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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • Hey All-

    Well, after 7 months, we are still LOVING our 2000 DII- a great vehicle, after 15,000 miles and a few minor adjustments. Land Rover Eden Prairie, MN is the best! And wouldn't you know, we are moving north of the Twin Cities 50 miles where the snow blows even harder and the township roads are treacherous. We will be happy and warm in our weinermobile while traversing the road home! Wouldn't want to be in a mini-suv on those roads! And did I mention the versatility? This thing is as at home at the opera than it is in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area up north. LOVE IT! Best wishes to all present and future Disco drivers!
  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    I heard that the 2004 model will be be redesigned with a unitized body. Tell me it "ain't so" tincup.

    Reporting just over 7K on my 2001 SE with only a minor hydraulic leak in the ACE system. Overall impression so far: Damn TANK it is. Gotta love these things. Really looking forward to summer trip for some real offroading.
  • Wasko-
    How's the truck(s)?
    On a previous message, you mentioned a guy at LR Farm Hills by the name of David Nostwald. Is he in service, sales, a tech? I'm asking because I too am looking to be more involved with a LR club here in MI, but that name isn't ringing a bell. The dealership has had a lot of trouble with management of staff with the BMW side of the business and have pulled LR people to help out. Most of the techs have remained true to Rover, but the service dept has been a different story which has made it difficult to establish a raport with anyone. Was there a specific tech you dealt with and trusted? Do you recall the name of the club in Saline?

    I just had the 75k maintenance done on my truck and she's doing great. I had some extra things replaced and checked because we're planning a trip west this summer and I want her good to go. I'll be pulling a 4800 lb travel trailer and have been concerned about burning up the trans once I get into the rockies going up and down those hills. The tongue weight is only 495 lbs. and the LR tech assured me that Lizzie could pull her 5500 pound weight limit and then some, but I'm still not sure. The installation of an additional trans cooler has even been suggested and is fairly common to people pulling RV's, but I wanted to see if you or anyone else had any recommendations.

    I am familiar with the stories of offroading in Ouray CO, but was wondering if there were any other hotspots people could suggest or stories that you Wasko, or others could share. We'll be in Montana and Wyoming as well as Colorado. Am I going to be in trouble if I don't have a winch?

    To the person inquiring about LR clubs in Michigan on one of the previous pages, I was curious to see if you've had any dealings with LR dealers in MI for service. I can give you my own history and that is that Wasko is right on by suggesting the Farmington Hills dealer. They are supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. A gentleman by the name of Mike Hood in service is great and the team of techs that work with him are helpful, full of suggestions, and have always steered me right. My favorite tech is named Matt. He's been there longer than a lot of the others. He's saved me LOTS of money.

    Glad to see everyone's doing great.

    Indeed, happy rovering!!!!


    I've been told to expect the next version of the Disco to be a lot like the new Range Rover in looks and design with similar features. My source also said to expect the price tag to reflect these changes.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    It's great to hear from you! If you feel the urge to drive just a wee smidgen further, head north once you get to Colorado/Wyoming. I don't think you'll have much need for that transmission cooler here.

    If you're that far from home, I wouldn't recommend getting into wheeling where you'd need a winch. That's a big investment you've got under your feet, and pulling along behind. Take nice easy trails that you *could* do in a 2WD given enough time, and you won't break parts. Your trip will be a lot nicer in the end.

    Have a great drive! -Bob
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    David Nastwold was my salesperson and he was always a pretty straight guy. He was the one that had the information on the club in Saline. You know, just a couple of months ago I was cleaning out my file cabinet and I threw away the Saline guy's card. DOH!

    David Ritchie was also the service manager and was a pretty good person to deal with as well.

