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    To build on what Steve wrote, let me give you an example.

    A national wide survey is conducted each year by the US government called the National Crime Victimization Survey. In the late nineties after a fairly quick succession of overly publicized school shootings the survey found that people felt that crime was high throughout the United States except for their particular city. In fact the homicide rate was flattening out to the lowest numbers seen since the end of World War II.

    Crime researchers determined that the reporting on crime by percentage of media coverage was over 400% disproportional to actual crime. It is common today to hear about murders in far parts of the country that would never have made the 6 Oclock news two decades ago.

    The point here is that your impression is formed by what you read in here is distorted by the fact, as Steve pointed out, that people are far more likely to report dissatisfaction than satisfaction. This is especially true in what is called self-reporting surveys. Since automobiles are an emotional subject -- like abortion and gun control -- to many people, the propensity for over statement is very high.

    In my personal experience the Dodge Durango seems to be as reliable as most of the vehicles in that class, with maybe the exception of Toyota. Much better than Blazer and, depending on the year, a little better than Explorer.

    Talk to a few current Durango owners and see what they say.

    Best regards,
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    Just took delivery on 2004 4X4 SLT. (Kansas) had a $3500 rebate on it. There was none on when we ordered it April 22 but by the time it got here there was a $1500 rebate and it increased to $3500. Joined Farm Bureau and got another $500.
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    Need good seat covers for 2004 STL Durango. We had a 2000 and got nice set from Dodge after market accessories cat. 2004 Cat does not list seat covers. Have any ideas as to where I could get some?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457 has a consumer link with lots of aftermarket companies listed.

    Steve, Host
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    Well said and accurate... Aside from fabricating data or statistics, the least reliable form of raw data is self-report. Most automotive data is in the form of "self-report"; even when it asks for numerical response (e.g. "how many problems have you had with your vehicle since purchasing it"). When you add "perceptions" to the mix ("do you feel your city is safer than most")you introduce an entirely new venue for error.
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    I picked up my Limited 4X4 Hemi last week and am very happy. I saved about $4000 by negotiating a fleet deal and then got the $3500 rebate and $1000 cash incentive for going through Chrysler (I felt safe doing it with my credit scores being so high and got a rate of 5.49% for SIX years).

    I brought it in for a wiring harness problem (the Climate control and radio are shorting out). Instead of just fixing the harness, they are replacing the Climate control assembly and the stereo, just in case there is damage to either part. They will call me and then fix it all at the same time when the parts come in, which should be tomorrow or the next day. Now, THAT is service.

    FOR THOSE OF YOU INTERESTED IN GETTING ONE, here is the scoop after a 400-mile test drive:

    - Power: Holy cow! This thing launches. And I am not even laying into it, because I am still in the 500-mile break-in period. Only the Armada is faster to 60, but only by .2 seconds (don't get one, too many problems, visit that forum and you will see). Where this really shines is on at-speed roll-ons. I was going 60 and had to jump on it to avoid an accident (I was being tailgated, so hard-braking was not an option), and there was no hesitation! I was going close to 90 by the time I got to the front of the offending vehicle. Not good for the vehicle during break-in, but better than dents in the side!

    - Towing: Haven't towed anything heavy yet, but looking forward to it after break-in. I have a 6000-lb travel trailer and should be able to give some good reports in between a week and a month.

    - Gas mileage: I am keeping my foot out of the fuel injection system and got 14 mpg on the first tank with 70% city, 30% freeway. Not bad, but to be expected.

    - Ride quality: Overall, better than any vehicle I have ever owned. Incredibly smooth. Completely quiet... ...almost too quiet! Make sure you are paying attention, because even sirens can be hard to hear if you have the radio on even at the lower levels. The reason I said overall is that of course, I have had cars that have handled better, but they didn't ride this nice. None of my trucks or even minivans could hold a candle to it.

    - Climate Control system: Will report after they fix the harness problem. All I know now is that the A/C can give you pneumonia!

