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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Yeah the Leonids are coming, and it's supposed to be the best show since the 60s! Good thing we're here in the Frigid North where it will be good and dark. I hope it doesn't snow, I want another clear and cold night.

    About your no-start issue... it can be a couple of things. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I jump in and crank the key before she's had a chance to compose herself. Remember, these are refined ladies we're driving and they must prepare themselves before appearing in public. :) Actually there are a bazillion solenoids over in the passenger footwell and they all have to do their business before cranking happens.

    Alternately, it may be that your fuse block is getting some corrosion. Not to worry! This is a pleasant job. It's under the hood, offside about midpoint with the engine right up on top. It's a black box (the horror!) about 10" long by 6" wide. Just open her up and unplug every cable that comes in the underside. Then remove each fusible link (one at a time so they don't get scrambled) and clean it and its connecting points in the fuse block with something mildly abrasive. I use a simple pencil eraser. Blow out the dust and reassemble. It takes about 15 minutes total.

    I was having all KINDS of electrical weirdness and this simple job solved them all! It seems all the big circuits come in right there, and if you have sporadic connections then they feed "noisy" power to the ECUs... and computers do NOT LIKE that. They want nice clean filtered smooth power. Like a nice espresso... a little zing but no grounds.

    I hope you get some snow soon! We've got lots here, but I want another 5 or 6 feet... that's about perfect.

    Q'amai, -Bob
  • Thank you...I remember you mentioning the joy you experienced when cleaning the fuses, so I will be sure to take care of that in the next few days. Oh, how I wait for the snow to accumulate!!! I wouldn't mind trading places with you for a day or two. ah..Alaska.... ...soon.....hopefully next year sometime I will be driving across country thru B. C. and then to Alaska...the auroras are calling me!!!...not to mention the glacier caves and lakes,will allow for some serious hiking in B. C.! National Geographic mag. has a nice article on the auroras in their Nov. 2001 issue....incredible pics. Talk to you soon and enjoy the night air!!..hopefully you have a clear sky for the show!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Take a look here, these are some of the best sites for aurora pictures. Jan Curtis is famous for her work, and the Poker Flats site has lots of good stuff too.

  • AAHHHH....those were amazing!!!! Thank you so much!
  • Tincup47,

    Could you do me one more favor? This is the last one, I promise. What can you tell me about this VIN# SALJY1242TA186683? This one is serious, and the hope to make a deal by Tuesday if all looks good. Thanks so much!
  • on friday i took my disco II for a little fun, i went into a muddy field and at some point i was on a slight downard decline. my front 2 tires were stuck in very deep mud and my rear tires were out. after a couple manuevers, i was able to back my truck out of the mud. along the way i heard a bad sound from the front end. got out to inspect and saw the front left fender was crooked and out of place. the right side has nothing wrong with it. i looked underneath and saw a couple of screws that were ripped from their place. and crooked pieces of plastic. two questions?
    1) it didn't seem like that steep of a grade, why would it scrape. i've seen commercials of rovers plowing through mud that seemed 1.5 feet deep covering their entire wheel and fenders and their plastic fenders don't go flying off.
    2) how much is this going to cost to repair? i'm almost scared of taking it to the dealer and finding out the cost.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    I'm on a deer hunting vacation in MI, back at the in-laws for some much needed unwinding and decompression.

    The first shirt I grabbed out of the duffel at 5am EST on opening day was my Lord Lucas tshirt :)

    Must have been good luck - bagged a spike on the first time out. But now my Defender probably won't start when I get back to WA :)

    As I was rumbling across the field in the father-in-law's 85 Dodge pickup, I closed my eyes briefly and dreamt I was in the middle of nowhere in a SIII 109. Of course, this is farm country and I *am* in the middle of nowhere.

    Funny how Rovers creep into your thoughts all the time. And funnier yet that an 85 Dodge is still running (barely though).

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and happy rovering!

    Take care, wasko
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    I don't think the grade has much to do with it. If your tires were buried in mud, that could be enough to allow "upper parts" to be exposed to the ground with unpredicatble consequences.

    As to the cost, if you're very very lucky, the fender can be bolted back on with some reinforcing sheet metal and washers where the bolts used to be. On the other hand, depending on the specific nature of the damage, you might have to replace the fender. I do hope that the former is the case!

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Vehicle was built 12/20/95, has an extensive warranty history, mostly minor items.
  • We just brought home our new baby! A '96 Discovery SE7 Avalon Blue. The ride is terrific, and I can't wait to get it up in the mountains over the holiday weekend!

    Tincup47, thanks for all your help!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Congrats, highmile! We'll expect regular and frequent reports on your experiences!

