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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765

    For six Grovers you could take a standard Disco and fit some SERIOUS hardware. Not just brush bars and lights, but locking diffs, ARB bar and winch, racks galore and hard-core suspension. Then your truck wouldn't scream "LOOK AT ME" but it would certainly walk away from nearly anything offroad. Of course it's a personal opinion but beauty is found in subtlety. A well worked over 4x4 will be subtly improved in every area, and give the aura of capability while not really trying to. That means a lot more than a paint job and stickers (Bob is now ducking and putting on his Nomex).
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I certainly agree that an individual could take a standard vehicle and do just what you were suggesting. It's a little more complicated for a manufacturer. Crash certifying the components for sale on a new vehicle is one aspect that would add cost, along with warranty and liability issues. Given that 90% of SUV's don't have any need for air lockers or heavy duty suspension and this is a special edition of 150, the costs would raise the price much higher than $6000.00.
  • shap1shap1 Posts: 77

    Been to South Dade to test drive and check out the interior. I won't be ready to do anything until October, so we'll see what the situation is then. I am planning to contact North and South Dade, Naples and Orlando. I wonder if these dealerships are competitive, particularly Land Rover North and South.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    are owned by the same company, so I doubt they will cutthroat each other.
  • jtc8jtc8 Posts: 2
    I am going to purchase a 2001 discovery SE with cold climate in the very near future. I have access to the -plan pricing which should be about $35,300 (this includes the new $400 price increase)plus tax. That's about $1500 over invoice. Is this a good deal or can I do better?
    Also, is the ACE package worth the extra $2900? Is there that much body roll on the Discovery without ACE?

    Finally, will the dealerships throw in accessories (i.. floor mats, ski rack,etc.) instead if negotiating on the price?
  • illini84illini84 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2001 DII SE7. Took it offroad this weekend for the 1st time. Through driver error, I put a hole in the sidewall of my Goodyear Wrangler HP (255/65R16) front tire and wrecked the rear tire (driveable until I got back onroad and to a "tire store" -- a place in the middle of the Calif. dessert). Other friends on the trip also lamented about their sidewall problems with GY's. My last SUV had factory installed Yokies -- flat tire offroad. Then I installed BFG All-Terrain T/A's -- no problems. Most of the group we offroad with buy only BFG's. I just talked to a tire dealer and he was telling me about the new BFG AT T/A KO's (255/70R16, 8-ply), which are adequate handle the 3-ton DII.

    Since I now have to replace 2 of the 5 tires, I'm thinking about whether to get 2 more Wranglers or get new BFG's. While the money tree out back is not over abundant with fruit, the discomfort of having offroad problems outweighs that issue.

    Aside from "keep your eyes on the road", any advice or experience with either tire?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You might want to try asking your question in the Tires, Tires, Tires discussion topic in the Aftermarket & Accessories message board. Someone may be able to help you there as well. From what I've read, seen, and heard though, the BFG T/A KO tires are a bit pricey, but excellent.

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Take a look at the Discoweb:

    for advice about sizing and such. Here in Alaska lots of people run Trac-Edge tires, they seem to bite the rocks and mud (and snow) pretty well.

    Good luck, -Bob

  • I am considering a new or slightly used Disco II to replace my '94 Passport. Unlike so many LR owners that I see in metro Atlanta, my needs from this truck will include off-road use. I would appreciate advice from existing 99-01 Disco II owners regarding on-road reliability of these trucks.

    I travel 20,000+ miles annually throughout the Southeastern US on business trips of 100-400 miles, often times very late at night. I am concerned about some of the problems areas such as blown head gaskets, engine management failures and other disabling problems. The "normal" LR issues such as oil leaks and other typical British issues I think I can live with.

    Some of the local owners I have spoken with suggest staying with dealer service. The local LR dealers have an excellent service reputation, which does factor into this decision.

