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  • dieselonedieselone Member Posts: 5,729
    We live in Wichita, KS, my wife got home last night around 7pm and asked me if I'd go fill her car up (it was basically empty). Well, I drove by 3 gas stations and they were all lined up 20 deep with cars. No way in hell, would I wait in these lines just to save maybe $2.00. Man people are stupid. Fortunately, I was able to find a station down the road that I only had to wait behind one person to fill up.

    I see today prices are around $2.80 here for regular.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,502
    to the gas prices coming into work this morning, so I don't know if they shot up around here or not. Last nite one of my buddies borrowed the Intrepid, and filled it up for me...dunno how much he paid, though. I'll keep an eye out on the way home today though, to see if they shot up.

    Last time I checked, the Citgo was holding steady at $2.699 for 87, while the Shell had actually dropped a touch, from $2.759 to $2.729.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306 the Hess station near my workplace. I thought for sure Katrina would be the excuse for an excessive increase. I guess that would be too obvious.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Prices did not go up here in DC, same this morning as yesterday.

  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,502
    it looks like oil prices actually DROPPED a bit. I think it's because they got run up extra high in anticipation of Katrina, and now they're starting to correct downward to a slightly more realistic level.
  • kmagkmag Member Posts: 98
    I expect that by the end of the week prices will go up at least 20 cents a gallon due to Labor day weekend and Katrina. I filled up this morning for 2.58 even though I was only less than 1/4 full. No lines here in Ohio. I started doing this last week since prices tend to be lowest Sunday thru Tuesday so I fill up on those days since one tank doesnt quite get me thru the week.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    ...up a mind-boggling 19 cents on October futures as of 12:40pm Eastern at $2.16 a gallon. I'm gonna tank up this afternoon with another load of diesel... I imagine signs on the pumps that start with 3s will be the temporary norm.

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  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Member Posts: 1,828
    Prices ranged from 2.64 at Sam's Club in Crystal Lake to 2.99 at BP/Amoco.

    You should have seen what happened yesterday to the Henry Hub natural gas prices ... Thank heavens for futures ... and gas storage.
  • markrsmith83markrsmith83 Member Posts: 30
    Well, we're gonna see over $3 nationwide next week as a result of Hurricane Katrina. It's more a loss of refining capacity rather than oil itself.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    I beat whatever increase is coming!! HAHAHAHA

    Sunoco truck stop, Palisades Park NJ

    87 - $2.599
    89 - $2.699
    93 - $2.779
    94 - $2.819
    diesel - $2.479

    Gasoline October futures up 24 cents to 2.20/gal as of 2:30pm Eastern.

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  • nine51nine51 Member Posts: 78
    Well, it's going up here just north of Madison WI. Most stations are at $2.89 (87)/$2.99 (89)/$3.09 (92-93), up $.20 across the range since yesterday.
    A slim few are still at $2.79/$2.89/$2.99, up only $.10, and those stations are being stormed by people trying to save a few dimes. The Quik Trip in Sun Prairie had lines out to the street. Haven't seen that since the oil embargo days in the 70's. Saw a few near collisions when some were trying to back in to an open spot.

    For as much as people complain about the price, they still don't seem to be doing much to cut down their gas use. Still going 80+ on the highways.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,502
    coming home tonite, the local Shell station held their prices, but the Citgo just down the road (Citgo's on the right, Shell's on the left going home, so the Citgo's more convenient for evening rush hour traffic) shot up their prices by 20 cents per gallon. Now standing at $2.899/2.959/3.059. I have a feeling the Shell will shoot up tomorrow, to milk the morning rush hour. :mad:
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTMember Posts: 15,809
    i think locally, they only change the price after their latest shipment, but i could be wrong.
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  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,400
    Price of 87 went from $2.59 to $2.64 this afternoon, but instead of the 10 cent gaps, 89 went up to $2.79 and premium to $2.99
  • tourguidetourguide Member Posts: 190
    Self-serve regular 87 went from $2.66 average up to $2.99 today in Western Michigan. $2.99 is the visible price at every single station I've passed today.