  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I am stuck at this figure. 9-90 mph, a/c non-a/c, loaded or unloaded what a great rig!!! Just got back from LA and it drove like a dream. All the Exploders and Durangos had to get out of my way on the Grapevine. I was a little concerned with a low hp, small V-8, but what power (torque) this little rig produces. Still no snow or rain yet, Boo-Hoo. 11000 miles and still not a squeak, sqwak, shimmy or bump. Lord Lucas Be Praised.
  • I may be off track a little on this site but I noticed a while back that you changed the brake pads on your truck. I have never done this myself but it seems like a pretty easy job. I have a D-90 but I am assuming the process is similar. Maybe Wasko has some pointers??? My question is; how hard is it to compress the pistons before putting the new pads in? The Haynes manual says to use a clamp or block of wood as a lever to push the pistons back. That type of instruction usually means the process may require at least a six pack... Any thoughts???
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    Brake pad replacements on any vehicle are a rather simple task. Compressing the calipers are done easily by using a 6" C-clamp and one of your old brake pads. The old brake pad protects the piston and allows even compression of the piston. The only thing to remember is to compress the piston slowly and if you have added any hydraulic fluid between pad replacements, remove some from the reservior so as not to overflow the reservior during compression.

    Tincup: Since many Landrover dealerships are also paired up with Cadillac dealerships, how will a Ford owned product be marketed along side a GM product?
  • everdieverdi Posts: 10
    i notice in my disco II (2001) that the passenger seat vibrates at speeds over 15 mph. increasing as the speed goes up. other parts of the cabin don't. it's tolerable but not normal. i took it to the dealer and they said that it is normal. they checked the seat and it was tight. they said they drove a 2002 and it does the same thing. what can this be? and is anyone else noticing this occuring?
    Also, their seems to be a small shudder (occaisionally) in the steering wheel when driving at speed and braking. they also checked the rotors/brakes and said everything was normal. told me to put some more miles on it since i only have 1400 and the pads will wear down causing less shake. does this make sense?
    can anyone tell me the possible reasons for the steering wheel to shake when driving? if it was balancing as i first suspected then shouldn't do it all the time ( it doesn't)?
  • I too have noticed this in my Disco II. I also had the same thing happen in my old BMW 525. Maybe it is a BMW thing.

    BTW, I was told it was normal in the BMW, so I never really thought anything about it in my Rover.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Test drove a 2002 Disco this afternoon, the Frisco location is a centre so we did the rock course thing, pretty impressive , ive done the hill decent in a X5 before but this was pretty amazing, that said

    i asked about the brake problems mentioned all over this board, boy did i get a Whipping for that ! Blasphmy ! i was informed that they never heard of any brake problems and he was the director of some 4 wheel club that has like 50 Disco members with no problems.

    anyways pricing: said there was little mark up then admites there was 3k on the 2002 and offer 4.9 % interest but no price discount, and offered 2k off and 3.9% on some left over 2001 models. Didnt someone mention getting a base SD for close to 30k ? thanks in advance for the help.

  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I also had questions on this forum about the odd brake feel of my rig when braking and traversing an uneven road surface. I now know that it is just the ABS system doing its job. This pulsation can also be transferred up to the steering wheel, thus alarming many drivers of a vibration problem. I now realize that this pulse is normal. My only concern with DII brakes is the soft pedal. I also learned that this can be solved by a visit to the dealer for a ABS/Brake bleed, hardening the pedal. I still have not visited my dealer, since a simple quick, single pump of the brakes is all that is needed for a rock hard pedal. For a killer deal on a DII look for a demo or rental return. My SD, with under 6K was under $27,000 and it is not stripped. It still has most of the features as a SE except for leather, fog lights, sunroofs and CD player. It has the full 4/50 warranty and all of the annoying bugs have already been worked out. I still have not been back to my dealer and I am now approaching 12K with a constant 16 mpg.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I can't believe it! My rig has 12k on it and already I have had to change the oil and filter 4 times, change fluid in both differentials, rotate the tires and put on a new set of wiper blades. I hope this does not scare any potential DII customers from purchasing with my record of maintenance so far.
    P.S. Still don't know the name of my dealers' service manager yet. Go Figure.
  • bakcabakca Posts: 33
    ...and I thought I drove alot, but I 'only' have 7k miles in 4 months.

    Although it sounds easy to do your own maintenance I can barely keep up with my house so I have been using the dealer (oil changes and a small coolant leak). The service is great, far better than any other dealer. They really want to take care of you. I have never seen a car dealership where everybody seems to love their job.

    So how often should the tires be rotated anyway.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    thanks for the tips. its nice to get informative post instead of attacks like some boards, anywayssss.

    pricing: the 2001 was a demo but only had 150 miles, for 2k off but its still 31k and the 3.9% financing, its seems in the Dallas are there arent very many allocations of demos to choose from, it was a friend thats a avid hunter that told me about a great demo deal he got on an Disco. This is to accompany our 3er, so while im used to much better gas mileage , i could live with 16 , since its rated at 13/16. What MPG has everyone else been getting ??