    Thanks in advance
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    Hi Bob-

    My Rover is doing great. I named her Lizzie; short for Elizabeth; as in Queen E. That and she just looked like a Lizzie to me.

    What does your name mean? It's really interesting!
  • neo5neo5 Posts: 12

    Go for the new DiscoII. So far so good with our '01 SD7 now at 3500 miles mostly on day-to-day commuting by my wife and weekend short-trips and off-roading by myself.
    "Best car I ever owned" according to my wife whose last three cars were Lexus GS series, BMW 5 series, and VW Cabriolet. I must agree.

    Now only if I can get myself a Defender..... (Wasko, the lrx site was awesome!!! I am still GREEN with envy - how does someone own a car like Defender for 3 years and put only 5000 miles on it???).

    Rovero ergo sum
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I like your choice! You can nickname her QE2 when she's loaded to the gunwales with gear, or when (not "if") she drips a little oil.

    I named mine "Anuqa". It's Yupiq Eskimo for "wind" and she's silver, and all my sports seem to involve lots of wind. Then I can shorten the name to "Anuq" if she REALLY aggravates me... it's another Yupiq word that I can't repeat in public. But bears do it in the woods. ;)

    Regards, -Bob
  • cole45cole45 Posts: 1
    nanuq and trc2 were kind enough to respond to my bike rack question last summer, but I wonder if anyone has an update (nanuq wasn't sure if his particular style would work with my 2000 Disco II). So, any bike rack recommendations for a 2000 Disco II?

    As a side note, I am *extremely* happy with my Disco II. I love the vehicle, but I also have to say that I've had fantastic dealings with Land Rover of Darien (CT). From sales to service, these people are awesome! The times I've taken the truck into the service department (routine maint, questions, etc), it's almost been as if they were happy to see me. I was told initially by various Land Rover dealerships to buy the truck at the dealership where I'd likely have it serviced, so if you are in the market and are anywhere even close to Darien, CT, talk to these guys. You will not be disappointed.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Land Rover has a swing away rack, part# LRNAPBR4 that works well on the Discovery II. It goes into the trailer hitch receiver and will hold up to 4 bikes.
  • erikjerikj Posts: 14
    Haven't posted an update in a while. My '99 D-II (ACE, Sunroofs, Lightstone Pkg, Java Black) has 32K miles (2K overdue for the 30K service). I took delivery two years ago this Monday (you can read the post here in the archive).

    We still love the truck. We've been in the snow, climbed over creek bed rocks, traveled across the Arizona desert (108 degrees at cruising speed according to the on-board readout), and towed a loaded trailer (U-Haul) from Texas to California with two small kids).

    The D-II (I guess it really needs a name) impressed some desert rat friends of mine out at the CA State Ocotilla Wells ORV patch. The truck powered its way through the flood washes and kept up with the lifted Chevys and what not. It should be noted that overlooking the "Tread Lightly" mantra is state sanctioned at Ocotilla.

    The only significant problems have been a broken pin on the ECU connector and (gasp) a replacement transmission at 24K miles. The transmission started slipping and LRNA, within a day, authorized a replacement. Obviously, gas mileage is awful especially So. Cal city driving.

    Oddly, both front tires are extremely worn on the inside edges. That stinks because the 255/55 R18 size is not cheap. The only other complaint would be the low lifetime of the brake pads, which depends on driving style.

    Despite, those kinks, the D-II has been great. You can sail it through the mud and sand without much worry about getting stranded. The D-II then cleans up nicely for going out later. Cheers,

