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Mazda CX-9 Lease Questions



  • r000r000 Posts: 53
    It is a Silver GT AWD with Moonroof/Bose/Auto Dimming Homelink Mirror/Cargo Cover

    The lease is for 27 months with 10500 miles/year.

    $450 a month (with tax and everything) / $1245 due at signing, this consisted of a bank fee, first months payment and DMV fee.

    Hope that helps.
  • casicasi Posts: 5
    thank you r000!

    so, i think that i made a good deal after all:
    CX-9 GT AWD, w/ moon roof, bose, roof rack, front & rear splash guards, auto dimming mirror with compass & homelink for:

    $3914.41 down (includes all taxes, fees and 1st month payment)
    36 months
    15 K
    trade in negative equity: 2800
    LEV: 51 %
    MF: .00088
    sales tax: 8.375%
    rebates: $1250 (750+500)

    thanks once again for your help!
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    Two dealers quoted the same price. A third was $50/month higher for this car:

    2008 CX-9 AWD Grand Touring

    GT Assist (Nav, power tailgate, etc)
    Moonroof & Bose
    MHR Auto Dimming mirror w/ Homelink
    Roof Rails
    All weather Floor mats
    Blind spot monitoring system
    Wheel locks

    MSRP about $40,600

    15K miles/year for 36 months

    $1500 due at signing for first months payment, bank fee, tags, etc.

    $506/month plus PA 9%lease tax or $552 total

    Is this good or can I get this car for less?
  • frugalscfrugalsc Posts: 24
    GT w/
    Assist package
    Moonroof package
    10500 miles

    $547 due at signing...

    sounds like a good deal? going to the dealers within 24-48 hours
  • Ich77,

    What dealership in PA are you dealing with?

    Are you putting more down than the $1500?

    Sounds like a good deal.
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    North Penn Mazda in Colmar, PA. Also got similar pricing from Flemington Mazda in Flemington, NJ.

    Both said total due at signing is $1500. That includes First month's payment ($500), bank fee, tags & Doc. I suppose, depending on the amount of the bank fee, there could be some capital cost reduction in the $1500, but that's all I'm paying.

    I'll wait to see if Maxda comes out with any new incentives on 4/1/2008, then pick up the car.
  • frugalscfrugalsc Posts: 24
    Picked up the car over the weekend...

    GT AWD Galaxy Gray
    GT Assist Pkg
    Moonroof Bose Pkg
    AutoDimming with compass
    Auto locks

    36 months
    10500 miles
    535 (tax included)

    Edmunds Invoice- 36.600
    Car price 36,396
    Additional fees - 1417
    750 incentive used as cap cost reduction..
    Due at signing - 536

    I think i got a pretty good deal,,,
    Wayne Mazda!
  • msujaymsujay Posts: 6
    We were able to pick up an '08 GT AWD with moonroof package, assist package, blind spot, all weather mats and cargo net for $450 per month, including tax, with $700 due at signing which included first month, $180 doc fee and TTL. That was on a 27-month lease, 12k per year. I chose not to negotiate price and simply stated I was not willing to pay more than $450 per month with no cap cost reduction. They went back to their manager three times but finally caved! Love the vehicle so far.
  • garrickgarrick Posts: 30
    What city is the dealer in?
  • I don't think it gets any better than that! Awesome deal - where is the dealer located?
  • BS too good to be true!

    :) :)
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 19
    Here's my deal on a 2008 CX-9 from King's Mazda in Cincinnati

    Sticker: $41500
    Purchase: $36500

    CX-9 GT AWD w/ moon roof, bose, assistance pkg, splash guards, auto dimming mirror with compass & homelink for:

