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Dodge Durango



  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I bet your engine is the 5.2 liter. Sell it quick. This is a troublesome engine at times. Sludging is bad bad bad.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    People who get on the sites are complaining about problems with thier vehicles true. But, the majority do not write in about good things. I know alot of people with the D and they are like me. No problems. The majority do not write in about how good the reliability is. The people who write in are looking for help from someone who can resolve the issue. American trucks rule!!! I know for a fact they last better than car's (American). And if you think that Chevy's don't have problems you had better look around this and other boards before you make any decisions.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    What is this sludge thing?

    I had a 78 Dodge Magnum with a 5.2 (318) motor, and the motor was about the best part of the whole thing! The body rot is what eventually did her in. The Lean Burn fuel injection was kind of lame, and I think it was electrical problems which finally drove me to sell her.
  • Ever wonder why Dodge had to go to the 7-70 warranty? The same reason Hyundai has the 10-100 powertrain warranty. The reliability is so bad that many people wouldn't buy without them throwing in the (extended) warranty to sweeten the deal. It's also why BMW throws in free scheduled maintenance for the first four years (because it's expensive). People see this stuff and think 'Oooh, isn't that nice' without really considering why the manufacturer is forced to do it. They can make the warranty good for a million years but when you're hitching rides to work and they try and weasel out of the fix, that warranty starts to look pretty useless.
  • Hey djolley, can you point us to the information you found that indicates ChryCo products are more reliable than Honda's? I bet Dodge's PR department could make good use of that data.
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    I think the ratings to which Djolley is referring are Consumer Reports 2002 Buyer's Guide quality study. If memory serves me correctly, they rated both Honda and Toyota at either 18 or 19 problems per 100 vehicles. The entire DaimlerChrysler Group, minus Dodge Truck (sorry Djolley), was rated at 22 per 100. Dodge truck was about 24. All of the other American products were either flirting with 30 or over, including truck brands. This is not a reliability study, just an initial quality study designed to show that no vehicle is ever "problem free". Just a note for those of you who have sold, traded, or otherwise disposed of your dissatisfying Durangos - why do you still post here? Couldn't you use your time better by engaging in discussion about your new "perfect" vehicles? Good Luck.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    Good point. A few stay in just to "sour the milk" as it were. I enjoy my D greatly. I drive for most of my vacations and it has been from North Carolina coastline to Cape Cod. I do alot of fishing (salt water) and I have never had a problem. Well once I did, I cut one of the Goodyear sidewalls while off-roading. The truck is strong, reliable, comfortable and as my buddy put it "not too big and not too small". I synthed mine out totally when I bought her new so the wear on mechanics is at a minimum. She still drives like new. I replaced my shocks recently with the Monroe Sensatracs and I have to say the ride has smoothed out substantially. I will enjoy this truck for years to come. I am trying for the 300,000 mile mark. If I could do it in a SAAB turbo I know I can get it in this vehicle. Tune and lube is the key. Enjoy the D.
  • See mostdepend/most_dependable_2001.tmpl. Ford, Lincoln and Mercury make the list, as does Cadillac, Buick and Olds. Nowhere is Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth. I wonder why? Oh, and Honda is sixth overall. Take a gamble and buy a Dodge, just be sure you know what you're getting yourself into first. Who know's, maybe you'll get lucky.
  • I believe it was consumer reports, but it also could have been JD Power. Honda was 24 or 25, and Chrysler cars were as you said 22. Toyota was the Benchmark. But I do believe the Dodge truck was a little higher. It may have even been a 2001 study. But Chrysler cars definately were 2 points below Honda. And Honda was nowhere in the vicinity of Toyota.
  • A few months ago I bought a beautiful used 2000 Durango SLT PLUS 4wheel drive. I think it has the 4.7 engine, definitely not the 5.9. I would welcome suggestions from any of you happy Durango owners (I'm sure there are some out there) about any fuel additives, after-market parts/accessories, etc. to keep my Durango running great. I also need to get a tow package since I'll be pulling a horse trailer. Also, should I purchase an extended warranty given all the problems these trucks can have? Incidentally, I absolutely love this truck, it kicks butt and plows through snow and is WAY cooler than a minivan! Thanks for your help!