    Premium climbed to ~$3.21 here - what it was formerly I'm not sure.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Got gas last night for $2.799, for 87 octane. It's been the same here, though.

  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,502
    the Shell station held steady, no increase since last nite. Didn't get a chance to see if the Citgo was still trying to push their $3.00 gas, but I wouldn't be surprised.
  • kmagkmag Member Posts: 98
    About 10 posts up I said that gas prices would go up .20 this week.

    Looks like I was wrong about that.

    Regular is now 3.09 around where I work, nortwest of Columbus OH. That's up 40 cents since Monday and 70 cents in the last ten days.

    Man, am I enjoying that 2.58 gas I put in my tank Tuesday morning....
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    ...Sunoco Ultra is officially $3.019 at my local station as of noon, probably more elsewhere. The local Hess station seems to be holding at $2.62 for Regular.
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    Station across the from work went from $2.65 monday ~ $2.75 tuesday ~ $2.99 today :(
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    $3.56 for premium, Arco station, Fairfax California.

    Get yer used SUVs cheap right here!
  • rlinden86rlinden86 Member Posts: 1
    Just 2 hours ago gas prices went up to 3.09$ just for 87 grade gasoline. which is totally stupid. ive been reading up on gvt issues on gasoline and oil there holding a meeting about it september 9th and nothing will be done till next year. but since the hurricane price went up because of oil wells being shut down in the gulf. i think what people should do is not drive or buy gas for 1 week to show that someone in the chain of rich people that make there money on oil should lower prices. but no one will do this because there idiots and people will just keep buying. most people cant even afford to live as it is. there is no resource deficit. there is a world surplus of over 500 billion barrels of oil which is enough for 5 yrs or more for the world alone. well just me saying one thing will not get anything done and the price will not drop for atleast 2 weeks. and you will be lucky if it drops next summer at all.

    Thank you.
    Ryan. :mad:
  • kernickkernick Member Posts: 4,072
    you: i think what people should do is not drive or buy gas for 1 week to show that someone in the chain of rich people that make there money on oil should lower prices.

    me: and for those 95% of us who aren't near a bus or train to get to work, we'll just stay home? Even if we were near, could you imagine 20X more people on the buses and trains.

    Also stock-holders are the owners of the oil-companies. And most people who work own stocks, and own stocks in energy companies. So you wouldn't have to own that much stock to make enough profit to pay the energy costs. Pay more, but make more.

    A hint to making some money, and earning more, might be to use Capital letters when you start a sentence. ;- )

    A few stations in 1 town went up to $2.80/gal for regular. 7 miles away it was still $2.60. I guess that station will catchup tomorrow.
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    In central Virginia, prices shot up in one day. Yesterday and the day before, I filled up our two vehicles' tanks with 87 at $2.499/gallon, even though both were about half full.

    As of late afternoon today, we had for 87:
    Exxon, Sheetz, and Hess: $2.799
    Another Exxon: $2.849
    Shell: $2.899
    Liberty: $2.959
    Citgo: $2.999,

    and the winner, as some kind of joke, is...
    Lowest Price: $3.499 (I am not making this up!)

    With luck and no long trips, the gas in our tanks will last 2 weeks. But I think the gas can for the mowers is empty. :(
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Member Posts: 4,202
    Well, an internet rumor of a gas shortage drove prices up to $6.00 + per gallon in some areas before the Governor stepped in and declared a state of emergency. They seem to have stabilized in the $3.00-$3.30 range for now. Lord have mercy on the families just trying to make it who had to suffer through the price gouging that was going on earlier. With so many people trying to top their cars off and fill up a lot of stations were out of fuel on my way home. They expect to be replenished by tomorrow though.
  • millspdmillspd Member Posts: 106
    $2.99 at the BP by I55 in Shorewood. A Marathon on Larkin Avenue in Joliet was $3.31
  • au94au94 Member Posts: 171
    indeed! I am in the Atlanta area as well and yesterday morning gas was 2.59 (regular), yesterday afternoon, same station 2.89 with LONG lines. This morning, 3.15. There was one report on the news last night that showed a station at 5.87. Never did get an interview with that station owner. Would loved to have heard the explanation. This is absolutely crazy.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    ...I saw a Lukoil station where the mid-grade was $3.57! Well, they are run by the Russian mafia. I refuse to buy gas from these clowns. Elsewhere, Sunoco Ultra 94 was $3.019 at lunchtime yesterday. Saw 93 at stations along Roosevelt Blvd. for $3.059, so Ultra's got to be about $3.159 by now. Regular is $2.799.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    That's just nuts, some friends told me about the $6 gas. I hope the franchises are punished for the shamless gouging.

