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Dodge Durango



  • Re: JC58 0

    Have clear tape over what appear to be drain holes on all doors (not sure aboout hatch) - other are open (2000 SLT).

    Just like you - always wondered why.

  • tvishtvish Posts: 6

    You know I thought the same thing too. Until I found myself & wife tooling around Orlando one weekend with my friend & his wife who own a Infiniti G35 with a NAV. OK so I had a map of Orlando, and I am pretty familiar with Orlando. So I should have no problems...right. However when it is raining and dark out and you just left Universal Studios, and everyone is interested in eating Thai food for a late dinner. Its pretty nice to just spend all of 40-50 seconds to just locate ALL or the NEAREST Thai restaurant in Orlando-Kissimee area. The restaurant we selected from the NAV also had a phone number. So I called them to find out their closing time, and then bingo just had the NAV figure out the best way to get there. Not the usual asking the restaurant owner how to get there - "yeah I know where International Blvd is, but do I take Exit 68 or 72?"

    It took me a weekend to "get" this NAV thingy. I guess it's the same thing with any other new gadget I have run into in the last 20-25 years. From the Microwave Oven (but we already have an oven), to the VCR (why would you record shows), to the Internet (a fancy electronic diary/scrapbook - circa 1993), to the Cellphone (can't you wait till home to call); gadgets just amaze me.

    I know now that I could not possibly go without NAV in my future cars. It's not about finding where you want to go far away where it excels, but actually it helps you learn your own hometown in a better light. It's not just a road map but a mobile Yellow Pages.

    A NAV would have also been great while I sat in the middle of no where on I-75, while on the way home this Thanksgiving weekend. It would be great if I could have taken off on smaller rural roads and just have the NAV "re-route" me home on alternative roads.

    I know the NAV is not for everyone, but I can see how it may also be a "deal-breaker" for others. For me the Deal Breaker for buying the 04 Durango is that it does not have some type of Stability/Anti-Skid device. It seems like a terrible omission for this size of vehicle.

  • Tej,
    You make a strong argument for the NAV. I can't call myself CONVINCED, but I will have to admit to being SWAYED.
    Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by "Stability/Anti-Skid device"? The '04 Durango that I drove had all-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes AND traction control. What more do you need?
  • Monday night I bought the above vehicle. I have 5 days from then to return for full refund. (I obviously bought it from Carmax) I Love it, and knew at the time that I was getting it for a really low price because I had shopped them some. Since then have found out that it is extremely low, so I am wondering just what besides the mileage is wrong with it? It does have high mileage (74k) but other than that, it is very clean and etc. I took it on a 400 mile trip and felt some of what raycus was saying about the reving fast thing, but other than that, and me getting a speeding ticket in it on the first day, its great. I did purchase an ext warranty thing so hopefully will be ok but what I really want to know is how to find someplace to have it completely checked out before the 5th day which will be this Friday. I don't have a "trusted" mechanic. I live in the Houston, Texas area. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Well, I understand why you suspect something's wrong given the low price, but that could easily be the result of factors unrelated to the condition of the vehicle.

    Since you purchased it used, Dodge no longer has an interest in urging you to keep it, but mechanics at a Dodge dealership are likely to be the most familiar with problems (and fixes) associated with the Durango. Unless you have any friends who frequent a particular Dodge dealership, or any other members are in the Houston area, you'll likely have to select at random.

    Hopefully, you'll end up just enjoying the price and the ride!

    Roving Host & Future Vehicles Host


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  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Byron, what is the mileage you are getting with 5.7? And, how much paid - if not a secret?
  • Test drove a 2001 SLT today and I'm considering purchase from an individual seller(original owner). 27,800 Miles & Excellent condition.

    Some Features:
    All power,3rd Seat,F/R Air,Power/Heated seats,Leather,CD/Tape,ABS,Alarm,Running Boards,
    4.7 V8 & Roof Rack.

    Seller is asking $15,500 which is less than trade-in per Edmunds and KBB. It's about $2,000 less than private price and much less than dealer prices. I've looked online and clearly this seller could have asked a lot more, so why didn't they? Uneducated?

    I did a vehicle history check and it's fine and shows only one owner. No red flags.

