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Oldsmobile Alero Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2001 Olds Alero. The other day, out of the blue it started acting like it wanted to stall( shaking and idling very rough) Once you start going it seems to run okay, only had problem at idle, however, it did make a smell kind of like burnt fireworks. The check engine light flashed on and off. Diagnostic showed misfire on 3. I was told to look for vacuum leak. Got it home, turned it off, now it wont start. Anyone have a suggestion?
  • See my two posts above. Maybe number 3 spark plug has gone? How long ago did you change the plugs? What engine do you have? What's the odometer reading?

    Sorry to state the obvious, but get it towed to a repair shop ASAP, don't drive it there, even if you can get it started. By driving it to the shop, you may do more damage than good.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed it not too expensive for you.
  • my 2001 is doing the same thing, my husband found a broken wire in the drivers side wheel, its suppose to be for a speed sensor, but my speedometer works fine. they want 350.00 to fix it.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Sounds like the broken wire is for the ABS (anti lock brakes), so it wouldn't have anything to do with the speedometer.
  • I need the location of the HAZARD WARNING SWITCH on my wifes v6 2001 Olds Alero. The turning/hazard lights are intermittent. I see there is a recall on that part. But if its somewhere I can get to it I would prefer to replace it. IF that part is available to the public.

    Thank you,

  • Hi my name is Klaus and I’m from Germany

    I'm driving a 2000 Alero and my current problem is, that my dash light shuts of, when my headlight go’s on. I tried the wheel where you can dim it, but it's still dark. Even the display on the radio gets dark.
    Did has somebody the same issue.

  • Just two days ago my 2000 Olds Alero Coupe started to idle rough. I went to my local Autozone and had a free code reading. It said Cyl 1 Misfire. I took the coil pack off the car and removed the plug boots then put them back on. The car is doing the same thing. I purchased a new coil hoping that would be the problem but have decided to wait until I can pick up the plug boots and do the two jobs at the same time while I have the coil pack off. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I'm thinking about replacing both coils as this is the 4 cyl 2.4 model and has two coils.
  • phnzzphnzz Posts: 1
    When I turn of the rear defroster it only stays on for a short time. If I push the button again the light does not come on. I have to wait a few minutes then it will come on for a short time. What needs to be replaced? Thanks.
  • I am having trouble with my heat. The heat will only come out at the highest fan setting any other setting only minimal heat will come out as I accelerate. the heat comes out very warm. that is not the problem. the problem is it is only coming out on the fan setting. I have a new water pump and no leak I can see. Can anyone give me any advice?
  • It could be the fan relay or circuit board. Don't know where these are located. There seems to be a problem with these cars with the fan speeds 1 and 2 not working.
  • I too am having the same problem, however I took it to a local shop and was told it is probably the blower resistor (which can be picked up from any "big box" parts retailer for about $20-$30). I paid about $24 for mine and am going to install it shortly, as soon as I figure out where to look for it, which is why I'm browsing through here.... lol

    Good Luck
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    It's on the bottom of the plenum in the passengers footwell. You will have to remove the trim panel below the dash. Look for a connector on the plenum, remove it, then remove the two screws (the back one is hard to get to).
  • I've been trying to get a hold of an 2000 Owner's Manual for a few days now and I am not having any such luck. When I bought my car it didn't have one. If you could help me in anyway, I'd be very appreaciative.
  • This part is inside the fan housing
  • I replaced my resistor board to correct the fan problem. It is under the ac blower fan on the passenger side. It is a tight fit. you will need a flexable rachet extention to remove the screws that hold it in place. Once removing the ac blower you should be able to see it after removing the connector that plugs into it.
  • :D thank you for the help, I did however already "fix" the problem lol, in my instance there somehow is/was water in that whole assembly so I disconnected the pig-tail to the resistor dried it out and put electrical grease in the harness, reconnected and still got nothing without kicking the blower motor then I would get a little bit of a reaction. The blower would spin very slowly creating a slight breeze, that is when I decided to spray some "old faithful" (WD 40) into the motor casing through the holes that are visible on the bottom side. Once I did that I tapped the motor with a regular claw hammer and voila!!! I now have heat again!! I did however have to tap on the motor for a couple days but it's been nearly a week now and it's still going..... knock on wood!
  • Ok after reading these posts I have found out that people have had similar experience as i have had in the past 6yrs. My Alero has 175,678 miles on and and when I bought it back in 2002, it had only 28,000. Yes I have really drove it havent had any major issues until now. I have had the hazard switch replaced, ingition module, coil housing (sp), brakes replaced many many times as well as rotors and also the fuel pump was replaced recently. My service engine light came on when I hit 50,000 miles and has been on every since. I was told it was the oxygen sensor, well had that replaced and it still is on. Now my car is starting to really knock and it used to have a fast take off but for the past month or so, when i take off, the service enginge light blinks and the trac off light comes on. as of today, the service engine light blinks the whole time i am driving and my car is very hesitant and knocks really bad. On top of all that, the heat is not working. It seems to only work when i am driving but when the car is still or stopped it doesnt blow out warm air. The low coolant light comes on constantly so when I went to have the thermostat replaced, I was told that my engine is running off of 2 cylinders and my car is a 4 cyl. Has any of this happened to any one else? What do I do about my car only pulling from 2 cyl? Is it worth repair or should I just get another vehicle?
  • Did the service technician even explain WHY the engine was running on 2/4 cylinders ? It's either spark or fuel, right ? Spark: could be fouled spark plugs and/or bad wires -- the latter tending to be worse in high humidity or rain.

