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Dodge Durango



  • Ok today we did it, set up a trade with dealer to drop our 00 durango for a 01 surbaban, sorry hard core durango fans, the wind noise was tooooo much. Our wind noise starts at 30 mph and only gets worse at 75mph. Sounds Just Like the defrost is on full blast. can't even hear the radio over the noise. dealer has no clue. we are now very tuned into the "wind noise in all cars/trucks...." we noticed some wind noise in several cars priced 26-20 k and lots of suv/trucks between 20 + 30 K. The only quiet ones where the BmW ( 50K ) Accura ( 50K ) the highest priced toyotos (45-60K ) and the grand chokee Jeep (30K) but no third seat. And the tahoe/yukon /surburban 30-45k so to get a quiet suv, you must spend the money. but ALL the suv's, NONE come close to the durango in wind Noise.
  • it is and was real noise, not pretend, a real pain to drive on highway, maybe ours was built on friday afternoon, but something was wrong, next time you drive your durango listen and see if you notice a sound that sounds JUST like the defrost fans are blowing at full speed on the highway. ... and we did loose some money on the trade to the surburban, however we are counting on repair costs that were sure to come with the durango to offset the loss. Plus there is a 1000$ rebate on Big GM suvs if you bought one in the past 6 years ( a "GM full Size SUV loyality rebate " ) ttfn
  • ok we have the computer on the durango, and left on to average over 1000 miles (80%) was highway, 4.7 with big tires. and guess what.... 13.2 mpg, that sucks! heck on our 98 tahoe 5.7 old style gm 350 v8 we got a solid average of 15mpg. and i know what you are thinking.... let it break in.... well we did ( 10 K miles ) and reseting computer every 1000 miles and still 13-14 mpg. i was very impressed with the 4.7 over the 5.2..... but dodge screwed it up.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    Your dropping off the durango problems and picking new ones up. Personally I have never had wind noise on either of my 2 Durangoes. My gas mileage on my 98 with the 5.2 was not good at 13, but with my 4.7 I'm getting 17-18 regularly. I doubt if you get better then 13 with your new sub. Course you will have more let see your wife park it between two cars along the street like she did the durango or slide into a tight parking will never happen. Your $1000 coupon isn't much,Dodge is giving up to $2000 and low interest rates. I wish you the best of luck with your new purchase.........been there, done that........ (suburban) quite happy with my Y2K1 Durango.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    I see you traded up, the burbs got the old problem of the air coming thru the door with no fix in site. Compared to the two. I would take the wind noise over air conditioning in the winter. Seems like Gm would of fixed that problem long ago.
  • Just in case someone has similar problems ...

    With only 1600 miles on my 2001 4.7 SLT the service engine light came on and the engine started running rough. I immediately brought it in for service. The dealer reported the computer registered a cyclinder misfire. They replaced the spark plugs and returned the vehicle the same day.

    Well, 15-20 miles later the service engine light was back, along with running rough. After consulting with Chrysler the dealer ordered and replaced the powertrain computer system, which took about a week.

    When I picked the vehicle up my wife and I both thought it was running a little rough but unfortunately I gave the dealer the benefit of the doubt and decided to drive it for a day or so before I complained. 20 miles later that same day the service engine light was back on and it was running worse than the last two times.

    This time the dealer kept it for 2 weeks. They had to call in a specialist from Chrysler who found the cylinder heads were defective and had to be replaced. I have added 1200 miles since this last repair. At first it seemed to be running smooth but during the last week it seems like it has started to run a little rough.

    The dealer provided extremely poor customer service, never apologizing for the inconveniences I went through. Of course they are a 5 Star dealership. I complained to Chrysler but have not heard back from them, or the dealer. I would think Chrysler would want to apologize for producing a near-lemon. I probably will not buy another Chrysler and will recommend others not to as well.

    The worst part is the loss of confidence in my Durango. I'm just waiting for something to fail ...

