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Lincoln Navigator Suspension



  • bought my 2004 with 39k. lucky me, it came with an lincoln extended warranty. front end sagged. had air compressor replaced, electronic module, both front springs/suspension. car front still sagged. dealer got on with detroit engineers. no luck. field engineer came out. there were two breaks in a "wiring loome" (yes, with an e). in the dealership for 10 days. they spend 50-60 hours on it.
  • jlryfxrjlryfxr Posts: 1
    the compressor can be activated bypassing the sensor to fill the bags... the sensor 1C15CZF3lb-2C013-AA is behind the passenger side below and behind the headlight near the horns and is subject to dissimiler metal corrosion due to the aluminum heat sinc body bolted to steel frame. the part is $119.00 + or - depending on source, clearing the corrosion could solve the problem. selling a part is easier than cleaning so dont expect the option to be offered....ask-ask-ask and you will see it in their their eyes and the way they stumble for an answer.......
  • stix11stix11 Posts: 6
    I have a 2000 navigator, I am ridin on 24 inch wheels and bought it used with them on it. When I start the navi I hear the comressor kick on for about 30 seconds or so, and after I park and shut the door after exitiing the navi I hear the air bleed off in the front making a hissing sound. I cant feel the suspension raise or lower nor can I see it. the wheels are not rubbing and it rides fine. Could the owner before possibly have had something done to not allow the suspension to lower because of the 24 inch wheels. Any feedback is welcome.
  • lincoln03lincoln03 Posts: 13
    I had the same problem with my 03 Nav. The suspension light came on and the front end dropped like it was on top of the tires. It would normally happen when the temp. dropped below 30 degrees. I took it to the dealership and they told me it was the height sensor. It cost me $460.00 for that. Unfortunately, i drove the truck with the suspension low and that caused the axle boot to rub on some of the suspension parts causing it to tear. I now had to fork over $1,500.00 for the whole job. The sensor took care of the problem.
  • lincoln03lincoln03 Posts: 13
    Before you change the compressor have your mechanic check the height sensor. mine went bad in the front and caused the same symptoms. If the compressor is comming on why change it? I got it replaced at the dealership for $460.00 and now it's working fine.
  • ejjones55ejjones55 Posts: 10
    OK, I was selling my '02 Navi, I let a guy test drive himself. He returned 20 mins later. I get in it the next day and I noticed it riding weird. Ck Susp light comes on and the rear end won't go up.

    Now, this could be totally coincidence, but now I have a problem, just weird.

    I guess the fuse would be first step,,,anyone know which fuse???

    Relay next step, passenger side under bumper???....How do I tell it's bad????

    Any other ideas????

    Front end still at normal height...
    I don't hear the pump come on when it goes in gear either???
  • ejjones55ejjones55 Posts: 10
    I bought an '02 with '22 on it. I took the '22 off and put the stock back on and noticed that the Navi would ride high above the tires and higher in the front then the back. I took it to the dealer and the re-calibrated the height sensors and it was back to normal.

    Previous owner may have had the height sensors adjusted to ride a little higher.
  • ejjones55ejjones55 Posts: 10
    I drove it around the block and could hear the pump kick on and off, but the rear end never moved, I looked at what I thought was the right fuse and everything looked OK..????????????
  • jeam72jeam72 Posts: 1
    hi. i'm new in this forum i have some problems with my 98navigator air suspension. replaced the air compressor like two years ago, and it seems that i need to replace it. again i was checking the relay located on the frame near the drivers door, and i unplugged and plugged back again and the rear end start to raise up. do you think guys that's the problem or should get a new compressor. any help please.
  • swaunswaun Posts: 1
    I'm new to the forum and have read all of the posts to hopefully find an answer to my problem. My truck's air compressor constantly kicks on and off while I'm driving, and now the rear end is really low when I first start up. When I get to where I'm going, I notice that the rear end is up, but it deflates extremely low when the truck if off. Also, it now feels like I'm in a rodeo every time I hit any size bump in the road. I've had the rear solenoid replaced, but no luck. Someone told me to replace the airbags, but before I shell out that money, I want another opinion. Can someone please help me isolate the problem? Thanks for any advice you can provide!
  • Hello,

    I have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator and It has the "Check Suspension light on the dash. I took it to the mechanic and he put it on the module and error code "C1991" came up and it said: "Module Calibration Failed." The mechanic replaced the height sensor and the solenoid was also replaced. The "Check Suspension" still remains on the dash.

    What is this code and how can this problem be fixed?

    My suspension seems to be working because my SUV raises and lowers itself whenever it needs to. The compressor is working.