    $0 down
    36 months
    12k miles
    residual of 53%
    MF: .00088 (~2.1%)
    sales tax: 6.5%
    rebate: $750
    doc fees, first payment, & last lease payment of previous car all made by Mazda
    free oil changes during ownership of car

    all for ~$558/month. Of course this was bought on the last of day and last hour of the month (3/31 @9pm). The salespeople were great there and did everything they could to get the deal done. So far the car is great and no complaints to be had.
  • msujaymsujay Posts: 6
    Suburban Mazda in Troy, Michigan.
  • msujaymsujay Posts: 6
    You are right, it was actually $451 per month!
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    Wow, that's $100 less per month than I'm paying for a similar car and I also paid $800 more at signing. I'm getting 3000 more miles per year than you but that should only be worth about $25 per month, so I'd say you got a great deal. You did get Navigation too, right?
  • msujaymsujay Posts: 6
    Yes, nav included. Same specs as yours minus auto dim mirror and roof rails. 6% michigan sales tax included in $450/month payment. 12k, 27 mile lease. I admit I pushed really hard and basically said I would find another dealer (which I would have). My sense is that 2008 is going to be a HORRIBLE year selling cars, especially new cars, given the state of the economy. I am in Michigan so it is even worse here. The dealer told me that they can't keep the CX-9 on the lot, but I know that people are in holding patterns right now on major purchases. The key is I made the deal the last week of March.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Looked at both...loved the way both drove. The Mazda probably had better handling...and it was a lot cheaper than the Buick...but went with my heart and liked the roominess of the Enclave better (also, doing a 39 month lease with 15K/year). Why does Mazda only offer a 3/36 warranty on their cars? I know people will say because it's Japanese built and they don't need the warranty but I have had friends who have had RX8 cars with many problems...almost Lemon Law'd the car. The CX9 has many more toys on it but in the end, liked the captanins chairs in second row better than a 2/3/2 configuration. I must say the CX9 deals sound a lot better now than when I was looking about a few weeks ago. One feature I got on the Buick that is also available on the CX9 is the remote start in S Florida, it gets hot as heck down here and I don't see many people mentioning this feature on their purchase list...what a great feature to have.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Why does Mazda only offer a 3/36 warranty on their cars?

    They don't. They offer 5yr-60k on the power train. Besides, if you are leasing, why does it matter since you are only going 39 months?

    Mazda did have a 4yr-50k bumper to bumper on all vehicles prior to 2007, however, they changed it because they felt the extra year and 12k on the warranty did not help sell their product over their competition.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    BS too good to be true!

    The first thing I learned in the car business is "buyers are liars". I'm not saying everyone here fudges what they really leased or buy a car for, but there are MANY here that do, trying to look like a hero. Since I deal with leasing, and I know the programs for Mazda, plus, how Mazda pays their dealers, I do see some of these deals as just outlandish, and NO business person would ever make. There have been so many times that I have stood up customers because they came in and said "well, in the forums, people are really paying $XXX.XX/mo." Then I say "Great!, go to where they bought it and buy it from them. Thanks for coming in!" 9 out of 10 times, they buy from me. I guess this is why I seldom come into this thread. A lot of talk in here is just not accurate, and helpful to no one. Not all of you, just some.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    It matters because I am doing 15K/year. At 39 months, thats 48,750 miles on the car (1250/month allowed). If it's only 39 months, I am out of warranty for almost 10K miles. I'm not suggesting you buy or lease a car just because of the warranty but in todays market, with so many leases going over 36 months to make the lease payments more affordable, it seems like most companies are extending their warranty's to a longer term. For example, a Hyundai has one of the best warranty's in the business...something like 10 years and 100K miles but you wouldn't catch me buying or leasing a Hyundai. And as far as the other gentleman that said most people that quote payments on here are liars, what benefit do they get out of this? Are you suggesting it makes them feel good to brag about a low payment that they didn't really get. This happened to us back in 04' when we purchased a new Toyota Sienna XLE Limited. They were brand new and my local dealer was getting full sticker...and wouldn't discount. I went online to a place in Manchester, NH (Autofair Toyota) and they had at the time a one price internet site. They sold it to me at $250 over invoice (now we both know they made more money than that on me with holdbacks and such). I didn't care about what they make. I had it trucked down to Florida for another $500 and still wound up saving about $3,000. The internet department at the local dealer told me there's no way anyone will sell you that van at a couple hundred over invoice. He was wrong and not only that, two of my neighbors wound up buying cars from this same dealer out of state withing a 2 month period of mine. I find that if you call a dealership on the phone, never speak to a salesman but ask to speak right to the sales manager or GSM...has worked for me for many years. They cut you a great deal, especially if you tell them you are outside their normal market and that it's a deal they would otherwise not have made. And, as far as a salesman getting shut out, it doesn't happen. The manager gives it to a salesman to handle after the price of the deal is made and he makes a smaller commission but he still makes one. Everyone walks away happy. My advice is never to go into a car dealer blind and talk to the first salesman that happens to have the next "up" on the list. Happy Shopping. BTW, I am an ex car salesman from many years ago.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I am out of warranty for almost 10K miles

