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  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    ...near work has Premium pegged at $3.199. If Hess Premium is so much, I'm afraid to see what Sunoco Ultra is. I filled up on Wednesday at lunchtime when Ultra was $3.019. I must be the only guy left still buying the stuff.
  • smittynycsmittynyc Member Posts: 289
    The Lukoil near my subway stop went from 2.95 (reg) on Wednesday night to 3.69 (reg) on Thursday morning. This morning they were still at 3.69.

    The unbelievable part is that people were actually getting gas there, when a Sunoco and BP just a block away in opposite directions have regular for $3.05! Maybe it's something to do with the fact that the Lukoil has full-serve, but still . . .
  • rockshocka1rockshocka1 Member Posts: 310
    In the Charleston, SC area, hard to make sense of the pricing. Where I live, gas is typically 10-15 cents more than where I work (27 miles away). The difference is the higher tax. This morning, 87 was $3.19 where I live & $3.39-$3.44 for 87 where I work. So, I'm guessing the station near where I live hasn't caught up yet & will be jacked up by the time I get home today. Can't wait to see, just out of morbid curiosity.

    Bigger problem is that I noticed they are all running out of 87 from all the people who panicked to fill up because of stories about a shortage & also to have enough gas for the holiday weekend. Every station I drove by this morning had plastic covers on the 87 pump handles. I filled up Monday at $2.44, not because it was obvious the price was going to spike, but because I was near empty and filled the tank as usual. Hopefully, by the time I need to fill up again on Tuesday, there will at least be fresh supplies.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,508
    is that many stations actually blend 87 and 93 to make their 89 octane. As a result, when the 87 runs out, so does the mid-grade!
  • library1library1 Member Posts: 54
    My local Gas station- in "upstate" NY raised prices to $3.99/gal as soon as they saw the New Orleans looters were not going to be shot on sight.

    Birds of a feather?

    Any suggestions for dealing with this? I think this might be a temporary spike, but the problem of high prices and a possible gas shortage will reoccur in the Summer.

    Buying a hybrid-or even an economy car like a Scion outweighs the dollar savings- but saves you from gassless stations.

    I explored storage of gas at my house, and its difficult. One positive is that I'm zoned agricultural (due to an oversight). Northern Equipment has a 285 gal tank for $650, delivered. That would give me about a 4 month supply. 6-8 for a Prius.

    And how much of a dealer mark-up will Hybrids have come January's $3,000 tax rebate?

    As for Bicycles... :sick:
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,508
    is that if it sits too long, it goes bad. Not sure how long you have to let it sit, though. I don't think it would go bad after 4 or 6-8 months, though. I bought some fuel stabilizer to put in my DeSoto's tank, and on the label it said gas can go bad after just 60 days! :surprise: I think they might just say that though, to scare you into either driving more often and burning up your gas, or buying the stabilizer! :mad:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    but also, how would you have those 285 gallons delivered to your house? That would weight quite a bit, about a ton!

  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,508
    didn't even think of that. How much does a gallon of gas weigh, anyway? I know water's around 8 pounds per gallon (I think milk is, too), but IIRC gas is something like 6 or 7 pounds? Still, an awful lot of weight.

    I have a 275 gallon oil tank in back of my house. A tanker truck comes out to deliver it. I dunno how you'd go about getting gasoline delivered to your house, though?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    But I'm not sure, I do think it's lighter than water. I just wanted to guesstimate how much that would weigh.

    You'd probably have to hire a tanker to deliver directly to your house, and I can't imagine that is affordable or even practical. Heating oil is one thing, there are companies that do that all the time.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,400
    $3.16 to $3.19 for 87 here. $3.09 out on the I-80 truck stop... that place will be busy with a Penn State football crowd coming in for the weekend. :)

    Just an opinion, but thinking of ways to store/hoard gas isn't going to do anything but keep prices at the artificial highs we see right now.
  • smittynycsmittynyc Member Posts: 289
    Yeah, between the delivery hassle and the diminished "oomph" of the stored gas and the increased homeowner's premiums you'd pay for having a potential fireball on the property, it doesn't seem too prudent to go the John Denver route.
  • rockshocka1rockshocka1 Member Posts: 310
    Happened to be on a conversion site for another reason, but it did list a gallon of gas as weighing 5.49 to 5.83 lbs.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    Think all those Penn State fans will be showing up in monster RVs this year? Some of those guys have RVs as big as a Greyhound bus.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Member Posts: 144
    Here in Austin it's $2.69/2.79/2.89, a $.20 increase from Wednesday night. In Marshall, MI where my parents are, it's $3.19 for regular and $3.55 for premium. OUCH.
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    Well I've heard of it happening other places, but didn't see it until today here
    Station went from $2.99 early today to $3.06 late morning to $3.16 this afternoon
  • carlisimocarlisimo Member Posts: 1,280
    I don't know the numbers, but it's common enough - the construction industry depends on it. And the construction industry is everywhere =].