    Best of luck on your trip - you should be in good shape pulling 4900 lbs! Look forward to a detailed recap once you're back :)

    Cheers, wasko
  • Charles Wells has written two books about the trails in Colorado and a book about Utah. These books are well written and do a good job of ranking the trails by difficulty. I am sure you can get them from or Another source is two clubs in the area will be glad to let you go on a trail ride with them. Check out and
  • KIM-

    Here's some info on LR club in MI. Rover Owners Association of Michigan
    5260 Textile Rd.
    Saline, Mi. U.S.A. 48176
    (734) 429-3485

    His name is John Russell. He's a great guy. Also a man by the name of Al Cooper at LR farmington hills is awesome. He'll help you with anything. He's a tech and knowlegable beyond belief.

    hope this helps

    matt fera
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Here is what I found locally available in Houston Texas. The Blitzsafe adapter is available at Circuit City, price $120. The Alpine CD changer is on sale this week for $199. Installation is dependent on location, but ranges from $70-$90. That's a lot cheaper than going original LR, but still not that cheap. The best reason to do this is that the steering wheel controls will work with the Alpine changer so it will work like stock. I called Blitzsafe and they are making an adapter where you can plug in a portable MP3 player so that the head unit will think its a CD changer, of course your steering wheel controls won't work but my Apple iPod fits in the new cupholders just fine. So far I'm using an iRock FM transmitter with my iPod in my CD less Disco. I have an SD and frankly the sound system sucks. Any upgrade recommendations?
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    The Alpine CHMS620 for the LR is $184.99 on line, but $199.00 at Circuit City isn't bad. A guy at work just had his LR done by Circuit City here in Sacto. and even though he paid list for the changer, the install was $60.00 and the Blitzsafe was $80.00.($60.00 at another audio shop in town) The install took 45 minutes and he says his LR now rocks. Maybe you are younger than us, but at 50years+ I can't tell good sound from bad, except if it whistles, pops or crackels. My brother-in-law has a SE with the extra amp, 12 speakers and factory CD changer and it rocks. The SDs', as I have found out, have a mid-grade Alpine head unit, so maybe that is your complaint. I wish I could find a adapter for my head unit that would allow me to use my portable CD, but the LR unit has a tape sensor and the head unit just keeps spitting out the adapter. I will probably bite the bullet and spend the $350.00+ for the install, but that beats the factory $540.00-$700.00 changer price, plus data cable and install.(the junk yard even wanted $300.00 for one) Check out the web address at post 1679 and see how easy the install really is.
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    Wasko-- Dave Ritchie was a good guy, but has been gone from the dealer just about a year now. He has been replaced by Mike Hood who handles Dave's old team of techs and is a good person to deal with as well if you left any Rover owners here in the area. What have you been up to?

    Nanuq--Good to hear from you too. What kind of mischief have you been up to? You're more than a "smidgen" further than Wyoming if I remember correctly. We would love to make it to Alaska eventually. What a road trip. If we ever get that way we'll look you up. Any new Rover purchases?

    Matt Fera--Do you live in Livonia? How do you like your 98 so far?

    Denver8--Thanks for the tips on the trail books. Appreciate it.

    I've been told the Defender might be in production in the US after the new Disco model in 04. Does anyone know more about this? If we were to purchase a used 94 Defender what kinds of 'quirks' could we expect? Probably a pipe dream right now, but if we are going to buy one, we figure we better start educating ourselves now.

    Thanks again to all.

  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Mischief?! Well!! My reputation preceeds me, eh? (wink)

    Been busy as usual. I tore the roof racks clear off the top of my Disco... it was ugly. Don't ask how! argghhh. Got them fixed just now. I also changed the oil/filter today, the diffs and transfer case, broke my antenna off (argh) and just been having the BEST time romping! Oh and I replaced the fuel pump last week... now she's running like a scalded cat again... which may explain all the busted stuff! *wink*

    Having way too much fun here in Alaska! Take care, let us know how the prep for the trip goes! What are you bringing along the lines of emergency/first aid gear for the Rover? Never hurts to be overprepared...

    Una inuq aaniqtuq! From that big Nuulaqmi of the North.
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    Isn't that for pessimists? What- I can't just wing it in my always faithful, never quirky Rover? Yeah, right!!!!

    We have started making a list of items that might compile a 'kit' if you will. Any suggestions?

    What did you do to the roof that you had to take the racks off? Sounds like you have been busy.

