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sboyd67sboyd67 Member Posts: 2
Well, I'm looking to buy an SUV and I really like
the QX4. I was hoping I could get some feedback
from buyers as to how they like it (pros/cons).
What was the deciding factor in choosing the QX4
over the Pathfinder?


  • halfonhalfon Member Posts: 5
    I just test drove the 2001 QX4 and really liked the car. Appears to have a smoother ride than the Pathfinder and a more refined interior. If you are not concerned about resale value and the 240HP, you can secure a new 2000 QX4 at an incredible price. A sales person mentioned they are selling them a unprecedented discounts, somewhere in the mid 20Ks. As a reminder, with heavy discounts comes poor resale.
  • sboyd67sboyd67 Member Posts: 2
    Well, after I created this topic, I realized that I missed the boat. There's already another topic that covers the same thing. I did drive a 2000 QX4 and it just didn't have the pickup. I realize that it's an SUV and not a Mustang GT. After driving the 2001 QX4/Pathfinder, I think I'll purchase a 2001. I have to agree about the ride and refinement of the QX4. I'll probably go with that.

    Thanks again for the response.
  • karenc1karenc1 Member Posts: 1
    I also test drove the new QX4 and loved it. We just put a deposit on one that is coming in about a week. Has anyone purchased a new QX4 in the Wash DC area? We are paying sticker price. No room to negotiate at all. I have never paid sticker price. Is this the deal on this car?
  • cheri8cheri8 Member Posts: 2
    This afternoon I test drove a 2001 QX4 and loved it so much that I bought it! I'm trading in a '98 Mountaineer with a 5.0 V-8, and can't believe how the Infiniti's 3.5 V-6 compares in power. I thought I'd be sorely disappointed with anything but a V-8. As for price, I was able to get $1,700 off the sticker after negotiating my trade in. Can't wait until Monday to pick it up!
  • palmer2palmer2 Member Posts: 5
    Looking for advise from anyone who has test driven both the 2001 QX4 and the RX300 in terms to on road ride, acceleration, smoothness in powertrain, overall quietness, interior comfort.
  • qx4testerqx4tester Member Posts: 2
    I test drove both the latest 4runner limited and the '01 QX4 this weekend and here are my personal thoughts.

    I was amazed they are both priced about the same. I think the 4runner is overpriced so that the can take money off the stick to make you think you got a good deal. These two cars should not be priced the same.

    The QX4 is a much classic and smoother vehicle. Options which seperates the QX4 from the 4runner are:

    Really cool 6 cd player in the Qx4.
    Rear and Frint Heated seats in the QX4 and not in the 4runner.
    240hp and much better pick up.
    Reclining rear seats in the Qx4.
    The turning radius on the new QX4 is incredible.
    Even though the manuals say the leg room is the same, the QX4 seems to feel roomier.

    This is just my personal opinion, but I think hands down the QX4 is a much better vehicle.

    One thing I don't like is the fact that all of the Infiniti dealers are saying that they are not negotiating the sticker price. I say someone in the previous posting said they got 1,700 off the sticker. I also say another posting that said there was 3 to 4 K, profit built into the QX4.

    How can I find the true invoice price? You can't ask the sales guys? Is there a web page or something Edmunds offers?

    If I have to wait until this winter or for the '01's to cool off in sales I will. Paying sticker to me sounds crazy. They're saying this because they know people are paying sticker and that they only have a few on the lot. Time is on our side. There is nothing which says we have to buy a car today. Interested in others thoughts though.
  • oasisiowaoasisiowa Member Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying a QX4 and am now wondering if I should get the 2001 rather than the 2000, considering the above comments. Just how much is the sticker price for the 2001 QX4? There is not a dealer in my area. Nissan tells me I am wasting my money and should buy the Pathfinder.
  • dbcafyqx4dbcafyqx4 Member Posts: 7
    Just picked up my 2001 Titanium QX4 2 week ago. I have to say -- this is a great car/SUV. The acceleration, ride and comfort is similar to the RX300 but at a lower price (even if you pay MSRP). And the new styling change with the Xeon headlights really differentiates your from the other SUVs on the road. The car is so good, every morning my wife and I have a hard time choosing between the QX4 and my second car - an Acura Legend GS - a true sports sedan.