    This sounds too good! Is it or am I just freaking out because I can get this at a great price?
    Thanks for your opinions in advance.
    Future Durango Owner.
  • tvishtvish Posts: 6

    By Stability or Anti-Skid device I mean something like what Ford calls "AdvanceTrac", what GM calls "StabiliTrak", Toyota calls it VSC (Vehicle Stability control), and Mercedes-Benz calls it ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

    What's unique about this feature is that it can control oversteer (fishtail), and understeer (plow) of the vehicle. This is done when the system senses one or more wheels are losing traction and/or the steering response is not responding to the G-loading being experienced, and then induces brakes on individual Brake calipers on the appropriate wheels that have traction, to control the skid. This is especially helpful when you have an emergency lane change maneuver on the highway, where you have a quick left-right. The rear wheels have a very good chance of being "un-loaded", causing oversteer (fishtail), and possibly flip-over if encounter by a soft shoulder or tarmac drop-off. This effect is compounded by the fact that most trucks like the Durango weigh more than 4500 lbs. and have a higher center of gravity.

    All-wheel drive, Anti-lock brakes and Traction Control will not help since they are more single plane traction devices and cannot manage skid. Actually Anti-lock system is utilized in a Stability System to pulse individual brakes. It's also misunderstood by most that AWD and Traction control can help your handling by "creating" more traction. Traction is created by your tires, and not by the drive mechanism. In a fast turn AWD vehicles will lose adhesion about the same time a RWD vehicle will, if on similar tires. However as the road starts straightening out again you can apply power earlier on AWD to launch faster out of the curve. But on the curve both are equal. AWD and Traction control are great at "optimizing" the traction (given tires) available, but not at creating traction.

    I will go on record to say that Stability systems are the greatest safety devices to come into production since the Anti-lock brakes, and the 3-point seat belt. I would easily rather have the Stability control over AWD, or Traction control (unless I order the HEMI). And for the new Durango to not even offer it as an option, ESPECIALLY on a newly designed SUV is a poor marketing decision. Since Dodge could easily have gone into the Mercedes parts-bin to retrieve one without having to engineer one. It already has ABS, so the fundamental pieces are already there, they just need the Stability program to sit on top of the ABS. For note all Toyota SUV's, and the Nissan Armada come with it standard. Ford offers the AdvanceTrac as an option on its Explorer/Expedition. GM offers Stabilitrak on the larger Tahoe and Suburban.

    I pride myself on my safe driving, and car control skills. I have a fair bit of experience in SCCA type Road, and Solo racing. So its not that I need a digital nanny to take care of me when I am on the road. However, my wife might drive the SUV, or my father, or whomever. Therefore I am willing to spend another $500 for that additional bit of capability. For Dodge to not offer it shows a callous approach to safety. Especially when a company like Toyota has Stability control as STANDARD on ALL of their SUVs. So which company do you think prides themselves on safety, and may possibly have designed their vehicles from the get go with safety built inside.

  • I TOTALLY agree with what you've said tvish.

    Add to this the fact that Side Curtain Airbags are NOT an option on the new Durango and you have to really wonder what Dodge was thinking when they designed this truck.

    With no stability control system the vehicle is more likely to roll over, and with no side curtain airbags the occupants are more likely to sustain serious injuries.

    This makes the Durango a rather poorly equipped SUV regarding safety equipment, when compared to the other trucks in the market.
  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    Actually, side curtain airbags ARE available in the new Durango, and for all three rows of seating. In comparison, the Toyota Highlander, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, and Sequoia only cover the first and second rows. p;type=left
  • I appreciate the explanation for the stability systems. Now I wonder why Dodge is not offering it at this time? I'm guessing it's not their "callous approach to safety". I mean, these corporations are driven by profit and the market, so if it was easy for them to add and SO in demand, it would be a no-brainer option, so there must be some other reason (including "not easy to add", "not in demand" or others). I did look into VSC, but wanted to hear someone else's take on it. I test drove a 4Runner with it. Nice vehicle, but I couldn't get over the rotten egg smell with any hard acceleration, so the search continues. Thanks again.
  • Stability control is acctually in very low demand in the United States. Only 6% of the vehicles sold in the United States have stability control.
  • tvishtvish Posts: 6
    Yes...Demand is low. But statistically how many vehicles are offering Stability Control? 10%, 20%, 30%???

