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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • Thanks for the reply . I would be having the maintenance done at a dealership so I would expect it to get costly. I'm still going to have to think on it.
  • We were able to get all scheduled maintenance through the warranty period for $500 (this is a land rover deal). So you may want to ask about this.
  • Thanks for the info. Did you buy your Land Rover recently? It sounds like a good deal. I'll have to ask the dealer about that.
  • Right now there is a Promo going on for 3.9% financing for up to 60 months plus FREE scheduled maintenance here in the San Francisco area. I got mine in April. I thought I had a good deal at 5.9% and $350 for the maintenance. Goes to show, Patience is a virtue. However, it is quite difficult to be patient when you like something so much. Besides, who knows what's in store in the future? If I did, I'd be very rich by now. :)
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Just a quick note, I've been using WIX oil filters for quite some time, being happy with their performance. Last oil change I couldn't get one so I used another name brand (name omitted) and had LOTS of lifter noise at cold start.

    Last weekend I changed the oil again, using a Purolator Premium One. It's the x-ref filter for the Fram PH8A long-body. And, it seems to be doing great! The anti-drainback valve must be working well, I have almost zero lifter noise on cold start now.

    Just spreading the good news, -Bob
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    The service through the LR dearler will probably be at the recommended intervals. Oil change at 7500 miles and a oil filter every other change, with a lube and air filter at 30000 and a differential change at 7500. This is only 6 oil changes in 50000 miles. I personally, if I didn't do the maintenance myself, would use a oil change service like Jiffy Lube, have my rig serviced at 3000 miles and still would be under the $500 mark. The problem also at the dealer is the fact that you have to schedule the maintenance, have it gone for a day, get a ride to work etc. What a hassel. Maybe that is why all the bad press in this forum on the maintenances issues with Landrover. I don't know about you guys, but my dealer is way across town and the only one in my city. Like I said before, LR is the easiest vehicle that I have serviced. The rig has plenty of clearance, everything is accessible, parts are available everywhere and service is a snap.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    With the long body filter do you have to add the .1 of a quart? I found that with the short body Ph16, 6 quarts of oil is all that is needed. Thus, I don't have a quart on my shelf with .1 quarts missing. Also changing it at 3000 mile intervals I don't worry about needing the extra filtering capacity of the long body. Plus the short one gives me more clearance and is a snap to change.
  • we just recently (last month) traded in our DI for a DII. the dealer would have thrown in the service if we paid more for the car (prob a wash).
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    You hit the nail on the thumb... with my maintenance scheme I wind up with partially-used quarts on the shelf. But, those conveniently go into other things like my motorcycle, the mower, chainsaw bar lube, etc.

    I agree, with frequent changes you don't need the extra filtering capacity. I use them to get more filtering surface area, which gives me quicker oil pressure pump-up and reduces the likelihood of opening the filter's popoff valve in cold weather driving. Same reason to use synthetics in winter... I'm up to oil pressure right away, even when it's way below zero.
  • Hi,

    I've been reading the messages here for a while and I have been interested in getting a Disco II for the last few months. I've finally found one that I may be interested in. Can you please check the service record and let me know what you find?

    It is a 2000 with a VIN of SALTY1546YA241549.

    Also, I have heard that Disco's do not need to be aligned. Is this true?

    I appreciate your help. Thanks.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    That vehicle was built on 9-10-99, and has had minimal problems under warranty. A couple of trim issues and recalls are all I found. Alignment on a Discovery amounts to setting the toe-in due to the fact that it has live axles both front and rear.
  • Tincup,

    Thanks for the information. Can you tell me when the warranty runs out on this vehicle? Can you also tell which servicings were done? For example, I hear that the oil in the diffs need to be changed at 7500 miles, can you tell if this was done already? What are the service intervals, and have they been performed? This truck has 23,242 miles on it.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The vehicle shows as having received the 7500 and 15000 maintenance . That seems to be the last one performed at a Land Rover retailer. The 22,500 is a minor service, next major service is due at 30,000 miles. You can get a copy of the maintenance schedule from a Land Rover retailer, and if the vehicle you are looking at has the Owners wallet, it is also in there. Warranty is scheduled to time out on 11-30-03 or at 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
  • Tincup,

    Boy you are quick! I'm beginning to feel like one of the benefits of LR ownership are great people like yourself!

    Thanks for the information on the truck. I went to look at it this morning. The vehicle is at a BMW dealership and I'm not sure how knowledgable they are about it. It is a 2000 that has 18" wheels, and they say it has ACE, but is there anyway for me to confirm just by looking at it? Is there some indication or switches on the dash that would verify, or can you tell me what to look for if I peek under the truck?