    Heat: could be related to only running on 2/4 cylinders (less combustion so less heat, right?) or maybe the blower motor resistor is shot. The latter would give you consistently no air speed for a given fan speed setting, regardless of whether the car's moving or not, though.

    When you replaced the O2 sensor, it doesn't seem that was properly diagnosed as it didn't solve the problem you were having.
  • chbiiichbiii Posts: 1
    Trying to replace horn with a horn that can be heard more than 5 feet away, but I cant find the %#@* horn under the hood. HELP!!!!

    Chuck :mad:
  • imaniimani Posts: 1
    Mine has pretty much had all of the frequent reocurring problems from prior discussions. The one that is plaguing me the most may have something to do with the catalytic converter (I had 2 replaced last year), yet my car continues to accelerate below the 6 cyl performance. In addition it goes through a full tank of gas in 4-5 days. This began to occur about 4 mths ago. The auto shop mentioned a 'misfiring' of some sort and oil in the coolant pipes or something. Anybody else have these problems?
  • I have a 1999 Alero that has been in the shop three times in the last few months and the problem hasn't been fixed. When I am idling at a stop light the car idles really hard and acts like it wants to die. It actually does die when I am idling in traffic after driving on the Interstate (it only dies after a distance of 15+ miles on the highway). The car always starts right up again. So far I've paid for new spark plugs, boots, distributor cap, air filter, fuel filter, oil change, battery and fuel system cleaning. The best is the last place I went to that told me it was the battery and ended up screwing up my temperature gauge to where the needle is rotated all the way backwards!! Any ideas? Maybe the PCV valve or water pump or is this electrical and related to the other problems I'm having? In reading some of these forums, I've realized I have a lot of the same problems as others. My cruise control quit working, the CD player doesn't work anymore, the radio defaults back to Manual for the sound setting when you change it, the driver's side mirror controls don't work anymore, when the temperature is cold or damp, the ABS and low tracking lights come on when I pull into parking spaces, etc.
  • theidttheidt Posts: 1
    My heating on a 2000 oldsmobile alero 2.4L 4Cyl will start up when I start the car. It will make a humming or vibrating sound then will just completely stop working. I can tap the dashboard with a fair amount of force and it will start working again...lately this hasn't been working so I am assuming that it has finally failed. I was wondering if someone could tell me if its located behind the glove box and how much it will generally cost to fix? Thanks
  • When I put fluid in reservoir, the fluid soon disappears. Even before it's gone, the fluid doesn't come out of the wipers. Any advice? The reservoir seems to be located at the bottom of the car and how does one get to it? Does the car have to be up in the air to gain access? I have a 2002 V6. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Which engine? Are you using fuel with a high ethanol content?
  • Hello to all you other fortunate Alero owners!

    I purchased a used '01 Alero about three years ago. At first, I was getting 35 mpg highway. However, I noticed that in the Winter, the mileage dipped to 20 or lower in the city. Not much better highway. I have also noted that the colder, the worse it gets. Another point is my summer mileage has dropped to about 28-30 highway.

    I am wondering where to start. Mileage is at around 61,000 and the manual says a tune up isn't called for yet, which seems hard to believe.

    Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone else has had this dilemma and solved it. Any advice is welcome actually. I am contemplating a diagnostic check, but not sure if it would be better to just get the spark plug changed. The car runs fine, so I am clueless as to the poor mileage.

  • 2.4 L 4 Cylinder. I use good quality gas ( Shell, usually ) 87 Octane.
  • ball9456ball9456 Posts: 1
    My front power windows do not work - the back do. I've changed motors for both, the switches for both and neither are working. Does anyone have any idea what other fixes I could try?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • ffwillyffwilly Posts: 1
    Where is the fuel filter located? I've heard above the rear axle and that it requires removing the axle to replace it. Is this truth or fiction?
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