    As for price? In my case, I got the VPP discount (Nissan preferred vendor discount from my company) and got around $3500 off the MSRP. Check with your company to see if they deal with Nissan from a corporate level. But even without these additional savings, I would have gotten the QX4. In my neighborhood, every other house has a RX300 parked on the driveway. Frankly speaking, I am sick of looking at that car and forget about some the funky colors they have for 2000.

    Lastly, the only way you might be able get some discounts for the QX4 is if you are willing to take some of the less popular colors. The titanium, white and black are the most popular. As for buyer's strategy, try walking from the Infiniti dealer and tell them your are going to the Lexus dealer across the street.
  • yoeddyyoeddy Member Posts: 46

    I put a deposit on a titantium 2001 and got $3300 off the sticker. Plus, I got them to throw in a number of accessories. It comes in a couple of weeks. I guess I got lucky.
  • oasisiowaoasisiowa Member Posts: 2
    My closest Infiniti dealer is 2 hrs. away and now I am wondering about the hassle of such a drive for all the warranty work that may pop up. The dealer claims that I won't need any, hmmmmm. Also the price seems far above the MSRP but maybe not all the options are included in the Edmunds number of 35,550. I was quoted 36,075 + 950 (sunrf)+600 (prem.pkg)+900 (sports pkg) and the frt/del of 525 = 38,525.

    Sounds as if customer satisfaction is quite high. I can't even view one in my community since there is no dealer nearby, I just happened to rent one while on vacation in Denver.

    So now I am about to get serious on a 2001 Pathfinder LE which is $7000 cheaper. The price of the QX4 appears to be similar to the Toyota Limited 4x4.

    Just looking for opinions.
  • crankacranka Member Posts: 2
    I was recently quoted a $3000 discount on a 2001 QX4. Although I did not jump at it, I think that's a fairly good price. I lease a 98 Bmw 528i that will soon go back. I have yet to drive anything that is in the same league as the 5 series. But, as it is time for a change,and since no (reasonably priced) sedan is up to the challenge, I am looking seriously at the QX4. I would like to know customer satisfaction with the Q.
  • qx4testerqx4tester Member Posts: 2
    I wrote the original post on this page and apologize for the terrible grammer and spelling mistakes. I'd like to thanks those who have posted their own experiences. Knowing that others are getting 3k off the sticker helps a lot. Telling the sales person that there are others getting deals and that if I don't get the price I want, then I'm going to the Lexus dealer is a great idea. I also empathize with the person who lives 2 hours from the nearest infiniti dealer. There is only one dealer in Columbus, Ohio and they try to use that in their favor.

    I have looked at both the 2000 and the 2001 and I'd have a hard time buying the 2000. The number one complaint I've heard about the 2000 is the under powered engine. The 2001 definitely has much better pickup. There is nothing more frustrating then trying to get on a freeway and not having the power to kick it into gear. especially if you're spending 30 - 40 k for a vehicle. Power should not be an issue.

    I admit that I have not looked at the pathfinder, but I'm not crazy about the body style. Resale must also be considered in spending the extra cash for the QX4. My understanding is that the pathfinders are going for about 31k. If you can get 3k off the QX4 which is typically stickering at 38,525, then that puts you at 35,525 which is only 4k over the pathfinder. I definitely think the QX4 is worth the extra 4k. Consider all of the features I listed above:

    Really cool 6 cd player in the Qx4.
    Rear and Frint Heated seats in the QX4 and not inthe 4runner.
    240hp and much better pick up.Reclining rear seats in the Qx4.
    The turning radius on the new QX4 is incredible.
    Even though the manuals say the leg room is the
    same, the QX4 seems to feel roomier.

    The other thing I think we need to keep in mind is, don't let the salesperson tell you they're not dealing. Wait until the end of the month or even winter if you can. This time of year is probably the worst time to shop if looking for a deal.

    What accessories were you able to get thrown in????

    Before you buy a 2000 definitely drive the 2001.
  • crankacranka Member Posts: 2
    To qx4 tester: the quote I got was from the dealer you referred to-Dublin.
  • jmikjmik Member Posts: 1
    If your not worried about power is the QX4 2000 any different than the 2001? In my area they are selling for 1000 under invoice, to good to pass up!!! I have not test driven them yet, any advice would help. thanks Jmik
  • flinflin Member Posts: 29
    To those of you who got the $3000+ off of sticker, please tell me where you are located. I am seriously looking at buying one in the next few days, and have run into a lot of sleazy dealers thus far.