    Just call your local depot.

    Anyway, regular is around $3.00 in the SF Bay Area. Usually in the $2.90's. It's really strange having cheaper gas than much of the rest of the country. (Having said that, and earthquake will probably destroy our homes and refineries tomorrow.) Why is gas so expensive in the Northern states right now?
  • carthellcarthell Member Posts: 130
    Checked out the local neighborhood pumps today, for regular, prices shot up from about $3.00 yesterday to about $3.50 now. Most of the increase was applied today, between this morning and noon!

    There is a rumor going around in the local area about gas stations shutting down at a certain time because of the troubles from Louisiana. Many people believed it, and went home! (Anything to start off the holiday weekend early, eh?)
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,508
    that if Johnny Cash was still alive, he'd be doing a remake of his old "How High's the Water, Mama?" song, right about now. On the way home, the Shell station was up to around $3.30 per gallon for 87. I stopped off at the liquor store (might as well consolidate trips instead of running back out afterwards :shades: ) and then, passing the Citgo, saw they were up to $3.49! The lady at the liquor store said she'd heard that the Exxon in Seabrook, about 2 miles away, still had it for "only" $3.15, but that they were shutting down at 4.

    Well, the NYer doesn't even have 30 miles yet on this tank, so I just went right home. One of my friends, though, called me and told me that he passed the Shell, and now they're up to $3.499 for 87! And there's a long line at both the Shell AND the Citgo!

    Looks like this Labor Day, I'm just going to stay home and let my Yuengling keep me company! Oh wow, I just realize these suckers twist off...and here I'd been using a bottle opener...D'OH!! :blush:
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    Good God! Ultra is $3.579 today! It went up 56 cents since Wednesday! As Susan Powter once said, "Stop the insanity!"
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    Me too! I've got my 24 pack of Yuengling Lager in cans right in front of me along with a bottle of Jim Beam!
  • famwaldfamwald Member Posts: 114
    "Why is gas so expensive in the Northern states right now?"

    Probably the cost to truck it up there, all those miles, from the coastal refineries.
  • rsm333rsm333 Member Posts: 29
    Here on the Redwood Coast in far Northern California, regular gas is in the neighborhood of $3.35. This doesn’t seem unusual until you consider that California does not import any gasoline or oil from Louisiana
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 53,479
    There's the gouging part. I here CA is looking into it, but of course that is lip service as big oil has a leash on every form of government.

    Here in the NW, there's no way to justify the increases either. We don't get our gas from the southeast!
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 53,479

    For the first time I can recall, this area seems to be less than most of the country. Maybe it isn't so anyway
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    ...when I saw the huge marquis sign on my way home last night. Mt. Arlington Exxon, Mt. A, NJ

    87 - $3.299
    89 - $3.499
    93 - $3.599

    They don't post the diesel price, and I don't even want to know...

    Their normal split is not 10 cents per grade. It's usally regular, regular + 13 = plus, and plus + 7 = premium.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    ...Sunoco Ultra went up 10 cents in one day. It is now $3.679! Last week it cost $34 to fill my girlfriend's Buick LaCrosse from 1/4 tank. Today it cost $32 from a little more than 1/2 tank. Don't start the revolution without me!
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    Said 87 had gone from $2.73 to $2.95 in one week.

    I told him, guess what, our prices in central VA are now higher than Calif's!

    The cheapest I've seen is $3.199 for 87 at Hess. Many stations are at $3.299. Seems like the independents are actually higher, with so-called Lowest Price at $3.499. The other day, I spotted a Tempo parked by the gas pumps there. Maybe the owner was inside buying cigs and beer :confuse:
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 53,479
    About 30 cents more for every grade on the southern WA coast than in Seattle. Labor Day holiday gouge for the tourists no doubt. Or maybe it is a valid economic model and real supply and demand. No really!
  • smittynycsmittynyc Member Posts: 289
    Yeah, there's no valid economic model that credibly explains the price-setting that's gone on around here lately.

    There are two clusters of stations close to my house -- a Lukoil / Sunoco / BP, and then a BP / Mobil / Citgo. As I posted earlier this week, at one point the Lukoil was at 3.69 reg while everyone else was between 2.79 - 2.95.

