Excursion which is stiffer and more truck like. My passengers and I love the ride - it is very comfortable on long trips. I have experienced zero handling problems.

    My reasons for buying the Excursion over the GMC were: 1). Liked the looks, fit and finish. 2). Availability meant that I could negotiate a good price where I paid less for a 3/4 ton vehicle than what the 1/2 ton GMC would cost me and I had a great choice of vehicles. 3). 0.9 Ford factory financing is very hard to pass up.

    We ended up with a Limited, 4X4, PSD and love it. With over 4500 miles we have had no problems at all and the vehicle is tight and very quiet. I have never owned another vehicle where people actually come up to you and want to talk to you about your truck and look (and sit sometimes) inside. I recently took at trip over the Sierras where I set the cruise control at 70 MPH and the truck never strained let alone try to shift out of overdrive. The Excursion was pretty loaded with 5 passengers and the back end stuffed full.

    I believe both the GM and Ford make nice trucks, it's all a matter of personal tastes and what make sense money wise.

    Good Luck

  • We have had our 2000 Ex(w/V10) for about 5 months. I both love it and hate it. I have also driven and travelled in my father-in-laws new 2000 sub for about the last 3-months.

    We have 6 kids ranging from 1-year to 13-yrs, and the only other vehicle that holds us is a full size passenger van...or maybe a bus.

    The 2000 suburbans/yukon xls are just too small on the inside. We had a 93 suburban that fit pretty well, but the new vehicles by GM are just too small. So, the interior roominess of an Ex is perfect for a large family...especially with teens.

    I can relate a few observations about the Ex...

    It seems a little "boomy" when travelling on the highway...much like a van. The suburban (old and new)was significantly quieter. However, on a trip from Houston to Dallas at about 80mph, 6 adult passengers commented about how well it rode. (BTW it made that trip at 11mpg).

    I have only had to backup from 1 parking garage...the Ex was 2-inches too tall.

    It fits in the garage and porte-cochere...barely! The Ex is 4-inches wider than the Sub.

    The brake pedal and accelerator pedal are too close (on this one), and I have hit both when wearing a particular pair of I don't wear them anymore. I expect that there may be a recall of that one.

    The insulation on the rear A/C came off and the condensation flooded the rear cargo area....after replacement of the insulation and drying out the carpet, there has been no recurrence.

    I love the Ex for how big it is, and yet hate it for the same reason! Oh well, I would buy it again, though. A close runner up in my mind would be the 99 Sub...because it is bigger, but quieter and smoother.

    Ours is a "limited", fully loaded...$34500 was paid.
  • 6ofus6ofus Posts: 2
    Thanks to all of you who responded to our message, we really appreciate the input. We thought it was going to be a while (month or so) before we purchased a new SUV but ended up buying a 2000 Excursion Limited 4x4 on Sat. We really only had intentions of test driving and getting more info, but after test driving a Suburban and trying to talk numbers with that dealership, we experienced what a lot of other people have already mentioned, they're not really interested in "dealing". And although I will admit the 1/2 ton Chevy Sub does have a smoother ride than the Excursion, I would not go as far as to say it is "car like", even with the Premium Ride option. Also, as some of you have mentioned, our very well equipped Excursion's sticker price was $1300 less than a not as nearly loaded Suburban. So we've joined the ranks, we too, enjoy the view from above, the tight, truck-like ride, the "deal" we feel we got ($6300 off MSRP of $42,600) and to top it off, when we got it home it actually fit in the garage!

    Thanks again!
  • cgrutzcgrutz Posts: 1
    I switched from Chevy to Ford in 1982 and haven't been sorry. The reason; door, chrome, fender alignment; overall workmanship and value. I recently bought an Excursion / 7.3 PowerStroke Turbo Diesel. The main reason was that I have a large boat and trailer and needed a vehicle that would pull it while hauling all the gear and people. I looked at and drove other makes but they couldn't handle it. After purchasing the Excursion my biggest surprise was the economy!! Yes economy. I had heard from various sources including CBS's "60 Minutes" that the Excursion was a polluter because of its low mileage. I have taken my Excursion on several extended trips including my 22nd trip to Alaska via the Alaska Hwy; this time pulling a two horse trailer (2523 miles). The vehicle not only performed effortlessly it got an average of16.8 mpg. On the return without the trailer it averaged 21.1 mpg. This was calculated mpg (not taken from the mpg read-out display.) I've owned a number of other Fords. This is the best one yet!!!
  • buck37buck37 Posts: 1
    Just put Cooper Discover AT 265/75R16 Great Tire Goood Handling " E " rated 10 ply. Replaced 2nd set of BFG ALL Terrain TA had 50K plus on each set, BFG downgraded to a "D" rating not 10 ply.
    Coopers @ $520.00
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