    Any info is appreciated....
  • yoeddyyoeddy Member Posts: 46
    I live in MA. Kelly Infiniti in Danvers only had a few 2001's and no 2000's. The one I'm getting is on the boat from Japan and should be in next week. It was one of only three that they're getting anytime soon. Basically, I'm getting a titantium QX4 with the performance, sport, gold-emblem, and sunroof packages. Also included are a sunroof wind-deflector and rear-window deflector. I believe this came out to $40,250. I then got them to throw in the tow package and front hood deflector for nothing and then got the price of the vehicle for $37k.

    I basically was equally divided between getting a 4-runner ltd and the QX4 so I had no problem walking out. I think they were having a slow week and wanted to do something. As I said, I think I got lucky.
  • jscatenajscatena Member Posts: 61
    Columbus Ohio, don't feel left out . . .there are only about 160 Infiniti dealers in the whole United States. I'm driving 100 miles to Grand Rapids, MI for my QX 4.

    I put down $4,500 and got a 24 month lease for $535/month. Loaded with all options (except GPS) + front bug guard and rear window deflector.
  • aling1aling1 Member Posts: 225
    It doesn't seem like they're too complementary on the '01 QX4. WRT the suspension bottoming out early, Consumer Reports also reported the same issue with their '98 QX4. In fact, a lot of the issues that C&D brought up can also be found in C.R's review of the QX4. I guess we'll have to wait until MY2003 for there to be a brand new Pf/QX4.
  • mother2mother2 Member Posts: 12
    I've located a 97 QX4 w/ 64K miles on it. The asking price is 19,998. It fully loaded. Besides the mileage, is there any reason I shouldn't get this vehicle?
  • nbhangtfannbhangtfan Member Posts: 2
    I live in the Atlanta area, and purchased a 4x4 QX4 about 3 weeks ago (burgundy) with EVERYTHING on it except GPS for $1500 off sticker. I even got them to throw in gold package. Although it's the closest I ever paid to sticker, let me tell you it is worth every penny.

    I also drove a similarly loaded PF 2001 4X4, but as far as overall refinement and the nice little upgrades (Xenon Headlights, Auto 4wd, 17 inch wheels, better looking leather) just clinched the deal for me. I was about $5k over the PF but well worth it. I should be able to keep most of this differential at resale too. The PF is a solid car. It's just that the QX4 "feels" more solid.
    4x4's in Atlanta are scarce and I was fortunate to get one in my exact color, so negotiation room is not likely to develop for many months. Sticker on mine was $38,500 and I paid $37,000 (plus the gold lettering came too). Hope this helps someone on the bubble between the PF and QX4
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    I agree with your assessment of the C&D Review. It was quite contrary to what C&D said about the 2001 PF, which they liked. I guess C&D is trying to say that the extra dough for the QX4, in comparison to the PF, is not fully justified. However, Infiniti does provide a better warranty and customer service, in addition to the Xenon headlights and the availability of 17" rims. So, I guess if the buyer prefers these added features, the QX4 would be a good buy. Just like nbhangtfan posted, it's a personal preference.

    BTW, the Motorweek review was a bit opposite than the C&D Review. MW said that the performance characteristics of the QX4 were much better than the PF. Could be the 17" wheels.
  • aling1aling1 Member Posts: 225
    Yes, the Motorweek review was indeed quite a bit different than C&D's. I guess C&D liked the Pf more because it isn't as softly tuned as the QX4 is. I think that in Canada, the QX4's higher price is even more difficult to justify since all of our '01 Pathfinders (with the exception of the XE) with the automatic tranny, have the QX4's auto 4WD system. Perhaps this is why I've only seen one '01 QX4 on the road (and this is within 5 kms of the Nissan/Infiniti dealership).
  • jscatenajscatena Member Posts: 61
    Just picked up my '01 QX 4. Love it except for the following: running boards suck, too low to step on and rub your pant leg every time you get in, back door opensings are a joke, tough to get in and out, not roomy
  • dyoungladyoungla Member Posts: 1
    I read in Car and Driver that the 2001 QX4 runs out of steam at around 85mph. Is this true? I'm thinking about buying one.
  • jjcalijjcali Member Posts: 2
    UH - the PF has all of these features! Except the heated rear seats, but front seats are heated. The 6 disk CD changer and 240 HP engine are the same, and both PF and QX4 have rear reclining seats!

