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Infiniti QX4



  • ace10ace10 Posts: 137
    that's exactly one of the reason that you purchased the qx4 instead of the pathfinder, right?

    have the dealer replace the speaker and permanently fix the rattling spare tire.

  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 265
    Anybody have info on changes to the "Q" for the 2002 model year?
    Thanks !
  • Hi everyone. Just got a new black '01 QX4 and I'm loving it. I was wondering what all modifications/additions people have made to their qx4's so far. Eds1300, I noticed a similar squeeking/rattling sound from the spare tire and static from the speakers... were the dealers able to fix the problems?...and if so what all did they do?
    (thanks again 4 the help and info)...

  • jscatenajscatena Posts: 61
    Be careful if you try to tighten. There are two bumpers under there that, if allowed to rub, will rub the finish off your alloy wheel.
  • I have a 2001 QX4 AWD with 5,000 miles. I took it in to the dealer for oil change and needed to have the tires rotated due to cupping on the front. I only drive city streets and some highway. I had been leaving transmission in "auto" instead of rear-wheel drive. I have Michelin tires. Does this tire wear seem normal? Could there be something wrong with the front-end? Other advice?
  • Does anyone know what the Front to Rear weight distribution is on the 2001 QX4 4WD ?
    Thank you
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    I have not taken my vehicle to the dealer in Dallas, but will soon. I will update this board after. One advice for those new QX4 owners, please check your tire pressure, when I purchased
    mine at Crest Infiniti in Plano my tire pressure
    was at 55 psi due to the summer heat.
    Good luck to everyone.
  • dbarnumdbarnum Posts: 1
    I've narrowed my mid size search to the QX4 & am close to buying. Is regular gas ok or is it nec'y to use higher octane?

    p.s. great site
  • I recently took in my 2001 QX4 with 4,996 miles for the first oil change. My Michelin tires showed cupping on the front, so a tire rotation was necessary. I had been driving in "Auto" 4WD instead of "2WD" (rear wheel drive). Has anyone else had this problem ? What causes cupping? I drive mainly city streets, some highway. I use Regular gas with no problems, and I am getting 15 MPG. I love this vehicle.
  • piwitopiwito Posts: 4
    Help! I am in the market for a '97 or '98 qx4, unfortunate I cannot afford the '01 model,
    Any comments are appreciated, I have been reading about the not enough power and about being to noisy at lower speeds or when accelerating. Now I am having doubts.
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    Premium gas is required. Besides premium gas, not much leg room at back, and not as good
    stereo system(compared to I30) the QX4 is
    an excellant choice, especially at current
    incentive that Infiniti is offering (3.9%).
  • johnskevjohnskev Posts: 98
    piwito: you mention you cannot afford a 2001, but have you looked into the option of buying from Canada? It will still be more expensive than a used 98, but most likely much cheaper than what you've seen for new QX4s at US dealers. Hopefully Jon will chime in here and pick up where I left off. Many people have gone to Canada and saved about $5000. Check it out.

  • Premium gas is recommended, but I switched to Regular a few months ago and have noticed no difference. I will continue using Regular.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please, no soliciting on Town Hall. Try Edmunds Used PowerShopper. Thanks.

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  • skips2skips2 Posts: 52
    Perhaps you should read this article.

    Demystifying Octane Ratings
    A gasoline's octane rating quantifies its resistance to knocking and pinging. These two sounds are caused by abnormal combustion, which robs power and can damage an engine. Knocking and pinging are basically the same thing; knocking is louder and represents a more serious condition. When they occur, it is during acceleration, though higher engine speeds tend to drown them out. Knocking sounds like someone repeatedly rapping the engine with a hammer, and the quieter pinging resembles marbles being shaken inside a tin can.

    Many conditions in the engine itself can cause or promote combustion anomalies, but when all other factors are equal, gasoline with a higher octane rating is more resistant to knocking and pinging than a lower-octane fuel. So why doesnt everyone just use high-octane gasoline? Because it is more expensive, and there is no advantage whatsoever in using premium gasoline in a car that doesn't specifically require it. At one time, only premium gasoline included additives that prevent fuel-injector clogging; now, all grades are basically the same in this regard.
    If your car requires high-octane gasoline and you habitually use regular gas because the engine exhibits no sign of knock, you're outsmarting yourself. Most modern, computer-controlled engines include a knock sensor that detects knock and retards the ignition timing, causing the spark plugs to fire slightly later in the cycle. This typically prevents abnormal combustion and knock, which allows vehicles specified for premium fuel to run on lower-grade gasoline if it is all that's available. While this removes the immediate hazard, it's a bad idea to make a habit of running a vehicle on gasoline of lower-than-recommended octane. Retarding the spark causes a richer fuel/air mixture, which decreases fuel economy, increases emissions, causes the engine to run hotter, and reduces the longevity of both the engine itself and the catalytic converter. The money you save by pumping low-grade fuel into a car that demands higher octane is lost anyway, in decreased fuel economy and possibly gradual damage.
    Your vehicle's owner's manual usually recommends an octane rating in terms of an Antiknock Index (AKI), which also is posted on gasoline pumps. The AKI is the average of two ratings determined in a laboratory: the Research Octane Number (RON), which corresponds with low-speed, mild-knocking conditions, and the Motor Octane Number (MON), which covers high-speed, high-temperature knocking conditions and part-throttle operation.
    In general, three grades of gasoline are available in the United States: regular (AKI = 87), midgrade (AKI = 89) and premium (AKI = 91 to 94). The posted gasoline AKIs are lower in the Rocky Mountain states because less octane is needed at higher altitudes. Motorists whose cars require 91 octane fuel may find themselves at filling stations that offer only 89 and 93 octane, but nothing in between. In these cases, the options are to pay more for the 93 octane or to fill the tank halfway with 93 and the rest with 89. The resulting gasoline mixture, just like the average of their two AKI numbers, will equal 91 octane.
  • qby4manqby4man Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if 01 headlights will fit on a 97? I went to the dealer and asked them, but they said that there was no way for them to tell. I parked my 97 next to a new one and measured with my hands (just estimating) and they fit up. Hopefully I can buy some 01 headlights or atleast the lamp housings and mount them on my qby4.
  • cgatzkecgatzke Posts: 5
    does $25K sound too high for a '97 QX4 in great shape with 48K miles and an extended warranty taking it through 90K miles bumper to bumper. sounds fair, but im not sure. book says $21,500, but i'm sure they are selling for more, especially in good shape. Any suggestions?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Here's one resource: True Market Value

