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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Contact your dealer again, Land Rover just announced the extended warranty program is active again.
  • Any insider tips on buying a Land Rover? Dealer holdback, incentives, negotiating? I'm not allowed to pay MSRP (don't ask, don't ask), so if I can't get the price down - it's a lost cause...
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Land Rover has no holdback on their vehicles. Any incentives would be in the form of reduced rate financing or subvened leases (reduced payments). Land Rover does not give rebates. In most markets there is no inter-dealer competition (ie. Land Rover to Land Rover) so there isn't much discounting off of MSRP. In Southern California, you have 8 or 9 retailers, so your chance of negotiating off MSRP on a Discovery would be better. If you are looking at Freelander, I don't imagine there will be these opportunities as demand will surely be higher than the limited initial supply.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Yeah, I pretty much live on my mtn bike so I want it to last. And it has so far... I just turned over 16,230 miles a couple days ago, but now we've got 2 solid days of snow on the ground and lots-o-squirrely drivers. Once they calm down I'll be back on it.

    Speaking of snow, I don't know if it will work but you might look for 16" steel rims that will fit your RR. Then get Nokian Hakkas, LT10s with tungsten studs. You can't go wrong. I'm just now back from driving 102 miles on hard packed snow and glare ice with non-studded Nokians, 60 - 70mph most of the way and not one slip or slide.

    About extended warranties... I too was thinking about it, and I left the paperwork laying around the garage where Lord Lucas could see it. Then without saying anything (wink wink) I let my warranty expire. As far as I can tell Lord Lucas thinks I'm covered: since 4 days after my factory warranty ended I have had not ONE hiccup with the Disco... 45,000 more trouble-free miles. Touch wood!

    Regards, -Bob
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,801
    tincup: Thanks for the tip on the ext. warranty! I will definitely check it out.

    nanuq: Where I live in Mass., winters are "funny", at least 80% of the time we are not driving on snow, but either dry roads or slush, so I need something good on dry roads as well. But I've heard only raves about Nokians. However I'd like to check out Michelin Arctic Alpins as well, are you familiar with those?

    Re: ext. warranties, what a crapshoot. I had a Saab 9000 for 10 years which was about equal in reliability reputation, ahem, to a LR. But mine was great, very few problems overall. The thing I have going for me in not buying more warranty for the RR is that I will put only about 5,000 miles a year on it probably. However, I think the peace of mind might be worth it, & then I would feel better about spending even more money on expensive snow tires & bike racks, etc. (Something flawed in this reasoning, I know! ;-). I had thought of trying to trade my 98RR on a '99 or '00 next summer, but these babies depreciate so fast, is probably highly impractical. Happy to hear your Disco is doing so well (knock on wood!).

    regards, Steve
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Well, we've got 3 MORE days of snow, it's getting deep out there!

    I run the Nokians year-round (which is why I didn't stud them) and they work GREAT. They're pretty good in deep mud, handle well onroad (but watch your cornering speed). They want 80psi which makes them awfully rough, so I run 55psi and that's acceptable. They don't overheat even after 3 or 4 hours of high speed driving with 55psi. In the rocks offroad they work okay but they're easy to spin...they don't have the big shoulder lugs. They have DEEP tread so they cut thru the deep sloppy slushy snow well.

    About the Alpins... are they the ones with chevron tread, and a million little sipes in the blocks? I believe so. I've heard great things about them too, all those sipes really grab ice well. But, you're going to wear them quickly on pavement. Same with Blizzaks... their spongy tread compound is great for ice but wears quickly on pavement.

    If you're going hard-core ice tires with studs, get separate rims and go full-gonzo. If you're getting all-season tires (studless) then you'll like the Hakka LT10s.

    Good luck! Still snowing here!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Well, it was bound to happen. As soon as I mentioned my warranty expiring... WHAM! It's my own fault, I really WAS mocking Lord Lucas. :)

    My left rear lights went out, I have a rattle in my rear door, and my offside headlight took a stone and cracked.