    - Erik
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    93 D110 509 units sold in US, 25 in Canada
    94 D90 1943 units sold in US, 87 in Canada
    All 1994 were soft tops but 65 were sold with port installed hard tops
    95 D90 1190 Soft tops, 510 Station Wagons, all US sales
    97 D90 1499 Soft tops, 1300 Station Wagons, all US sales
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Yakima also sells a swing away rack which holds about 4 bikes.
  • hi there to all! I last posted a message Mar 02 but have been reading this message board and soaking up all the great info and advice from true lovers of their Discos on a constant basis.I have learned a great deal and decided to make my first step into purchasing a 2001 Oslo blue Disco II SE with Ace and light stone leather (yep I was really serious about buying this one). So I visited the dealer in New Orleans for a trade-in appraisal on my 98' BMW M3. (For the complete story goto the COUPES,CONVERTIBLES,SPORTS message board -topic BMW M3- title INSULTED M3 OWNER.)To make a long story short they offered me approx. $10,000 less than the listed trade-in value as determined by I was very shocked with this offer.I thought sales were down with Land Rover and expected them to work with me. I felt this dealership was too greedy which really turned me off so they now lost a sale. Does any one know of any decent and fair dealers near Louisiana (i live in Baton Rouge)? I just thought I'd share this experience with y'all to see what you thought.I hate having to post a negative message but at least it's not aimed at the Discoverys( it's not their fault!) Happy Rovering to Y'all! Disco ownner/driver wannabe Jim
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Posts: 68
    Jim, I believe that selling your used car by owner will always get a better price than ANY dealer would offer you. Sell it yourself to someone that really wants an M3. I just picked up my SE7 Silver/Lightstone yesterday and love it to death. What a machine!
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    gpvs- I have been looking into bike racks for my Disco, and am impressed w/ LR's version that holds 4 bikes. I'm not familiar w/ the Yakima bike rack-can you give me more info?

    nanuq- I love the QE2 idea. Where are you from/do you live? I ask because of the interesting names you have and because of other messages you have left. Is it Alaska?

    Does anyone know of a cheap way to get some Hellas? My brush guard just seems naked without them. Will LR install them if I purchase them from somewhere other than at the dealer?

  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    I believe the Roc'n Gate by Yakima is similar to the one from Land Rover. It also holds 4 bikes max. ( I think Thule has something similar to Yakima. I have used Yakima products and they're great. My friends Disco has the LR rack and he loves it.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I have the Rhode Gear bike rack, it plugs into the hitch and holds 4 bikes. If you remove the pin it folds down so you can get into the back hatch... it's a sturdy piece of work. The only problem is one bolt at the top rubs against the spare tire when the plastic cover biscuit is in place... so I removed mine (which gave me the perfect excuse to buy the fabric Land Rover Anchorage rhino cover).

    Yep, I'm here in Alaska. I'm not a "native" native but I've been here since I was knee high to an oogruk. :)

    Hey, here's another idea for a name... "Sichuk". It means "mud puddle". Not sure about the spelling though... I haven't seen many native words with the "ch" combination.

    Q'amai, -Bob
  • bdonelonbdonelon Posts: 7
    I have a 00 Disco II with what were 17,500 trouble free miles. I was considering myself lucky. Well today while driving the warning light for the locked diferential came on only when I applied pressure to the brake peddle. When I got home I called the dealer to schedule to bring it in. I went out move my Disco after the call and could not get the car out of park when depresing on the brake peddle. The brake lights also were not working. Called the dealer and he stated that the switch on the brake peddle that allows you to leave park must be broken. Makes sense. I am having it towed (thank god for hte warrant). Anyone else have this problem?

    When I bought the truck I told myself I would allow two mechanical breakdowns that could leave me somewhere stranded. The reason being is that I duck hunt in the middle of nowwhere sometimes and do not want to get stranded. Well, one down and two to go. The reliability of a Toyota Sequoia is looking good.
  • My '96 Disco has a strong odor of gasoline near the RT rear wheel well.... not just after fill-ups either! I brought it to the dealer and they said they'll have to do research, because they don't know what it is!! I had the problem back in Sept. and it was a vacuum line... but now they don't believe that's the case... yet they're not sure. Any input appreciated.... other than that she's wonderful!!! at 63k!!
  • bdonelonbdonelon Posts: 7
    My bad. I had just washed my boat trailer off at a car wash. The water caused a short in the trailer wiring therby blowing out a fuse on the Disco for its brakelights. The weird thing is, when you blow the fuse on the Disco's brakelights, it kills the brake switch on the shifter and you can't get it out of park. A quick tow and fix at the dealer did the trick.