    - Stereo: Loud, booming bass. Very good sound quality. Crystal clear even at very-high volume. I am a fan of treble, and it shorts me a little, but high treble gives my wife a headache, so I am fine there. This is the first stereo I have been able to "crank" and not give my wife a headache, so in the end all is very good!

    - Maneuverability: Extremely nimble in the parking lot. Turn radius is unbelievable for a vehicle this size. It has a tighter turn radius than my car, so I love it. At speed, I drive through a winding road on the way to work every day and this thing corners extremely well. Don't over do it as it is not a sports car, but in a pinch, it will grab a corner like a hobo would grad a ham sandwich.

    - Must-have option: Park-Sense reverse-proximity sensors. What it does is "beep" faster when you get closer to something behind you. Motor Trend said it was not available, but it is. Have the sales guys order it through the parts desk. It is a Mopar Accessory for $299 and about $100 to put it in. WORTH EVERY PENNY and you can get it figured into your finance when you purchase the vehicle! It has four sonar sensors flush-mounted into the bumper and a small display device (about the size of an egg) mounted inside the back passenger-side pillar of the vehicle so you can see it when you look back over your shoulder or in your rear-view mirror. How it works: When you put the car into reverse, it beeps twice to let you know it is working. When you get 4.5 feet from something, it starts to beep slow and steady and the display device shows green on its bar scale of two green, two yellow, and two red. As you get closer, it beeps faster and goes to yellow, finally red. In the red, one bar means you are close enough to where you can still lift the tailgate without hitting. The second red bar, means 18 inches. It works great and with this big of a vehicle, it is a necessity.

    - Seating: The kids love it. Incredibly easy to get into with the back doors opening so wide and the nicely placed grab handles. Very comfortable, and very flexible. The memory seating is great. Position one puts everything in place for me (seat, pedals, mirrors, radio station) and position 2 for the wife. Fantastic convenience feature. Only quip - memory seating only works when the vehicle is in Park AND the buckle is unfastened, so you cannot do it on the fly.

    - DVD: Get it!! It allows the people in the back to not only watch movies, but choose what they want to listen to through the wireless headphones. If you are listening to the radio, they can play the discs in the changer, listen to a disc in the DVD player, listen to a different channel, it is awesome. My son no longer takes his discman in the car now. This feature adds to the quiet ride because it shuts the kids up!!

    - Complaints: No vehicle is completely perfect, but this comes close. Can't just lift the glass in the tailgate (knew it coming in, but I think it is going to bug me over time). Glove box could be bigger - after the manual goes in, there is very little room left. Lack of an ashtray due to heated seats controls (I am not a smoker, but love it as a change holder, even though there is a place to keep the change, I don't necessarily want to see it all of the time). Where I see that as a problem is that more people will be flicking their cigarette butts out the window (I HATE THAT!). Wish it had Instant Economy on the trip computer, but I believe Dodge dropped that for safety reasons, they want you to watch the road, not the display, so I can live. So for as large of vehicle with as many gadgets, that is pretty darn good.

    Well, that is it for now. Sorry it is so long, but I am just putting the info out there.
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    Can anyone report on gas mileage with the 4.7 L V-8? Currently considering a 2004 DD Limited 4x4. I test drove a 4.7 L and it seemed powerful enough to me. Does it get better mileage than the HEMI? Please give mileage examples over more than 1 tank of gas.

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    Hi Randy1,
    I have that engine, I am averaging 15-17 MPG. My driving is mostly city. I test drove the HEMI, and even though it has gobs of power, I didn't feel it was noticeable enough for the extra money, plus the color and options on the one I wanted didn't have the HEMI. However, I would have taken the HEMI version if they had it with the options I wanted.
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    I have the 4.7L V-8. I have about 1500 miles on it and am averaging 15 mpg city. This is much better than the 13mpg I was getting on my 98 Durango with the 5.2L engine. Within the first few days I had it, I took in on a 1000 mile trip from VA to TN and back. On that trip I averaged 17 highway(compared to 15mpg with the 5.2L old Durango).