    I spent 2 hours disassembling my rear jump seats and taking the panel apart so I could get into the lighting block back there, and guess what... it was only a blown bulb. :) BOTH filaments blew at the same time. Hmmmmm has this ever happened before? And the inside of the bulb was completely black and sooty. Hmmmmmm lools like Lord Lucas was reminding that he's still The Man. Luckily, a new bulb sorted it.

    I still have to take the rear door apart and see what's rattling (I think I already know) and as for my headlight... I guess that's inevitable with all the rocks and gravel on the road. Just sorta seems ironic!

    Okay, My Disco is running like absolute HELL, it's falling apart and leaking everywhere, and nothing works and I'm going to have to just park it and walk away!!!!

    (psst: think he took the bait? I hope so!)

    Regards! -Bob
  • everdieverdi Posts: 10
    i've had my my 01 disco for 3 weeks now. after some initial problems with the "service engine soon" light coming on it seems pretty good now. in the shop 6 of first 12 days. lrna gave me free running boards for my troubles, i thought that was classy of them. my dealer seems less than respectable (HBL Va), i made the mistake of saving a few bucks by buying from a dealer that also sells other vehichles. don't make this mistake, pay the extra bucks the service is worth it. i love the car , looks like nothing else on the road and handles awesome (ACE). couple of questions though:
    1) the brakes make a crunching sound when first turning the vehicle on. what is this?
    2) Steering column has a small but annoying squeak, why did they use such cheap plastic on the dash? you would thing for this kind of money the dash would be of better quality.
    3) after initially turning the car on and accelerating to about 40mph then coasting it make a thump sound from the bottom of the car. only once then not again. what is this? doesn't seem serious. seems like a gear disengaging.
    4) my truck only has 700 miles on it but i think the steering wheel vibrates more than it should for a new truck. seems like a balancing or alignment problem, will land rover take care of this under warranty because i've had the vehicle for such a short period of time? or will they say wear and tear?

    thanks for tips.
  • Yesterday I got a ticket for not having my front plate on (I did not put it on because I could not figure out how to remove the bracket -- OK, so I admit it). Well, the dealer not only showed me how to remove it but also gave me a copy of a repair order that showed that they had to replace a rusted out screw on the license plate bracket. So, of course there was no way that I could have changed the plate (quick thinking on my service managers part). Anyway, I will be able to dispute my $40 ticket. I guess that they figure that the $40 is a 1/2 hours worth of service that they will be getting at some point anyway.

    On another note, while I was at the dealer our sales person tells us that he had a major gasket leak on his 97 disco (with 48,000 miles). He stated that the cost was $4,000. Can this be accurate or do you think that he was trying to sell me an extended warranty (as this came up in the conversation)? We bought ours about 9 weeks and 2,500 miles ago (it is a 98 which now has 26,000 miles on her). When they certified it they found a gasket leak (surprise, surprise). They fixed it and I was hoping that it would not happen again (right!). Anway, what can I expect from these gaskets? I still have 2 years of warranty left on her. How long do these gaskets usually go before blowing? Are they really that expensive to fix? Is it perhaps possible to take her to an independent mechanic when it does happen or will they just fit her with the same fualty Rover gaskets? I am a newbie so pardon the ignorance.

  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Gaskets on Rovers have been an issue since forever. They used to "fit" parts together, instead of the American Way, simply bolting them up. They used cork gasket material, and the result was lots of leaks. Rover has addressed that on the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) list and many gaskets (all?) are now rubber.

    My Disco had several leaks, including the oil sump, rocker covers and intake manifold. These were replaced under warranty and now there are no problems.

    A leaking gasket as expensive as your quote must be something very major; my guess is leaking head gaskets. I have heard of this although I suspect it is not that common.

    My '96 Disco had the carbon-cutting valves installed under warranty and upon reassembly the mechanic noticed one of the head gaskets in the kit had a slight kink. He rejected it and ordered up another set. It too was kinked. He did this SEVEN times until he finally got on the phone with someone and had a set made and shipped. They arrived is satisfactory condition and he used them... zero trouble since then.

    Remember these engines are basically an American V8... there is no rocket science going on here. If you develop engine trouble, probably a Rover mechanic with Testbook OBDII will determine the problem quickest. But any competent mechanic should be able to fix it. If he doesn't have the factory workshop manual then bring him yours... there are some tricks to working on the beasts.