    Quoting from above:
    QX4 only 4k over the pathfinder.

    "I definitely think the QX4 is worth the extra 4k. Consider all of the features I listed above:

    Really cool 6 cd player in the Qx4.
    Rear and Front Heated seats in the QX4 and not
    inthe 4runner.
    240hp and much better pick up.Reclining rear seats
    in the Qx4.
    The turning radius on the new QX4 is incredible.
    Even though the manuals say the leg room is the
    same, the QX4 seems to feel roomier."
  • sageqx4sageqx4 Member Posts: 1
    I have the 2001 QX4. If I switch the auto 4WD system to 2WD, will I save gas? Since there is no snow right now in NY, I figured I didn't need to keep it in 4WD mode.
  • aling1aling1 Member Posts: 225
    Nope, you won't save any gas at all. Leave it in "auto 4wd" mode since the front wheels are only activated as needed, when the rear wheels slip. This means that most of the time, the vehicle is in 2WD mode. The system can also transfer power far more quickly then it takes you to realise your rear wheels are slipping, and then activate the switch.

    This is the whole reason why the QX4's auto 4WD system is so much better than the Pathfinder's part time 4WD system.
  • aling1aling1 Member Posts: 225
    I forgot to mention that you shouldn't use the "4WD HI" mode unless you're in snow or on ice. This mode locks the centre differential, and can cause driveline damage if you try to use it on dry pavement.
  • gmcolegmcole Member Posts: 2
    My company participates in the Vehicle Purchase Program with Nissan and Infiniti. The discount can amount to almost $4000 on the new QX4.

    Unfortunately, none of the dealers in the D.C. area are participating in the program at this time.

    Does anyone know of an east coast/mid-atlantic dealer who will sell me a QX4 at a VPP price???

    Thanks in advance.l
  • mjvargomjvargo Member Posts: 11
    gmcole: With reference to the VPP plan, Bennett Infiniti in Allentown, Pa offers this plan for every vehicle. The only thing is that you have to order the QX4. Unless you are in a hurry, it would take about a month to come in. A benefit of this is that you get exactly what you want, and do not have to sacrifice anything.
  • gmcolegmcole Member Posts: 2
    I see that you are an Infiniti Sales consultant. If you don't mind, send me an e-mail...maybe we can do business.

    [email protected]
  • ozmasterozmaster Member Posts: 1
    What exactly is the Nissan/Infiniti Vehicle Purchase Program? How could my company participate?
  • mmcgovernmmcgovern Member Posts: 2
    So I'm al set to buy the QX4 when someone in the car biz tells me that the QX4 is one of the few
    SUV's he would not consider. He states that the Infiniti has a terrrible resale value. That it does not hold it's value as well as most other SUV's. His preference is the Lexus.

    Anybody have any data on this? I like the QX4 and feel that I can get it for a few thousand less than the RX300. And it looks nicer (the RX 300 looks to much like a minivan. Don't want to get the shaft on resale though. Might as well just buy the high end Pathfinder.
  • sysadbsysadb Member Posts: 83
    I would not be too worried about QX4 resale. It does not fall under the category of terrible. However, resale can be a relative thing depending on which vehicles it is being compared to. The RX300 happens to have a better resale value than just about any vehicle on the market, so yes, it's easy to recommend it as a "value" buy. But I would expect that you have other considerations in addition to just resale. You mentioned the "minivan" look as just one example. My advice is to buy what you like the best, since you will not get "hammered" on resale with any of these vehicles.
    If you really are concerned with resale as your primary purchasing factor, and want an SUV "look", then you might also consider the 4Runner,
    which has the rare distinction of being a vehicle that is heavily discounted AND has excellent resale (Not too many in that category). One caveat about the RX300: It's resale is extremely high right now, but some of that is artificially created due to lack of supply. As Lexus produces more (and they will), the resale value ratios will decline. In three years the RX300 will surely still have good resale, just not quite as strong as it is now.
    RX300, 4Runner, Pathfinder, QX4 ? All good choices....DB
  • ajajlmajajlm Member Posts: 1
    I am about to purchase the 2001 QX4 & the price for the sports & premium pkg is $37,000, is this a good buy?.
  • mmcgovernmmcgovern Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice!
  • infiqx4ownerinfiqx4owner Member Posts: 3