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    Congrats on your D. The first thing I would do is to switch out all the fluids and replace all the filters. I would only use synthetic fluids (oil, differentials, transmission and transfer case). I use all synth in my 2000 4.7 and I now have 81,000 + miles with no problems whatsoever. I use Mobil 1 5w30 motor oil, Mobil 1 synthetic 75w90 gear lube for the differentials. For the transmission and transfer case I have Amsoil Universal that exceeds the regular fluid the dealer uses in all aspects. Yes the synthetics will cost you more but I do oil changes at 5-6000 miles instead of 3000. The synthetics last alot longer and protect your engine better. I use the Amsoil synthetic oil filters as well. They do a much better job filtering out deposits in your oil, IMHO. Have your brakes done, front and rear and have the vehicle gone over real well. I do these things when I buy used and this will catch or nip in the bud any problems that might occur because of maintanance issues. Also, switch out the power steering fluid. I know that alot of people don't do it but replacing a steering assembly can be costly. I err on the side of caution and put the clean fluid in. It will flush out any impurities that might be there. After all this you should be good to go for quite awhile.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    Stay away from regular additive use. No oil or other addy's. Today's fuels and oil's do not require this. To do a clean of the injectors put in a bottle of Techron in an empty tank and then fill. This will do the job in case you really do need it.
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    I agree, it's so funny how the press promotes car manufacturer's because they all somehow end up with some award or prestigious JD Power, etc... award and how can people like Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep keep winning these when their reliablity ratings are so low?
  • What reliability awards have Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep won? Here's a related link:
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    I bought my 98 Durango at 18k and now have 40k on it. I do not subscribe to changing to synthetics, just to doing the services listed in the owner's manual. I have been problem free since I bought mine. I would definitely suggest a warranty - a Chrysler Service contract. These tend to be the easiest to use at dealerships as a whole (I work at one). Also, make sure you get a MOPAR tow group put on the truck, and get it covered under you warranty too. Hopefully you looked into the towing ability first. Your truck, assuming the 4.7L V8, offered 2 rears, a 3.55 and a 3.92. They can tow 4250lbs. and 5500lbs. respectively. Please make sure you know which one you have. If you are not sure, I'll tell you how to find out (if you don't have the original window sticker).
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    To clarify, over the years, Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/GM/Ford have specific models that appear in magazines, commercials, etc.. and seems funny that if their overall customer satisfaction/reliability have been an issue, that Best in class, voted Best in overall Initial quality, etc...I don't have something in from of me,but, I bought Ford, Dodge and GM for years, and MOST of the time I ended up with heartache because of repetitive quality and dealer issues. I currently drive a Toyota product and I know that they are not perfect either,but, these days it seems that it's a safer bet to go with Honda/Toyota because of less reliability issues to deal with. Since vehicles now cost upwards of $30K, I need to feel like I can afford to own for 5-10 years without too many problems.
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    I can tell you that I have been selling new Chryslers and Jeeps (new and used) for a little over 3 years now. Part of my daily routine is to consult the service schedule to find out which, if any, of my customers are in for service. If I do not make personal contact, I make certain to read the repair order myself. Yes, I do have a small handful of customers who have had more than their share of issues with their vehicles, but for the most part (about 85-90% of the visits) are routine, preventive, or inspection related. I have seen some of you use the word "useless" when referring to a warranty. This also seems confusing. Part of the sales process is your selection of the warranty appropriate for your specific type of vehicle. Purchasing a Powertrain warranty on an SLT Plus Durango leaves a good bit of the vehicle uncovered - it would be a bad recommendation, unless made only for budget purposes.
    I am not sure why most of the people here only seem to have negative things to say. Listen, if you are reading this, own a Durango, love it (like most Durango owners), take 2 minutes, log in, and post a message. Thanks.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I have been posting here for awhile and I love my D. 81,457 miles and the only problem I have had was to replace the fan clutch this morning. NO other problems to report. After owning SAAB's, VW's, Ford's I can say that this is the most reliable vehicle I have owned. I like the way it drives and I like the way it hauls when I need it to. Great vehicle!!! And yes, I would definitely get another!!!
  • After much research, I bought a 1999 Durango 5.9 litre and so far I LOVE this vehicle. It handles well on turns, is comfortable to drive, and handles like a big sports car. The only downside I find with the D is that it has to be carefully driven down mountain roads or it can get out of control quickly. The last car I owned was a Toyota 4 runner and got 275,000 miles on it before it needed an overhaul. It was underpowered and that is not a problem with the D.
    I am changing oil and other fluids on a very regular basis but have not gone to synthetics yet.
    Still not sure they are worth the extra money. Any comments?? As of 10,000 miles into the D,I would definitely get another one.
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    Thank you both...I am sure there are more of us reading, but not writing...