    A rule of thumb with Rovers is "Once they're fixed they tend to stay fixed". If it's a gasket leak chances are a dab of Hylomar and retorquing will sort it. If the gasket is truly blown, a new one is easily fitted and the problem goes away. There's just no rocket science here... very little to worry about!

    And now for my Lord Lucas Disclaimer: "My Rover runs like absolute hell and leaks and has parts falling off it constantly... I'm going to just PARK IT and walk away!!!"

    :) HAH, works every time. Touch wood!

  • Thanks for the comforting words, as a new Rover owner I needed that. We had the gaskets replaced during the certification process. I was going to say that she has been running great but based on your response it seems more as if "my Rover runs like absolute hell and leaks and has parts falling off of it constantly." I thought that I wanted to keep it but now "I think I'm going to just park it and walk away!!!"

    Thanks for imparting your wisdom

  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Ahhhh you're a wise man, you learn quickly! I've learned the hard way NEVER EVER to comment on how good your truck's running. One night I had the Lady Cynthia with me, we had just come out of a movie, it was 1AM and we were slowly, gently tooling around the block enjoying the evening. I casually mentioned "Gee it's running good..." and WHAM!!!! Just like that (snap) it quit running.

    Coincidence? Not on your life. So yes, my truck runs like hell... but I love her anyway. Sometimes.

    Regards, -Bob
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I just remembered... a gent that lives close by me has a SWB Rangie, and he's the truly wise one. He has a perpetual Lord Lucas repellant attached to his Rover as a sticker:

    "The parts falling off this truck are of the highest English quality"

    I bet he has ZERO trouble with it! Hmmmmm, where can I get one of those...?
  • I have a 2000 DII.
    Item 1: The "crunch" is the ABS and traction control coming on. If you have your foot on the brake while your starting it gives you a good buzz through the pedal.
    Item 2: I have a clacking sound on cold days from behind the glove box. No luck finding it.
    Item 3: I get the same thing, about 1 mile down the road, a thump and a shift and nothing after that. Once in a while a clank from the drive train while its upshifting. No problems found by dealer.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I know that I will probably jinxs myself, but here it goes. Third oil change already, 10000 miles of trouble-free service. I don't even know my dealers first name yet. I am sure glad that the Germans took over and fixed this British mess that they called Rover. (from some of the posts of pre-2000 models). Hopefully Ford won't mess it up too bad with their Ford engines and trannies from their sorry Exploders like they did to Jaguar. Crawled under it last night for my weekly check (your oil leak and fluid posts had me worried) and still not a drop. The undercarriage looks like the day it came out of the factory. Gas mileage is still great, 16 mpg, and the power is awesome. I have one question though. When a person buys a permanent 4X4 as this. That can crawl up a 45 degree snow packed mountain with ease. Ford a 30" deep stream and keep on trucking, why are they posting about a few squeaks? If they wanted a smooth riding, quiet, take the kids to soccer "car" they should of bought a MDX, ML320, or Lexus. Lord Lucas be Dammed!!! Most of the electronics that I care about have "BOSCH" stamped on it.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Ford was the best thing that ever happened to Jaguar, check out J.D. Powers or any consumer reliability survey.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Everyone has opinions ...and elbows. I personally think the Disco was a step backward for Rover. I also prefer tube amps over transistors and albums over CDs. Technology for its own sake is not always a good thing.

    Likewise, I draw correlations between pride of ownership and what it "costs" me to keep the thing I own working. I could drive a flawless Toyota Land Cruiser and have umpteen trouble-free miles, or I could pick a Series Rover. One will be an appliance and the other, I'll develop a relationship with. One I could trade in and not blink, the other will cost a few tears to hand over the keys some day.

    The people in my life with whom I have relationships are the ones that matter to me. The "appliance" people are the ones who perform a function but have zero input... good or bad. They're just... "there" doing their duties, often flawlessly.

    Many vehicles are just... "there". Others assert themselves. My wife asserts herself. Sometimes she surprises me (good or bad). I cherish that. I wouldn't marry an "appliance" wife that simply said "Yes Dear" all the time, I like the surprises. They are the fabric from which our memories are cut.