    So if we were talking about a restaurant and we wanted to see how many people were ordering Cheesecake, wouldn't Cheesecake have to appear on the menu first?

    The industry is doing a poor job of promoting Stability control. They are not demonstrating the capability as well as they did for Air Bags, and Anti-lock brakes in the past. Thus the poor market penetration. With light truck sales making up more than 50% of the total volume, it seems that promoting Stability Control, could curtail similar fiascos such as the Ford Explorer/Firestone debacle.

  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    I recently have noticed a thumping sound from what sounds like the right front end when going over small bumps, such as when pulling into and out of the driveway.

    I only have about 2,650 miles on my 2003 SLT 4x4, is this too soon for the infamous ball joint problem? Any other ideas?

    Other than this no problems. I hope to add a cat back dual exhaust this spring, possibly with Dynomax turbo mufflers or Ultra Flows.

    Which would you recommend?
  • NAV is cool, but not if it costs you thousands of dollars, for example, I think Nissan Armada tech pkg. cost $3.6k.

    Electronic gadgets are cool, but only cool when
    the price is a few hundred dollars. /hehe
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Enter the 2004 Durango, an SUV that tries to straddle all the markets and seems to succeed"

    First Drive: 2004 Dodge Durango

    Steve, Host
  • Hello: I took my 2000 Durango into the dealership when my wife said it lost 'power'. I did the 3 clicks and a P700 code read out on the odometer. It drove fine for me after that and the dealership said it could not recreate the problem. Any ideas on what I should look for going forward? Has anyone seen or experienced problems associated with the P700 diagnostic code? I just dont want her to break down somewhere. Thank you.
  • Hi,

    Just bought a 2001 SLT with same features and 28,200 miles from the dealer (Archer Dodge) in houston, TX. Paid $14995 out the door for it. This model has Infinity audio system, running boards, leather, third seat dual A/C and zoning, 4.7L etc.

    They were asking 17,500 for it (Sticker) and finally gave it to me for 15K while adjusting $500 in negative equity in a trade. So In actuality, they charged $14,500 for the truck. According to -15,000 is the private aprty value for these trucks. Your guy is asking the book for the truck! try to negotiate a grand or two atleast. I would not have paid even 14K if I were not buying from a dealer. Besides, the previous owners turned out to be my neighbors across the street who purchased it new from the same dealership. They were kind enough to give me all the records etc. They also put new tires at 25K miles with 60K warrnty.

    Keep in mind that these are old body style and will loose more value because people start noticing the new shape on the roads. I love this style Durango though and am very happy with my purchase because this is what carry;s my kids. i myself drive a GMC Envoy.

    Finally - the price is Okay, not great at all. go to and enter all info for a private aprty purchase and enter good for condition. Excellent really applies to something with under 10K miles or in obsenely good condition with all records etc. and not evenaa scratch. Even then, I will use good condition, and you will see value to come out to 15K (unless its a 5.9 with 4x4) that brings it to 17K. Also keep in mind that 4x4 option is preselected in and you have to disable it when calculating.

    good Luck
  • gibogibo Posts: 22
    Does anyone know if I can order a 2004 Limited 4WD Durango with NAV, DVD and Sirius? Some dealers are saying no way, others say no problem. I can't even find nav as an option anywhere. It's a must-have thing for me. Thanks.
  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    An 04 Limited 4WD w/ DVD and Sirius should be no problem, and I'm almost positive that the Nav is available as a dealer-installed accessory for about $1500 plus labor.
  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    recently have noticed a thumping sound from what sounds like the right front end when going over small bumps, such as when pulling into and out of the driveway.

    I noticed when I push on the front right fender, there is a clunking/cracking sound from the front right.

    I only have about 2,650 miles on my 2003 SLT 4x4, is this too soon for the infamous ball joint problem? Any other ideas?

    Other than this no problems. I hope to add a cat back dual exhaust this spring, possibly with Dynomax turbo mufflers or Ultra Flows.