    I will contact a LR dealership in my area to get a copy of the maintenance schedule. Do you know if the prices for the servicing are listed? Finally, can you tell me which LR dealership in CA this vehicle has been serviced at? I'd probably like to continue taking it to that location since they are familiar with it. Thanks again.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Thanks for the kind words. Land Rover San Jose sold and serviced that vehicle. 18" wheels only came with the ACE package, but for further proof look under the right side of the truck, if you see some metal lines (4 from the front, 2 from the rear) going into an aluminum block bolted to the frame about midpoint of the vehicle, the vehicle has ACE. Those are the hydraulic lines for the ACE system.
  • Tincup,

    Thank you again for your information. The vehicle certainly has ACE.

    I called LR San Jose and and explained to them that I was looking to purchase a used (but still under warranty) Discovery that I had "heard" was purchased at LR San Jose and if I could get information on the service history. They flatly refused to give me any information and said that they couldn't give me the info even if I bought the car. Is this a standard LR policy? I am completely flabbergasted by this. They tell me that it is to protect the privacy of the previous owners. I don't give a *^&%# about the previous owners, but I do care about the record of the vehicle. I'm not even sure that I want to deal with LR San Jose anymore. Is there an "official" way that I get get a detailed listing of the servicing history from LR once/if I buy the vehicle?

    Also, I've been reading my 2001 Discovery brochure (I'm hoping that it's very similar to the 2000 models) and it seems like only the Canadian models have daytime running lights. I have these in my Volvo and I really think that they are a great safety feature. Is there any way to get daytime running lights on a US model Discovery?

    Thanks again.
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,801
    A dealer telling you that you can't get the service history of a vehicle they serviced even if you buy it is ridiculous........Are you getting a great deal on this particular vehicle? It should be if you are getting the runaround from both the selling dealer & the place where it was serviced. I would at least insist that the BMW dealer get the info from the LR dealer. I have become very wary of used "mystery cars" that the selling dealer tells you there is no way to get the history of. Have you shopped around a lot for used DII's, &/or gotten any good vibes from other LR dealers in your area? Good luck!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I'm sure if you had the BMW dealer check he could get the info for you. If your info was on the History, would you want the dealer to give it to someone who said they were looking at buying the vehicle? Land Rover Retailers are independent businesses and hold their customers as very special people, and when you finally own one you will see they respect your privacy as well.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I can assure you the vehicle that wantadiscoii is looking at is not a mystery vehicle, I have seen the record. The dealer did not say there was no way to get the info, just that they would not release it to someone they did not know. It is of no advantage to them to not release it or release it, they do not get the sale either way. I would think that a dealer in the silicon valley area is quite aware of the privacy concerns that most of their customers (as do most computer savvy people)have. Their is quite a lot of personal info on the vehicle history, it also includes key and radio codes.
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,801
    Well, I think that wantadiscoii is fortunate to have someone (you) who is able & willing to check out the vehicle history for him. The thing that really got me was the servicing dealer telling him he wouldn't give him prior service or warranty info on the vehicle even once he owned it! I've been stuck in his situation before; being stone walled by dealers about a used car's service or warranty records, & it's very frustrating. Sometimes the selling dealer tells you they don't have any info & can't get it; & then the dealer who serviced it won't tell you anything (& occasionally can be downright rude about it), so the prospective used car buyer is left totally in the dark. (And most people usually don't have the advice of a generous soul like yourself, who works for a dealer or the manufacturer, to sort things out for them). However, I was fortunate that when I bought my used RR, the LR dealer where it had been serviced was great about providing the service history to me, even tho I didn't buy it from them.

    Also, I'm sure the LR dealer that wantadiscoii called would have gladly given him the service history, at least verbally, if he had been buying the Disco from them (& they were profiting from the sale)....... Obviously, no one should give out the first owner's key codes, regardless.

    Hence my term "mystery vehicle" shouldn't have to be like pulling teeth for the consumer to find out about prior repairs or maintenance on a used, but still-under-warrenty car, but too often is. I was just saying, maybe look for a different vehicle with available records if it comes to that. And believe me, I know how excellent LR dealers can be (partly why I bought one), but I did find a marked difference between even LR dealers when I was shopping.

    IMHO you provide a great service on this board......but unfortunately most used car buyers don't have the advantage of your expertise or access to information (when I was shopping for a used LR it was before you were posting here). BTW, you've given me info here before & I appreciate it.

    Just my 2cents worth, as a consumer.
  • a 2000Disco II with 15000 miles, mostly city driving is said toneed new brake pads, front and rear. Does this seem reasonable?Also the dealer says that it's necessary to pump the brakes a number of times on the LR and that's normal for that vehicle. Is so? The pedal almost goes down half-way until contact is made. thanks
  • To answer some of the questions posed to me:

    The price is still to be negotiated. I'm waiting for my company to secure it's next round of funding before I go and buy this thing. I should be able to negotiate a good deal since it is sitting at a BMW dealership and they have no interest in keeping it around. The truck has a lot of accessories that I like, but would never buy because they are way too expensive (brush bar, running boards, wood trim..etc.)