    I too thought about the Hemi, but I don't typically tow anything. For me, the 4.7L has more than enough power. However, when someone asks "Does that thing have a Hemi?" it feels like I should hang my head in shame when I have to reply no. I get over it quickly, but be prepared for the question, it will be asked.
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    Hi Cwoferg,

    Thanks for all the information! I own a 1999 Durango and looking to buy a new one. I am very excited about my new purchase and am just working out the fine details with my husband as to what our payments are going to look like. You mentioned that you saved $4000 in addition to the $4500 rebates they are currently offering by negotiating a fleet deal. Do you mind sharing how you went about doing that? I think if I could save an extra $4K, I'd buy it tomorrow! Thanks in advance.
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    All you have to do is get the fleet price(basically invoice price)by going through your credit union or you can probably negotiate to get one at dealer invoice & finance through Chrysler financial. They actually beat my credit union's rate. I was pretty shocked. Once you've settled on a price, subtract the rebates that are currently offered. They are manufacturer rebates, so a good dealership will subtract this from the negotiated price. They can do this because even if they sell one to you at dealer invoice minus the rebates, they get the rebate money back from the manufacturer, Dodge, so it's like they really sold it at invoice. Some dealerships will try to tell you that the rebate is included in the price negotiations. Leave the dealership. The dealerships can choose weather or not to pass the savings of the manufacturer rebate on to the consumer. So, what I mean by a "good" dealership is one that gives you invoice then subtracts the rebates. Their invoice is also likely to be a couple of hundred dollars more than the invoice price listed on Edmunds. In addition to the slight invoice markup, they'll also get their money from dealer holdback(3% of MSRP). So, the dealership will still make plenty of money. Good luck on your purchase.
         I've got an '04 Limited w/Hemi & our family absolutely loves it. The kids enjoy the space, the wife enjoys the quiet & comfort, and I enjoy the power. I've got 2,300-miles on it so far & no problems to report. I am impressed every time I drive this vehicle because I just can't believe that a car this big could have such a soft ride and handle so well. It's also thousands cheaper than those other SUV's. I highly recommend one.
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    As a GM only family for more then 30 years, I was shocked to read in everything for Auto Week to Motor Tread that my dream SUV Tahoe was running a poor second or worst to the likes of Nissan, Toyota, & Ford. So when it was time for our Trailblazer to go I drove the Armada, & Tahoe, then the Durango. One drive was all it took! The Durango rides, handles, and breaks better. The interior while a bit below Nissan standards are light years ahead of the Tahoe. Still old habits die-hard. So I priced the Tahoe a loaded Z-71 and then the Durango Limited with Hemi. Every option box was check on both so the Z-71 was close to $48,000.00, with the Durango at $42,000.00 Taking into account both companies discounts, & allowances The Durango was still over $4,000.00 less. The dealer was easy to work with no pressure, and my limited was delivered in 6 weeks. Now with 1,200 miles in about 20 days I can say the car magazines are right. My only wish better gas mileage.
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    Our 2004 Durango STL did not come with folding mirrors and we miss them. Had them on our 2002 Durango we replaced. It was not an option (at least I think not) that was available on a 2004 STL. Fold away mirrors are standard on the Limited.

    Question. Can I order fold away mirrors from a dealer and install them on my STL? Is the wiring harness the same on STL and Limited so they would operate? Where is a dealer that I can mail order from who discounts such parts?
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    Jbrillo was correct, but I stumbled into it on accident. I went to and went through build and price. I put only the things I wanted on it. Then I clicked "Get dealer quote". It asked for my zip code early on and then showed me the 5 nearest dealers. I clicked on the one nearest to me and gave them contact information. The fleet manager wrote me back and told me the price versus the MSRP. I thought it was too good to be true, so I called his contact number. He was the Fleet Sales Manager and offered me a fleet deal. I jumped on it in a heartbeat. The window sticker on mine was $40,165. I got it for 36,500 and added the Park-Sense reverse proximity sensors and the labor to put them in and all was good. I then got the rebates and the incentive, so after getting the car, tax (I am in California, so I got hammered there $3000), license ($300), Gap Insurance($495), Maxi-Extended ($1195, regularly $1795), I was out the door at $37,500. Needless to say, I am a happy camper and I love to drive it! Good luck either way you go.
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    I just took deliery of my custom ordered 2004 Durango Limited AWD last night 5/19/04. It is Graphite Metallic. There are fish eyes all over the vehicle. The surface was contaminated during the painting process. Not happy at all with it. I feel like I'm stuck with it.
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    I have a Graphite paint job on my Durango as well. No such problems. They can get this right.

