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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • jlzjlz Posts: 5
    Last 8 digits of the VIN number are:

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Your vehicle is an LE model that only had an antenna in the RH Glass. Only the SE and HSE models have the dual diversity antennas.
  • jlzjlz Posts: 5
    Thanx, tincup. Glad it is only paranoia. :)
  • jj02jj02 Posts: 1
    Anyone had any experience with tornado-fuel saver?
    I seen this on TV commercial but I not really sure this can save gas and add 5 to 10 more horse!! Please let hear about this!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Don't you think that if something like this worked that manufacturers would put it on as standard equipt.? Especially the companies that are having a hard time meeting CAFE requirements or have vehicles criticized as being gas guzzlers? Free HP and more MPG by a relatively inexpensive device that is not specifically tailored to each vehicle is entirely unrealistic. manufacturers are spending millions trying to obtain these goals. This is just another in a long line of products that have only one real effect for the consumer, the lightening of their wallets. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Check out the The accessories to improve mileage and extend engine life discussion for more snake oil talk.

    Steve, Host
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I've found The ultimate accessory to extend engine life and increase mileage!! And it actually WORKS!! You won't believe what a simple device it is, and how utterly bombproof:

    Sneakers and a mtn bike.

    Let's see, 17,600 miles in 4 years, that's equivalent to $5456.00 in auto expenses at current IRS rates. Deduct the price of the bike (and allllllllllll those groovy parts) and I'm still ahead almost $3000. Plus lower medical bills and I can RUN up stairs, not trudge.

    Anyone want to join me? Let's explore alternate transportation this month... I'm thinking x-c skis to work?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I have a question in the Freelander topic if you have the time. Thanks!!!
  • First, thanks to all for your informative discussion over the past several months, especially tincup. You have helped considerably toward my next purchase. I'm replacing a Grd Cherokee with either a Disco SE7 (X-plan) or Honda Pilot EX-L. I need a third seat and something that will climb the coastal mountains on my family's property in the Big Sur area. Obviously for this reason the Disco is preferable, as I have used every bit of the Jeep's V8 and Quadradrive system climbing steep knolls when the road washes out. I'm hoping that if I end up getting the Pilot that some Bridgestone Revo's will aid its off-road ability. Which I guess is like putting hiking boots on a ballerinia :)

    The only things holding me back from the Disco is its resale value and my wife's complaints about the narrow and awkward rear door openings, as we will soon have 2 boys in car seats. I will be writing off 75% of the vehicle's miles for business, either as a lease or depreciation, and will most likely keep either vehicle for 3 years. My question is: How bad is the depreciation after 3 years for the Disco, and how hard is it to sell (i.e., will I be taking a bath). FWIW, I will definitely downgrade to the S's 16" wheels and Michelins.


  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    I guess my real beef then should be with the dealer. I expressed doubt that the low profile tires would do well off road, and I made it very clear I was considering the DII strictly because of it's off road abilities. The salesman assured me the 18" tires would perform well off road and that the ACE system provided more wheel articulation which enhanced off road capability. He was absolutely wrong about the tires, but I guess the point is that Land Rover should at least offer a decent tire for off road use for those who want the ACE system. Presently, at least my dealer tells me, if you get the ACE, there is no other tire option, and therein lies the problem.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    That is a problem due to economy of scale. Land Rover sells less than 20,000 Discovereys a year in the US, I would imagine ACE is on less than 25% of those. At those levels it was decided that the Engineering group could only afford to test and certify one wheel-tire combination for that option. Due to the litigious nature of US consumers, there is no way we will equip vehicles with non-certified combinations.
    I can't speak to the salesperson, He is an employee of the dealership not LRNA.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066

    1. You will lose more money (%) after 3 years on the Disco then the Pilot... period.

    Honda is a resale % leader, Land Rover is closer to the other end. It's also what makes used Discos such a steal to us 'po folks. :-)

    2. The Pilot, like the Acura MDX is based on the Odyssey minivan chassis. I was behind one on the road the other day and was surprised how low the exhaust hangs, and how "tender" (thin) looking the suspension pieces are on it.

    It is most definately NOT a true off roader, and I bet that it says so somewhere in the manual even.

    I wouldn't mind it as a foul weather people hauler, but I'd be awfully aprehensive about using it off road.

