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Affordable reliable car or vehicle for the poor in 2023?

C84C84 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2023 in Toyota
Hello there, I was once told by a family member that it is more expensive these days to drive/have/own a really old car or a junker rather then a regular/new car(not anything fancy or super expensive) because the parts are hard to find if you need replacement parts which apparently is very expensive and other factors which I would think one of them is that the car constantly breaks down. They said I would need a economy efficient car rather then a old car to be able to afford a car/vehicle these days if your poor. Also I have been told it is very expensive to drive a used or old hybrid too. Based on this I would not want to buy a old car, a junker or a old hybrid since Eventually I would be without a car and fast.

So having said all that, what Is a affordable reliable car or vehicle for the poor in 2023? What I mean by reliable is that the car doesn't constantly or always breakdown and works normally.


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    MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 242,529

    New or used?

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    C84C84 Member Posts: 2
    I don't know, whatever is more affordable and last longer. I would think used as long as its not to old is more affordable but new last longer. If I can get a used vehicle that's cheaper and/or more affordable that also last longer then a new car or buying a new car then that is what I probably most likely would choose.
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