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Dodge Durango



  • czard1czard1 Posts: 7
    Go ahead and get it if she wants it. I use mine as a daily driver and love it. I have the 4.7 engine and I have no complaints. Sure it does drink more gas than a VW but it is mine, I love it and will continue to drive it and enjoy it.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    We have a 01 SLT Plus with 4.7 gets an average of 17.4 mpg, more on long trips, gotten as high as 20.7 on the highway...........but it's your choice...........
  • sr_bodysr_body Posts: 23
    I get real good highway MPG w/ the 5.9. Usually around 19 MPG driving at 75 MPH fully loaded with 5 passengers & ski equipment. It's all that daily stop & go 100% city driving I do that quickly burns all that gas.
  • czard1czard1 Posts: 7
    I just got back from MV and could not believe my mileage. A half tank of gas went 270 miles. This is not a precise measurement but I know that I had to refill and it only took 12 + gallons. That is a little over 21 miles per gallon. I am very happy with my D and this just reinforces it. Now if you want to talk about city driving, well that is another story but I have estimated it around 16 miles per gallon. Not too shabby.
  • jjcjrtjjcjrt Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Durango with 41K miles (5.2L), and have never had a single problem. No wind noise, window problems or anything else mentioned in here. Gas mileage is poor, however, getting about 13.6 mpg overall. The third seat is great for big families, which is the only reason I have the car.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    What are the specs on the R/T,I may be interested in purchasing and I cannot find any info online, 1/4 mile times stuff like that.
  • czard1czard1 Posts: 7
    Just installed an Intense Performance Stage II intake on my 4.7. Performance is up. I like the new punch she has. Also the gas mileage has gone up 2 mpg. The engine even runs smoother while driving. If anyone is interested in this upgrade check out You can find out more about it from the good people there. Alot have installed this as well as other add-ons. If you're interested it only took me 20 minutes to install it. Very easy and the instructions are quite easy to read and detailed. Just an FYI.
  • czard1czard1 Posts: 7
    I have just turned 30K and am happy to report absolutely no problems with my D. I guess it shows what a little pampering will do (and a complete switch to synth's).
  • I own a 99 Durango. On Memorial Day while travelling at
    65 mph on the freeway I taped on my brakes to slow down.
    The brake paddle went all the way to the floor. I had NO
    brakes!!!! Fortunalty, traffic was light and I was able to
    down shift and use the emergency brakes to stop. Looking
    at the peddle, I saw that the connection for the peddle to the brake
    was broken. A small clip holds everything together. If
    the clip brakes, you will not have any brakes. The same
    part is used for Jeep Grand Cherokees.

    We had the car towed to dealer and they fixed it. But I wanted to get rid of it. I did not feel safe
    putting my wife and child in it or putting other peoples
    lives in danger. I called the dealer I bought it from and
    the factory. No one game a damn. I guess someone
    needs to die before they would get off their behinds and
    do something.

    I am trying to get the message out. I tried to get Chrysler
    to recall Durango but had no luck.

    Get your brakes checked out. If you are thinking of
    buying a Durango.....DON'T!!!!! DON'T!!!!!! DON'T!!!
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290

    Although a dangerous situation, you are the only one I've heard with this problem. There is not even a TSB on the subject. Therefore, there is no reason to take an alarmist position and demand a recall (you sound just like the news agencies that report on why SUVs are "dangerous"). This is no different than if you sliced a brake line from road debris (happens many times off-road). Why do you think we have emergency brakes?
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    The same basic linkage has been used in almost all vehicles of all manufacturers for decades. Too many people are so used to the reliability of mechanical systems to remember or realize that anything that goes together can come apart. It is a pity that this happened to you, but it is no excuse to go off half-cocked to blame the Durango
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Is it true that the Durango has only one master brake cylinder?
  • rcarboni and steve234,

    What if when my brakes went out, one of your family
    members was crossing the street, or I was behind your
    car and I would smash into it. What if someone would have
    died. I'm sure you would have had a different view on this issue. Emergency brakes are NOT an option in %90 of
    situations and mechanical systems, specially ones that
    are part of the cars safety system should NOT fail in a car
    that is less than 2 years old. If they do, it shows that the manufacturer has not tested or designed the parts well. And
    they should be held accountable for it.