    Last night you should have had the option of not accepting the vehicle if it didn't pass your inspection. Now that you have taken it, I believe it becomes a warranty issue that they should fix. Talk to your salesperson and the service manager and let them know of your disatisfaction. They should make this right one way or another.

    Good luck.
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    I got my 04 hemi D in Jan this year,loads of power, handles like a sedan and i get 20+mpg on highway drives. The back up sensor is really necessary as has already been said above. Reliability has not been great and i've had to call for roadside assist on 2 occasions and get jump starts from friendly folk in 4 other occasions.(This is Canada so we have lots of those) Problems are electrical with incorrect wiring to blame for #'s1 and 2, its in the shop at present for the other 4 and my bet is water/melt in the door's electricals. Hello Chrysler? this is Canada so we get snow here and those recessed window controls (each sitting there in its own little bucket) are ideal for catching the white stuff you couldnt brush off!

    Any other elec problems with this beast?
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    haven't had no electric problems on my durango, but ill keep a close watch for sure, mine was made in march maybe the bugs got taken care of who knows
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    Is there any talk of a diesel Durango?
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    The passenger side door mirror on my 04 Durango doesn't dip nearly enough to see the back wheel/ curb when I parallel park. The dealer says this is normal,but I ask Why? given the driver's side one works fine. Limited drivers,check yours. Any others like this?
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    I don't like using them. What I recommend is that you go to an auto store and get the little "Blind Spot" mirrors. Get the 3" bubble mirror. Place them in the outside lower corners of your mirrors. This will enable you to see your tires and the curb, but more importantly, they eliminate blind spots on the fly. They are about $2 each. They will dramatically increase your field of vision. You will be able to see a car right off of your quarterpanel.
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    My husband and I were really excited and ready to purchase a Durango....and then we started asking friends and family if they had heard anything (good or bad) about them. Unfortunately, we were told by a few people that they have lots of problems!

    Has anyone experienced any problems with their Durango? We are also considering a Tahoe or an Expedition.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice or comments. Thanks!
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    We have owned our STL 4X4 for two weeks and like it very much. Will drive 1200 miles next few days and will have a better idea of what we like and don't like by this weekend.
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    When we roll the back windows down on our new durango we have this terrible noise that sounds like a helicopter is inside the backseat. It shakes the whole car. I've talked to the dealer several times. I picked it up tonight with the answer "can't do anything about it because it is the air harmonics of the design. We can't redesign it so just leave the windows up." Ok kids I just paid 40K for a car you can't roll the windows down. Anyone else have this problem?
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    you were told by a few people of problems? what did they tell you, i have almost 4000 miles on my limited and no problems yet
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    The helicopter noise is an issue with lots of newer cars. Not sure there's much you can do about it except try to play with the windows.

    Check out this informative post:

    tidester "Volvo XC90 SUV" Jan 4, 2003 1:19am

    Steve, Host
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        I was skeptical about buying a Dodge myself. However, I did tons of research and read nothing but good things from all auto-magazines and web-sites about the new Durango's. Daimler even spent $181-million to upgrade the plant where the new Durango's are built. This allowed them to build the new Durango better and more efficiently. I looked at Expeditions & Sequoia's, but the Dodge was, in my opinion, the best vehicle for the dollar. It drives like a car, is quiet, & has better acceleration than either of the other two SUV's we tested. I bought mine on 3/23/04 and now have 3,200miles with no problems. My advice is to do alot of research in various places(books, magazines, web search engines) and get a feel for which one you like better. I recommend the new Durango's, but check it out for yourself. Good luck.