    Just my 2¢
  • I had to go to the Honda corporate web site to see what a Pilot even looked like. The Honda web site has a pretty cool feature where you can do a side by side comparison between various vehicles. That may be a feature for you if you haven't done so already. Just remember who (Honda) is sponsoring the site. You said on occasion that you had to use all of the V-8 on your Jeep to climb some of the hills at your place. I am not sure if the Honda without a low range will be that good for you. I go fishing at a place that is a long rocky steep climb and I have done it without using low gear but I get bounced all over the place. Putting it in low gear I can ease along and eat a sandwich and enjoy the scenery. The Honda has struts instead of shocks. Over the long term I would think shocks on ANY vehicle would last longer and be more durable??? Are there any rocks on your road? Take a look under either vehicle and see where the low spots are. I noticed on the older Rav4's the tailpipe hangs below the rear axle-- just begging to be ripped off. I even noticed on Explorers and many pickups the shocks hang about 2-3 inches below the axles--not a good thing.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Take a look beneath a CRV or Pilot next time you stop behind one at a traffic light. See how thin those half-shafts are? About the size of your thumb. It's really not built to go offroad.

    Same goes for many of the current independent suspension SUVs... look at a Ford Escpape! Holy smokes, those lower rear control arms are just begging to be banged on a rock.

    If you really want to climb, get solid axles, limited slip diffs and low range. It'll climb better and last longer.

    My $.02 -Bob
  • For most people, offroading does not involve climbing rocks and wading through mud. For most, offroading means driving through slippery conditions like gravel and snow and ice. You might want to clarify your statements of "true offroaders".
  • Hey thanks for the suggestion and comments, greatly appreciated. The Pilot will mean that bypassing the road and going up the knoll of the mountain will no longer be an option, but there will be considerably less whining from my wife when she is putting kids in their car seats.

    There are not a lot of rocks on the property as say around the Tahoe area. Mainly it is loose dirt and grass (yikes). I say the V8/Quadradrive because there have been numerous instances when another family member's CJ w/ open diffs or F150, also w/ open diffs, have not been able to make it up the hill. Till now the Grd Cherokee has never failed to take me where I pointed it. Its abilities are obviously beyond the tolerances of my sphincter meter. We however need a third seat, hence the Disco or Pilot.

    The wife is taking another test drive of the Disco. If she gives me her nod of approval than I will gladly accept the financial hit to gain some security off-road. I would also much rather have a vehicle with some character and soul, instead of clinically fresh and functional.
  • We have been looking at the 1998 Discovery and admit that we like all the amenities it offers. The info I have found on the web is either very positive or very negative. On the negative side, there are too many costly repairs and a lot of headache. Others, just plain love it. Does anyone have this year and could give some good advice? He selling it for $13,750 and it has 116,500 miles.
    Thanks, Heather
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    The '98 is not a bad year at all. '96 was the one to watch out for. If he's been driving it that long then chances are there are no "issues" with it. It would have much lower miles.

    At this age, she'll be looking at a power steering pump, ABS pump and alternator before too much longer. Each of those are EXPENSIVE. I also feel 13 Large is an awful lot.

    It's sort of low-balling the price, but go to Ebay and do a search for 1998 Land Rover Discovery. See what they're going for there. Probably $5k less. Is that reasonable for your locale? No. But it's a measure of absolute lowest price. I'd put his price near the top of what you could ask for it... and not expect to get.

    Also take a look at Kelly Blue Book ( and see what it could go for.

    I think you'll love the truck. If it had low miles then I'd say it was one to avoid. He has apparently driven it a lot and it's served him well. He's getting out before the expensive parts start to break.

    Just my $.02 -Bob
  • 29632963 Posts: 37
    Does anyone know if there is a kit available to replace the Disco's halogen headlight assembly with a xenon high intensity discharge system?

    The new Disco's headlights are so similar to the '03 Range Rover's (HID equipped), I wonder if big brother's xenon bulbs (and associated electrical hardware) would work?

    Any thoughts or links to websites offering a conversion kit would be appreciated.


  • I would like to replace my LR wiper blades with BOSCH or PIAA wiper blades. I couldn't find any parts store (PepBoys, Auto Barn) who could help me find the right blade or inserts. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I tried the exotic blades on my Disco and I found they didn't work that much better than using regular cheapo replacements... with Rain-X. I use the stuff religiously and it really helps repel ice and rain. I think I put Anco blades on last time and they work *great* in that combination.