    Which would you recommend?
  • I remember that the car show version had an integrated Nav (as seen in some of the car mags too). I wonder why Dodge dropped it for the production version? Does Dodge typically hold things back, and them introduce them in the following years?
  • Completed my purchase of a 2001 SLT(loaded) from a private party. KBB was $16.5 and Edmunds was $17.8 from private party sales. I paid $15,000 and the seller added $600 to complete the payoff to Chrysler. I feel pretty satisfied and look forward to driving the truck soon.

    Mobinakhtar from Houston
    Sounds like you got a great deal from a dealer - congratulations on your 2001 SLT.
  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    I've read that the new Durango is selling very well, but I have yet to see one on the road here in northeast NJ. Are you seeing many around you? I passed by a Dodge dealer today, and found that the new Durango looks even better in person than it does in pictures!
  • 1) I was talking to my dealer today who is locating a new Durango for me. He said his most recent shipment will be delayed a few days for a recall fix of something. I didn't get a chance to ask what the problem is. Anyone else here of this?

    2) My wife works for Chase Manhattan Bank which has an affinity program with Daimler Chrysler. We get a special program # and BAM, 1% under dealer invoice, no hassle, no fuss, no sleazy car salesman/manager stuff. Easiest shopping I've ever done for a car. They also let you use any rebates out there too. I get another $1000 off because I'm in a current Dodge lease. My 2004 loaded Limited with Hemi is going to cost less per month than my 2001 R/T. Awesome.

    3) Anyone see CBS and Dan Rather on the ball joints on the Durangos and now Dakotas? Daimler Chrylser didn't come off very well. Hopefully this might put more pressure on them to take care of the problem.
  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    I took my 2003 D 4x4 to the dealer due to a thumping sound that appears to be coming from the right front. They claim they could not find anything, tried to say it was the stops you hit when you turn the wheel all the way....but the sound happens even when going straight and slow over small bumps. They said they checked all susp parts, etc.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something else that could be loose that could be thumping against the bottom of the D?
  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    I took my 2003 D 4x4 to the dealer due to a thumping sound that appears to be coming from the right front. They claim they could not find anything, tried to say it was the stops you hit when you turn the wheel all the way....but the sound happens even when going straight and slow over small bumps. They said they checked all susp part, etc.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something else that could be loose that could be thumping agianst the bottom of the D?
  • thoonthoon Posts: 74
    I have a 2001 Durango sport with 36,100 miles on it and for the last few weeks I noticed a pulsating sound coming from the front drivers wheel area. I even lifted the drivers side up on a jack and rotated the tires and it made the same noise. It sounds like maybe the brake rotor maybe warpped. Is this right or is it something else? Maybe dirty brake pads? The sound is really loud. If you just coast without pushing the gas or break, you can really hear the sound.
      Also, sometimes when I turn into a parking spot or hit a bump while turing, my car makes a loud popping sound from the front wheel area. Is it due to a bad upper ball joint?
  • Happy Holidays everyone. Just test drove new Durango yesterday. Very nice ride! Very comfortable interior with power seats that actually bring you to a decent height. Side curtain airbags are an option, btw. Here is the downside.....those damn black door handles and mirror!! How in God's name can Chrysler "totally redesign" this truck and stick with the dumb black door handles. I saw new one's on the lot and there were already stains that you would have to scrub out. I know this may be petty, but when I asked the part dept guy if these could be replaced or painted, he just laughed and said, "You are the 6th person in the last two days who has asked me that!"...Next time, Chrysler should ask the public what they would like.....any thoughts on this?
  • Ruskus....I bought the new 04 Durango HEMI on 11/03....very nice vehicle. The recall is for a capacitor on the instrument panel circuit board...could overheat and cause a dash fire. Will take an hour to repair. We have experienced a few inconveniences also...brake pedal creeks/squeeks...heater fan on high setting makes a clicking fixing today.

    My only complaint and a question for other 04 Durango owners: The HEMI engine seems a little louder at idle than the 4.7 or other comparable V8's. It makes a rhythmic ticking sound. You can't hear it from inside the vehicle but you can from the outside. I have listened to 4 other 04 Durango HEMI's and they all sound the same, so it must be normal. Any suggestions on why the HEMI's idle is louder than most?
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