    This morning? At the Lukoil / Sunoco / BP cluster, everyone's at 3.49. At the BP / Mobil / Citgo, they're all at 3.59.

    Invisible hand, my foot . . .

    [Full disclosure -- I went about a mile out of my way this a.m. to check the prices at the BP / Exxon / Citgo cluster. Mea culpa, America.]
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,122
    A journalist for a national magazine is writing a story on how consumers are reacting to the recent spike in gasoline prices. Has anyone decided to downsize their personal vehicle to get better fuel economy? Moving from an sport utility vehicle to a car, or at least to a smaller suv? Or even from a large car to a smaller one? We’d like to hear your story and get your feedback on today’s gasoline prices. Please email your contact information to [email protected] no later than Wednesday, September 7, 2005. You must be willing to be interviewed by telephone and quoted in the magazine.


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  • ghuletghulet Member Posts: 2,628
    Were as follows (BP/Amoco, corner of Armitage and California, north side of Chicago):

    87 $3.159
    89 $3.259
    93 $3.459

    Scary, we put in $25 for a little less than 1/2 tank in the Jeep Wrangler. Someone before had put in an even $50. Glad we don't really drive too much any more, I go maybe four miles to visit friends, don't drive to work (S.O. works a bit over a mile away and drives), and most shopping is nearby. Just going out to the burbs, though, it's easy to burn $20 in gas in either vehicle. :(
  • mark156mark156 Member Posts: 2,006
    Ghulet, did you buy another car? I thought you had just the Jeep. Our gas prices are reflecting what you have in Chicago, maybe about 10 cents more per grade. (Memphis, TN).

    I refuse to pay over $3.00 a gallon but will have to when the tanks gets low. Currently, the gas that I have in the cars now, I paid $2.94 for premium before Katrina hit. I have curtailed my driving considerably since I can do most of my work out of the house.

    If I really wanted to, I could walk to a drug store, Sears and our local "midtown" mall (Dillards, Macy's, etc) about 1.5 miles away. The temp in the low 90's makes it rather unpleasant to shop and walk back in that kind of heat.

    For the sake of the big oil company's profits, I'm cutting back! :mad:

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  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,508
    since Friday afternoon, so I don't even know what they're up to around here. Last I heard though, they were around $3.50 or so, although one of my friends said that the WaWa in south Bowie is "only" $3.389 for 87 octane. He said it DROPPED a penny from yesterday! :surprise: Still, I'm not running all the way out there to save a few cents per gallon. Stayed home all day yesterday, although not necessarily by choice...had to stick around for the plumber, who had to essentially rebuild my kitchen sink drain. Both of my housemates had to work, though. We needed a few supplies, so I just had him stop off at the grocery store and liquor store on his way home.

    Today, we took the dog up to a local dog park about 4 miles away, and let him run around and be stupid. Not a single gas station along that route, though, so I have no idea what the prices are at. At this point though, the Intrepid only has about 75 miles on this tank, and the NYer only has around 30. So it'll be awhile before either one gets critical. Weather's supposed to be nice this week, so I'll probably break out the convertible, which has a full tank.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,400
    $3.19 for 87 with 20 cent gaps between grades in State College, PA

    I see that it's even at $3.19 at the big truck plaza out on I-80 that's normally 10-15 cents lower. I get the feeling that prices may hold at these levels until WE calm down a bit :)

    Also interesting to see where low and no supplies are indicated on the Flying J site:

    BTW... hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday weekend!
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,508
    Looks like the stuff is cheap and easy again! This morning, the Shell station was down to $2.999/$3.089/$3.179. Basically around a 50 cent plus drop from what I'd heard it got up to on Friday.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    I've seen NO CHANGE in Philly. Doesn't matter. My car hasn't left the driveway since Friday afternoon. I walked to work this morning and will continue to do so as long as the weather is decent. Somebody posted in another forum, "If you can afford a Cadillac STS, you can afford to pay an extra $10-$20 a week." Yes I CAN afford to pay another $10-$20 a week - but why SHOULD I?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I've seen some drops, also.

    I took a road trip this weekend, since it had already been planned, and noticed far fewer cars on the road. So demand is down, no question about it.

    I also noticed a wide variation in prices, so shop around. If we send the signal that price does matter then the gougers will make no sales and therefore no profits. I saw gas for $3.70 and then $3.09 just a few miles apart.

