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Chevy Astro Heating/Cooling Problems

bighatbighat Member Posts: 1
On my 99 Astro I get great airflow at all climate control mode selections, except the driver's side feet. The passenger side gets has good air flow at the feet. Any suggestions?


  • tom120tom120 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Astro. The rear fan made a loud noise while running then eventually stopped running. Is there a way I can replace the motor or is it something else?
  • punchbugpunchbug Member Posts: 1
    I just recently purcased this 95 gadiator cold ac front & rear, the rear ac quit blowing cold untill I found this vaccum line unhooked, Ok the problem I got and can't figure out. Is my rear heat dosen't work, I have ac and then just the fan,, I feel the hoses at the box getting hot, thinking just one of them. Just not flowing through. Is the a acuator(syleniod) cotroling the switch over in that rear box?? I'm seeing just the fan wires,, don't want to gut the whole wall out untill I know,lol Thankx for any helpful info..
  • indhelpindhelp Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased a used Chevy Astro two weeks ago. When I took it for a test drive, everything seemed to be working fine. A couple of day's ago, it didn't seem like I was getting enough heat. It would blow heat a little and then one I didn't hear the fan running. What I do hear though, is a humming sound. :confuse: Can someone please tell me if it's the thermostat, or hoses, or what it could be. Oh, and the a/c blower in the back works. Please help!! Thanks. :)
  • kortickortic Member Posts: 2
  • kortickortic Member Posts: 2
    We have a 99 safari. The blower motor resistor is bad (the blower doesn't turn off even with the key out of the ignition). The old resistor had a part number on it from the factory. The part number has changed. We got the new part from the dealer. But they have "upgraded" the part so it does not look like the same thing. The mechanics at the dealer insisted that it would work even though it is shaped differently. The old one had a computer like plastic card sticking out of it about an inch. The new one is only half the width but sticks out about 2 inches and is 1/2 inch thick. The Chevy mechanics insist that it will fit. My question is "do you have to do some sort of modification to the vehicle in order to make it fit?" I tried to put the part in, but it wasn't even close. What do the Chevy mechanics know that I don't know?
  • cuttwicecuttwice Member Posts: 1
    where is the resistor located? i seem to have a similiar, havent started to look at it yet.
  • 66olds66olds Member Posts: 1
    2000 astro van. I need to find out how to put my slector switch back to together This is the one with the vacum lines oin the dash
  • lloydroylloydroy Member Posts: 2
    Have the exact same problem with my 1999 Astro. Fan runs on high only and runs on high even with key out. What was the outcome of your same problem and how much did the blower motor resistor cost you? Thanks for your help
  • lanceoshlanceosh Member Posts: 3
    I had a problem getting the Heater A/C working properly in my 1998 Safari.
    Took it back to the dealer who put in a new control (The one with 3 holes attached) now I get all kinds of air to the various areas and I can get the A/C to work BUT absolutely nothing beyond a luke warm(cold) air when the heater is turned on. Living in Canada we need a properly running heater in our vans!
    Now the dealer is suggesting the thermostat may be stuck and wants to replace it (of course at my cost)
    Could this also be a vacuum problem?
  • lloydroylloydroy Member Posts: 2
    Well, I replaced the AC control module on the dash and it does the same thing, only blows on medium. I have to keep the fuse link in the fuse box in the engine compartment removed for the AC. The AC and heater work with good heat and very cold, just only have a medium fan speed. Going to replace the blower itself shortly to see if that makes a difference. Will keep you posted.
  • liborsecliborsec Member Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    99 Safari - For a while the heat/AC blower would only work when the engine was NOT under load. Going up hill or accelerating it did not blow and then coasting or parked it would blow fine.

    Now it has stopped blowing at all regardless of the setting. The heat/AC controls work. I can switch between heat and AC. I verified this by watching the compressor turn on and off and also the rear AC works fine.

    Is this the infamous vacuum issue and how can that affect the blower motor and not the other stuff?
  • liborsecliborsec Member Posts: 3

    Anyway I replaced some of the vacuum lines and the blower does not stop when going uphill anymore. However the blower works on every speed but high. Is this the resister pack problem?
  • liborsecliborsec Member Posts: 3
  • exp23exp23 Member Posts: 1
    My rear ac doesn't work on the van. I was told it was the rear ac switch that needs replaced but I do not know where it is located.
  • scottcb1scottcb1 Member Posts: 4
    Just bought a 96 Astro, Front Heater works fine, A/C does not cool, compressor goes on/off rapidly. Fans work great, Front & Rear, Filled with freon, pressure went into red on gage when compessor off, drops back to green when compressor on. Compressor only stays on for 2-5 seconds. Any ideas what could be wrong, before going to shop?
  • thevoice1thevoice1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 99 safari van i have replaced the water pump and thermostat and the motor dose not heat up to put heat out the heater in side unless u drive it about 10 miles or more can any one help with this
  • lanceoshlanceosh Member Posts: 3
    Mine is a 98 and I did everything possible to the dam thing for 3.5 years. Then one day I had a water leak from the top of the engine. Turns out a gasket was shot and once it was replaced I'm roasting... Cost was a thousand bucks. But I had already spent 700 trying to fix the dam thing. Now my brake lines need replacing so another 700 bucks.!!!
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