    You will be out of the bumper to bumper warranty, but, you are covered for 5 years and 60,000 miles on the power train. For 39 months and 15K a year, you are still shy of 50,000. If you are worried about the electronics, then you have reason for concern.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    It's never the powertrain warranty I worry about. It's the little things that go wrong. If money were my main concern, I would be driving a Mazda CX9 right now. I do miss having built in Bluetooth and keyless start. I just went Buick because of the bigger size and trying something totally new...not Japanese or German cars. If I'm wrong, I have to live with the decision for 39 months and I'll never go back to American made cars again. Time will tell. I must say though for the money (leasing fully loaded for around $500 to $550/month payments, the Mazda CX9 is a tough act to beat!!!
  • msujaymsujay Posts: 6
    I would assume this message was directly mostly at me since I recently informed the board of my below market deal. Thank you for calling me a liar. Since we are calling each other names now, I would call car dealers scam artists. Buyers are using information gained by research to try to get a good deal. Dealers use tactics, many of which are pretty shady, to make their deal. I think the statement that should be used is "buyer beware".

    Now as for calling me a liar (assuming you were directing your message at me), please provide me your email address and I will glady scan in the paperwork and email it to you. I have no reason to lie about the deal I received. In fact, I invested my own time to post my deal on the board to help others who may also be in the market for a CX-9. That is the only reason I came here in the first find out what people were paying and to try to get the best deal.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I would assume this message was directly mostly at me since I recently informed the board of my below market deal

    Trust me, if it was directed at you, I would have responded to you post directly, and commented to you directly. However, I can see where you would think it was directed at you since you were the last to post. No hard feelings I hope.
  • Hi msujay,

    Can you please send me a copy of your paperwork? Your deal is amazing. My e-mail is my id Thank you very much.
  • 18mike18mike Posts: 5
    I have a chance to lease a 2009 white CX-9 awd Grand Touring. It was driven by a local radio celeb. and has 5,300 miles on it.
    Sticker is $38,400.
    With discount and lease cash it comes down to $32,000.
    A 25K/year 2 year lease w/ $2,500 down is $595.39 / mo.
    The same lease for 3 years is $577.26 / mo.
    Been driving company cars for the past 5 years.
    Is this a good deal or not?
    I love the car.
    Any help/feedback will be appreciated...trying to get a deal done this week.
  • r000r000 Posts: 53
    I guess it a decent deal only if you need the 25k/miles a year.

    Otherwise a brand new CX-9 GT loaded is around $465/month with tax on a 27 month lease with 12000 miles a year (around $1000 due at signing)
  • 18mike18mike Posts: 5
    I need the 25K miles...shouldn't they take more off the car since it has 5k miles on it?
  • robby1robby1 Posts: 7
    Aviboy97, are you a salesperson at a Mazda dealership or sales manager? You are very well informed and seem to know quite a bit. If so what dealership do you work at? It's very refreshing to read some of your unbiased comments. Thank you.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi mmpiii. Mazda Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2008 Mazda CX-9 Sport 2WD with 15,000 miles per year are .00028 and 58%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are .00077 and 47%. The addition of any factory-installed options does not have any impact upon the residual values. When negotiating your lease on this truck, make sure to take advantage of the $1,300 lease cash that is currently available on it.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
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