    Prices keep creeping up, here's prices for the last few days:

    8/30: $2.79
    8/31: $2.89
    9/1: $3.01

    That's for regular. :(

    Mid-grade is a dime extra, premium is 20 cents more.

  • hi15hi15 Member Posts: 1
    yesterday i went to wal-mart about 12 and gas was $2.64 i came back 20 mins later and it was $2.95 then by 9 the same night it was $3.19!!! this is absolutely ridiculous does anyone know of someone to call about gas gouging in GA?
  • 1racefan1racefan Member Posts: 932
    I live in Charlotte, and work north of Charlotte. This morning, I passed 5 stations, and only 1 had pumps open - I assume the rest were out of gas. Their are a few stations here that list regular at $2.79, but the majority are $2.99 / $3.09 / $3.19 for the various grades - and there are a few that are higher.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,400
    My brother in law called me from Atlanta yesterday, and what he described was essentially a "run on the pumps" with people THINKING there was a shortage of gas and rushing out to top off the tanks.

    Since gas prices at the pump seem to respond to the smallest bit of negative news almost immediately on a day to day basis, it really doesn't surprise me that EVERYBODY going to the pumps and creating a "shortage" results in prices going up in response to an unnecessary large increase in demand.

    That's the story we always get here when gas prices rise atour local stations on home Penn State football weekends. 100,000 people show up in their cars = more demand = prices go up.
  • wilcoxwilcox Member Posts: 584
    Tempers were showing too. My convinence store proprietor, Mr. Patel, said he had 2 occasions yesterday when he had to go outside to the waiting lines and and calm things down.

    Yesterday's run on the gas stations reminds me of when there is a winter weather forecast calling for crackers flock to the stores and snatch up all the bread and milk supplies. Haw, sometimes it only snows an inch or does not develope. Stupid is as stupid does..

    I went and saw Mr. Patel last night after the maddening crowds departed. His 87 octane was listed @ $2.95 (which he claimed was cheapest in town). Mr. Patel's premium 93 octane was $2.99.

    He mentioned that his old timey pumps could not be set over 2.99. So...I topped-off the tank of my SVT with 93!

    Lately, I've see more "third world" in the USA than I've ever seen.. Read today that americans saved -0.6% of their disposable income for July. (that's negative 6 tenths of one percent).

    I want to go back to the days when you could get gas for 25 cent a gallon and cigarettes for 25 cent a pack! At least Natural Light six pack prices have stayed level.... :P
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,502
    for 87 octane at a Crown in Annapolis. One of my buddies just called me at work to tell me that happy little bit of news. :cry: And normally, depending on where you go, gas is a bit cheaper out in Annapolis than it is in my immediate area. I have a feeling things aren't going to be pretty, as I drive home and check the signs at the Shell and Citgo on the way home.

    Also got a feeling I'm going to hold off on cutting the grass for awhile. Just to conserve, ya know :shades:
  • wilcoxwilcox Member Posts: 584
    "Also got a feeling I'm going to hold off on cutting the grass for awhile. Just to conserve, ya know"

    About only thing I can brag on at this moment...I got me a small yard and a battery powered electric lawn mower! :P
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    ...I don't have to hold off on my grass mowing as I have an electric mower and trimmer. Most gas stations are looking pretty desolate today, though there are still a few chumps who haven't heard about the gas-out.