    I might be the first the Durango owner that had
    this problem, but I'm sure I won't be the last one!!!
  • taasstaass Posts: 40
    So often I see people rush to judgement and generalize about a vehicle based only on their experiences. One incident does not provoke a recall. Recalls are based on a trend of statistical data that can be verified to be true. They are not issued because one driver had one incident in one vehicle.

    People will die on the road because of vehicle malfunction. That is part of the risk we assume when we buckle the belts and turn the ignition key. Anyone who believes otherwise is deceiving themselves into an ignorant bliss. Don't think for a moment that because you're riding on a 5000 pound chariot with dual airbags that you will be safe under all circumstances. As advanced as the techniques are for tracking automobile saftey concerns, design flaws, and manufacturing errors, they have to be discovered somehow. Often they are revealed in the field - us as drivers. Again, that's part of the assumed risk. What, 40,000 annual highway deaths? I'd say you got off pretty lucky, Mister. Instead of balking about a faulty brake pedal assembly on your Durango, why aren't we hearing you praise the wonderful performance of the emergency brake?
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    I think you put this into perspective very well. One incident does not represent a defect. There is no testing or design flaw here. If so, then we must recall the majority of vehicles, new and old, on the road today.

    Again, it is an unfortunate incident, but very minor compared to the multitude of malfunctions in automobiles. There are many stories of tires falling off, electrical systems failing, and fires. There are no "back-up" systems when these things happen. I have personally had the drive shaft in a Jeep Wrangler drop and hit the ground after the universal broke. I was fortunate that it didn't catch in a tire as I was doing 70mph at the time on a very busy highway. I never blamed the manufacturer, but rather blamed myself for not checking underneath the Jeep more often.

    hassan_agha - What if you didn't drive at all? Then I'd have nothing to worry about! I don't know why you would want to get rid of the Durango now. You had a freak occurance, and the likelihood of it happening again in the same vehicle would be very slim (kind of like getting hit with lightning twice). Count your blessings and realize the experience has made you a stronger person able to deal with emergency situations.
  • azsid21azsid21 Posts: 1
    can any one tell me what is the cost of installing wheel flare parts and labor thanks
  • hassan_agha's story reminds me of an incident that happened when I worked for S.C. Johnson company back in 95 (the people who make Pledge, Johnson's Wax, etc.)

    A customer bought a can of Glade air freshener. He sprayed the entire can in his car to get out a funky odor. After he sprayed the car he decided the smell was even worse. He demanded that we refund his money and clean his car. Even hired an attorney (somebody must pay!)

    Sometimes things just go wrong. Get over it.
  • sr_bodysr_body Posts: 23
    There was a woman on the DurangoClub forum a couple of months ago that had the same problem happen to her. It's in the archives. Boy, she was LIVID!

    I don't blame them. If something was to happen to my family because of part failure due to shoddy workmanship, I'd be as PO'd as well.
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    I've read the DOC forum for 3+ years (some might call it an addiction!), and no one has ever posted that the brake pedal has disconnected from the shaft. If you can find a post with that problem please post here.

    I believe the post you are actually referring to was a woman who was complaining about her D not stopping after someone pulled in front of her. The complaint had more to do with the brakes being inadequate, not failing.

    This complaint I agree with. The front disc brakes are sub-standard for this size truck. I have replaced my rotors with slotted, cross-drilled upgrades and better pads, but they still could be larger. Of course, many people who drive SUVs try to drive them like a car, and learn the hard way that you need to give yourself extra distance for braking.
  • sr_bodysr_body Posts: 23
    Yup! That's the one I was referring to. I just couldn't remember the EXACT details. Just turned 30 and my memory is already going....

