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Mazda CX-9 Lease Questions



  • great deal, which dealer in socal???

    i'm about to lease one for my wife.
  • mw4mw4 Posts: 4

  • I wanted to share the deal I just signed. Hope I did OK.

    Dealer: Wayne Mazda of NJ

    Model: CX-9 Touring AWD
    Options: Moonroof/Bose Package

    MSRP: $35,360
    Adjusted Cap Cost: $31,232
    Residual Value: $22,630 (64%)
    Money Factor: 0.00101
    Term: 27 months
    Sales Tax: 7%
    Total Monthly Payment: $399
    Total due at signing: $1,250

    I don't have the breakdown of what's included in the $1,250 due at signing yet. I'll have that when I pick up the car. The dealer is also picking up the remaining two payments on my current lease @ $370 a month so in theory one could probably do a bit better than what I did (i.e. lower adjusted cap cost).

    Thanks to everyone for posting their info.
  • Hi Shakeel3,
    I want to lease a cx9 touring awd as well..and could go to wayne.

    how many miles month was your lease? 12,000, or 15,000?
    did you get any other options beside moon roof/bose?
    was that a 27 month lease?
    do you love the car?
    did you take one off the lot?
  • LL,

    Forgot to mention that the lease is for 10,500 miles a year for 27 months. I didn't get any other options besides the moonroof package. The car is not on the lot but is "In Transit" and should arrive in a few days. They gave me a VIN # for the car.

    I dealt with the internet department (it says not to post names of salespeople).

    I went to Mazda of Lodi and Ramsey Mazda. Wayne Mazda was by far the best to deal with.

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks.
    that sounds like a great deal but i need many more miles..18,000 per year..
    i know i should probably buy it, butthen need to put out so much more money.
    so 27 month lease was the best deal right now i guess right?
    not a 36 month lease?
  • abelloabello Posts: 12
    It is my first time on this web site.My question is What will be a good purchase price and for 36 months lease price for Mazda CX-9 GT FWD with rearview camara
    Ventura County California
    Thanks :confuse:
  • Hi

    My lease was for 36 months with 15K miles per years.

    The cap cost was the final sales price negotiated from the MSRP and did not include any dealer installed items.

    The car I purchased had all of the options when it arrived on the lot and I did not have the dealer put in anything else.

    I learned the best way to negotiate the price of a car is to contact the dealer through the internet. I will never sit in a dealership ever again while they play the game.

    I love this car. It's been two weeks and I'm still very happy.
  • garrickgarrick Posts: 30
    Can anyone give the current lease program money factors? Is it any better than December?
  • erickm,
    It's the ONLY dealer in Irvine, CA. Posting guidelines prevent me from mentioning the name of the dealership or the sales person that assisted me. Just make sure to speak with a sales manager.
  • abello,
    Most dealerships will give you the invoice price without much hassle. I was able to reduce the final negotiated price $1175 below invoice. Many people are able to get around $500-600 below invoice. This is definitely possible with the FWD.

    My purchase price details were:
    MSRP: 39300
    Dealer's Invoice Price: 36175
    I started to negotiate at 33000 and the dealer agreed to 35000.

    Hope this helps.
  • does that include the sales tax? is it in the payment?
  • abelloabello Posts: 12
    yes it did, my problrm is tyhat now I feel more incline to get a toyota Highlander Sport with nav.

  • I was just given the following deal on an '08 CX9 Touring FWD. MSRP - $37,767. The deal quoted was for a cap. reduction to $34,321. The lease term would be for 36 months at 15K miles/year and this would essentially be a sign and drive deal (except that I said I would pay first the first month payment and the dealer APR fees at the table). The Finance Manager gave out the following information:
    - 49% residual
    - money factor of .00150 (3.6%)
    - monthly payment = $518 + tax

    1. Is it correct not to offer me the lowest interest rate (I was told that my credit score had to be 740 or above to receive what they offered), based on me not putting money down, or the fact that it is for 15k miles/year
    2. Is the residual this low based on mileage and term? Seems low to me

    Please help.
  • Rich,
    Some thoughts to your questions...

    1. Be certain of which bank the dealership is quoting. Is it the captive financing through Mazda or is it another bank? When I went to the dealership, it seemed that the credit score determined the money factor. Again, it maybe how each bank appraises your creditworthiness. As an FYI, I used Mazda's captive financing.

    2. I have a 3 year lease with a slightly higher residual (52%). Residuals could change month after month. With 15K, the residual on the CX-9 would have been 50% for me back in December 2007. Again, refer to the previous thought as to which bank is the dealer quoting. I didn't see high residuals for many other CUV/SUVs, unless if you go down to a 24/27 month lease obviously! :) Even the higher end vehicles like the Mercedes Benz GL had a residual of about 53-54% on a 3 year lease.

    As always, know your credit score before you go to the dealership. You can also call ahead and find out what the money factors and residuals are for the CX9 for Tier 0, 1, and 2. This should help with your math!

    Good luck!
  • abelloabello Posts: 12

    I would like to that you for your great explanation it sure will help

  • In St. Louis Missouri, what would others expect I should be able to get for a CX-9 GT with the Moonroof, Bose, and roof rack? I would like to lease for 36 months and 15k miles/year. In other words, what bottom line price, residual, and money rates?
  • After all the help I got from this site and Edmunds in general I thought I'd post the deal my gf and I got yesterday. GT AWD with Moonroof/Bose, BSMS, All Weather Mats, I think that's it.