    The LR dealerships in the bay area seem ok. I've haven't been too impressed with anyone except for one sales guide at one location. Used Discoveries are VERY expensive at the dealership. Makes me wonder if they even look at the prices outside the dealership.

    The San Jose LR dealership has stated that they will not release ANY information on the service history before or AFTER I buy the vehicle, unless I have written permission from the previous owners. Now how is that possible if I don't even know the previous owners? It would be more of privacy issue for me if I knew who they were. Since it does have "private" info like the key and radio codes, I can understand them withholding the information until I am the registered owner, but completely refusing is crazy. An owner should have the right to know the service history of any vehicle that they own, especially with all the crooks out there trying to pass along "bad" vehicles. Tincup - is there a telephone number for LRNA that I can try to get the service history from if I do buy this truck?

    In past postings I have heard people talking about a good service manual that someone can purchase. Would anyone who knows about this please tell me what it is called, how much it costs, and where I can buy it?

    Also, I am interested in finding someplace that sells one of those smoked plastic bug guards for the hood. I haven't been able to find anyplace so far, does anyone have any ideas?

    Finally, any word on the daytime running lights for a Discovery built for the US market?

    Thanks for everyone's messages and help.
  • Hey- let us know when you buy your 2000 disco- I think my truck rolled off the line with yours- same manufacture date- they are sisters!

    FYI, we have had no problems with our DII other than some minor adjustments (I mean like really picky things- like the little button on the seat belt that keeps the metal thingy from sliding down was missing) and we are still loving this truck! Last week I had the misfortune of being involved in a rear end collision- the guy in front of me in a Chevy Blazer slammed on his brakes and I hit him at about 15 mph- and his back bumper and tailgate were destroyed! My truck was only bruised a bit- the spout for the headlight washer cracked off of it's mounting and the front rubber got a bit smooshed. This thing is built like a tank! I would hate to have been in that fender bender with anything less! Good luck!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    You could try the Land Rover owner care number 1-800-637-6837 for the records. Each dealer is an independent business and is free to set their own business policies if not in conflict with the franchise agreement. As far as daytime running lamps, activation of this feature is not presently supported in the U.S. There are a couple of pieces involved that are not available to our dealers.
  • The bug guards or hood stone shields (as they call it) are available from Atlantic British ( They are around $80. You may have to call because it doesn't show on their website. Also, if you order something cheap first they will send you a 10% discount coupon for your next order. They might be the only one carrying this item. I have checked other sites and was not able to find it. If you find it elsewhere and they are cheaper, they can match the price as long as they are identical items. Good Luck!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    15,000 miles is about right for brakes. I replaced my pads the first time at 16,500 and I'm a pretty conservative driver.

    I recommend soft-compound pads, they'll let your rotors last longer. I also recommend doing the work yourself if you've got the basics: jackstands and very simple tools (like: pliers). Once up on stands you can do both wheels on one side in under 15 minutes. It's one of those easy, fun jobs.

    You shouldn't have to pump the brakes; it sounds like you've got air in the lines. It's a simple matter to bleed the air out.

    Good luck, -Bob
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Have the dealer bleed the brakes using their Testbook, it uses the ABS system to do it and has cured the problem better than manual bleeding.
  • Burosky - thanks for the info on the bug shield. I will contact them if/when I get my truck.

    Jackick - glad to hear that you've had no problems with you truck. I'm sorry to hear that you got into a little fender bender, glad that your fender didn't get bended and that nobody got hurt.

    Tincup - thanks for the number, I will try to call them.

    Finally, do anyone know of the good book or manual that has been recommended to Discovery II owners? Any idea what it's called, where to get it, how much it costs? It it just a service manual that someone can buy from LR?
  • Hello Board,

    I have been lurking for the last few weeks and have gone back through the posts but haven't come across this issue. I am considering a MY '99-'01 DiscoII at auction(dealer direct, not eBay or the like), and wanted some thoughts/opinions....A couple of points/comments:

    1) A dealer friend of mine is assisting me w/the transaction, so I will have an experienced set of eyes w/me(although he is NOT a LR dealer/expert)

    2) Most/All of the LR vehicles at this particular auction are from BMW's finance group, so they are for the most part low mileage off-lease vehicles(not private party)

    Whichever vehicle I decide on at auction I can bring back home and have it inspected(there is a dealer nearby, but they are not very easy to deal w/on the purchase side of things)...

    My questions:

    1) What is the " used certification" process that I have seen referenced in previous posts? Is it a fixed fee type of service or does it vary from dealer to dealer.(This may be a moot point as these are coming from BMW Finance and are most likely certified, no?)

    2) Is buying this way reliable/smart?

    3) Any experiences of folks out there who have tried this?

    Thanks in advance for your help and input.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The only way to get a certified vehicle is through a Land Rover retailer. This plan requires an 100 point inspection by the retailer and he has to participate financially in the program. Vehicles purchased from BMW financial will not be certified. Auctions can save you money, but you may find that some retailers tie programs like free loaners to vehicles purchased directly through them.
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