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  • ace10ace10 Posts: 137
    when the dealer mentioned that price i would have laughed my way right out of his store. the $21.5K is probably right on.

    this is an EXTREMELY LOW DEMAND vehicle.

    check the service records. this is probably an off-lease vehicle which may have been poorly maintained.

    you don't mention any options, such as sunroof, htd seats, 2nd cd player etc????
  • reb12reb12 Posts: 41
    I'm waiting for my new QX4. Anyone help with the difference between the 17" Michelins vs. the Bridgestones that they come in with? Which are quiter, best ride and wear, etc. Thanks
  • reb12reb12 Posts: 41
    Anyone know where I could buy window flares for a QX4? I've had these on all the SUV's I've owned over the years, but was just thinking; do they make these for Infiniti? Not sure of the term, but these are those smoked plastic rain and wind deflectors that go on with double stick tape. Thanks
  • davnisdavnis Posts: 1
    Does any owners of the Infiniti QX4 know whether
    the On star system can be installed rather than the navigational system that comes with the new models?

    I have been in cars and SUB's with On star, and I think it is awesome to hear a voice directing you to exactly where you are going. This device also unlocks doors, and helps retrieve lost or stolen vehicle.
  • kelly54kelly54 Posts: 7
    I am currently negotiating with dealer..I'm 2000k under MSRP on 2WD w/premium, sunroof and this a good deal?
  • c43amg7c43amg7 Posts: 32
    We had the Bridgestones on our '99 QX4 and switched to Michelins when they wore down -- tremendous improvement for normal street/highway use, tho the Bridgestones might be better if you do a lot of driving on gravel roads or off-road. When we traded for our 2001 QX4, we specified the Michelins.

    On the pre-2001 vs the earlier QX4: I would agree that the newer model is far superior, primarily for the engine (no comparison between laboring 167HP and 240HP for this heavy vehicle, although premium is now required), Xenon lights and better dash and gauge illumination. The pre-2001 leather seemed softer (but perhaps that's because it was used over time!) and that the pre-2001 had more of a stable feel (I thought it felt much less "tippy" than other SUVs and rather like sitting on top of a pyramid instead of a tall box), but perhaps that's due to the 2001's 17" wheels instead of 16".
  • podolawpodolaw Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a QX4 but i am wondering if i should wait til the 2002s come out in the fall. Does anyone know if there will be any significant changes and where to get that info?
  • boneradbonerad Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 QX4 that I bought in Canada (Toronto) that has been a real pleasure to own. I saved about 5K after flight and duty at the border. And it is FULLY loaded standard. The only problem I've had is in titling the vehicle in Minnesota, as the DOV will accept nothing other than a Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO). Canada uses a NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement) or so I have been told by Nissan Canada.

    Anyone out there have a Canadian model and get a MSO with theirs? Or did everyone use the NVIS to title the vehicle? This has been an ongoing battle for the last year. I'm going to have to now sue the state of MN to title it.

    As an aside, anyone have a good recommendation for a trailer hitch? I need to pick up a bike rack and need a hitch for the rack to mount on. Don't need the ball type, just the square hole to put the rack's "peg" into.
  • jeepluvjeepluv Posts: 37
    Hey all, I'm getting ready to negotiate for a 2001 QX4. Just wanted to see if anyone's purchased fairly recently and what they were able to negotiate? Based on the April/May posts it appears invoice or a bit under is the target. Could anyone provide input, and for previous posters, clarify whether your price included the freight charge? Finally, I may buy Canadian, so if anyone has info on current Toronto-area prices, that would be great too.

    Thanks for the help, and I look forward to joining the ranks!
  • peseuxpeseux Posts: 1
    On July 1st, I bought a 01 QX4 2WD/premium package, sunroof, towing package and wind deflector for $33,000. It's $600 under invoice price. Due to the high competition in the segment of SUV, I think it's easy to get a QX4 for below the invoice price. Also Infiniti provides great financing for QX4, 3.9% for up to 60 months. I think 01 QX4 is really worthy to buy.
  • kelly54kelly54 Posts: 7
    I have been negotiating with my dealer for about a week now, and he finally got down to Edmunds TMV on this vehicle: 01 QX4 sunroof, premium, wind deflector $33,300..It's about 3,000 under MSRP..I will try to get under invoice now...
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 265
    Is that 3.9% from Infiniti Financial Services and please confirm that is for up to 60 months. Can anyone else on the board verify this? If true, I might have to abandon my hunt for an MDX and go with QX4 instead (not a bad option, I might add).
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