    Interestingly, the Disco II has a warning light for having a locked differential, but the dealer said there is not locking differential, which is true but I didn't think of it. It is apparently a useless warning light for that, but it is a warning light that there is something wrong with your breaklights. FYI if this happens to you.

    Oh well, Land Rover proved me wrong. I still maintain 17,500 trouble free miles.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Bdonelon: I'm glad you found the problem. How odd that a lack of rear taillights could disable the ability to get out of park! I wonder if that only happens when BOTH taillights are out... hopefully a rare condition? About the locking diff, I believe the DII has the same transfer case as the DI, which is indeed lockable. You just don't have the interior locking lever since the ABS system manages your wheelspin for you. I bet if you crawl under and look you'll see there is linkage for the transfer case, it's just not connected to anything.

    Ocean: I wonder if it's your fuel filter? I believe it's in that area and it (or its connections) may have sprung a leak.

    Regards, -Bob
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The D2 has a similar (not identical) Transfer Box to the discovery. It can be diff locked from underneath the vehicle, but is difficult to do as there is no linkage. The main difference is the hole for the speed sensor drive is missing in the D2. there are also changes to the upper housing to accomidate a temp switch and shift linkage.
  • bdonelonbdonelon Posts: 7
    Well, one thing I did do with the service manager was have him run me through how and where he changed the fuse and he gave me some extra fuses. This is just in case this happens again while I'm 10 miles of paved roads somewhere in N.E South Dakota hunting ducks.

    Thanks for the feedback on the locking diferential. I am sure they use the same display panels in several of their vehicles to save on costs. This warning light does not even come on in the check mode during the start-up of the vehicle, but there is an explanation in the owner's manual. It may be a good warning light for your brake lights being out. I should pull a tail light bulb and then break to see if it lights up.
  • danvan2danvan2 Posts: 1
    I know little about the Disco but have admired them since their release. I saw a 1996 Disco SE7 for a great deal (I think) and thought it would be a good opportunity to get into one. The catch is that it has 114,000 miles!!! It looks to be in good condition and the owner says it was a great vehicle for him (of course). I love it anyway. Unlike some of the other Disco owners, I don't want to know the LR mechanic by their first name.
    Don't be afraid to tell me how it really is. It is not a great comfort reading that some owners feel proud if they can get 17K trouble free miles.
    It is the only vehicle that I can think about. Am I crazy?
  • stalnakerwstalnakerw Posts: 1
    I am a recent Land Rover Discovery II (2001) owner. I bought my discovery in January this year. I have had a couple of nagging problems that HBL Land Rover (Tyson's Corner, VA) has had difficulty in fixing. My latest problem is my ABS & T/C lights come on each time I drive the vehicle. When I reported the problem to HBL service, it took 5 weeks to get the truck in for service. When I contacted Land Rover of North America, there seemed to be nothing they could do to help.

    Once the truck was taken in for service, the dealer kept it 5 days, and low and behold!, the problem still exists.

    I believe the Discovery is a very well built vehicle, I have just been very disappointed with HBL of Tyson's and the quality of their service department. There are other Land Rover dealers in the Washington, D.C. area, but none are as convenient as HBL, so I am somewhat stuck.

    I have never been in a more solidly built truck, but if anyone out there is looking to buy a Land Rover and lives in the Northern Virginia area, I would "strongly" encourage you to look hard at the dealers ability to service your vehicle in a "timely" manner. 5 weeks to get a vehicle in for service is a complete outrage.

    Previously, I had problems with my inside dome lights, which took the dealer 2 visits and a total of 3 days to repair.

    I envy you people that have quality Land Rover dealerships to work with.
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