  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Too bad on David Ritchie at LRFH. I figured he was short though because when the dealership started doing joint LR and BMW stuff, he was noticeably discouraged by the direction of management there. Good to hear that his shoes were filled properly though - a good service manager at your LR shop is essential!

    As far as Defenders, I have a 97 and the VIN sheet on it was shorter than any rover I've ever seen or owned. I've had it a year now and it has been absolutely flawless except for a small oil leak (they replaced the seal) and a leaky sunroof (I haven't fixed this yet). The only thing I dislike about it is the payment :) b/c of that, I have it for sale on but know I'll regret it the moment it sells. If it does sell, I'll replace it with a totally restored SIIA 109 or SIII 109 (and no pmt!). Even thinking about a LR Dormobile - would be a lot of fun to have one of those...

    I've also heard the 2004 rumor on Defenders. I've got friends at Ford that keep an eye out for me :) Supposedly, because of the great revenue LR received from the Freelander, they're moving toward a trend of shipping to all continents simultaneously. Talk was that they could have captured a huge portion of the US market with the Freelander if they'd 'sim-shipped.' We're also seeing closer WW availability from the DII, and the new Range Rover. So moving forward, I think we'll see the newly designed Defenders much sooner than in the past.

    Speaking of Freelanders, my wife and I went to the LR dealership in January to look at one. We were checking it out and I asked her, "what do you think?". She lowered her head, shook it, and cursed! She KNEW that if she had waited for the Freelander that she would have loved it AND it would have been $15K less than the BMW X5 she bought in the fall. I had to chuckle :)

    Thanks, wasko
  • Hello,
    Just bought 2001 Disco II. Must say I really like the vehicle so far. Had Pathfinder, and Jeep before that. Has anyone ever done the Land Rover schools? In Vermont? Thanks.
  • What exactly is Sport mode? When should it be used? How do you change into low mode and when should it be used? Thanks for any help, bought Vechicle from non Land Rover dealer, need help thanks.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    The sport mode mainly just allows the transmission to remain in its' respective gear a little longer, thus giving you a little power boost. It is mainly the mode that I find my LR in when my kids drive it. Third gear and sport mode=ZOOM!! It also makes me fill up a little sooner. I consistantly get 16mpg. Low mode is fairly simple. LR even has a diagram right next to the lever on how to use it. The only time I use it is when we go up to the train sheds at Donner Lake. On the way down the hill I drop into low range and hit the HDC, take my foot off the gas and brake and cruise down the mountain. Way Cool!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    It's used when you need lots of pull but don't want to go fast. Usually it's used when you're in really tricky driving offroad.

    In my DI, I just get rolling 2 or 3mph forward or reverse, put the transmission in neutral, then gently but firmly slide the transfer case selector from HI to LO range. It will klunk going thru transfer case neutral, then klunk again going into LO range. Then select DRIVE or REVERSE in the transmission (gently, you're still rolling, right?) and you're off.

    Expert's right... it's also a good way to get down long hills. You can select LO range and then use D or 3 to let yourself down long slow descents and save your brakes. Watch the tach so you don't overrev.

    Note, when switching the transfer case make sure you're fully in gear before you gas it. If you select DRIVE and nothing happens then you're in transfer case neutral. Let the revs come back down to idle, select transmission neutral, and then try to nudge it back into LO or HI range. It will be tricky since you're not rolling. You may need some pushing from a friend to get her rocking so she'll drop into gear.

    Enjoy your truck! Let us know how she treats you!