    I don't see why DC just doesn't add rear discs or better front ones on a truck this size. I'm going to do the rear disc conversion on my D as soon as I'm done with the 3.4 pulley upgrade on my wife's GTP.
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    So you're the other supercharged W-body! I have a '00 Regal GS. I recently installed the MSP CAI intake. Very nice upgrade, and an added benefit was 1mpg better fuel consumption! I'm now averaging over 27mpg. Not bad for a 240hp vehicle (probably closer to 250 now!) I'm going for the pulley soon, and I'm really tempted to get the intercooler as well. The Thrasher Regal is running over 300hp at the wheels with these mods!

    BTW, I also supercharged my D. I'm running an 11lb pulley on the Powerdyne kit. The last dyno was 256hp at the wheels, but that was with a 6lb pulley. Now if I could only get 27mpg on the D!
  • sr_bodysr_body Posts: 23
    Yeah, I know all about your supercharged D (green w/ envy =) ). I wish I had the skills & patience to install a blower myself.

    I wish my wife's GTP got 27 MPG. Unfortunately, she came with the "lead foot" option. After the Buick STB & sway bar installs, she now also loves to toss it into corners at high speeds. I don't even want to think about what will happen after the pulley upgrade. ;)
  • pcooke1pcooke1 Posts: 1
    My 99' Durango was just diagnosed with a broken right main leaf spring. In my nearly 40 years of driving and fixing cars/trucks, I've never had this experience. Any one with similiar experience with this problem with the "D"
  • dratzdratz Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Durango that has 46000 miles. My ac recently stopped blowing cold so I had it recharged with dye to find problem. The recharge lasted 6 days before the air was no longer cold. The problem was a sensor,which was on national back order. That has now been replaced. The problem is 2 days later I am again blowing air only slightly colder than the vent alone would be. There is also an odor every time I run the ac for the first minute or so, I do not know how to describe the smell other than the smell of grease like in a garage. There is and has been for at least the last several months, a high pitched ringing sound that occurs only when ac is running. It is definitely where something is cycling because it will make the sound for approximately 3 seconds, stop for about 5 seconds then constantly repeat. I am planning to take it back to the shop so they can check for any leaks but has anyone had any similar problems? I love my Durango but I live in NC and with 90 degree days-Air Condition is a must.

    It concerns me that the part I needed was on national back order. Why? Is this a problem with the 98 Durangos?
  • What is the difference with regard to performance, towing capacity, gas mileage, price, etc. I already think the Durango is better looking.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try the "Can I compare vehicles side by side?" link on the front page too.

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  • ducatistaducatista Posts: 20
    what is the break-in period for a new durango before towing. I think my chevy p/u was 500-600 miles - I'm not sure. Thanks for the help.
  • jborden1jborden1 Posts: 12
    Hey all,

    Anybody who is out there and thinking about a dodge durango, all I can say is DON'T. I had one and had nothing but problems with it. Not only that but at least 5 other people I talked to who have one have also had serious problems with them. I just got rid of mine and bought a brand new lexus gs430. The difference is amazing. Before the durango I had a 1996 jeep grand cherokee and even that drove much much better than the durango. The durango also gets terrible gas mileage, much worse than what chrysler claims. Thats all I have to say.
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    Dodge has produced over 500,000 Durangos with 100,000 just this year. If you only know of 6 with problems, then that sounds like a pretty good truck!

    BTW, there are over 1000 Durango owners in the Durango Owners Club, and very few serious problems are ever reported. Likewise, the many Dakota clubs are as trouble-free.

    Good luck with your GS430. That is a solid vehicle, but for ~$45,000, it better be. I think I'd buy a Regal GS instead, pocket the $20,000, get better mpg, and still smoke that 4.3 V8.
  • Hello- This might have been covered before, but I'm new to this group and couldn't find a posting for it...

    The front license plate bracket on my Durango hangs about 2" below the front bumper. Believe it or not, I've actually had it off road where only that license plate bracket kept me from clearing a ravine. The bracket bound up in the dirt and stripped 3 of the 4 screws right out of the enduro. I unscrewed the last one, removed the bracket, and effortlessly (love my D) climbed out of the ditch. CA will site people for no front plate, but I don't want to decrease my approach angle again.

    Has anyone found the answer to this problem? A bracket that mounts a little higher? Will that reduce airflow since it would cover the lower part of the radiator?

    Thanks - Mike (
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