    Sor far, three times for the same problem and 23 days in the shop - almost qualifying for Virginia's lemon law. If it eventually does I will probably go elsewhere with my money.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    jbordova forgot about the one factor that was common with the durangos he was talking about; the dealer. I have found that good dealers do not let bad vehicles off the lot and if something goes wrong they take care of it immediately and painlessly. Bad dealers will make your life miserable.
  • bajasbajas Posts: 14
    Hello, I'm very close to purchasing a Durango and have a couple of questions - What is the realistic mileage in traffic that I can expect with the 4.7, and second, how does the leather hold up with kids? I can't decide between the leather and cloth. Thanks!
  • bajasbajas Posts: 14
    Sorry one more - This will be my first SUV and I'm a little concerned about stopping distances - are the antilock brakes a good investment? Do they perform up to par? Thanks again
  • We purchased a 99 Durango in March 1999. 3 month later, the A/I compressor had to be replaced.

    The oil gauge needle went to zero when coming to a stop and/or slowing down, resulting the intake manifold gasket to be replaced on August 24, 2000. The service department told us that they practically rebuild the engine.

    March 25, 2001, the engine stalled, towed the truck to dodge dealer, we were told us the engine was "shot" the cause could be the intake manifold gasket. The dealer said there was no oil in the truck, but the truck isn't leaking oil. We kept up the required maintenance. We explained to the dealer that this is the 2nd time this has occurred.

    Chryslar isn't taking responsibility since we're 1300 miles over the standard warranty. The oil light and needle never came on indicating the oil was low or there was a problem. Does anyone know why this is happening?

    I went to web site and found 63 pages of complaints filed on the 1999 Dodge Durango. There were several TIS bulletins on engine problems with the intake manifold problems. I recommend everyone to visit this site. You will be surprised.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    I'm not saying you did anything wrong, but going back to the old way, you should check your engine oil at every fill up of gas or at least every 3. I know very few follow this, I myself have even disregarded this at times. Some vehicle manuels even state this, I don't remember if the Durango one does or not. I realize that when you do lay down 30 to 35 thousand for a vehicle you expect it to hold up. But doing self checks between oil changes helps alot.
  • 4bolts4bolts Posts: 9
    My 2000 D has terrible wind noise. If you have never heard it, you wouldn't believe it. I can hear the radio though. They sealed the windshield on the sides. I thought that worked but it didn't. The next appointment is monday morning. They will start with: Replacing the windshield and doing a "sonar test" One part is set toward the windshield and then a wand is waved (like tinkerbell) and supposedly will pick up air leaks. I also am providing the dealer with the copies of the welding and sealing that is suppose to have been done as the vehicle is manufactured.