    Thanks in advance
  • cissicissi Posts: 9
    HELP wanted from Sweden. :sick:
    Hello. I absolutely hope for some help. Here it is no one knowing anything about Lincoln Navigator ultimate. I have a 2004 . And now suddenly last day it came a message :
    Check air suspension, and not long after it behaved like a kenguru. And it was absolute down in the front over the wheels. We of course do not drive it now. But we must find out what it is.
    I have red that maybe I have to change a "dryer " it stood at this site :

    "Help your compressor stay dry by replacing your air suspension dryer every 4-5 years. (Note: "OUR" rebuilt compressors come with a dryer already) PLEASE CHOOSE 1 hole dryer) OR 2 hole dryer."

    Is this the case ? I dont think this has been changed before, but is the problem coming so suddenly as this did.
    I had a smal "accident" at home before driving, I backed into a plant pot in plastic, I think it came just under but I cant see anything did happen. But I can see that the button for this air suspesnion is located back.

    And I red also to check the hight sensor, where is this placed and can I check it my self ?

    Then it is also some fuse`s nr 11 and 20 can they be the problem?
    I have noticed that the aircondition has not been on top lately either.

    Well I hope for advices who can tell my garage what to do and what parts to order.
    Since it takes 14 days to order parts from America , I really hope for answers that can be trusted :)

    kind regards
    Cecilie Jansson
  • lincoln03lincoln03 Posts: 13
    I had a similar problem on my 03 Nav. Took it to the dealer and they told me it was the height sensor. It cost me $460.00 for them to replace the 1 sensor which included diagnostic and computer calibration after the repair. Before you take it to the dealer (if that is what youre going to do), Put the key in the ignition (on position), hold the brake, shift to drive then back to park. wait about 1 minute for the bags to inflate. get out and look at how the front is sitting. One side might be up while the other side down. That will give you an idea of which side you have the problem in. If you turn the wheels all the way to the left or right you can see the sensors. they are located in the wheel well area, bolted to the frame. Hope the info was helpful.
  • cissicissi Posts: 9
    thank you so much, I will defently try this.
    kind regards
    Cecilie Jansson
  • cissicissi Posts: 9
    Hi again,
    I tried your advice , but unfortunately it didnt work. Just want to tell how I did so I did it right,. I turned the key to on (I didnt start the engine, only so the lights worked), then kept the brake in and then took it to drive and then back to park. Then I took my foot of the brake pedal. And waited 1 minut. But nothing happened.
    Do you have some other idea?

    Kind regards
    Cecilie Jansson
  • silvernavisilvernavi Posts: 16
    Just replaced the air suspension relay after the compresser would not turn on and rear would not lift up. After replaceing the relay the compresser turned on and rear raised. But the rear doesn't look as high as it should be. Also, when the truck is parked for several hours or overnight, the rear lowers. is that normal? How do i know if it is time to replace the compresser? If so where is it and can I replace it myself?
  • hello I am new to this forum and in dire need of a answer.
    I have a 99 lincoln nav that I can not get power to the air compressor for the air suspension. all the fuse's are good and the relay's , including the one under the pass side of the rad support. the things that are changed out to new are air ride control box that is above the radio, the pass/side relay on the rad support, the pump is new, and the ride height sensor in the rear is new. I just need to get power to the pump in order to find out if anything else is wrong with it . thanks in advance Jay
  • stiritupstiritup Posts: 18
    I own a 03 ultimate on 24s. My air ride system is acting wired and so I am looking for help.
    The left rear side doesn't come on at times (it sits and rubs the tire) and truck rides like a rodeo, other times it comes up but the front right and sometimes both front sides don't come up. It seems like depending how the truck feels, either the left rear or the right front or both front don't come up.

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
  • Good Day,

    I have a 01 Navi 2WD and I have a situation with my suspension on the passenger side. My compressor works fine it comes on and off and the driver's side lift no problem, the passenger side no. I bought the shock air bag and had the mechanic replace the old one. Turn the compressor switch on, compressor kick in, however once again only the drivers side went up, the bag was not being filled with air. So I turned the compressor off again and then on again, it click in and started raising the vehicle, but the passenger side with the new bag doesn't fill.

    Further to this the vehicle sensors of course are sending a message that the vehicle is not level so the compressor sends air and as a result the drive side is at the maixmum height and the passenger side living the low life.

    How can this problem be corrected before opting for springs. I like the ride the bags give and this vehicle believe it or not only has 46K(+) miles.

    You assistance is greatly appreciated and I look forward to your response

    Nassau, Bahamas
  • I took my 03 to the dealer and they changed my sensor and adjuster on all sides ($1600) and everything works great.
  • Has anyone on this board changed their suspension to coils/springs? If so, what are the differences, if any and how much did the conversion cost? Did you change the front and rear or just the rear?
  • I Just Converted my Airbags to a Coilover strut Setup sold at Suncore Industries. The total I payed was $750 shipped from florida to LA county California. I installed the whole setup my self and am beyond happy with it. It truly drives nice and gives me a good piece of mind having a solid setup thats backed with a lifetime guarantee. BTW, I drive a 2003 Navigator on 24"s. I bought the system when I walked out and found my truck squatting on the front tires. I cannot recommend a better use for $750. Im not one to waste money on a $475 sensor or $1000+ diagnostic-lie-and install price. Why? Just find someone who can install for you or do it yourself. Saves money during this economic mess. Good Luck.