    I tried the Rain-X additive for the squirter and it's no good at all... sort of builds up a goo on the headlights. Just use the wipe-and-buff stuff.

    Best regards, -Bob
  • Has anyone noticed that the headlight lenses for on the '03 Disco are made of plastic? What's up with that? I have a '01 Disco with glass lenses and unfortunately got bombarded with a load of large rocks a dump truck ahead of me lost while driving 80MPH on the highway. Needless to say my passenger headlight lens suffered a crack and tiny whole (it became more of a fishbowl after a rainy day), my driver side fog light suffered a brutal crack and my windshield suffered two quarter size cracks. What would the damage be if I had plastic lenses? I was able to get the parts from Rover Connection at half the price of the dealer cost excluding labor. I didn't know replacing the the lamps was so easy. It literally took my 5 minutes to replace each lamp. The Disco also suffered a chip on the paint in front of the front sunroof, and I have noticed some rust on the chip. Does anyone know how the warranty handles this type of rust or corrosion?


  • The Plastic would handle rocks and other debris much better than glass, and would probably be cheaper to replace. The only problems might be that they get cloudy over time from either constant roadway debris or possibly oxidation.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I think what they're doing is moving to the plastic lens as a simple seal over the reflective surface. Glass lenses were used to focus the beam, now they use multi-surface reflectors to put the light where they want it... and don't need a fancy piece of glass anymore.

    In either case you'll be replacing the headlight itself... I doubt you'd be able to replace a plastic cover and achieve an adequate seal to keep moisture out.

    Just for grins, how much does a replacement glass headlight cost in the Lower 48 states? I paid about $110 for one headlight here in Alaska, a year ago.

    Regards, -Bob
  • Has anyone replaced their stock 18" tires on their D2 with snow tires from Bridgestone. I'm wondering how the Blizzak LM-22 performs in the snow and ice. It's supposed to be very good but expensive. I'd prefer to not replace my rims so that I can get Nokians.
    If anyone has any experiences with these tires please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Here's a good link for Blizzak details:

    Regards, -Bob

  • I realize this is the Disco message board and therefore the oppinions could be biased. But, should I buy my aunt's '98 Disco? It has 88k miles. She is the only owner. It's been serviced every time by the dealership. She drives like an old lady. It is in great shape. I was eyeing an Audi but she told me I could have it for $11K. Does this sound reasonable? What type of maintanence will it need in the near future? Thanks-
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Take a look a little further up for my reply to an earlier question about a '98 with much higher miles.

    It sounds like a good deal on a good car. I'd go for it.

    Maintenance? Get a copy of the service history and either let them keep doing the work or you take it over from there. I change ALL my fluids every year (and engine oil every 3k). Brake pads last me ~15k miles. Simple work to replace them. You might need to have the throttle body and plenum cleaned, unless they did it at the 75k service... I'm not sure if that's called for.

    It's about time for wheel bearings, power steering pump, alternator, ABS pump to wear out. Chances are it would really benefit from a long hard road trip too... get it up to temperature for an hour of good hard driving. There is likely condensation moisture in the swivel balls and diffs that could stand some cooking out. Give the transmission and engine a good workout. My '96 thrives on regular, hard use. Drive it over some RR tracks at 55mph and see if it shimmys after the bumps? Might be time for a new steering damper, or adjustment on the shim stack at the swivel pins. STAND on the brakes and see if the ABS activates? Look at the base of the rear doors, aft lower corners. Any rust? That's a trouble spot. Also around the alpine windows.

    Good luck!
  • Hi, I am a reporter for a major business daily and in need of executive-types who are also Land Rover Discovery drivers. If you own such a car, please email me at LANETEF@YAHOO.COM
  • I just purchased a Disco II 2002 returned from a lease. The car dealer did not have a manual. Does anyone know if there is a pdf version anyware? When I press the hill decent button, I get the chime but no lights on the dash. I took it down a steep grade but nothing happened. Does it have to be a certain grade of decent? I already had it at the dealer for electical work, My sport mode light would not come on. The dealer fixed it and said that every thing should be fine now. But I don't know about the hill decent and how it works. I did not buy it at the Land Rover Dealership and Saved 3 Grand.
    Some one Please Respond.
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