    I recently purchased 2001 Qx4 with premium/sports/rear spoiler for $37,000. Thanks for all the great posts on this board. My local dealers did not give any discount, so I drove to the nearby state to get this price.
  • nat64nat64 Member Posts: 4
    I also recently purchased a 2001 4WD, fully loaded (everything but the navigation and the communicator) with the rear spoiler, for $36,500.
    I found a great dealer in my area.
  • flinflin Member Posts: 29
    have noticed some scratchmarks in a few places on my 01 QX4:

    -instrument panel glass
    -climate control plastic
    -side cargo area windows

    basically looks like someone rubbed these areas with a scratchy cloth or something.

    could you fellow owners check out this areas and report what you find?
  • nat64nat64 Member Posts: 4
    I also noticed some scratches on the instrument panel of my 2001.
  • jscatenajscatena Member Posts: 61
    I love my new '01 QX. However, I have noticed a vibration that I thought was in the wheel balance. I had the dealer re-balance the wheels but still notice it. Seems more of an engine vibration around 2000 rpms especially under heavy start up acceleration.

    Anyone else have this vibration?
  • nat64nat64 Member Posts: 4
    They are not the same. I bought my 2001 QX4 because I wanted the LUXURY. THE PATHFINDER IS NOT LUXURIOUS! The leather, the wood paneling, the 17" tires, the leather wrapped steering wheel, the auto 4WD (who cares if the Pathfinder will get it soon, we have it now! And if you already have the Pathfinder,you won't) Even the service and dealerships are nicer.

    Stop insulting the QX4 and be happy with you little common Pathfinder!
  • carbuyer62carbuyer62 Member Posts: 5
    The Pathfinder LE with Leather package is avilable now its not comming as you said in your comments. The Pathfinder also has the wood trim and leather wrapped sterring wheel.
  • tcooper2tcooper2 Member Posts: 2
    Carbuyer 62, I am very interested in the deal you got on your PF purchase. I would like to know the options you have and the location of the dealership.

    Contact:[email protected]

  • carbuyer62carbuyer62 Member Posts: 5
    Its in Miami, FL. all options come with the LE with Leather Package.
  • aling1aling1 Member Posts: 225
    The Pathfinder absolutely DOES NOT come with HID Xenon headlamps. Just look in the owner's manual and you'll see that. Also, the QX4's headlamps have a high voltage warning on them since real HID lights require an initial starting voltage of 20,000 volts! These HID lights alone are worth about $1200. Also, the QX4 comes with projector-style foglamps vs. the regular reflector-style foglamps on the Pathfinder.
  • carbuyer62carbuyer62 Member Posts: 5
    The pathfinder does have Xenon Headlamps on the 2001 model only. Just look at the Pathfinder. However the QX4 does have an advanced Xenon Headlight system. On the QX4 you can move the beam up and down automatically with a button in the cab of the SUV. The Xenon Headlamps in the QX4 do have higher volts then the Pathfinder but the Pathfinder does have Xenon Headlamps. All though even if that feature in the QX4 is worth a thousand dollars The QX4 is still a much higher price and the question again... is it justified? I guess its in the eye of the beholder.
  • aling1aling1 Member Posts: 225
    I'll say it again. The '01 Pathfinder DOES NOT have Xenon headlamps. Open up your owner's manual and look at the headlamp bulb section. They are just regular H4 55 watt halogen bulbs that you can buy nearly everywhere. You're wrong, the QX4's HID Xenon headlamps use lower powered 35 watt D2RS Xenon bulbs. You obviously don't know what you're talking about.

    Look here:

    Under the "Standard Equipment" section, "aero-composite halogen headlamps" are clearly stated.
  • yoeddyyoeddy Member Posts: 46
    FYI - I was able to purchase my 01 QX4 4x4 with everything except communicator/nagivation system for $3.2k below invoice. As I posted earlier, the $5k different between the PF and QX4 justified me to go with the QX4 b/c of the previously stated reasons.
  • yoeddyyoeddy Member Posts: 46
    Sorry, I meant I got my QX4 for $3.2k below MSRP. I wish below invoice. :-)
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