    PS. Im selling the good Air Suspension components. My height sensor was the only thing bad. I just need a trusted suspension. email me if you have any other questions.
  • What are the functions of the height sensors? Can they be changed by myself or does a shop have to do them? Here's my problem: Rear end was sitting low compresser wasn't turning on. Replaced relay everything ok. Rear again sitting low (but not as low as before) replaced rear air springs and the left rear sits lower than the right rear when truck is parked. Left rear air spring begins to deflate right after truck is shut off. Is it normal to have the air springs deflate everytime the truck is shut off?
  • If you purchase the height sensor you can certainly replace them yourself. A dealer charges a premium for everything to do with the air suspension. Sadly though, even if you replace the height sensor/s the dealer is typically the only servicer which has the STAR programmers. These programmers are used to set the ride height for the vehicle and there are actual specifications for this.

    As for the air leaking when parked, it is perfectly normal. The navigators air suspension is supposed to drop after a preset time (15-30 seconds), to a height that I believe they call "Trim height". It is also supposed to reinflate the suspension and raise itself when you put your gear selector in the drive position.

    I believe I have the suspension service manual in PDF which helps to trouble shoot. But since it is made for service departments with the right equipment, many of the procedures are not applicable to us without the equipment.

    Email me and I can try and forward it to you.
  • Thanks for the info. I don't think the manual would be useful for me at this point. Thanks anyway. If the height sensors were bad, what would the suspension do and how do you know when the compressor is going bad?
  • someone asked if you could bypass the pump to lift rear end from what I tried you can't do it maybe others have a way to do it I even opened the air line and used an air compresser to try and fill it but even that didn't work I had a diagnostic check done and found an EAS fault. the air suspention is inop. received a EAS pump relay fault traced fault to a bad relay and corroded connector. so I'll need to change the relay but do i also need to change the connector as well? or can I just clean it up?

    1998 lincoln navigator
    4dr 4wd
    5.4L 330cid V8 FI (L)
  • The reason you can't really inflate manually is because there are four separate air spring solenoids on the suspension (one per airbag). These solenoids are activated to open by the suspension control module and essentially let air in or out. This is why when you park and exit the vehicle the Navigator airs-down at different intervals in the front and rear. Each airbag has a solenoid which is there to keep air in or out (depending on the situation). If you try to force air into the airlines you are only going to meet resistance from the closed solenoid.

    When you shut the Airride switch off in the rear of the truck, you still cannot open the solenoids. They are electrically actuated and are set to default to the closed position.

    Here it is straight from the workshop manual:
    The air spring solenoid:
    �� allows air to enter and exit the air spring during leveling operations.
    �� is electrically operated and controlled by the 4WAS module.
    �� is only replaced as a unit (the air spring solenoid is serviced separately from the air spring).

    Back to me:
    Sometimes you will find that your Door Ajar light is messing with air suspension height levels. That's because it is a factor which determines the height.

    Also, if there is a bad connection, a little elbow grease and a wire brush can help.

    Hope this helps.
  • My 03 2WD Nav goes into "kneel" position (front low) when the ambient temp gets below 65-70 (I live in AZ). It won't go back up until the ambient temp gets back above 70. My local mechanic says his diagnostic computer gets an error code, then the system boots it off before he can get the complete diagnostic. I am hesitant to take it to the local dealer, er- rip off shop. It seems like the dealer will soak me more for the "diagnistic" than the likely repair.
    Anyone familiar with a temperature sensitive issue like this?
  • 98 Lincoln Navigator replaced rear bags and front shocks replaced compressor and dryer compressor runs and leaks down which seems to be normal when car is shut off and ride heights seem fine when driving but seems to ride rough immediatly after I back out of my driveway compressor kicks on and off after bags and shocks are filled but it will eventually stops and will run after a while which seems normal but after driving for around 30 minutes the check susp light will light. If I start the vehicle in the morning the check susp light will also come on after about 15 minutes with the vehicle just sitting in the driveway. When the light comes on the compressor stops running. Does anyone have any idea on what could fix my problem of the rough ride and check suspension light? Please help me
  • I am having the EXACT same problem, i live in texas and the temperature gets low at night but hot again during the day, the bags barely inflate if the temp is under or around 65 and the ride is terrible. I recently took it to the shop and they changed my solenoids and one of the bags but it did absolutely nothing.... 930 dollars! It is in the shop again right now and i am waiting on another [non-permissible content removed] excuse to give them money. Have you found anything out? I need help and i think this is a weird problem we are having.
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