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How much can I negotiate down these fees- window etch -$299 ( just CT or NY also) doc- $698 acquisition - $595, nitrogen - $99 ( NY and CT also)
I also found a great dealer pdf on my state sales taxes - tax is on any down pmt ( why would anyone put down pmt?????) monthly pmt, acquisition and document fees, destination, advertising, mfg rebates)

New York- I can include tax in lease????? I read have to pay up front? Confused on this?

Residual is based upon MSRP- without- destination, correct?

I read dealers and making up fake MSRP’s to mislead-

Regarding mats, cargo cover, wheel locks license plates bracket- etc… totals nearly $1,000 extra. I don’t want. They said I can build my own. If I chose, they would be residualized, correct?
Thank you 😊


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