    Same with my Rover. Same with my friend's XKE. How many times have we NOT gone somewhere because of that obstinate, leaking piece of British junk? Plenty. But there's been lots of times we've sat around with tools working on it... and those times are lots better than the lost events we didn't attend.

    In my book a 70s Ducati Desmo is lots better than a spanking new SS. The new one will run circles around the old one, in every way... but the old one will talk to you. There's value in that.

    Just my $.02
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I was getting my information about Fords' acqusitions from a British car dealership. They sell Rovers and Jags. The salesman that I talked to had nothing good to say about the new Ford Jaguars. I guess he would agree with nanuqs' comments. He stated that essentially they are just a Taurus, Continental, or Thunderbird with a Jag nameplate. The quality and reliability might be impressive now, but a Ford Jag just isn't the same. At least BMW retained most of the old Rover and Disco style and ruggedness and increased the quality and reliability. I was distrubed to hear that Fords' Explorer division head was sent over to Rover to see what Ford parts that they could incorporate into the Rover line. With all of Fords problems lately, another recall on stalling just today, I would rather own something that Ford did not have any say in. If Ford cars and trucks are so high in reliability why is their resale so low and recall rate so high? I feel fortunate to have bought rig with a BMW and Rover nameplate on it.
    Nanuq, Rover has always been a dream for me, such as a Mercedes E class, so the introduction of the Disco and the C class at least lets some of us financially disadvantaged to stick our toes in the waters of the affluent.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Some time you should go for a ride offroad in an older Series Rover. What a hoot! They're creaky and slow and obnoxious, but what memories. And the price of admission there is 1/4 the price of a Disco... but you'll make up the 3/4 in the cost of the tools you don't yet own. (stifled grimace)

    Did you know Ford also owns several other marques in its upscale holdings? Jaguar and Rover are simply the most recent. Some of the names will surprise you.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    Luckily I have been a mechanic for 35 years so I chuckle every time I hear complaint of a squeak or mysterious vibration or "it just doesn't feel right" complaint. I do know that Ford also owns Volvo so I stayed away from those old reliable machines a long time back. The people on this forum must be new to the SUV craze and the problems associated with functionality and comfort. My old Burb and Trooper were great vehicles, but to keep them on the road was a great challenge. Oil and exhaust leaks, bad mileage, squeaks, warped rotors, bad trannies, I can go on. They should be greatful that they have chosen such a fine line of "REAL" 4X4s' that can go the distance. Don't worry, my tool box is ready for anything that Rover can throw at me.

    I went to my local Land Rover dealer today to put my order in for a 2002 Discovery SE. When I arrived I was horrified to see what "someone" thinks is acceptable in a $40,000.00 vehicle. Now, I am not much of a coffee drinker, and I certainly feel compassion towards "a fellow human being's addiction" to caffine, but I don't understand why, I/we, have to be subjected to these ugly, oversized, coffee/drink cup holders slapped down in the middle of the Discovery's console! This is ludicrous! When you see these ugly, cheap, gaudy monsters for yourself,(click on link above)you will surely want to hurl! For goodness sake, these things put me in mind of Dolly Parton's chest! Forgive me fellow Town-Hall-ites, I'm sick to my stomach! Needless to say, I did NOT place an order for a 2002 Discovery as of yet! I need some time to review the merits of having to spend an additional $550.00 for a 2001 console plus an additional $170.00 for installation to have these mocha-slop holders removed for good!