    P&P - a local no-name station has gas going for a ridiculous $3.59. Needless to say, business was non-existant.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,400
    I can go you one better. I have some 18" reel mowers that I use to cut my ACRE of grass now and then. They do SUCH a btter job of actually cutting the grass and the lawn responds so well.... and they're leg-powered! :)

    Last time I was out gas was mostly at $2.79 here, although a couple of places had bumped to $2.99
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,502
    but what's a reel mower? Between my place and Grandma's across the street, I probably have about 2 1/2 acres that I cut, if not more. Wonder if I could benefit from something like that?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,400
    Think OLD... no motor... 5 (or more) curved, rotating "spiders" that cut the grass against a cutter bar.


    It doubles up as exercise as well since you are the sole source of power.

    Time intensive tho... takes me about 4 hours to cut the acre... and that's the FAST time :) Most of the time I do the front third of the lot around the house with it while the kids finish the rest with the power mowers.

    it does significantly cut back on my "yard equipment" fuel use!
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,502
    HELL NO!!! Not that I couldn't stand the exercise, but I think I'd have to semi-retire just to find the time to use something like that! How long does it take you to cut an acre?

    Now I could see one of those as a replacement for my push mower, which I use to get up in areas that the tractor couldn't go. Besides, the old push mower hasn't been running so well lately, anyway.
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    I can't believe you can actually do an acre with one of those! And I'm not sedentary either, by no means!

    We still have one, from when we owned a townhouse with postage-stamp yards. I use it occasionally for cutting the grass that overwhelmed our gravel driveway.

    As of 2 years ago, we were the only ones in the neighborhood still using a push gasoline mower. (Our yards are all about an acre or so in size.) But that was the year of record rains (and record sweating while cutting the lawn), so we finally broke down and bought a tractor for the 2004 season.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,502
    what's really sad, is when you see someone using a tractor to cut a quarter-acre yard! I've actually seen it from time to time in the surrounding neighborhoods. Seems to me that once you get to a small enough lot, the tractor is going to get cumbersome enough to offset the advantage of being able to cut a larger area with each swipe. I dunno what the threshold would be though. I'd imagine it would vary from person to person, but for me, I'd guess a half-acre is about the smallest I'd want to go without a tractor (depending on how much is taken up by driveway, house, tree coverage, etc)
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
    ...a push mower? I haven't seen one for sale for quite a while. I wouldn't mind a push mower as I've already ruined two extension cords over the past two years by running them over.

    There is a small gas station called "Brothers'" on Oxford Avenue selling for a more reasonable price. The Hess station near work officially crossed the $3.00 barrier at noon. It was $2.72 this morning and $2.62 last night.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Check the "What are you doing" thread, some alternatives were discussed and there are some pics.

  • bhmr59bhmr59 Member Posts: 1,601
    Yesterday my station increased from $2.679 to $2.999. So far that price has held. (North eastern Fairfield County, Connecticut).

    Our previous house had a 1 acre yard with about 6 trees. Had a tractor. Current house is .57 acres with probably about .35 acres to mow. Sold the tractor because it was not time efficient with all the trees that had to be navigated. Plus the edge of the back yard has a severe slope and the tractor almost flipped. We have a 21 inch self-propelled walker and it only takes about an hour to do the whole yard. We probably don't use more than 3 gallons a year to cut the lawn at least 6 times a month from April thru October.
  • wilcoxwilcox Member Posts: 584
    They is some real nice reel mowers that have a big gasoline motor on top of them. They give the lawn a more "polished" mowing appearance than those nasty rotary types.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 15,306
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Starts kinda slow but it got better as it went on...

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTMember Posts: 15,809
    but getting all those blades sharpened is going to cost you dearly. just getting a rotary blade sharpened costs me almost as much as a new one. i still do it, though.
    local gas prices went over the 3 dollar mark. local news station posted a story predicting $4 by the end of the month.

    i was in a meeting today and people were talking about gas prices (surprise!).
    a couple of the younger guys mentioned their cars got better mileage than their motorcycles!
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