         Did you try rolling down the front windows when you had the back ones down? If you already had them down, then try adjusting the front & rear windows to various height's till "chopper" sound disappears. This should do the trick. I can have the sunroof open and the front & rear windows down with no problem. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks. I tried those blind spot mirrors on several previous vehicles. The problem is, they present 2 different views within the same image and Ive been told that they've been cited as potential problems in a number of passing/side impacts in Europe. I know they're OK for parking - if your main mirror is preset to the correct angle. I have Euro ones that mount above the main mirror which are great for passing. These can be adjusted independently of the same main mirror. I paid for the Durango's mirrors to adjust, I liked what this feature achieved on a 2002 Denali and I feel they should work on my new truck.
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    ...three New York State Police blue Durangos in a caravan heading south on Interstate 87 last week. These were lacking the yellow-gold stripe markings and lettering found on current NYSP cars and SUVs, but its a very distinctive color. The drivers appeared to be civilians and they were playing tag along a 25 mile stretch of the interstate. These three Durangos were "HEMI" badged.

    New York State Police have been running various SUV platforms in recent years, including the last generation Durango, but something tells me that the new Hemi Durango may have become their next vehicle of choice!

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    Purchased a 04 SLT Hemi AWD last week. We have just over 300 hundred miles on it and we are experiencing problems. Specifically, the air conditioning intermittenly blowing hot air and occasionally the transmission running in some kind of protective limp mode that limits the rpms to no more than 2000rpms. I read magazine articles, consumer reviews, and discussion boards prior to the purchase, but do not recall reading about these type of issues. Is there any one else experiencing similar problems with their new Durango?
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    i do know certain times with tranny's in general theres a breakin period with the shifts points, mine ran a little hard too until it i put 1000 miles on it, just keep an eye on it, and why its blowing hot air i have no clue, im sure thats a simple fix
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    I purchased a new 2003 Durango last October and now have almost 10,000 miles on it. It has been a great vehicle so far, needing only routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotation). My factory CD player is starting to act up intermittently, but that is the only problem I have had. I haven't had it looked at by the dealer yet (I'll probably wait until it constantly malfunctions or totally fails).

    Our neighbors have a first year Durango ('98?) that has well over 120K miles on it. They have had a couple of problems, but they still like their D and continue to use it as a daily driver.

    When our neighbor saw I had purchased a Durango, he did ask "Did you get an extended warranty"?. I responded that I bought "wrap-around" coverage so my bumper-to-bumper matches the powertrain warranty (7/70...$100 deductible) and he said "Smart move". So, I guess I am somewhat covered for any problems that will arise. I don't plan to keep the Durango past the 75,000 mile mark.

    Based on my experience at this point, I would not hesitate to buy another Dodge product. I really like the new Dodge Magnum...
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    Durango 2004 STL 4X4. Three weeks old. Just returned from a 1200 mile trip. Two adults half the trip and 3 adults half the trip. Averaged 19 mpg with AC on about 80% of time. Drove interstates 75+ mpg. Comput. showed we avg 65.8 mph for all miles. Vehicle was very good. Nice to ride in and peppy. Cruise control can not hold speed as steady as my 2002 Chevy Venture....slips 3-4 mph going up small grades.

    We have AWD/4lock. Can one switch from AWD to 4lock while vehicle is moving? At any speed?
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    The problems we have heard about are problems with suspension, ball joints, etc. But I know that there have been changes on the '04 Durango, so we weren't sure if those problems had been fixed. Plus we have a family member in the "car repair" business, and he said they have alot of customers with lots of problems with their Durango's--I'm not sure if they are older models or newer Durango's, which may make a difference.