    twofilm, I, personally don't believe in synthetics. Just get your hands on the owners manual and follow the required maint. (and the recommended maint. the makes sense to you)
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I had a SAAB 9000Turbo. At 285,000+ miles I still had the original turbo. My mechanic was always amazed until I told him I was using the synth's. They don't break down like dino oil does. I like the extra protection and after having used it in all my previous 4 bangers with no problems, I was convinced. Yes, it may be overkill for some but I have proved it to myself that it is worth the extra protection so I am sticking with it. I keep my cars/trucks till they die so if I can get 300,000+ out of my D then I will be really happy. The 4.7 liter motor is awsome. I am going to enjoy this truck for a long time. I have 82,000 miles now and it is only 2.5 years old. Still running like new!
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    Has anyone had a chance to see a 2004 D? I have heard it is going to be a larger vehicle that will be based on the new Ram. I don't know about you all, but I like the present size of the Durango. I bought it for this particular size. "Not too big, not too small". If the front is a match for the new Ram, I think I will be buying older D's from now on.
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    The Durango is not going to be any larger, based on Exterior dimensions. Interior dimensions are going to be up about 24%, due to an extended wheelbase. It's supposed to be announced at the NAIAS.

    It will no longer be based on the Dakota platform, but will now have its own. The HEMI V8 will also be available. It's not based on the Ram.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Here's a link to tons of pics of cars unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show:

    Go here for the brand new Durango. The pictured RT Hemi is really hot!

  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    It's beautiful! I am impressed. Out of the 3 American brands, it seems as if Chrysler/Dodge design their cars much better.

    But those taillights have got to go. I can also see the Jeep Liberty influence on the overall silhouette.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I saw it on the Durangoclub web site. Man I am going to keep my 2000 D and pick up one of these after a year or 2 so they can work out the bugs. I love the look!! This is great. It seems that DChry, is really coming into thier own! I will definitely keep my eye on them for other vehicles coming down the line.
  • lak06lak06 Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me what extended warranty is the best for both the most comprehensive coverage and the best price?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please, hold the caps - it's hard to read.

    Check out the Lease Questions - Ask Here discussion too.

    Steve, Host
  • I'm currently negotiating with my local dealer on a '98 SLT w/ 5.2, power d/w/l/driver's seat, 3rd row, tint, infinity/cd audio, luggage rack, etc. w/ 36k miles. Drove it and it seems tight and responsive, while a thorough inspection revealed no issues inside or out. It seems like a really solid piece.

    My only concern is that the on-line consumer feedback I've seen is very mixed. Owners either love it or it's been a nightmare with regards to reliability, especially '98 & '99 models. I asked the dealer for the vehicle's service history, which he promptly provided. The only issue was and instance of not starting on a cold morning at approx. 30k miles, requiring an adjustment to the throttle body and cleaning the injectors. There were no other occurrences, except for routine maintenance.

    One particular item that I've seen in various consumer posts is a tendency for the rear axle gears to fail with approx. 55k - 60k on the odometer. Can anyone comment on this and perhaps shed further light on it or any other common maladies for the D?? In addition, would an extended warranty be a wise investment and, if so, are there any preferred/recommended warranty providers?

    The bottom line is that I really do like the vehicle and I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on the deal, but I'd like some honest feedback first to be sure this is the right way to go.


    p. s. For what it's worth, the negotiated price currently sits at $15050.00
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