    As always,

    Regards to All,


  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    the cupholders are held on by one screw, easily removable. I'm sure you could find something to trim out the small holes so you wouldnt have to replace the whole console shell. Unfortunately, you are in the minority on the cupholders. The call center is being deluged by owners wanting to know how they can add them to their older disco's.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I guess you haven't heard what the BMW influence had upon the new Range Rover. Replacing the engine with the BMW eight,and changing to independent suspension. The purists are going to howl. The only Jaguar that uses a Ford designed and built engine is the new X-type, all the rest are Jaguar designed, even the S-type. I have worked for Land Rover under both the BMW and Ford regime, and Ford has done more positive things in one year than BMW ever attempted with the marque.
    Also, as a mechanic, you should know that the last person who knows anything about what makes a car tick is your typical car salesman. Even the X-type, which shares the highest percentage of Ford components, has less than 20%.
    And as much as purists like to criticize the changes in their beloved products, these are driven by market forces. Auto manufacturing is a business and as such the products need to change to stay competitive in an ever competitive market place. 10 years ago, there were less than 20 SUV's marketed in the states, today there are about 70, most very good products that meet the needs of the majority of consumers. Without Ford's financial backing Land Rover would wither and die, as Jaguar and Aston Martin would have.
  • Tincup, No, the cup holders are held in place by TWO screws and two nipples to keep them from sliding out of place. To simply remove them is "gonna" leave a lot of holes! I guess I could trim or hide the holes with some "band aids." Yes, I know that I am in the non coffee drinking minority, but coffee or not you guys have to agree that maybe, perhaps, some sort of different, more intelligent solution would have been more tasteful! Don't get me wrong, my wife loves them!
    Regards To All,
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I am glad that my wife didn't see your post. She would of loved these cup holders for her mochas and 44 oz. slurpees. I am glad that I have my 2000 with the tiny models. They only hold a small bottle of water at best. This keeps all of the drinks out of my rig. My 2000 Chevy truck had grande' cup holders like these and 2 weeks into ownership she stained my whole carpet with a giant Starbucks coffee. My van has numerous McDonald shake, Coke, and Slurpee stains. You could dye a shirt with a strawberry Slurpee.
  • bakcabakca Posts: 33
    The new cup holders certainly look more substantial than the optional ones that came with my '01 Disco. I don't "drink and drive" too often so the in dash set suit me fine. Larger water bottles have a sport cap or regular cap so I lay those down next to the shift lever on a road trip.

    Tincup, my comment to LR would be to include the new holders and the screws so that the owner can install them if they choose (or have the dealer do it for them). Then everyone could be happy. Those that want them get them and those that don't can use the space as they wish. The console is a better spot for a cell phone anyway.

    Besides, every person I see in the AM holds onto their coffee as they drive, most while using their hands free phone (this is southern california after all). None of them use the giant cup holders that ford and chevy provide them so LR should make them an option. Anyone who walks away from a Disco over the lack of a giant cup holder should probably be looking at minivans anyway (no disrespect to you 02discovery).
  • Hey Nanuq, I couldn't agree with you more about those tube amps! Oooo, Warm!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I don't know though - sounds a little clipped in high end. I tell that to all my audiofile friends - drives them nuts :-)


  • Hey Nanuq, I couldn't agree with you more about those tube amps! Oooo, Warm!
  • jackickjackick Posts: 12
    Hey Fellow Rover Buddies,

    Just an FYI to those of you with 2000 Dicso IIs- I had a minor front end collision (minor for me, not for the Blazer I hit!!!) and shortly thereafter noticed some coolant dripping near the front passenger side wheel. Took it into the body shop and they confirmed the coolant leak but believed it couldn't be from the minor collision, so they sent me to my dealer (who is fabulous, btw) and after looking at it for about half a minute, the dealer rep said they would replace the radiator under warranty. Well, as you all know, nothing in this life is free, and as a suspicious consumer, I asked the dealer guy why they were so willing to replace it, I said, "Have you had problems with this make and model previously?" and he smiled and said, "We have seen a few so we are replacing them with an updated design." So I got the new one in and the leak is gone- but I wanted to leave a message for those of you who might notice a leak on your garage floor. Since it is not a safety issue, there is no recall, but it's good to know.

    BTW- some people have mentioned in past posts about hot air coming from their vents even with the climate control off- we solved it by lowering the temp control before shutting the system off. This has helped greatly.

    Still love the truck after 8000 miles, and after driving two 2001 Disco IIs as loaners during service, I can vouch for the fact that no two are the same! Each has its own quirks and personality. I love my truck and am so glad that we got it! And we haven't even driven it in the hellish Minnesota winter yet! (Heated seats are absolutely a gift from God!)
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