  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,508
    just think of what that $10-20 per week, if invested and left alone to compound, would add up to over time. In the long run it might get you to early retirement a year or two sooner.
  • zacharyazacharya Member Posts: 71
    The seem to have stabilized anywhere between 3.39-3.59 for regular. Ironically, NYC is cheaper and in the past, it was always more expensive. I purchased fuel last week at $2.62/gallon for my '04 Prius. It will cost me $33 to fill up the tank in two weeks if these prices hold. I definitely am cutting back on using the car. I am doing this merely as an act of defiance. I am really pissed, because these prices are NOT justified.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    ...I invited my parents, who currently live in NE Pennsylvania, to come to my place in Philly for a Labor Day barbecue. It would've cost them $32.39 for fuel and tolls for a round trip using Mom's new Chevrolet Aveo.

    I figured the car got 31 MPG Average.
    The distance one way is approximately 106 miles.
    Regular gasoline was going for $3.409 in NE PA on Friday.
    PA Turnpike toll one way is $4.50.

    Dad is retired and on a fixed income. Mom works a low-wage job as a cook in a nursing home. Oh well, I guess I could've sent 'em $33 via Western Union.
  • rottzillarottzilla Member Posts: 1 has gas prices around the country, as well as maps telling you the cheapest prices nearest to you.
  • maddawgzmaddawgz Member Posts: 5
    Let the market do it's i am not rich and really can't afford the price of gas myself, BUT, putting caps on prices while we as a country continue to consume it at the rate we do (are you listening all you truck, SUV, and HUMMER drivers, and i am talking about the ones who don't use those vehicles for work, specifically those itty bitty women driving a suburban by themselves) will only run the pumps dry (can you say 70's gas crisis again?). The problem is refineries are producing at 110% of capacity, demand inflates the price...simple economics. If we stop using it at the rate we do, prices will drop. Katrina didn't help by taking out 10% of the US production of gas....of course it causes the price to rise. I hate it as much as the next person, but think about this....are people bitching about spending $4.50 a pop for a 20cent cup of coffee from starbucks...NO, they continue to buy that without batting an eyelash.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,508
    the Shell station, which had 87 octane for $2.999 this morning, was up to $3.159 on my way home. Worse though, I got a look at the Citgo's sign, and it looked like they were still trying to peddle 87 for around $3.499 per gallon! They were missing a few numbers here and there from their sign though, so either they ran out of numbers (I hear there's a shortage of "3"'s now), or they were in the process of changing.
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 53,479
    2.87/2.97/3.07 at Chevron in Kent WA, where I refueled after my weekend trip

    My calculations come out to approx 23 mpg in 80/20 highway/city driving, and much of that highway driving was slow-n-go, not an even cruise. I am pleased.
  • 98durangosxt98durangosxt Member Posts: 2
    I live in South Dakota, Rapid City to be exact. We pay 3.19 for 85, 3.09 for 87, and 3.49 for 91. This is rediculous! It takes over 70 bucks to fill my Dodge Durango! I decided once my tank is empty, im gonna park it in my garage and bike to work (10 min bike ride.)
  • oregonboyoregonboy Member Posts: 1,653
    I would leave it full and start biking now.

    james (who walks 1 mile to work and home for lunch :) )
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    3.00 for regular now in Bellevue, WA.

    We are getting a lot of people wanting to trade in their Durangos, Expeditions and other gas hogs. Trouble is, nobody wants them! They continue to no-sale at the auctions. They are literally worth in most cases, several thousand dollars "back of book"! I hate being the bearer of bad news!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTMember Posts: 15,845
    didn't you read the stories about the priius owners buying suburbans to fill up at the gas station and store their gas? ;)
    i tried to buy a leftover '04(!) expedition about a month ago, but couldn't get a deal. maybe they've been sold(2 matching ones) since then. i would still buy it at $3.00 a gallon. :surprise:
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  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    Well Andre, there's no way gas prices in the DC area will stay below what we pay in central VA, and the lowest I've seen today was at Sheetz at $3.099 for 87 (down 10 cents!).

    I still can't believe the West Coast is lower than us, but I guess that's Katrina's contribution.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep my two vehicles going (not very far at a time) with $2.479 and $2.499/gallon tankfuls from early last week.

    My commute's only 13 miles one way, and that's about the same amount I bike recreationally at a time. Only problem is, there's no way I'd feel safe riding my bike on a 55 mph four-lane with narrow or nonexistent shoulders! :(
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516

    Mt. Arlington Exxon right now:

    87 - $3.549
    89 - $3.669
    93 - $3.779


    kcram - Pickups Host
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