    I still won't get rid of my D. The gas mileage is 16-18 depending on who does the most driving. Installed the K/N filter about two tanks ago. When it was breaking in, 6 months ago, the mileage was about 12-14. This on a 2 wheel drive.
  • for tgrosshans, where did you find all the complaints? I've been everywhere, and am unable to find durango specific. I'm am gearing for a voluntary repo as Dodge won't lemon law, and I'm tired of dealing with the problem. I got my 3rd transfer case put in, and now the ABS brakes are going off on dry pavement, and pulsating. They 'can't duplicate'. anyways, let me know under what section to go under, thanks.
  • 4bolts4bolts Posts: 9
    They replaced the windshield on monday and added extra caulking to fill in the gaps. After 3 days the noise is about the same as in my cougar. Acceptable. Probably what other D owners hear.
  • I recently purchased the vehicle I have wanted since they first came out, a 2001 Durango SLT. Unfortunately it was from the worst dealership on the planet...Hamburg Dodge in Hamburg, NY from the worst "salesperson" Todd Casey. Don't shop there if you can avoid it. Enough of that. From the moment off the lot a had a whinning noise starting from a stop, getting higher in pitch with acceleration and disappearing after shifting into second gear. A rear end should always make the noise so I'm thinking tranny. The "Five Star" dealership says Chrysler requires I give it 3,000 miles to break in before they will even entertain looking into it. Anyone have similar trouble?? Also had vehicle delivered with the right front tire down 18 pounds pressure (almost have empty!, even though it didn't look like it.
  • Durango is not doing good in today's market. It's number fail suv's in today's market. I heard from my friend that he sometime hear the noise while driving on a long trip.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Have you checked your gas pump? There is a strong possibility that it might have defective pump. Gas pump might be located at the rear. My Neon had this problem, and turned out to be the pump. Since both uses Mopar, why not?
  • czard1czard1 Posts: 7
    Don't know why all the problems but like it has been said, all car makes have some lemons. My D is a 2K CPR PT4x4 SLT 4.7L. I have had it for 10 month's now and have had no engine, transmission, cooling or heating problems. I have put 25,000 miles on my "Rosita" and she is still going strong. I traded in my SAAB 900 for her and I have been happy ever since. When buying an SUV one should expect that the gas mileage would be different! I have no problems feeding her when her tummy is empty. I had her synthed out 300 miles after I bought her. Mobil one oil every 3 to 4 thousand miles, Amsoil transmission fluid, Mobil 1 gear lube for the diff's. I have had her on many road trips from here in Maryland all the way to the NC coast and her road manners are far above any car I have owned before. I only use Amsoil oil filters and have an Amsoil foam air filter. I will have this truck until the doors fall off ( or until I get to see the new hemi D's). So to each his own. I love my D !!!
  • paul_njpaul_nj Posts: 6
    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Durango because I love how it looks. Gotta be honest, even though every car has complaints, I'm nervous about how many people seem to be having Durango problems. Anyone know of any idependent web site, consumer reports, etc., that has rated their reliability?
  • davetfdavetf Posts: 1
    I'm getting ready to order a 2001 Durango 4X4 and although I am ordering the 3rd rear seat (for resale) I'm debating whether or not to order the rear heater/air conditioner. I will be the only one in the vehicle 95% of the time, however, I do live in Phoenix where it gets hot. Any experience regarding the value of the rear airconditioner/heater?
  • you gotta have it - for resell if nothing else. just sold my 98 myself and every remotely interested buyer wanted 1. 3rd sear, 2. rear air..all else was secondary, but it had to have these 2 to have them even come look.
  • I recently got rid of my 99 dodge durango due to the Florida lemon law, however, I felt Chrysler was very cooperative and gave me no problems whatsoever, Yet, I recently heard that they will no longer be manufacturing Durango's any longer, does anyone know if this is true?
  • ...glad I read up on .... I'm coming out of a Land Rover and can't go through this BS again. Good luck w/ all that
  • tom_tom_ Posts: 25
    Someone mentioned the discontinuation of the Durango. It is not true. The next generation Durango is due summer 2003.
  • brillo3brillo3 Posts: 2
    Am getting prices for 2001 D SLT plus for around $400 over invoice. Anyone with any feedback
    regarding this is good, average, or can it be better? Any recent buyers input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    Been seeing ads around the Milwaukee Area for 0% financing and up to $3000 rebates
  • brillo3brillo3 Posts: 2
    I am in Colorado. Incentives quoted here are 1.9% or $2000 rebate.
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Until 6 month ago, I have added another Hyundai's Santa Fe (look a little bit like Durango, for its strong in & out style). The SaFe (Santa Fe short name) just ranked the top safest new 2001 compact SUV in the front 60km crashtest tested by the IIHS.
    The SaFe also ranked the most satisfaction SUV recently in.....

    So if u are worry about the gas milages if you don't haul & often go for long trips then u can consider also added this America best value SUV(only cost me less than CDN$29k to get a fully loaded).... just like me ... using it for my delivery job. I get more stares & glances than my Durango. I will keep both SUV in my Garage until ......something really can convince me to sell this 2 beasts!

  • qdkimqdkim Posts: 4
    I am considering buying a 2001, 4x4, 4.7L Durango, have test driven a few in Colorado and noticed wind noise in one of them the rest were fine. I like the looks, ride and engine power but to be honest looking at all the messages here scares me. can someone give me an honest advice on whether to buy it or not?
    Also the price for the same optionals varies largely among the Denver dealers, does someone know of a good dealership in Denver?
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    We are on our 2nd D, 1st one was a 98, now we have a 01, my wife drives this as a daily driver and it's been great so far. We have the 4.7 with 3.55 Limited Slip rear end, in town averaging right around 16, on the highway been as high as 20, but averaging 18, 19. We bought the extended warranty offered by the dealer, mainly because of all the electronics in todays vehicles. Ours is a SLT Plus, loaded out. Every vehicle will have problems and there's always the chance to get a lemon. But you gotta understand, people come to this board to mainly complain about their vehicles. The most important factor is to find a dealer that will help you with any problem that arises with your purchase for as long as you own it. To find a dealer that stands behind their product, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Look thru the boards, the number 1 complaint is the dealer. To really find out about Durangos, take look at this site Good luck on whatever you decide on.
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