    However, everything I have "read" about the new Durango's has been favorable. Who do you believe??????
  • chasmanz28chasmanz28 Member Posts: 109
    all those problems that your taking about are on the older models from what ive herd, having an 04 limited like ive said before almost 4000 miles on it and no problems :)
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    >>>Plus we have a family member in the "car repair" business, and he said they have alot of customers with lots of problems with their Durango's...<<<

    Police officers as a population have a very dim and pessimistic view of society. Of course, most of the time they're interacting with humans it's because the civilian has done something wrong. ("All perps are guilty" syndrome.)

    So relying on the opinion of a auto repair technician is easily promblematic. And if they have a bias (anti-Dodge) then the opinion is sure to be exagerated.

    Ball joint and suspension problems have been associated with the older design, pre-2004 (Durango-Dakota). Even this needs to be qualified. Not every owner has had a problem in this area. Consumer Reports show "average" to "much better-than-average" for the previous generation.

    The 2004 is a completely new design with the exception of engine and drive line components. The problems I've heard about -- all on Edmunds, by the way -- appear to be very mixed, meaning there appears to be no trend. Evidence so far has me believe this is a solid design.

    Best regards,
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       Keep in mind that no car is perfect. All cars that are mass produced may have some slight defect or problem. Even Toyota's can have such problems as they recently had to recall thousands of their Sienna minivans for gas tanks that would rupture in collisions. Yes, even some '04 Durangos will have some problems/defects. It's also true you may read more about the problems people are having with they're vehicles and that's because people don't usually post messages unless there's something wrong. A girl I work with that had a '99 Durango and had no problems with hers for 4 1/2 years. She only got rid of it b/c she got an itch for a new car. She ended up buying a Tahoe, but she says she liked her old Durango better. As I may have metnioned before, I too was skeptical of buying another Dodge product at first. Upon doing research I concluded that Daimler/Chrysler has put alot of time, money, & effort to upgrade the plant where they build the car & into the engineering of the vehicle itself. As D/C's lone SUV offering, I'm sure they needed to build the best SUV they could in an SUV market filled with small, medium, & large SUV offerings from many other manufacuterers. So far, with 3,000+ miles, I've got no problems to report. If you're truly interested in the new Durango, I say,"GO FOR IT!!!" It is definitely the best value for the dollar among it's competitors. If your primary motivation for buying a new vehicle is reliability, then buy the Toyota Sequioa. It's got a proven track record. Since the Durango's are all-new, it will be a couple of years before we really know how good or bad the new Durango's are. I understand your concern, it takes alot of money to buy a new car & you don't want to waste it on a piece of junk. Choose the car that best fits your needs and the needs of your family. I feel that if I really like a certain car, I should buy the one I really want(and can afford) or I'd just end up being miserable. If more than one car can fit your needs, take the one you like the most and don't look back. Good luck.
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    Can anyone report on gas mileage with the 4.7 L V-8? Currently considering a 2004 DD Limited 4x4. I test drove a 4.7 L and it seemed powerful enough to me. Does it get better mileage than the HEMI? Please give mileage examples over more than 1 tank of gas.


    Was hoping for more responses to my original question.

    Thanks again.
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    As some of you know, I have an 04 Durango SLT Hemi, and I am wondering why there is a difference in my third row seat, as compared to the limited 50/50 folding seat. Mine just folds in one piece. Why the difference?

    In other news, I have reached 1000 miles, and the car is doing just fine. However, I am getting terrible gas mileage. Averaging barely 11 mpg. I hope it will go up sometime soon... Everything else is fine, the A/C is working just fine now.

    Happy Motoring.
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    See message 1218. Other than long trip highway use, getting around 16 mpg. We line in country so there is not constant city only driving.
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    Sounds to me like your Durango SLT does not have the 50/50 split fold 3rd row seat. If it's folding down in one piece and not two, then it's not the 50/50 split fold. It is optional on both the SLT & Limited.
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    My apologies in advance since I do not have a Durango, but in my '03 2WD Dakota Club Cab 4.7 and automatic I typically get 20 MPG on the highway and better than 21 on some ocasions. My weekly summer time average is just over 17 MPG. The EPA rating is 15 city/20 highway.