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    All Ex-camel Trophy drivers. Any time you are off-roading, (other than regular gravel roads) you should be in low range, using "1" any time the nose of the vehicle is pointing downhill (for maximum engine braking), all other times you should be in "3". D is not to be used.
  • pdxroverpdxrover Posts: 10
    Perhaps you've noticed, but Edmunds has recently amended their website to show the consumer ratings owners have given their vehicles. As a person shopping/comparing the LR Disco II to other SUVs or even Subarus, I'm looking at these things. While I'm sold on the LR Disco II, others may see what's currently posted on the "cover page", if you will, for the Disco on Edmunds' site and quickly run away - There are currently 2 entries for ratings, and neither one speaks highly of the LR Disco. So, here's a call to all of you posting in Townhall to go to the New/Used Car Pricing pages and rate the vehicles there as well. From reading this discussion group, it sounds as though this vehicle should have higher ratings than the 3.0 it currently has. Just an FYI!
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    Money talks with It is the same for Consumer Reports. They go ga ga over Chevy, Ford , Toyota and Honda and "dis" all the others. When I was buying my 2000 LR I went to Edmunds ownership site. Even though they rate it only 3 stars and were raving about the Tahoe, check out the reliability facts. The 2000 DiscoII has 0 recalls and 0 TSBs on it since it debuted. The 2000 Tahoe has 2 recalls and 31 TSBs. I think I will live with my "quirks" instead of forever going to the dealer for recalls and TSB fixes.
  • pdxroverpdxrover Posts: 10
    Expert1: Not familiar with the acronym TSB - can you enlighten? Thanks.

    Where are the hosts of this townhall group and/or their comments on my posting - hmmm? Since we haven't 'seen' anything from them, your comments probably ring true. Anyone else?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    TSB = Technical Service Bulletin
    These are problems noted that do not happen often enough or involve safety items to be a recall. Most are "Fix on fail", although some are "Fix next time in for service". Some manufacturers (Land Rover included)call them TIB's. Some times they are just informational, to help dignose problems. I find looking at recalls and TSB's to predict quality or reliability misleading, as these are generally proactive steps to increase customer satisfaction. It's the problems not known or addressed which are of bigger concern.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I went and commented on my Rover but search as I may, I cannot find where it went! Do you have a link?

    TSB - Technical Service Bulletin. Here's the list for the '96 Disco (I have this list memorized):

    You'll notice there is one safety recall and one general recall; the rest are just tips discovered by other service centers, with much duplication.

    To their credit, my service department here went thru that list and replaced a TON of things each time my truck was in for warranty work; they prevented untold numbers of problems that way.

    Regards, -Bob

  • pdxroverpdxrover Posts: 10
    To answer your first question:

    I essentially started a "New Vehicle" search, clicking on LR's, then the DiscoII's - but didn't see any ratings for the 2002's, so then went to the 2001's - here is the link:

    You'll see the "Consumer Rating" off to the right side. Click on that and there is where your ratings should appear.

    I'll keep looking for yours, since I know you'll provide the real truth on these things. From reading previous posts with your trademark, you've taken yours thru the ringer! Thanks for all the enlightenment on these fine SUV's - although, having read the "I Don't Want an SUV - Why do U" discussion group, LR's should be in a classification all their own and not be compared to other, inferior SUV's.

    To you and Tincup - thanks for the clarification.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "We are and always have been independent: none of the companies promoted or whose products are reviewed on our Web site own any interest in or have any say in how or what we publish."

    More here:

    What Makes Different?

    and here:

    Company Profile and History

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  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Ya gotta watch out for Steve, he's another Alaskan just like me. *wink*
  • pdxroverpdxrover Posts: 10
    Steve, could it be true?

    FYI - I'm a former Alaskan, so can relate to all that you, Nanuq describe in your tales of adventure.

    Watch out - we're everywhere.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    "You can take the boy out of Alaska,
    but you can't take Alaska out of the boy."

    PDX, you know what it's like here... the Rover is far and away the best vehicle I've ever driven for arctic / winter conditions. Bar none.

    Welllllllllll... except for the Rolligons on the pack ice up at Milne Point. ;-)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I'm on an Alaskan sabbatical after 20 years in Anchorage. (I'm studing green grass in February - most unusual!).

    Best vehicle Nanuq, or best motorized vehicle?

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  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Ahhhhhhhhh, nice catch.

    I'd have to say it's the best motorized vehicle. The best vehicles for winter conditions are my Atomic ARCs on the north face of Alyeska (back before they opened it and wussified it).

    Rule of Thumb: if the skis aren't literally howling, if you can breath and your eyes aren't watering, you're not going fast enough.
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