    MSRP 37,765
    Negotiated Price: 34, 136
    $2500 down cap cost reduction
    $750 rebate
    53% residual
    Monthly payment with all sales and state excise tax $408.36 36 months 36000 miles
    The MF was .00088
    We're real happy with this deal.
  • dip007dip007 Posts: 15

    You got a great deal, you have a 1 to $92 lease ratio which means that every dollar you pay a month = $92 of the MSRP. The higher this number is the better (although with all things being equal the ratio factor ignores money down so if you compare your lease to someone else's make sure you level the down payment) click on my user name and see my postings on Leasing Economics. Just a tip that dealers will never give you a $100 to 1 ratio or it is very unlikely assuming an average of 2500 out of pocket. A good rule of thumb is if you ration is 90+ you are in good statue.
  • r000r000 Posts: 53
    What is your tax rate and where did you get this deal?

    dip007 -

    The down payment is a huge factor. So far my lowest deal s $450 a month with no down payment. Thats on a AWD GT with Bose/Moonroof ,BSMS, Homelink and Cargo Cover.

    MSRP = $37780
    Monthly payment = $450

    MSRP/Payment = 83.9

    However when I factor the down payment in dino's deal, these deal is better. correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also does anyone know exactly what dealer incentives Mazda currently offers? I was under the impression that all they have right now is the $1000 marketing incentive?
  • dip007dip007 Posts: 15
    You are exactly right - your deal is better than Dino. Economically and with all things being equal making the benefits equal to the costs.

    The down payment is a very huge factor in this ratio and must equal the variable being compared. If you are paying 0 down you must deduct your monthly payment by $13.50 per 500 down (for a 36 month lease) to match whomever price you are comparing too. For example, Dino put 2500 down to do a comparative analysis on the payment ratio we must make the variables equal: to compare let us say that you are putting 2500 down.

    MSRP = $37780
    Monthly payment = 450 (-$67) = $384 per month
    Down = 2500
    MSRP/Payment factor = 98

    You are actually almost close to $100 per 1 dollar owed on this deal which would make a dealership (whom I've consulted with in the past on this analysis) very angry.

    Both consumers (buyers) and suppliers (dealers) can use this ratio to leverage deals.
  • dip007dip007 Posts: 15
    Now to compare your rate to Dino take his MSRP of 37,765 and divide by your LPMR ratio which is 98.

    You would have gotten 385 a month compared to what he paid.
  • r000r000 Posts: 53
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Is it possible to compare 2 leases with different lease lengths? Example 27 vs. 36 months.

    That deal that I posted is for 27 months.

    27 months = 64% Residual and 36 months 52% residual. So from my perspective doesn't it make sense to lease for 27 months?
  • dip007dip007 Posts: 15
    The 27 and 36 month lease comparison will change the balance factor of the down payment when doing your comparative analysis.

    36 month lease:
    For every $500 down -/+ $13.50

    27 month lease
    For every $500 down -/+ $18.50

    Your overall payment may also change based on the money factor between the 27 and 36 month lease. But is actually irrelevant once you have the final per month price. You get your ratio based on the bottom line.
  • cwa318cwa318 Posts: 64
    We are going to start negotiating a deal on this vehicle. I am somewhat confused on this MSRP/Payment concept. I am assuming this is how we should base our negotiations? Am I correct that the captive lease rates for this vehicle is 53% and the money factor is .00088 for 36 mon. at 15K per year. It appears to me that many are negotiating at dealer invoice and then getting the 750 reabte applied after the fact to bring the price below invoice. Is this a correct assumptions?
  • dip007dip007 Posts: 15
    Good Luck

    after all is said and done with negotiation, try to get based on invoice and the rebate applied.When they spit the number at you per month divide it by the MSRP to see what your ratio is. My advise is that you want to be over a 90 to 1 ratio without putting over 2500 down (with all fees included).

    So if your car is 39K try to get the monthly fee based on 36 or so and let them calculate all the mumbo jumbo. Just so you know a ratio of 92 is 424 a month with 2500 down.
  • cwa318cwa318 Posts: 64
    Thanks for the information. Do you have any other information regarding my other questions?
  • I know nothing about good lease deals here is the offer i got on a 2008 cx-9 awd grand touring with bose mooonroof , assist package/gps , back up camera

    msrp 39325
    selling to me 36045

    I have a trade a 2000 vw jetta vr6 giving me $3500.00

    no other money down

    payments 400.00 a month for 36 months with 12000 miles a year

    i don't know what the residual is or the money factor
  • dip007dip007 Posts: 15
    Compare your deal to others on this post using the MSRP / per month factor and attribute the money down for or against as explained above. This is how you can gauge whether or not you are getting a "better" or "worse" deal than other consumers in the market. A rule of thumb that I have found is that you want to try to have more than a 90 to 1 ratio. In your case comparing your deal to the assumed "average" amount of $2500 out of pocket with a 39325 MSRP your ratio is:

    39325 MSRP
    $2,500 down
    400 per month (+27 taking 1000 off the down payment) = 427 pm

    Ratio = 92

    You have a pretty good ratio here on this lease payment (the dealer is most likely cringing). You may be able to improve the ratio a bit by getting competitors in the mix (say you were offered the same deal for the Highlander Hybrid or better) that always pisses dealers off.
  • cwa318cwa318 Posts: 64
    Here is one deal I have gotten so far via the net.
    08 GT FWD (Bose/MRoof / GT Assist / Blind Spot Mon)
    MSRP 38925
    Sell 36205 - 750 Rebate 35455
    Res 49% 36 at 15K a year
    MF .00066
    Pre Tax Payment 539.44
    Out of Pocket is 795 total

    Any thoughts?
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