    I'd guess the Durango will weigh more so it likely isn't comparable but should be close.

    Best regards,
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    Going on 4 months, with almost 5000 miles. '04 Hemi 4WD. Car's got almost 5000 miles. Computer shows 13.6 MPG since day one, for probably 75% city driving. Could be better (our '04 Excursion Diesel gets almost 15), but acceptable considering everything else about the car that is wonderful.

    One problem: It seems that there is a loose spring in the driver's seat. When I get in, it seems to "catch" and I hear and feel something under me. Anyone else have this problem?

    Bottom line: Great SUV- I'd buy it again tomorrow.
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    I'm having the worst luck with my '04 SLT.
    First (as I posted earlier) the remote locks didn't work, still don't, waiting on a new receiver. I was in a parking garage in NYC, and the attendant scraped the truck against the wall on the passengers side, just the side step was damaged. Now after a trip to the supermarket, the front 2 wheel center hubs with the Ram logo popped out. has anyone had this happen, where the wheel hubs came out? i know they weren't stolen, because before I left, I noticed a lot of brake dust that I was going to clean when I got home, when I arrived at the store, they were gone!
  • cwofergcwoferg Member Posts: 78
    Sorry I did not reply earlier. Been busy.

    Cabinfever, Mopar aftermarket parts has wind deflectors that go on the windows. They should fix your problem and they look cool to boot. Let me know, but keep your receipt!!

    Solidub, earlier on this site, I reported problems with my A/C and stereo they believed was linked to a loos wiring harness. Now, the factory has narrowed it down to the IOD fuse on some vehicles not being pressed in all the way. There is a service bulletin to this effect. I brought mine in for my A/C fix as they ordered a new control head and stereo thinking it was a harness and they might have been damaged by the short. They enacted the bulletin fix only and kept the parts. Within one hour, mine was blowing HOT AIR from the dash with the settings on Lo and the fan on high. I immediately brought it back and they said that by warranty, they have to attempt the factory bulletin fix first. Now that it didn't work, they will try again and then replace the parts. Should work for you too. Good luck.

    Other than the fuse, I have had no problems with the Durango and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE POWER. This thing stops just shy of giving you whiplash on hard takeoffs! Been averaging 14 MPG with 70% city and 30% highway in the Temecula-Camp Pendleton area (pretty decent amount of traffic, so I think I am doing pretty well).

  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926

    The stated fix surprises me. On any latest generation Chrysler vehicle I know of if the IOD fuse is open or not connected the vehicle will exhibit a number of more obvious symptoms, such as the gear selector LEDs not illuminating, starting out in second gear (limp-mode) and loss of instrument cluster gauge readings.

    But I hope it's that simple.

    Best regards,
  • cwofergcwoferg Member Posts: 78
    Didn't sound right to me either. But who knows with these newer vehicles. When they set it in the last time, the memory was still full of faults from the A/C Climate Control and the stereo, so this time, they pulled the fuse, set it back in, cleared all of the codes, reset everything and it is working like a champ. I will let you know if it screws up again.
    Like I said, other than that, everything else is working perfectly.
  • chinajohnchinajohn Member Posts: 4
    I too had my front twoam logo hubs pop out. I found one of themand took it to the dealership who gave me two more. Popped them in and so far they have stayed in.
  • cwofergcwoferg Member Posts: 78
    Hey Chas,
    I just wanted to thank you for all of your input on the Durango. I have over 1000 miles and other than the IOD Fuse fix, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It rides like a dream! It is quieter than my car. Love the stereo, it is clear even at high volume levels. I really appreciate your posts here as they have helped me immensely in my decision. I would recommend this vehicle to ANYONE looking at a full-size SUV. One thing that I can truly say I am amazed by is how easy it is to park. The turn radius on the Durango is a full 1 1/2 feet tighter than the nearest full-size SUV in that dimension, which is the Tahoe (37' for Durango, 38.5 for the Tahoe). I love it!
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