    Thanks Again,
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    There is a dealer out here in California that receives 50+ demos to his dealership every November. Most under 6K and with full warranties. MPG, have you ever talked to any Explorer owner or Durango owner? The V6 Explorers are getting on average 15 mpg. Troopers with a V6 are in the 13-14 mpg area. I am estatic that my DII gets a constant 16 mpg with all the V8 power it produces.
    Bakca, I have been rotating my tires, front to rear, every 5,000 miles.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    OK thanks, ill be in San Diego in a few weeks ill check it out.

    Far as any other suv we never even considered it. basically we are not huge suv fans , but in my mind the Disco is different not just a high wheelbase car.And if it gets that kind of mileage with full time 4 wheeldrive i can live with it.

    thanks again,
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    I haven't tried to change my own brake pads yet on the Defender or the DII. I've had the same concern - it's more that I've never done it before.

    If I could do it in the presence of someone knowledgeable, someone who could verify my work once, I'd feel comfortable in doing it after that. It's just that first time that makes me nervous :)

    If anyone has a digital camcorder and could convince their spouse to tape them changing the brakepads, I could encode it and stream it. Heck, would make a good video for to show all of us 'under-confident' folks how to do it :)

    Thanks, wasko
  • Just picked up my 2002 Disco SE and was wondering what the 3 buttons just under the mirror are for. The sales rep must have told me but I forgot. Are they for the Homelink system? They don't seem to be for map lights since nothing goes on when I press them. I know that the mirror has a sensor to regulate glare and I recall that the middle button might be used to shut off the system. The problem is that my 2002 came with a 2001 manual and the mirror buttons are not listed and the homelink page looks different than what the vehicle shows.
    Thanks for any help with this.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Wow you guys are getting active in here! I'm just back from an extended playing trip up at high altitudes. :) Maybe Wasko knows what I've been "up" to.

    About the brakes question: this is THE easiest and most rewarding job on the face of the planet. Honest, if your truck is on stands with both wheels on one side off, you can change both pairs of pads, fore and aft, in 10 minutes. It is a SNAP. And while you're at it, rotate the tires front-to-back. To do the pads, there's a couple pins to pull, then you slide the pads up and out. It's that hard.

    THE BIG WORD OF WARNING: The ABS pump DOES NOT like dirty brake fluid being pushed back up into it. So when you put in the new pads, crack open the bleed screw and THEN push the pistons back into the calipers, letting the fluid leak out. You can push them in with your thumbs. Push them all the way in flush with the calier body, then the new pads go in easy and clear the rotors easy. Be careful, first time you move it you may have to pump the pedal 3 or 4 times to get them back out where you want them.

    Go ahead and rotate the tires, double check your pressures and then do the other side. It's a wonderfully easy job.

    Ocean: Hi!!!! I hope your baby is treating you right! Mine is running like a scalded cat. 66,700 miles and not ONE LICK of trouble in 3 years... since the day after the warranty expired (wink). WAIT! What am I saying????!!!!!

    Lord Lucas Disclaimer: MY TRUCK RUNS LIKE ABSOLUTE HELL AND PARTS FALL OFF IT CONSTANTLY... usually in the most ridiculously nasty, inaccessible, snowy, icy, fun-to-be remote places... hint hint nudge nudge.

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  • Anybody selling or who knows somebody who is selling a keyless remote for LR Disco II. Lost mine while in a car show in SF (darnnnn!)lucky for us my wife brought her key.

    Any idea how much it will cost for the key and the programming. Thanks
  • I recently picked up a '99 DII and it came w/only one keyless remote key. The dealer is asking ~$120, so I am most likely not going that route. It's only $10 or so for them to cut you a spare, which is what I will most likely do. I don't know that you can re-cut a keyless entry key to fit your DII, but I believe that you can get any key reprogrammed at the dealer. Also, BEWARE of the keyless entry fobs that people are advertising on eBay, etc....the older Disco I keyless fobs do not work on the DII.
  • 95 LR Disco: The cruise control works intermittently. No pattern and it will cut out sometimes after working for 1/2 hour or so.
    Also, I ordered the Haynes repair manual and am told it is back ordered by every source. Any body else having that problem?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Any other symptoms? Does it hunt at idle, with erratic RPM? It may be your throttle position indicator isn't talking to the ECU; the TPI will develop "dead" spots over time. Or the lines leading to the throttle body get gummed up... there's a "T" fitting in particular that the manual will have you clean out. Check the connections to everything, looking for things that might get warm (and loose) and vibrate a little.

    Good luck, -Bob
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